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Dec 03

Only Words Will Last

Rules of verse, prose and rhyme
Careful measures, line for line
What will withstand the trial of time
And fires of our sorrow

Cloth will rip and buildings fall
Yesteryears machines are no use to us all
But a phrase scribbled hastily on the wall
Will still be there tomorrow

The stories and songs of all that was achieved
Of things we discovered- and that we had to leave
There's no telling what we will be asked to belive
The future requires a past

And what will remain when we're finally gone
Take note of the times you've been right and wrong
Write down your stories, your thoughts and your songs
For only words will last
Nov 19


Pick a card, any card.
Cheap tricks are your 
specialty, anyway. 
I'd like a disappearing act-
maybe this time 
I'll know not to 
wait for you to come back. 
Maybe this time I 
won't search for you like a key-
the only lock you have is
somewhere down in 
Hades' land. 
Show me your best poker face-
I'll see the lies
creasing near your nose, 
and maybe this time 
I'll know not to chase after
you on the pavement. 
Pull a rabbit from your hat-
better yet, pull 
an apology from your mouth.
Possibly containing a typo. 
Maybe this time 
I'll see that the worst thing 
I can say is, 
So go on now, 
do your tricks. 
Find whatever you need 
in the applause. Filter
out the boo's. 
Laugh, maybe. Smile to 
yourself. Above all, 
do whatever you do 
that makes you 
forget I was ever more 
Nov 10
activist_love's picture


Number one
Make sure
You are perfect
No quirks
No flaws

Number two
Make sure
You are normal
You're blonde
You're short

Number three
Make sure
You are balanced
Make sure you are skinny
Make sure you have curves

Number four
Make sure
You are popular
Always pretty
Always flawless 

Number five
Make sure
You are confident
No insecurities 
No shallowness 

Oh whoops
Another oop
Looks like I broke all the rules again
Nov 08

I Wish For The Galaxies

I wish to eat the moon
To feel it's smooth, cold-pudding like taste on my tongue.
It would slip around my mouth like a cool cheesecake,
Like milk chocolate.
It would quench my hunger with the easiness and softness of a spoon of oatmeal,
Washed down with a glass of milk.

I wish to drink the stars
To taste them dripping down my throat
Warm and foggy as hot chocolate
On a cold winter's evening.
Each sticky-smooth drop would ease through my body,
Relaxing me,
Soothing me.

I wish to eat the grandest meal ever eaten,
Sitting upon Venus's rings,
Watching the world spin around
And around. 
Watching a shooting star zip through the sky.
I'd catch it in my fingers
And gulp it down
Bright and spicy as a piece of shrimp,
Then close my eyes and float down along the Milky Way, in a bed as smooth as a snowdrift. 

I wish to spread my hands through the galaxies,


was messing around with digital art, when this just apeared from my scribles, and I was like oh, I made thingy.

honest beauty.

Oct 29


Oct 23

An Inspirational Adventure

I have always had a huge passion for wildlife, but when I first got my camera, my world brightened. Photography is an art that can be so moving and inspirational for me. This past year I went on a trip with my family to the Grand Canyon. The sites were so captivating and beautiful. The photo with the man in it was actually by chance. I saw this man on the edge of a cliff looking out to the canyon below and had to take a picture. Now, when I look at the picture I find deeper meanings behind it. I now see someone looking out into their future and seeing beauty. The picture of the crow was taken when a swarm of crows kept creeping towards my family's table while we tried to eat. I got many pictures of different crows, but this one stuck with me. 
Oct 22
Burnt Black Petals's picture


Once I saw a pebble

Small and smooth.

I walked around it.

Next I saw a rock

It could fit in my hand nicely

It’s smooth surface pleasing.

I walked around it.

Then I saw a rock

As big as my head

It’s smooth surface cracked in a few places

It seemed heavy and awkward.

I walked around it.

I found a small boulder

Big and heavy

Half smooth half not

Heavy and solid

A daunting rock.

I walked around it.

I saw a boulder blocking my way.

I could not go around it.

I tried to move it

With no luck.

I saw it sigh, and roll down the hill.

I saw a pebble.

I remembered the bolder.

I picked it up.

Oct 18

Rogue train

There is a train that carries everyone through this life.
Some people are sleeping, some have to look out the window,
a few others mutter in tentative conversation with each other.
But most... most people are engrossed in their phones.
Texting, calling, watching, listening, streaming, memorizing, obsessing.
There are old people, there are young people.
There are people who see things in black and white,
there are people who like rainbow.
People wander in and out, but never leaving the train.
They are in control, no one leaves the train.
This is not spoken but it is the rule.
I know this rule like the back of my hand,
like my shoes, like my past... because it is my past.
There are no choices on the train.
No argument, therefore nothing changes, but I hopped off that train.
I didn't think others should control where I went and when.
No one has a right to my future but me.
Oct 18
Noquell_21's picture

Lifeless winter

Winter is not about doing basic things like building snowmen with your friends or sipping hot chocolate by an open fire. Winter is about the simple things you can enjoy, like admiring that perfect little flake of snow that landed on your hand and watching it slowly melt away until it’s just a tiny water droplet slithering its way down your hand. Or when you are waiting for the school bus and you take a long breath of fresh crisp air and exhale to see the beautiful hazy white veil of your carbon dioxide slowly appear in front of you. Watching your favorite maple tree that is at the center of your back yard lose it’s very last vivid red leaf, then looking around to realize that all of the beautiful reds and oranges and yellows are gone, only to be replaced by the blinding white blanket of snow that stretches as far as the eye can see.

fall drive

Oct 10
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One Haunted Night

I can’t remember the last time I felt safe traveling down Webster Avenue. There was just such an eerie, cold feeling when I would drive by. In most neighborhoods one sees children riding bikes, dogs being walked, and old ladies tending to their gardens. None of this ever happened on “Wacky Webster” as the locals call it. You’d never see anyone outside, which made it look abandoned. The only thing that signified that anyone still lived there was when the lights were turned on at night. I swear the people that live on Webster Avenue must be nocturnal or something. If you dare to drive by at night, almost every single light in the neighborhood is turned on. I made the mistake of doing exactly that one crisp October night. The wind was howling and so was my dog, riding shotgun in my Chevy Silverado. He knew he had to go to the vet, so he was trying to make me feel guilty. It didn’t work though.
Oct 07
22donam's picture

origami city

lovely, oh it'd be so lovely
if you would come with me
well take a trip you'll see
down to a place so pretty
to origami city--

my fickle hearted friend
it's just around the bend
so won't you come with me--

we can run past white paper houses
as if they'd blow away
and climb the tallest skyscraper
you and I--

oh wouldn't it be pretty
down in origami city
where we can watch the stars 
from our tiny paper cars
as they flicker above--

temperamental pal won't you stick around for a while
I bet I can make you smile
if you trust me 
you will see
we can be--

so wouldnt it be pretty 
down in origami city
just you and me--
Sep 16
sophie.d's picture

Teach Me Climate

The first lab I ever worked in 
Was my backyard. 

I was a self-proclaimed botanist
Taught by the wildflowers in the woods,
And a soil stained flower encyclopedia.
I researched the yellow flowers bursting
Along the wood’s edge
And noticed 
The book’s map of North America said 
Their range didn’t extend up to Vermont. 

So why are they here?
I pondered. 
Isn’t it too cold?

At the age of 7, my environmental knowledge
Was built of observation, not explanation
I could see climate change sprouting
Before I learned the word.

Ten years later I can tell you that the earth is warming. 
I understand the news stories of greenhouse gases, 
solar radiation, 
species migration.

But despite the flaming headlines
I know more about slope and Shakespearean Sonnets
Than about the very earth I live on. 

faded memories

Sep 11


Blue-grey is the color of the ocean on a stormy day
A day when you can smell the battle of the wind and the water 
Blue-grey is the color of a sad woman's eyes, 
Eyes that haunt your memory for years because you did nothing to help her
Blue-grey is the color of my worn denim jeans 
The ones with the paint splatters and tears in the knees 
Blue-grey is the color of things that used to be wonderful 
That have now faded from use 
Blue-grey is feeling sad on a day when everyone says you should be happy 
It's that last week of winter where the snow is all melted and the air is heavy with hesitation 
Blue-grey is the feeling of finally finding what you need
After months of searching for what you had wanted 
Aug 31
mythicalquill's picture


Her fingertips drift over the surface of a fallen log—not quite touching, but almost feeling the rutted rhythm of its bark on her skin nonetheless. Her eyes trace the scene before her as if memorizing its depths. They linger on the scant strip of sky visible between the forking branches of a rusty brown maple. As she inhales, the musty scent of decaying wood fills her, and her mind flickers briefly with recognition. The forest smells like old growth and thriving life, an aroma she can almost recall from her long-ago past. Dawn lets the breath slip out in a sigh of contentment.

This place is beautiful and familiar, like the first chapter of a favorite book. She peruses its pages with reverence, giving each petal and fallen leaf its due. 
Aug 30
poem 1 comment challenge: Nonverbal
JordanSara's picture

Dear Friend,

I used to hate silence
the unending weight
spiraling into the abyss
with no aim
no goal
and nothing to be gained.
For years I filled my life with sound
music and meaningless conversations,
all to fill the hole
and yet I felt empty,
knew that my existence was silent.
 I continued on with the same uncaring voices to give me...
something to feel less alone.
But like all false things, those voices
eventually slithered away in the night and
 I feared I was destined to
in the emptiness.

When I met you,
I thought it would be the same
that I had to fill the empty air
for you to care.
But one day we fell into silence,
conversation a burden to our tired minds,
so we simply lounged together.
Yet I didn't feel you slipping away into the chasm,
I didn't feel that I had to say
one breath-filled 
For once, the silence was good