Nov 24

Gems- epilogue (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I'm not even sure if I'm going to include this in the final draft shruggety HECK I FORGOT TO PUT #Gems ON THE LAST CHAPTER

Eddie pressed himself up against the wall and avoided a groan. He was so done doing the impossible. Get over your parents’ death, be happy, create a weapon that can pierce through the strongest thing in the universe, break into and then escape the most secure location known on the planet. It was always him.
Nov 24

Gems chapter 34- Aiden (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: There are legit tears in my eyes as I post this holy rhododendron or however you spell that I've been working on this for four years and... it's... it's over..................................................... #Gems

I woke up because my bed was on fire.
The next thing I heard was people screaming, which was a good and normal reaction to have to a flaming bed.
The next thing I heard was Heather’s voice. “Sorry, so sorry! We told them they weren’t allowed in, but they never listen to us.”
I was so stunned I couldn’t scream. The fire was warm to the point of being a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt, my clothes weren’t catching on fire, and my skin wasn’t getting extra crispy. At first, I wondered if I had become invincible or something, but then Puddijello jumped up onto my chest, which hurt a lot.
“Ow!” I yelped. “Puddijello, no! You’re too heavy!”
Nov 24

Gems chapter 33- Josh (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: This is probably the chapter I've struggled with the most wowy #Gems

After my first strike on the fog, it suddenly sped up. It was slowly gaining ground, and I found myself backing away more and more. A nervous crowd watched me work from a distance, but most people were just trying to get away as fast as possible. I was gathering up another wave of water when lightning struck. Zack stood right in between me and the fog. I released the water around me. “Get out of the way.”
Zack didn’t budge. “No.”
I was surprised that I wasn’t surprised. “Why not? That fog is trying to kill thousands of people. I have to hold it back. If you don’t move, I’ll hit you, too.”
“The fog is an extension of Meo. If you attack it, you hurt him.”
Nov 18

Gems chapter 27- Zack (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I hope this makes you scream as much as I did. #gems 
Everything got pitch dark as the trench folded in on top of me. There was no difference between having my eyes open or closed. Miles upon Miles of stone was suddenly weighing down on me. I tried to move, but I was completely pinned down. Everything hurt.
I tried to summon up some power I had forgotten to get me out. The idea of being stuck down there forever was terrifying. Nothing came up. I didn’t have Amber to teleport myself out. I had no idea what I was capable of, if I was completely helpless or not. My human form couldn’t handle all of the pressure. I could feel soil starting to trickle through me as it lost solidity. It was just like when Josh had pounded me with water until I was out of energy. Everything started to slip away from me, so gradually there was no way to tell when I actually lost consciousness.
Nov 12

Gems chapter 26- Aiden (nanowrimo)

A/N: I broke my rule about never writing when I'm so sick or in pain I can't think clearly so here you go have fun I can't process its quality at all *dabs* #gems

Puddijello was pressing their paw against my head so firmly I couldn’t move. At first I thought it was hilarious, but after a couple seconds or something it got old. “Hey Puddijello, could you get off?”
Puddijello didn’t budge.
I sighed. “Wow, I wonder if you can even understand human speech. A puddijello that could do that would be really really smart.”
Everything was still for a moment, and then Puddijello removed their paw.
I sat up and took a deep breath, then scratched Puddijello behind the ear. They closed their eyes and smiled. “Thanks, buddy. I wonder if we could talk somehow.”
Puddijello’s ears twitched.
I snapped my fingers. “Aha! Ok, you’ll twitch one ear for yes and both ears for no. Understand?”
Nov 11

Gems chapter 25- Josh (nanowrimo draft)

I struggled against the wire desperately. The blood rushing in my ears was getting annoying. Apparently “break the wire” meant “be right back,” although I didn’t know how. I started shaking in an attempt to break the branch I was hanging from.
Rustling sounding off to my right made me stop. “Heather?”
A group of at least a dozen men crashed through the brush. The first one, a middle-aged man with a ragged brown beard, stopped and held up his hand when he saw me. Everyone else stopped.
The man stepped up to me and squinted. “You ain’t no hare!”
I glared at him. “No, I’m not. Let me down!”
The man laughed and pulled out a knife, then slashed the air above me. I crashed to the ground headfirst, knocking the breath out of me. Everyone laughed.
Nov 11

Gems chapter 24- Heather (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I hope you all had/ are having a great day at the fall conference! It's my baby brother's birthday, so I wasn't able to make it. I'm super bummed out but whatever. #gems

I slammed my fists against the rock wall blocking the door. “No!”
I was saying that a lot.
Josh was still trying to stand up, but he seemed pretty dazed. Puddijello was licking some scratches they got from crashing through the glass, completely ignoring Aiden, who was hugging them tightly. I found Puddijello to be a little annoying. Nobody messed with my food, but they acted like they were entitled to it. That was only one of many complaints, too.
I accepted the fact that no matter how much I punched the wall, it wasn’t going to move.
Nov 10

Gems chapter 23- Zack (nanowrimo draft)


I watched Orvan’s hands shake as he ate his food. We’d been at his house a week, and he had become more and more nervous with every day.
Aiden paused in his eating to talk. “Orvan, you ok?” Puddijello took the moment to steal a bite. Aiden frowned at them, but didn’t say anything. Puddijello did that a lot. We were used to it and had given up on stopping it.
“D-Domic could arrive any day now,” Orvan muttered, barely audible. “I don’t like him. Scary.”
Nov 10

Gems Chapter 22- Aiden (nanowrimo draft)

Heather ran off after Orvan, which left me alone with Zack, or Diamond, or whatever we were calling him. I was so confused. Zack stayed quiet, which was driving me insane.
“so…” I rubbed my hands. This was awkward. “You’re an overpowered magical rock. Bet it feels weird.”
Zack was just standing there. I could never stand still for that long. He looked at me. “No. It feels right.”
“Right as in not left?” I asked.
“No. Right, like how grass is green. It’s just the way things are.”
“I knew that,” I said. “I was just making a joke.”
“Oh.” Zack looked down at his feet. I waited for him to say something else, but he didn’t.
“Are you ok?” I asked.
“Yes,” Zack answered.
“Are you sure? I mean, you’ve been acting a little different ever since we got here.”
Nov 09

Gems chapter 21- Josh (nanowrimo draft)

I stomped through the forest without thinking until I came to a clearing with a lake. It was weird to see the sky again. I plopped down at the water’s edge grumpily, then got mad over how grumpy I was, and eventually became overall frustrated with myself.
Rustling sounded behind me. I leapt to my feet and put out my fists. Orvan walked into the clearing with a bucket, saw me, and froze.
“Sorry,” I dropped my hands.
Orvan slowly walked towards the lake, watching me like I was still going to attack him. I sat back down. At least I could follow him back to the house.
As Orvan filled the bucket with water, he hesitated. “Is… is it ok if I talk?”
“I don’t care,” I muttered.
Orvan finished filling the bucket and sat down beside me. “You seem upset.”
I tried to put on a neutral expression, but gave up. “Yeah.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
Nov 08

Gems chapter 20- Heather (nanowrimo draft)

Aiden picked a large leaf of lettuce and held it high over his head. “Permission to lettuce have a pun war, captain?”
Orvan had sent us out to work in his garden, the only clean and orderly thing on his property. In fact, it was so clean, there was almost no work to be done.
I smirked at Aiden and gestured at the sparkling plants around us. “Permission granted. Just don’t over-dew it.”
A wide grin spread across Aiden’s face. “Ok Josh, your turn!”
Josh picked up a stray leaf and tried to throw it at Aiden, but since it was a leaf, it just fluttered down right in front of Josh. “Leaf me alone.”
Aiden stared at the leaf with a bit of concern. “Zack, it’s your turn.”
Zack continued to pick at the grass. He’d been really out of it lately. Well, more than usual. He didn’t want to do anything, even eating, and especially not around us.
Aiden sighed. “Zack? Zack! Zackzackzackzackzack! Hey! Bright eyes! You there?”
Zack looked up at him. “What?”
May 07

Gems chaper 19- Zack (rough draft)

The last thing I remembered was Josh's anger, water everywhere, and pain spreading from my heart as I teleported one time too many. My unconsciousness felt like a blink. Then, I was able to register a small room before there was a crash, and everything went dark.
"Oh! Oh dear, I forgot how tall you can be," a man's voice said. His aura was nervous, but also excited. "Now I'll have to buy a new lamp. Uh, I'll open the blinds. Hang on."
There was some shifting and shuffling, and then light poured through a window. I was sitting on a desk in a crowded office room. Books, papers, and tools were strewn everywhere.
The man tripped back over and held out his hand with a sheepish grin. "Hello, D-Z-Zack, uh, I'm Orvan."
I stared down at his hand. It was Orvan, the one who knew about my past. I wasn't sure what to ask first. I realized I must have been gone much longer than a blink, and I was in a new place. "How long was I out?"
May 05

Gems chapter 18- Aiden (rough draft)

A/N: I just want you to know how much I love Orvan. I love him. So much. aaaaaaaa  #Gems

Heather breathed in sharply as Zack was blasted again by Josh. Zack stayed crumpled on the ground like a rag doll. 
This had been a bad idea.
"We have to stop this," Heather said. She looked at me as if waiting for my support. 
I put my hands up defensively. "Woah, yeah, this is bad, but I don't want to die."
She sighed, got up, and walked stiffly towards Josh.
I scrambled to my feet and walked beside her. "No, bad idea. You can't stop him right now, he's in the zone. Bad, bad, bad-"
I walked into a wall and rebounded onto the ground. Of course, the wall was Josh. 
Josh whirled around to face me, his whole face burning with rage. I saw my life flash before my eyes. 
Josh's eyes cleared, and his whole body relaxed. "Aiden, are you ok?"
I remembered to breathe. "Yeah, I'm fine."
Mar 08

Gems 4th Anniversary

Today, 4 years ago, was the day I posted the first draft of the first chapter of #Gems . It is the first proven date for the writing project, so I consider it the anniversary. 
Jun 27

Gems chapter 17- Josh (rough draft)

A/N: Well, here it is! Chapter 17, the halfway point, the turntable. Things are about to change. Here's hoping for an even better second half! #gems #summerofstories16

Master Bordellon came back, with Heather following close behind. Her face was pale, and she was deep in thought. This was concerning, but before I could say anything, Master Bordellon spoke up. "Ok, I'm back. Right now, we're going to help Anna-Claire with chores in return for her hospitality." 
Anna-Claire nodded and took a step forward. "Josh will wash dishes, Aiden is going to dust, Heather will wash the windows, Zack is going to peel potatoes, and Master Bordellon will weed the garden." 
Zack frowned. "What are potatoes?" 
"It's something you eat," I explained.
"Oh." Zack looked down at the ground. "That makes sense."
Jan 20

Gems questionnaire

Soooo for creative writing class I had to make fifteen questions about #Gems that I want my teacher to answer when she reads it.

And I thought, hey, I like these questions a lot, so maybe more people can answer them?

So if you've read Gems, could you please answer these? I'll love you forever. Short answers, long answers, everything's fine.

1. How is the beginning, does it hook you, and does it start too suddenly?

2. Is it easy enough to differentiate the points of view, or do you get confused?

3. What do you think about Zack’s character?

4. What do you think about Heather’s character?

5. What do you think about Josh’s character?

6. Is my writing too dialogue heavy?

7. Any character you’re particularly fond of? Any character you particularly hate?
Nov 26

Gems chapter 16- Heather (rough draft)

Sleeping under a roof felt strange after the destruction of Pondacrea.
I was lucky I was even alive. Everything and everyone I knew had been destroyed. And yet, there I was, staring up at the ceiling. It was almost like the ceiling was telling me I was safe, but that couldn’t be possible. I wouldn’t ever feel truly safe again.
Master Bordellon woke us up at sunrise, although I was already awake. He led everyone outside and into the fields, where a large circle of grass had been flattened. Anna-Claire came too, and was bringing a lot of metal sheets, which was interesting.
 I wasn’t even sure how I was back with the crew. I had ditched them, but after a fun magic purple rock bonding experience, I was stuck with them again. I guess I could have refused to go to the training session, but curiosity had gotten the better of me. Again.
Nov 18

Gems chapter 15- Zack (Nanowrimo draft)

A/N: Well this chapter didn't turn out how I planned at all. Because of #Nanowrimo this chapter favors speed and quantity over quality.I've forgetten what days this counts for, but it's a lot. #digiwrimo #Gems

Traitor. I couldn’t remember being called a traitor before. It was a very accusing word.
I didn’t want to be a bad person. But someone could betray bad people, perhaps making them a good person.
Nov 17

Gems chapter 14- Aiden (Nanowrimo Draft)

A/N: Oh my chipmunk, this may be my new favorite chapter. Aiden is too precious for this world, too pure. Because of #Nanowrimo this chapter favors speed and quantity over quality. This counts for November 15th-17th. #Digiwrimo #Gems

Anna-Claire tapped part of the metal dome and a small rectangle opened up. She looked through the hole. “You worked up a big riot. Can you all run?”
“No,” I said. “Please no. I already feel like my feet are going to fall off.”
Anna-Claire looked at me with merciless stone grey eyes. “Do you want to die?”
I gulped. “Living is good.”
“Let’s go, then.” She ran forward, but instead of smacking into the metal it moved forward with her. The back of the dome knocked into my legs. I yelped and began running. Everyone else did the same.
Nov 11

Gems chapter 13- Josh (NaNoWriMo draft)

 A/N: This sounds very rushed to me *cri* what about you? Is it just because I'm the author? I can never tell. Because of #Nanowrimo this chapter favors speed and quantity over quality. #Digiwrimo #Gems

There was too much to think about. The last things Ch’miel had told me, my promise that Heather’s mom would see Heather again, and Meo’s sick twisted prank of taking advantage of my grief. What had I ever done to him?
Another scary thought was that I was dragging the others down. I was so emotionally messed up I wasn’t functioning at my best, and I was aware of it, but I couldn’t pull myself together. We couldn’t afford emotion-caused mistakes. That’s how Pondacrea was destroyed, because of me.