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May 08


May 03


Pluto is a planet to me.
It's a small one, but a planet just like the rest.

I relate to pluto more than the average girl.
Some people would describe me as "vanilla".
Not the first choice, but still a decent flavor.
I don't want to be vanilla.
I want to be a flavor that's a first pick, not a backup when there are no other flavors.

Pluto is vanilla too. 
So insignificant that even though it fits in the solar system, you almost forget it's there.
I'm so insignificant that even though I fit into social groups, you almost forget I'm there.

Pluto is so unimportant that people truly removed it's title of "planet".
But I know what it feels like Pluto.
I believe in you.
May 01

I Love

I love staring at a clear night sky for hours
I love to sit on my deck and paint the landscape
I love the smell of freshly cut grass and a campfire
I love to wander the forest by my house and take pictures from weird angles
I love to close my eyes and listen to the birds singing on a hot summer day
I love to read books while lounging in my bright orange bean bag chair
I love singing at the top of my lungs with music blasting from my speakers
I love chasing my dog all around the yard and tackling him
I love eating a chocolate lava cake while watching a movie with my sister
I love feeling the nerves I get right before acting on stage in front of an audience
I love going on a hike and being one with nature
I love fishing with my dad at our favorite lake
I love designing and creating a haunted house for my town
I love the taste of a smoothie any day of the year
May 01
JordanSara's picture

Prophecies of the Heart

The oiled surface of the stand
 showing each glossy glint, a subtle river
dripping infinite varieties
of the ways your life could go
the ebb and flow of choices
but this is only the decor of your life
the support
the feelings
the face you shine to make yourself seem
grander than you are.
Your heart is the crystal ball
but there are no prophecies to be found
just the simple glass that you look through
and then decide
what your future
will be.
Apr 23


Apr 16


Apr 11
abartell's picture

What a Night Like Tonight

Apr 04

I Remember

I remember a time when I thought the world was a beautiful place.

I remember thinking about villains in stories and movies and laughing because everyone nowadays is so nice. How could anybody be that cruel? It didn’t make sense.

I remember history lessons, and the way we learned about war, discrimination, hatred. It seemed so far away, as if they were fairy tales told to scare us. The deaths, the victims, all of that was just numbers to us. An annoyance to fit so many zeros onto that one line we set aside for statistics.

I remember watching the news with my father half-heartedly. I didn’t understand what the person on the screen was talking about, and I didn’t really want to. I just wanted the person to stop talking about whatever he was going on about so we could switch back to Disney Channel.
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I Remember.m4a
Mar 27

What is a right?

Daylight swims in puddled rain
Milking Sunday afternoons with pain
Shattering the weakest segment of chain.  
Daylight questions dreamers' answers
Dogs of hellfire, moonlit dancers
Feet pounding the Earthlight into cancer.

We've dug our hands into the dirt
Of society, planted our children there,
Letting grow into this corporate disease;
Is our future of weeds? 
We've grown ourselves off of so much hurt
So will anyone care
Mar 18

To all the people who hate Muslims

To all the people who hate Muslims.

Do I scare you? They call it Islamophobia after all.

Do I scare you? Does my family scare you?

Let me give you a summary of us, in case you didn’t really know us all that well.

Standing at about 5 foot 2 inches,
With big, bushy, fuzzy hair
And a penchant for zoning out and
Always having graphite-stained fingers.

My sister,
10 years old, who once made
Her own little snack dispenser
Out of a cardboard box and some tape.

My father,
Who makes us pancakes in the mornings,
Who loves gardening and prides himself
On making food out of our own vegetables
In the summers.

My mother,
Who drinks more tea than seems humanly possible
who’s just finishing up her dissertation now,
And loves dancing to any song, anywhere.

Are you scared of us? Because that seems a little silly at this point, doesn’t it?
Mar 04
poem 2 comments challenge: Invasive

If a tree falls in the forest...

I am 237 years old today,
the oldest tree in this forest. I am
a living measurement of time, a history book in
its most natural form. Wizened by decades of observation
witness to catastrophes and wonders you will never know
but there is one tragedy I will tell you. One of every twelve
trees in Vermont are ash trees like me and their wails in the wind warn
of imminent death in the form of an emerald beetle. Their larvae grow under
our bark, feed on our flesh, blocking our transportation of water and
nutrients until our skin becomes brittle and splits, our crowns of
foliage fall and we die of thirst and starvation. These invasive
aliens won't stop until we've all collapsed, returning
 to the earth we once arose from. You may
be thinking "It's just
trees, why should
we care?" Our lives
are more entwined
than you realize.
We take your exhales
Feb 26
Deleonaa's picture

Beautifully Heartbreaking.

Pick up a book and start to read
close your eyes and let yourself feel
let the story take you through it all
be encompassed in the bliss of love 
get lost in the fantasy that is fiction
feel as the tears spill down your cheeks
smile as butterflies swim through your stomach 
watch yourself be torn between feelings of love and hate
feel the words sinking into your skin 
let yourself be broken
put the book down and pace the room
let your thoughts spin you in circles
pick up the book again
savor each page as it is the last
when you reach the final page, smile
you have done something great
you have let yourself feel all the feelings
all the feelings we try to suppress
you have done something beautiful
beautifully heartbreaking.

Feb 12
abartell's picture

Night Sky

Feb 03


One moment
One oppertunitity
A simple eye connection
And secret looks at the ground
A bag spilling with coins
Faces glaring up at us
Screaming take me.
But this money comes with a price
We both know that.
Take the money 
Pay the price
And you're filthy rich.
In money anyway.
Our hands touch on the bag
A thick canvas sack
Rough under our fingertips
Take the money
In that moment our eyes meet
A train whistles
We stand up and walk away.
Our heel clicks fading into the distance, 
Leaving behind an undesirable canvas sack

Feb 03


They say that
He was the water
And she was the fire
But his riptides overcame her
And buried her flame.
She was caught in his wild storms
And tossed around like a rag doll.
She used to be fierce 
But now she is soggy
And flexible like a rubber band.
He scattered her ashes
Like seed to a starving bird,
His dark eyes flashing with a thousand storms.
He was the water
And she was the fire
But then she grabbed hold of the wind
And whisked him away.

Jan 12
sophie.d's picture

For Summer

My skin yearns for the sideways kiss
Of morning sun for
Lake droplets lifted
Off my skin by balmy,
Dandelion air.

And my laughter
Waits for dock picnics
Green mountain tops
And crowded swimming pools. 

Nose searching for
Watermelon slices
Garden herbs
Almost tasting
Backyard barbeque.
I await summer's joyous greeting.

But when it comes,
I will reminisce over  
Red-tipped noses  
Too rich hot chocolate
Cross country skis
And silver flurries. 

Wait for crisp air
Warm socks and sweaters
For soup and fireplaces. 
So is the seasons' curse.

Don't wait for summer
For snow
For red leaves 
Or flowers sprouting.

Venture out and discover
The unique season
That is today. 
Jan 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Memory
Laura hi101's picture


Happiness is the faded memory
of tiny cross country skis
next to your father’s tall ones.
Of climbing the snowy hill
sideways, or else you will fall back down.
Happiness is the sight of a frozen pond
next to an open field.
The swish-swish of skis
penetrating the still, quiet air.
Happiness is a beautiful old house,
nestled in the evergreen trees,
sagging with the weight
of the sparkling snow.
This was a time of an innocent mind
not yet troubled with the weight of the world.

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Jan 07

I Believe In Us

The first time I heard of the wave of school shootings streaking across our nation, I was shaken to the core of my being.

The second time, I was scared but not shocked.

By the third time, I was used to getting alerts about students being shot in one of the few places they should feel safe. And that’s not a sentence anyone should ever have been able to say.

I read the stories online. I read the obituaries of the students, who had opportunities awaiting them they would never be able to take. Acceptances into college, internships, places on sports teams that were robbed from them in a single bullet.

I read the stories of the survivors as well.
Audio download:
This I Believe.m4a
Jan 06

A knock on society's door

Everyone gets a chance to knock,
only some are let in.
When it is my turn,
I knock once.
Once for the one individual each of us can be.
I knock twice.
Twice for the two genders that society tries to define us with.
I knock six times.
Six times for the six races society tries to judge us by.
I knock seventeen times.
Seventeen times for the teachers and students that were slaughtered in Florida for wanting an education.
I knock nineteen times.
Nineteen times for the amendment that allows me to put forth a vote that represents my country.
I knock one last time.
One last time so that they know I will come back.
And I will never stop knocking.
Dec 13

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