Oct 19
poem 1 comment challenge: Winter/18
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Solitary Winter

Swing sets grind to icy halts, and fluffy layers of snow are trampled as my classmates swarm into chaotic crowds, eager to leave December’s chilled embrace.

Friends leave mid-conversation, teachers stop listening to maintain the mob of 11-year-olds.

Insulted that the snow, blanketed with care, has been destroyed, abandoned Winter begins to straighten the ground once more with frigid attention.

Eyes lost in the glistening seas of snowflakes as they slowly climb down from the heavens above, a body stands by the howling wind.

There is a comfort found in frost. A solace found in the cold.

Lone Winter and I find friendship. We do not leave each other mid-conversation, we do not stop listening. Because in the presence of each other we are not alone.

One electric blue jacket stays within this gelid plain of white.
Oct 16
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Snow Plow

Digging holes in the snow,
These would be our homes.
We are like an old couple,
Bickering back and forth on who has made the best one.

The cold had made it to our fingertips,
Our red cheeks glowed brighter as the bright flashing light moved closer to us.
A loud roar creeps towards us by the second.
A rush of adrenaline soars through us as we run away.
We are stumbling,
as the snow grabs onto our feet after each step we take.
We feel the strike of cold shoot through our bodies as we go head first into the snow.

Wiping the bitter blizzard away from our faces,
We watch at the last instant,
as our whole afternoon is diminished.

We watch the light fade away,
With sour faces.
As if nothing had happened,
Our whole afternoon had been abolished.

Oct 16

Joyous Winter

White flakes
         Drifted down to the cold ground
                 Covering the dead grass with a fresh sheet of foam
                               Laughter filled the air
                  As small children ran out the door
           All bundled up in their coats, hats, scarves, and gloves
Their boots left little footprints in the fresh snow as they ran

Their joyous laughter         cut threw the muffled cold air
As they caught crisp snowflakes on their tongues

Screams of enjoyment echoed from their mouths
            As they were called back in
                    With rosy pink cheeks and red noses
             Their shivering bodies ran back through the door

For a warm cup of cocoa
The sign

That winter has come
Oh joyous winter  

Feb 22


The scene around her was almost perfect, almost.
The sunset was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, 

colors blending so perfectly. The wind, blowing through her hair

as she sits on the edge of the dock. The water such a deep blue,

she could stare at it for hours upon end. The wispy cloud floating slowly in

the night skies. The air surrounding her was the perfect temperature.

The only noise she could hear was the wind howling, the waves crashing

against the already damp sand, and the distant noises all the animals were making.

This is when she realized...  she had no one to share this magical evening with.

She was alone...

Almost Perfect.
Feb 22

Winter Flowers

Feb 19


I've lost track of who you were
somewhere along the way
I was able to forget your existence.
That makes me happy
most days.
Earth is spinning faster
my sky moves south of yours
even the air is thicker
where I am.
It's interesting how strangers 
can feel more real than memories.
I walk through full streets 
and empty conversations 
but I never stop to question
if I lost you.
Some things don't require an answer.
The noise around me helps drown out
the noise within me
and lately, it is the chaos that keeps me alive.
You would hate it here.
I like that.
Nights still make me care for you
but I've learned that I can't miss someone
I don't even know. 
Feb 17
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Finding Ourselves

In quiet we find ourselves.
In the moments, unbothered.
The thoughts that come to our minds
ungoaded or asked for. 
Those are the thoughts to pay attention to, 
those matter. 
In complete silence 
they come strongly. 
Pushing sleep away, pushing calm away.
When there is no other distractions left,
they distract the blank mind.
When one can sift through the havoc these thoughts bring,
and perhaps they are meant to cause unease, 
once one can,
they have found themself. 
Quiet, unbothered peace,
patiently waiting for the next mind-full course. 
Feb 16

To My Future Self

Dear Haley,

I hope you're happy.
I hope you love the path I chose for you,
and I hope you're always laughing.
I want to know that I'm doing everything right...
going to the right college,
befriending the right people,
following the right career.
Do we ever truly know?

Despite it all,
I hope you're in love with your life,
and that you shine
anywhere and everywhere you go.
Feb 13


i saw a ghost last night when i was asleep. 

he walked up to me like it was nothing. didn’t talk at first. 

just side by side steps through an old empty school hallway

crooked glasses. hands ink-stained. 

it was so familiar. i was too shocked to speak. he asked what was wrong. 

i laughed. 

i told him. everything’s fine. 
it’s been a while since i’ve meant that. 

we turned a corner 

i opened my eyes. 

it was
just a ghost, that’s all.
Feb 12
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what i'm thinking

If you do, read the second word.
Feb 05

phantom limb

it's like
phantom limb.
i know you aren't
but it hurts to think that
you were.


it's like you are reaching
across     the     void 
to drive your fingers 
through my ribs and
pry me open like  
the jaws of life
just to
steal beats
from my heart.

my skin has this habit
of remembering things it shouldn't,
and all too often it remembers
your five fingertips on my back.
it remembers your stubble, 
if we can even call it that,
on my upper lip.

the palm of my hand fits
puzzle-piece-perfect on the side of your neck
and when i am without you 
my hands know it.
my hands miss you as much as my heart does.

my hand felt
like it was a part of something
yet something that it somehow, strangely

all i want is for you
to take my hands and
take my time,
Feb 01
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She runs, runs until she can´t run anymore.

She hides, hides until she´s found.

She can´t feel her legs.

She can´t breathe.

She feels its presence.

It´s coming.

It´s hands close around her forearm.

She closes her eyes.

She feels it´s presence fade.

She opens her eyes.

She´s surrounded by light.

It´s presence fade´s further.

She´s alone.

She´s gone.

Where is she? It thought

She´s gone He says

Gone it thinks Gone
Jan 21


The sun was a halo of light in the south sky.

Smoke stained snowbanks lined the grey road.

Electric colors of traffic lights blazed apart from the monotone world.

The waters of the lake were cold and stony, edges frayed by the wind.

Cubic shapes of buildings shaded the city, red bricks drained of their cheery jublilance.

White snowflakes drifted down adding to the piles of slush along grey street.
Jan 21

Hanging from the Telephone Wire

I wonder how old those shoes are, hanging on the telephone wire.

Their laces baked and hardened by the sun, I wonder when their time there will be done.

Tied and thrown up high by bullies who wanted them to fly.

If your shoes are taken by that pack, you're never getting those back.

I wonder when the laces will break, it's unknown how long that will take.

How old are they?
Jan 08


She stares at him.
The moon hides his face.
He’s thinking
or maybe not thinking at all.
The crickets make her anxious
as they seemingly get louder,
she pulls her driven eyes away.
He notices her sudden change.
They both sit back deeper
into the car seats.
She wants to touch him.
Reach out and feel his face
but she knows that would be weird.
So instead she sits
too occupied by her own desires
to notice him looking at her.
And with no words he reaches out
grabs her cheek and pulls her in.
They breathe each other in then out.
He doesn’t kiss her.
They just sit face to face in silence.

Jan 07

I Believe In Us

The first time I heard of the wave of school shootings streaking across our nation, I was shaken to the core of my being.

The second time, I was scared but not shocked.

By the third time, I was used to getting alerts about students being shot in one of the few places they should feel safe. And that’s not a sentence anyone should ever have been able to say.

I read the stories online. I read the obituaries of the students, who had opportunities awaiting them they would never be able to take. Acceptances into college, internships, places on sports teams that were robbed from them in a single bullet.

I read the stories of the survivors as well.
Audio download:
This I Believe.m4a
Jan 05


reaching out 
ivy vine arms
dead at the ends-
void of your sunlight,
oxygen- your voice

i could write novels
with everything you
aren't saying 
Jan 04
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Pollution Poem

Pollution its a dreadful thing

When I hear it, my ears ring

Animals are sick

And dying

Just image hearing a little bear crying

Cry for help
Its trapped in a plastic bottle

A poor little duck trying to waddle

Trying to live

Trying to survive

These cute little babies don’t deserve to die
258 million tons of trash in 2014

Just imagine how much now

That hole in the ground

Filling up



Up and away

Ruining our earth today
For all of the problems we have

And then you feel bad

For the thing you did yesterday

That little gum wrapper floats through the air

And you drive away like you don’t care

But you do  

You made a mistake

It makes your heart ache

And now every Green-up Day I’m out there
Dec 18
poem 0 comments challenge: Snow

The Shine of Crystals

The snow is like a crystal
Crystals that the sky weeps
That sticks to the ground
Shining like diamonds in the light of the sun
Some fall on the tongues of young children
Melting right after they have landed
They fall on noses
They make faces as red as roses
For some the snow means play
Pushing and sticking the crystals together
To then throw in the air
They are fleeting crystals
That will fall from the heavens
That shine in the light
That soon dim and melt away
The fallen snow fades
Like the memories of each day
As the snow falls
Another memory is lost
But the crystals in the night sky
Will always shine bright
They give the fallen snow
Their glow
Nov 22
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What For?

For the breath I breathe
For the birds that sing
For the light that shines
Through clouds of white

For the love of family
For the love of friends
The support of each other
When hardship sets in

For the love of humanity
For the future we’ll change
For remembering the fallen
And the lives that they gave
So we could live

For the love of our country
And the men and women fighting on
For the love of the world around us
And the hope and joy of which
We all have the capacity to give

Remember this in times of plenty
That our work is never done
And be