May 04


Happiness is when your having fun 
with someone like friends, family,
pets, etc. Happiness could be anything
good. Without that your upset and don't know 
what to do with it anymore. You show 
yourself happiness when you smile, laugh, 
etc. Happiness is something you need to 
have in your life even if you don't feel it its still 
their and it's not going anywhere.
Apr 28
opinion challenge: Dad


Happy Father's Day Dad,
Thank ou for being a great
father and for sticking up 
for us when we need the 
backup. Even though i'm
growing up doesnt stop me 
from being your little girl.
yes we may agree or even 
tend to disagree but I know 
by the end of the day your love 
is still strong as it'll always be.
So dad on your special day just 
know there is no one better then you.
I may not say it enough but I love you.
Apr 27

Yom HaShoah: My Heart Cries "Never Again"

Author's note: I feel like I write about the Holocaust a lot on this site, but obviously, it's for a good reason. Anyways, today is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day and I have a lot to say about it.
Apr 21

I Am Not Scared About Writing This

I'm taking a break from my normal writing of poetry and drawings of songs, because as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I belive that it is my right and responsability to talk about something very close to my heart that someone I know has brought to my attention.

This is not okay. Nothing anyone can tell me will make me say that this is okay.

I am gender-fluid. While I have a female body, I still feel like a boy most of the time. I am scared for some of my friends who identify as gender-fluid, non-binary, and especially transgender. 

While the topic of healthcare for transgender people has become a heavy debate over the last few years, that doesn't prevent it from spreading. Who knows where the unacceptance of trans youth will go next?
Apr 17
fiction, opinion challenge: Time
Peter Gustafson's picture

We had the time of our lives that day!

We had the time of our lives that day. Nothing could get in the way of it. Well except for one thing……. It was August 21, 1999, a very hot, sunny day. It was 102 degrees out. It was so hot that my friends Jack, Max, Amy and I decided to go the tallest bridge in our town, and jump into the water below it. We were having an endless amount of fun jumping into the water, and feeling all the little bubbles ticking you as you arose to the surface. We were all at the top of the bridge, deciding who would jump next when and old man who looked like he was in his 80’s told us “Be careful… you don’t want to know what happens when even your tongue touches some of that water your jumping into…. I made that mistake once. Consider your self warned.” Huh? We all thought he was crazy, just being funny, and trying to scare us off, so we continued on with our jumping.
Apr 17
fiction, opinion challenge: Mountain
Peter Gustafson's picture


I sit in silence, the delicate breeze occasionally breaking the thin tranquility. I see no people, only the occasional fleet of squawking birds overhead, or a watchful hare sitting on my high fells. All I see is the everlasting snow peaks in the distance, and the rich green blur of pine. There’s no deAmelia Machanicnying that the quiet is peaceful, yet sometimes, as I sit amongst the mist, I wonder if anything lies beyond my tall summit of nothingness. I ponder that thought for a while, but when the blazing sun rises from her golden slumbers, I can only sit and watch the beauty of the morning. And, though it may not be grand, I find great comfort in the serene hills I belong to, and wouldn’t trade my slopes for anything.
Apr 14


Moving can be hard..
For anyone really...
It can be hard to know you have to leave all your friends, maybe teachers, maybe your school, your house, and maybe just the air you breath.
But only just the thought of moving hurts...
It hurts my heart and my soul..
As if I'll never feel again...
Thinking of the thought of having to start over hurts, as almost as i'm drowning in a ocean one million miles deep.
Knowing that I have to start over of being myself...
And maybe that might take awhile...
Maybe too long..
But maybe that's my fault...
Maybe it's my fault for not being myself more...
Maybe I have to try to be myself more...
Maybe then, and only then, will one of the problems I have, won't be a problem anymore...

But I know this is a gift.
I know that my family and I getting a house IS a gift.
Even if it's not in the place we really wanted.
Apr 01
opinion challenge: Ukraine

What is there left to do?

You know, there comes a time in the history of every people, every ethnic group, every religion when we have had to fight. We have called upon our gods and no bolt of lightning came down to smite the oppressor. We pray for a swift end, and instead, we are tortured. We pray for the war to stop and for men to join hands and work for the good of our species. Because, if you think about it, no one ever really wins a war. When young men have spilled their blood for the greater good, where silent battlefields play host to an army of ghosts a million strong – then, no one wins.

And what is there left to do, when all hope seems lost and the bombs rain down on apartment complexes and somewhere in a gray city beneath a black sky a group of old white men sit around a long table and plot the destruction of the world? What can we do except look to our collective past and say, "We did it before, and we will do it again."
Mar 27
fitzgerg's picture

On your deathbed

When you are on your deathbed, you won't be worried about how cool you were in high school, how you look, and how other people think of you. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is how you treated other people. You can't take your wealth or fame with you when you die. You can only take the memories and love you hold inside you. When you are about to die, you will have regrets. You will wish you got to go there, or keep that person. You will wish you were a better person, and that you made someone's life better. You will wish that you went for it when you had the chance. Right when you consider that we all will die, you will realize there is nothing to lose. So now, while you have the chance, go live in the moment. Go fight for your dreams because tomorrow you might not be able to. Go take a risk so you die knowing you did what you could, so you don't have to think about what could have been.
Mar 23
Charlize B's picture

What is Happiness?

For me happiness is seen in the smiles from my sister’s after they told me about their day. Happiness is seeing my mother come home from work and my father welcoming her with a warm smile and a hug. Happiness is being on the basketball court with friends, shooting the ball for fun. Happiness for me is when I curl up in my bed after a long day of school. Happiness is when I go for a long run and feel refreshed afterwards. Happiness is when I see my grandmother with her horse, full of smiles and happy to be with him. Happiness is when your friend tells you they are glad you are here. It’s when you hear two strangers exchanging a conversation with pure excitement. Happiness is seen by my dogs running around in the hay fields, eyes full of excitement and grinning ear to ear. Happiness cannot be defined; there is no exact definition of what it means. It is shown through words, action and silence. 

Mar 22
opinion challenge: Friendship
Xbeaudin's picture


I believe that friends are both delight and pain, that is what makes them your friends and not yes-men or enemies. Real friends can tell you the truth and not blindly lie to you. This can cause pain but it shows that these people are real friends. If friends didn’t cause pain every once in a while they wouldn't be real friends they would just be yes-men.
Mar 19
poem, opinion challenge: My Generation

Re: “My Generation”

[This poem is in response to "My Generation" by Shreyber]

I think that there are a few of us
Who still worship the sun
And some who worship 
The glorious pastel smile of the dusk
With more fervent devotion
Than the leaf peepers 
Who travel thousands of miles
Each autumn
To see the leaves turn,
A final fireworks
Before the night and sleep of winter.
They come thousands of miles
To see change, ebullient change.
Those of of us who still worship the sun 
And the dusk,
We revere the neon tears of the sun.
We cry, but we know that after the winter and mud
Comes spring 
And maple syrup
After the night and the morning
Comes dawn
And then who knows what?

I think we all have the power to remember
What Dorothy sang about tumbling raindrops
And rainbow highways from heaven

Despite the cynicism and nihilism 

Mar 17
opinion challenge: Friendship
Chook's picture


        I think friends are a pleasure and a pain. Here is my reason. Say you are walking home to a friend's house named Maple. You see a close friend. Her name is Emily. Then you say hi and you stop to talk. Say you decide to invite her to  hangout. Then you and Emily arrive at the Maple’s house. Maple runs to hug you and then she sees Emily.
        “What are you doing here Maple? I thought I told you I'm not your friend because you lied to me.”
        “I didn't lie, it was a joke,” '' said Emily. You ask them what they mean. 
         ‘’Emily was talking to me and said Bob has a crush on me because I have a crush on Bob.” said Maple. Then I went up to Bob and asked if it was true and Bob said “no.’’  
      ‘’I was just joking I didn't mean for you to take it so seriously.’’ said Emily.
      ‘’I forgive you now.Let's go play.’’ Maple said.

Mar 16
opinion challenge: Friendship
abagail.carson15's picture


“Are friends delight or pain?” Maybe you can pick a side, but to me it’s not so black and white. You see, in many ways friends are a delight. They’re the people you chose and who chose you because of your connection. Who you can laugh and fool around with, or complain and cry with. They bring comfort in ways no one else can, and sometimes they know you better than you may even know yourself. For me, some of my friends are my second half. Not having them around me feels empty, as though a part of me is missing. Just their presence adds a whole new light to my life. Even if we aren’t doing anything or even talking, having them around makes life better. 
Mar 03
opinion challenge: Escape
jjones's picture

My Empty Mind and Place

In all of my known world, I would venture to the high deserts spanning the western United States. For me, to truly escape is not only to escape one's setting, but to escape all burdens. Deep within the high deserts, hundreds of miles away from the bustling streets flowing with strangers, I am tranquilized by the aromas of sagebrush carried by the wind. A roaring reservoir of advertisements that staggers the eye is replaced by an empty horizon brilliant with hues of red and orange. Towering buildings are dwarfed by the colossal pinnacles and plateaus that line the landscape. In the high desert, there are no predators that roam the grids of civilization, rather, there are apex predators such as cougars who tackle and dismantle the human body bite by bite without hesitation. It's truly nothing personal. One hundred and fifty pound cats require a sufficient food source like any other living organism.
Mar 01
opinion challenge: Music
Roller Girl's picture


Music is the seagulls squawking on the beach
Music is the sound of thunder crashing and rain falling
Music is the laughter of my friends and I
Music is my feet crunching in dry fall leaves
Music is birds chirping and bees buzzing
Music is forks clinking and family chatting on Thanksgiving 
Music is music,  bringing people together and spreading joy.
Feb 18
opinion challenge: Comfort


Comfort is something calming,
sitting to read a book in a comfy
chair or even being around someone 
you love the most being with them,
for me that is comfort and I love that feeling
Feb 17
opinion challenge: Lifeline

Tree importance

Trees are like little stars.
It gives me happiness knowing that I have these beautiful trees on Earth.
No matter where you are from trees should be important.
Trees are so pretty and make the air fresher.
As we keep these trees alive the longer we get fresh clean air.
Clean healthy air is vary important to all living things 
so do me a big favor and save them for us 
Feb 15
parker._.vincelette's picture

my view on happy endings or fairy tales and stuff.

The only way storys end with a hpappy ending is if the two people get married and then one of them watch the other one die. Its kinda sad because you are happy and get married and them the other one dies.  It is the result of a happy ending or a happy mariage.  Fairytales where originally made for adults so they where origanaly pretty gruesome ro grim.  It is not te story's I grew up with but then I heard the original story's the other day.  I'm 13 and I just herd these honestly they are not for kids but I am into some pretty scary stuff.  Yet I only just heard of these.  Thats not the reason im writing this im writing this because its odd that you only have a good and happy life if you or your partner are together till the other one dies.  It kinda sad but I guess y'all would tetnicaly be together for the rest of at least one of your lives.
Feb 03


From a little experience of being in middle school, I've realized that people do get bullied a lot. I have personally seen people get bullied in the halls, cafeteria, the gym, and sometimes in their own classrooms. I am writing this because I want to give my opinion on it. I might be wrong in some areas about this situation, but I want to highlight the situation at least a little from my perspective.

One thing about this that I want to share is that I have been bullied before and was starting to doubt my self-image, opinion, and a few other things. I even started to ask almost all my friends if that's what they think of me. Over the course of time I realized that I shouldn't care what they think of me, but it still hurt.

At school I'm always trying to be nice and welcoming to others, because you never know how much it might mean to someone even if you just smile. But I believe that it's harder for other people to open up to others because of people bullying.