Feb 25
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I turned my poem normal into a song. Hope you enjoy :)
Feb 19
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The Apple Tree

There once was a tree that wanted to travel the land

And see all the things she doesn’t understand

She wanted to look at all the pretty flowers

and talk to the waves for hours and hours

But she’s stuck in the ground on her big roots they keep her there with her blossoms and fruits

She wants to break free but she doesn’t know how

She wants to break free and she wants to do it now

But how do you break free

How do you break free

How do you break free

When you stuck in the ground as an apple tree

Just right then a car pulled up 

It said tree get in we’re gonna we’re gonna fix you up

We’ll turn you into something a kid could enjoy like a shiny brand new race car toy

The tree thought that that was a great idea

She had no worry no she had no fear

She would race around the world and give everyone smile
Audio download:
The Apple Tree.m4a
Feb 05
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Feb 04
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Feb 02
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more music for you to enjoy :)
Jan 28
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Music is my life-here is a song I've been working on and really like. Hope you enjoy :) 
Nov 30
song 0 comments challenge: Tune
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Blondie-Current Joys-tune

Although it's hard for me to pick a favorite song, Blondie by Current Joys is one song that always brings a comforting homie feeling to me.The Instrumentals and the lyrics all really bring the mood of the song together.

The lyrics:
 There are flowers

In my heart

They're growing thorns

And it hurts

Every time

You're around

We break up

We get down


And I won't

See you again

You're not a person

You're my friend

If we do

Just by chance

Can we kiss

Can we dance

Nov 20
song 0 comments challenge: Tune
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Count on me

The song, “Count on me”, by Bruno Mars, is one of my favorite songs that I like. When I listen to that song, it brings me joy but also some sadness. The meaning behind this song is that no matter where these two friends are in the world or no matter how much pain they are in, they can always count on each other for anything, at any time. When the lyrics say, “You can count on me like one two three, I’ll be there. And I know when I need it I can count on you like four three two, you’ll be there. Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah”, all I can think about is my different types of friendships I have and how lucky I am to have those types of friendships that the song talks about.
Nov 17


*all grammatical errors are purposeful*

I've always been told to
Not speak unless I'm spoke to
Do the things that I'm supposed to

Stay on the right train tracks
Bite my tongue, better hold back
Don't complain about what I lack

I've always come with a warning sign
Freak kid, seek the kid who speaks their mind
Hunt them down until there's none left to find
Crush them under society's rigid lines


Watch me break free
I will snap these chains you put around me
Yeah watch me make a storm
What are you going to do when I don't conform?
Yeah, I'm knocking at your door
And you better let me in now
Because if you don't open up,
I will break you down
Watch me be me
And fly like I never knew gravity.

I've always been promised
A better future after this
Is there something I missed?

You raised me to fall
Nov 10

The Wax Figure

(Written like a song)

She was molded,
Put into a shape
Made into a form
and burned out every day
She has the scars,
She has the marks
She has the pain.
She has the beauty
But outside that she's wax.
The feared orange glow,
Of every party
The feared burning slow,
Of every day.
Melting, melting,
Each shape special but cursed
She wails and crys never heard

And after that...
what is left?
She sits in her home
accepting the new bo-dy.
But really inside...
it is a bur-den
And she would rather leave it behind!
Its the Wa-x Figure! 
Burned out every day
Its the Wa-x Figure!
Smells like ho-ney
Its... the...
Wax Figure!

Oct 25

Song/Poem Fragments

(note: these are just fragments. Ideas. Stay tuned. 
Hahah get it tuned? Ok fine. My cat thought it was funny.)

Nobody knows how broken you are
Because you're so busy hiding your scars.
Nobody ever knows the pain
So I just want you to breathe...breathe your name...
Breathe your name, say your name
Shout it loud
Out and proud
Say your name.

Yeah, I listen to music playing in my head
My sanity hangs from the ceiling by a thread
You said that you weren't afraid of the dark
But you're terrified of starless nights in a skate park

Yeah, didn't you ever grieve what we had
Or was it just something that went right past
Another friendship bridge you burned
Or was it something from which you learned?

Sep 21
poem, song 4 comments challenge: RBG

A beacon of light

Ruth, I'm sorry.

Ruth, you meant so much.  

Ruth, your words touch on things so sensitive so real and now that you're gone, I don't know how to feel. 
On one hand, we all have to say goodbye one day but why today? We need you. 
For on the other hand we haven't finished the work you started but how to start? 
You're a general commanding fleets of equality and hope but my hope's starting to deplete.
Ruth, you've raised a mighty movement, a snarling butterfly of anger and denial and demands so long denied but
Ruth, we can't do what you can! 
No, could; that's death, a shift. Can to could. 
Ruth, would you show us a way to do the good that you did, now that you're gone?
We'll learn to live without you, but I don't want to move on. 
Fragility is everywhere, and yet it's taboo. 
I don't know how to be strong without you.

The president is squabbling, disregarding your wishes and
Sep 13

For someone close to me

I heard you crying last night. 
I didn't say anything. 
You don't like it when I hear you. 

You and I, we are different people. 
I think in a different way. 
I spend more time in light-filled shadows than you do. 

We were close, sharing secrets in the moonlight 
late at night, and now...
You don't know me anymore. 

I'm not sure I want you to.