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Sep 20

Casual Racism With a Side of Language Based Angst

In an attempt to delete an audio recording that I wasn't satisfied with, I ended up deleting the post as whole thinking it meant deleting the changes I had made previously.  My bad.  This is just a repost, where nothing has changed from the original.  My apologies for causing any confusion.

I was sitting among tiny green blades of grass,
listening to a chaotic symphony
of loudspeakers
and bubbling voices.

I was sitting under a rosy sky

Sep 16
jbird18's picture

Toad in a Hole

The toad was in a hole.

"Why are you in a hole?" asked the spider-man.

"I am in a hole because I want to be in a hole," responded the toad.

"Oh," said the spider-man. "That's cool."

"It is," said the toad. "But I have a question for you."

The spider-man smiled.

"Why am I an egg?" asked the toad.

"Well," said the spider-man, "I am not sure. I think it is because your parents named you an egg."
Sep 11

Break Through

When I was maybe eight or so
​I had a recurring dream
​That I could push off from the ground,
Break through the restraining layer of gravity
​To swim a few feet above the grass.

The dreams were so concrete
​That when I was pulled from their comfort,
​I would secretly try to jump into flight;
​Soar beyond the smothering fabric.
​Part of me still wants to.

I think this was my imaginitive mind
Trying to leave behind my fear.
Sep 01

Queen of Denial

I blink myself into conciousness most mornings.
It's slow to the point that I don't know it's happening until its effects are irreversible,
like when you start writing on unlined paper
and don't notice that your words are slanting
until it's too late.
And then I'm awake,
in the loosest sense of the word,
and my alarm is a jumble in my ears,
and my body is heavier than it's ever been,
and I play the game where I weigh the pros and cons
Audio download:
Queen of Denial.m4a
Aug 27
Icarus Blackmore's picture

End of Summer Poem

Gold stains the green leaves,
The summer sun whispers goodbye,
As the birds sing their farewells,
And shadows creep over the yard

They beckon forth the days of cold.
Their shapes sinister and strange,
They are reminders of short evenings,
And the mountains of school work I am to face.

I long for summer’s empty warmth,
The unkeepable promise of never ending days,
Only accentuated by the starry night,
Aug 20

Dear Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,
I heard
we all did and I hope you're okay.
I know you aren't 
you can't be
not after all that's happened.

Dear Charlotte,
I offer my shoulder to cry on
and I'll cry with you,
because this should be over and long past
but I guess equality is eternally fought for.

Dear Charlotte,
please remember that you're one of us
and we stand by you.
We stand by you when men with
Aug 01
Mackenzie 101's picture

The Laughing Man

I walk down the street.
It’s evening,
The sun is still out,
The grass is glowing,
And my face is probably burning.
I slip on my sunglasses and see
The world through a different lense,
As I turn the corner I almost run over two girls.
They both have ice cream in their hands,
They both have pigtails,
They both are living life to the fullest,
And they’re both laughing.
As I continue walking,
Jul 31

English Slang-guage

Words are meant to express, to impress, to convey,
to describe how we feel and respond in our own way
but now most teens settle for "idk"

"Idk"? you won't even spell out "I don't' know"?
the English language has stooped to an all-time low.

Instead of "How are you?" or "What's going on?" they type "wyd"
how much more lazy and careless can they possibly be?

They could at least use their own voice & mind to send something different,
Jul 18
jbird18's picture

Searching Eyes

Alone on the beach, she watched the waves and longed for their salty kisses on her bare feet. The woman wore a deep blue dress of soft, flowing cotton. Her bright eyes were hidden behind black sunglasses and her chin rested on the top of her closed hand. Her elbow pressed into the arm of her chair. The woman's feet rested upon the sand, the criss-crossing pattern from her vacant sandals burned onto the tops of her feet in tan. Just the natural tan from spending so much time outdoors.
Apr 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Backpack
19bielmo's picture

Ode to the Weight On My Shoulders

Like Dora I rely on my pack, 
It has every little thing I lack. 
The fact I forgot during my test, 
Is in that book next to the rest. 

It bares the weight I carry on my shoulder, 
Gaining pounds with each year I get older. 
It holds my future by worksheet and note, 
Each calculation and essay I wrote.

I know this bag always has my back, 
It can decipher the codes I can not crack. 
If you seek this help, then be my guest,  
Apr 16

What Are You Afraid Of?


My  seven year old sister and I were sitting by a tire swing outside my house. She started asking me bizarre questions and then asked me this one. I have decided to share our conversation on here because it made me think very deeply about life.
Feb 20
Icarus Blackmore's picture

Thank you, to a town where I used to live

Jan 19

What We Love About You

​One night my Mom, sister Sarah, and Grandma were having dinner at my Uncle John, Aunt Sandra, and cousins, Anna, Emma, Alex, and Georgia's house. That night we went around the table and told Grandma what we love about her. She is a truly amazing person and we wanted her to know how much she means to us.

We'd started talking about hands
Anna told you that you have
beautiful hands
you protested,
saying that they were too
old, wrinkly, and twisted
to be beautiful.
Anna insisted you, and your hands,
are beautiful.
Uncle John saw the problem,
you didn't see your worth,
so he suggested we go in
a circle and say
what we love about you.
Jan 13
emily.hess's picture

The Importance of Pronouns

He had soft brown eyes and a forgiving soul,
He had a hug that consumed me in warmth,
He had lips that curled up at the ends and dimples when he laughed,
He had a voice more comforting than Bon Iver records at midnight,
He wore recycled shoes, and a cross necklace,
He also wore embarrassment between our interlocking fingers,
He kept secrets within our late night walks and me dropping him off 10 feet before his house,
Audio download:
Dec 05

achieving balance is the most important thing

girl wears black lacy tights with droopy boots,
tongues licking the sidewalk with each step she takes.
our eyes are positive and negative, an electrical current strung
between them and on top of it a tight-rope walker trying to
balance on a moving wire that isn't really there,
electrical current produces a magnetic field and things are
smashing into the balancing artist, all heavy metal and
Dec 02
writeen_girl's picture


Look at her scars, they are not mine.
Wrists smell of blood, and of perfume and wine.
It stings me to think how one’s eyes get so cold,
Wrinkles her brow, makes her look far too old.
Watch as her friends try to help but they pry,
So she pushes them out just to make herself cry.
Tosses her pizza, her soup down the drain,
The thought of one bite she believes is her bane.
This girl is so lonely, sleeping all day,
Nov 25
BriggsHeffernan's picture

Mi Nombre

That’s my mother’s maiden name. It is also my first name. It’s a strange name, often mistaken. It is not
Bryce, Brig, Brick, Bridge, Bricks or even Prince as one old man misheard.
This was one of many choices for my name. Most were nearly as strange, though I still would have prefered nearly all of them.
Ronan, Cadmium, Van, Rory and one of my dad’s favorites - Boy.
Audio download:
Nov 16
Charizard's picture

I believe

I believe hard work gets you
somewhere in life, even though it may 
not be the place you want to be. I believe 
somewhere is better than nowhere but
nowhere is such a wonderful place so it
shouldn't be be neglected as an option.

I believe the last thing I always say to my parents is 
"Love you!" just in case they forgot. I'm
always scared they'll forget. I believe in
taking things for granted and forgetting