Apr 12
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Who Are You?

Identity, such an interesting word.
It has a meaning, but so many antonyms that will never be heard.
I can't comprehend it, how can something so certain?
So understandable, yet it's such burden?

People lose their minds over who they want to be.
They take quizzes, read books, look over buzzfeed.
They sentence themselves to a lifetime a misery.
Only to be entangled in mindless intricacy.

But for who? For me or for you?
'Cause to be completely honest I don't give a crap what you do.
And for the people that do, that cririque and critize; they don't care about you they just waiting for your demise.
Don't bother with them, just take it from me.
Don't stand in a lake when there's a big vast sea.

Apr 12

A sleepless lover

I’m just laying in my bed, but I can not fall asleep. I mean my mind is full of thoughts, but it’s not the only thing. my heart is pounding with these feelings that I don’t understand. But I mean people say it’s not normal, Well I mean it’s normal to love, Oh oh… But I guess not for me-

They tell me that girls shouldn’t like other girls, even though I'm not one. I’m just a person that is all, with feelings like no other. But I guess I'll just stay quiet so I don’t abasis myself. Oh…
Why can’t it just be normal for me?

I’m just a sleepless lover with feelings like no other, but I’m told they aren’t normal, so I’ll just dream about her instead. Oh oh. I wish I could tell her ( just tell her)

I'm just laying in my bed while it is past midnight, I just can't fall asleep as the tears roll down my face. Why is it so unfair? Oh oh… Why can't I just love someone…Oh oh
Can I just fall asleep now?

Apr 10
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The Garden

I always hated cheesy love songs, and corny couple one liners.
Things like " We have a one of a kind bond" or "I can't wait to walk you down the aisle"
It always seemed weird to me, how they said those things so easily.
I didn't believe it, it seemed so niave.
That's why I can't belive, believe that I got deceived.

It may have her eyes.
It have been her hair.
I don't care, I'm still angry that gave in.
The scam of helpless love, and I'm still pissed that that I fell in.

In my garden of helpless mistakes, this one sits in the middle
Surrounded by the lavender, and as I wander, wander the cobble path.
I still wonder that, if I didn't fall for the scam.
Would I still be as happy as I am?

First love, I can't understand it.
To be quite honest, I can't stand it.
This seemed like foreign concept.
You find it on your first attempt, you take it, and you keep at your hearts content.
Mar 28


Mar 21

(Not) Okay

I wish you missed me 
The way I missed you
When I said I love you 
You said you loved me too
But I guess it wasn’t true

Sometimes I stay up late
And wonder if you ever think of me
I wish you could see
On the inside, I’m crying 
On the outside, I’m lying 
Because I’m not okay

I’m not saying what we had was perfect 
But I’m saying it wasn’t
And that made it perfect for me
But I guess not for you (not for you) 

Sometimes I stay up late
And wonder if you ever think of me
I wish you could see
On the inside, I’m crying 
On the outside, I’m lying 
Because I’m not okay (not okay) 

Do I want things to go back?
No, but 
I don’t want to feel this pain anymore (anymore) 
But all I can think about is 
You walking out that door 

Sometimes I stay up late
And wonder if you ever think of me
I wish you would (could) see
Mar 09

Mix Of Colors

I just don't
feel like the colors mix
wanting to be brave 
wondering how
watching them all 
being amazing

While I, I, I Just stand alone
Maybe someday
The colors will mix 
And find my true self
Maybe I'll blend right in
But I, I , Ohh I just have to wait 
And maybe someday

At the perfect day the perfect time the perfect place I will find 
Just one day
One dayyyy

Mar 08

To The Girl With the Chocolate Eyes

A million chances
Seven tries 
I've fallen in love 
Fallen into your eyes
Off the shoulder jacket
I have never had it
So bad for anyone before 

To the girl with the chocolate eyes
Do you dream about me too 
Do you feel the same way about me
That I feel about you?
If I told you that I loved you, would you say you loved me too?
Or would you tell me something else and leave all my daydreams screwed?
I know you don't know you're beautiful
I wish that you could see
You are the most beautiful
You're the perfect girl for me

I've already told you I love you
But I don't know if you remember
It's been a long time since then
I think it was September
I told you again on Valentine's Day
But I was too scared to sign my name
I might tell you again, but maybe not

To the girl with the chocolate eyes
Do you dream about me too 
Jan 24


Jan 18

never good enough 4 u

Dec 08


Nov 18


just a small pissed-off song about me hating how the public treats its stars and someone who lied to me time and time again :)

Oct 29
song challenge: Afterlife
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A Death at Dawn (to the tune of Ashes by the Longest Johns)

Hear a gunshot break the city’s silence
The quiet night shattered with a burst of violence
Although they bleed out, they are truly at peace
Maybe when they’ve died, they can learn how to live

The life they had led was not one they’re proud of
As they’d killed and they’d endured devoid of all love
And no more can they care about their own life
Maybe when they’ve died, they can learn how to live

Perhaps they’d been happy once, a long time ago
But they grew up too fast and their end came too slow
Soon they were more afraid of life than of death
Maybe when they’ve died, they can learn how to live

They do not believe in a life after death
They hope that there’s nothing after their final breath
They don’t believe they deserve a second chance
But maybe when they’ve died, they can learn how to live

Death comes for them now at the end of the night
Oct 23

little rulebreaker

Aug 12


Jul 29


Jul 08

Personality Personified

Everyone has different personality traits that are specific to them. Pick one personality trait and personify it. What would courage act like? What would desperation say? Try to make these attributes come to life. 


Every single person on earth is the embodiment of a different word. How would a society like this function? What would you be?
Jun 18

Faulty Grenade; Girls' PoV of Timebomb by Nico Collins

But trying so hard to be perfect,
Leader of a cult that wants my head,
I didn't ask for this crown.
You mock me,
adding another crack to the glass,
It's getting harder and harder to not show my fangs.
You bite your tongue and roll your eyes,
I show you my claws and you retreat again.
Don't act so suprised, oh don't you know,
I'm a faulty grenade,
with a pin that's coming loose,
getting ready to go BOOM!
I'm stuck on top of a mountain of judgment,
I'm sick of trying to play nice,
Putting others down to regain my confidance,
I don't like it,
to little to late,
Nobody offered their hand,
To help me up,
from this well.
Now you're cracking jokes about me,
I shoot you a look that silences you,
I laugh bitterly inside,
Nobody better mess with the wicked witch of depression.
Cracking, cracking,
May 29

summer wednesdays

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