Jan 28

How To Be a Chef

Have you ever thought of what life means? Why we’re subjected to this earth, all of us individually unique creatures smushed together with the only purpose being known as reproduction. Biologically we recreate to keep humanity alive, but what’s the philosophy behind it? For years, psychologists have studied the human brain, sociologists study communities and countries to compare to one another, yet there’s no clear answer, no specific right or wrong. I've come to the understanding that this idea alone is life. You’re a clueless baby out of the womb, given to two humans who are tasked with not only keeping you alive but teaching you what is believed to be important knowledge. 
Jan 07
opinion challenge: Rights


What is wrong with this world?

This world is supposed to be a place where people can go to school, live their lives, go to their job, and BE THEMSELVES and yet still-
People die.
People are wronged.
People are looked down on...
People are scared.
-Not long ago women and people of different color weren’t allowed to speak their mind- weren’t allowed to have a voice or opinion on anything. Now there’s another thing that society looks down on- being a different gender than you were “born” and liking or not liking the opposite gender, just being DIFFERENT.
Sadly, this is how society is- they pick things to mock or look down on, and just flat out hurt people in the most ways possible. Not even having the tiniest bit of sympathy for how they might feel if that was happening to them. 
Jan 03
opinion challenge: Cozy
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Coziness, in my world, is a feeling earned. I cannot feel cozy until I've drained myself of energy. I cannot curl up by the fire and read a book until I feel content in the things I've accomplished that day. It is a moment I've stolen, a selfish moment made for me and only me, that allows me to bask in the thick comfortable silence that is, lately, rare to come by. Because in my normal hectic life, there are so many moments stolen from me. Pieces of myself are lost in the clutter and anxieties of my daily life. These moments of coziness are when I find those peices of myself again. I feel content, I feel warm, I feel happy. With a book in my lap, my tattered and frayed blanket warming me, and my mind finally quieted, I can breathe for the first time. 
Dec 30
opinion challenge: Cozy
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cozy by the seasons

There truly is an inexplicable magic of coziness. The queerest symptom being the variation of what environment creates that sense of belonging and safety for different people. For me at least, I must have something to do. I must keep my busy hands working for my body to relax and feel the magic. I must also have earned it. I often find myself unable to fall into the clutches of coziness if I have not yet exerted myself, fed the animals, gone for a run, or any other physical activities worthy of rest. The final element that allows me to nest is fire. In the dead of summer, I cannot nest nor feel the coziness of my living room without the thought that as warm as it is inside, it is cold outside. The thought that  it is my simple  privilege to feel the warmth and comfort of a woodfire is the final element needed to throw myself into coziness

Dec 15
opinion challenge: Clouds
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Cloud of Dreams

When I was little, clouds were large feather beds of fluff and softness that you could lay and sleep on. Clouds were a kingdom of spireling, swirling towers of white. Only to be reached in dreams. But reality is cruel and clouds are not the beautiful pillows that I once thought they were. They are not something to be touched, you reach for them but feel nothing. You could go to lay down hoping to be engulfed in the comfort of the clouds but you would fall, fall through, getting engulfed not in soft, warm comfort but freezing water. That water soaks through more than clothing, it soaks through your soul, chilling you to the bone. You would hit the cold, hard reality that is the ground. Clouds are only the stuff of dreams if you do not look too closely, they are only pretty at a glance, the inside being something worse than you ever expected. 

Dec 13
opinion challenge: Love List
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What I Love…

My Dog Emma Jean
Hallmark/Christmas movies
My mom
Mima and papa
someone saying they are proud of me
Working all the time
Going out
 Christmas lights
Aunt Angie 
When everyone is happy
when everything just goes right
Tiktoks with my bestie 
taking pictures of everything 
My family

Nov 19
opinion challenge: Hope
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I think this poem presents a beautiful and heartwarming image, but in my opinion hope does in fact stop when you need it most, like a bird that sits in your hand only so long as you have seeds to feed it. There are times, certainly, when it seems to sing, but most of the time it does not, leaving the nest in one’s soul feeling pitifully empty. Even when it does come, its singing is not always the best guidance to get us through the storm—sometimes hope can be a mirage, a siren’s song pulling us further into the depths, causing the real world to seem worse for failing to live up to our sparkling ideals. Hope can make us complacent, leaving our fate in the hands of a universe that doesn’t seem to care, and it can trap us in circumstances that we ought to escape—maybe next time it’ll be different, we think, and do nothing, and we’re surprised when it never is.
Nov 05
opinion challenge: Contrast


What I am about to convey may not make any logical sense. I believe most of what I think lacks sense. Therefore I think my logical senselessness makes me the perfect person to describe emotions. I am a teenage girl, I feel the entire emotional spectrum passionately and daily. On a side note, I hope in 50 years an English teacher is reading this to her class and yelling “What was the hidden meaning!” For the record there was no hidden meaning to what I conveyed and it was very pretentious of me to think anyone will ever actually read my bland yet artistic typed words. 
Oct 31
opinion challenge: Superhero
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super power prompt response

"If you were a superhero, what superpower would you want? What would your superhero name be, and how would you use your superpower to help people?"
  What silly questions, I mean what is a superhero? "hero" implies moral goodness and superiority, but what is good and what is bad? Of course having supernatural powers would be cool, but what makes one a superhero and what makes one a super villain? Everyone's perspective of good and evil are vastly different. If I saved my family using my super powers but the resulting collateral damage killed 10 people, would I be a hero or a killer? Maybe both? Maybe neither?

Oct 24
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There are good races and there are bad races. At the end of a good race, my body feels as if it is dying, but after a few minutes, I am happy. At the end of bad races, I feel unhappy, but my body feels more or less okay. The feeling of a good race is better than anything else in the world. The feeling of a good race is better than ramen soup and spring rolls. It puts you in an amazing mood for the rest of the day. 
Oct 21
opinion challenge: Palmistry

My Father's Hands

My father's hands are rough with ridges, deep as the valleys bridging the rolling green mountains he now calls home. Each wrinkle is a different story, that he has told as he folds the pages of books, and tucks me into bed. Unlike my dad, my hands are not yet etched with veins and wrinkles that will reflect the paths I will follow, or the stories I will live. 

Sometimes, late in the night, when the world is quiet, and the dark covers me like a blanket, I feel my heart beating in my hands. From my thumb to the tips of my fingers, it is the only thing to remind me that I am alive.

Even now as I write this, my hands are the things that are bringing my thoughts to life. Every thing we have ever touched, held, or been, is stored within our hands. They are extensions of ourself, and our way to experience the world.

If they reflect our past and present, why is it so hard to believe that through them we can see our futures?
Oct 21
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Stream of Consciousness

42 minutes until school is over. But Fridays suck because I have to go to work. And it's Friday, it's gonna be very busy. I just wanna go home and watch Suits. Work sucks now because we are understaffed and I have to do three people's jobs. However, I like the people I work with. The music my teacher is playing is so loud and I wanna get up and turn down the volume. It's way too hot in this school which is funny because yesterday I was freezing. I need water but the cafeteria is closed and I don't have a water bottle. I want to go home so bad. I'm probably gonna write this at least 5 times before I'm done. I swear this music is getting louder. I don't hate the Mozart she's playing but I'm sitting right next to the speaker and I'm going deaf. I  wore my slippers to school today. Probably the best part of my day. I haven't worn anything besides sweatpants this entire week. I feel like I have been writing for 20 minutes. It's been five. Anywho I wanna go home. 
Oct 19
opinion challenge: Traveling

If I could get on a plane right now...

If I could get on a plane right now, I would go to New York. Yes I know, How boring. I live in New England and want to go to New York. However, since this is a trip that I get to plan. I would go with my mom's best friend Lori and her kids, Freya and Virgil. We would stay in some fancy historic hotel, with a pool and really good food.  I know that Freya would want to go to a Taylor Swift concert and virgil would want to look at cool buldings. So we would do both, I would want to go see the shore and go to both of the zoo's. Our mom's would probaly want to chat, so our hotel room would have a porch looking out over a street lined with trees.  Their would be a TV, and lots of free snacks, so us kids could have movie nights with popcorn and candy. Everyday we would swim in the pool and then go out on the town. 
Oct 18
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Sunsets and stars

There are no words that completely capture the essence of a sunset – all the vibrant colors mixed onto one beautiful canvas of sky. Sometimes when I see a sunset, it reminds me of a children's painting. There are no lines to color inside, and yet it is still beautiful.

When I see even a glimpse of a sunset, my head stops spinning. All the thoughts, all my worries, everything I am stressed about suddenly fall away into a pile of unimportance.

I realize how lucky I am, how incredibly lucky I am that I can see this beautiful sky. We are so lucky that there are some things in life so big that humanity cannot smother their beauty.
Oct 18
opinion challenge: Seasons
Paige Tremblay's picture

Favorite Season

Favorite Season 

By Paige Tremblay 
My favorite season is fall. Not because the leaves are so beautiful that people come from miles just to see the foliage in Vermont, not because I hate the below zero temperatures of the winter months, and not because I am afraid of bees and getting lobster red in the summer. I love fall because of the way it smells and the way it makes you feel. 
Oct 16
Summit House-WCS's picture


Since the Covid-19 epidemic happened, so many things have changed! Since Covid started in 2020 so many things have changed like mask mandates, social distancing, school systems, businesses, and housing prices. And it all started because of something in China that is now a global disease that has and still is spreading around Earth. All because of something which technically we don’t know what it is because there are so many rumors about what it could be and technically we have no idea which one is true or not. But lucky for us the doctors that work so hard finally were able to make a vaccination that would help us fight Covid faster and get it out of our system faster. And soon after they made the vaccination they came out with a booster shot that doubles up on your protection woo hoo! And this year in 2022 they came out with another booster to protect you from the newest variant of Covid.
Oct 06
opinion challenge: The Future
leanna.dewey's picture

Future Me

Dear Future Me,
Dont worry, all things will happen if they are meant to. Stop comparing the past to the present. You left it behind for a reason, so go forward confidently in to the future you are developing right now. 
Keep smiling ... those small worries and concerns will only be forgotten in a year's time. Be grateful for each small blessing in a day. Even when it seems like things are falling apart, it takes the destruction of all the old to build the new. 
Tell the people in your life you love them. It doesn't matter how many people you have in your life - love the ones you have. Be grateful they where placed in your atmosphere and seek out the knowledge and truths you were meant to learn from them... even if it is to only learn not to be like them. 

Sep 27
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The Future Of Energy

I enjoy thinking of the future as a timeline rather than an unexpected jumpcut to a sci-fi-derived reality, which unfortunately is often the portrayed version of future human life in Hollywood. Everything in that realm of near dystopia was never appealing to me, even when designed to seem interesting. Though this future is unlikely, it makes my stomach churn to think of it.

A near inverse future that I can certainly get with, however, is a sustainable and carbon-neutral planet. This plan encourages continued growth in our ecosystems, fresh air, and efficient energy solutions that are accessible. These options bring hope to the rising threat of global climate change that puts the burden on energy companies to start innovating before it becomes too late.
Sep 25

My library

My library would be magical. Not like real magic, but it would feel that way. First of all when you walked in the first thing you would notice would be the smell. Old books and flowers. Not rotting old books, but the nice old book smell. If you read, you probably know what I mean. There would be an entryway, with coat hangers and a cork board full of poster and flyers for art shows, lost pets, cooking classes and more. The door would be big and wooden with big handles. There would always be a nice old lady at the front desk, sipping tea and reading romance novels. The kids section would have bean bags, lots of picture book and special events. The teen section would have big squishy chairs and all the newest books. Plants would be everywhere and so would families. The adult section would be upstairs and not as nice as the kids. When you left, you would always have an armfull of books. You would always long to go back, and dive into the books once more.
Sep 14
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Inspiring comment

To all you athletes I just want to say keep working hard and keep trying new things in your sport. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Coaches love when you ask questions, they now that you are a deicated player and are willing to learn.