Mar 12

A Modern Master of Denial

You made Science your God,
idolized in golden buildings
and gilded books.
You were called upon to serve;
you burnt the Bible inked in your own hand
in the blinding flames of fear.

You made Science your servant,
you rode upon its strong shoulders,
gorged on its produce,
enslaved it to your all-consuming want and need.
When this chosen Herald brought a message
of distaste,
you dismissed it with a wave of your unhardened hand.

You made Science your Guardian,
swaddled in its calculated folds,
your life was insured by the majesty of medicine.
It monitors your very breath and heartbeat,
yet when when the warning is displayed,
your well-washed ears become deaf to 
even the shrillest siren.

You made Science your companion,
placing your hopes in its ever-growing grasp;
Confided dreams stacked like friendship bracelets
Mar 04
poem 2 comments challenge: Invasive

If a tree falls in the forest...

I am 237 years old today,
the oldest tree in this forest. I am
a living measurement of time, a history book in
its most natural form. Wizened by decades of observation
witness to catastrophes and wonders you will never know
but there is one tragedy I will tell you. One of every twelve
trees in Vermont are ash trees like me and their wails in the wind warn
of imminent death in the form of an emerald beetle. Their larvae grow under
our bark, feed on our flesh, blocking our transportation of water and
nutrients until our skin becomes brittle and splits, our crowns of
foliage fall and we die of thirst and starvation. These invasive
aliens won't stop until we've all collapsed, returning
 to the earth we once arose from. You may
be thinking "It's just
trees, why should
we care?" Our lives
are more entwined
than you realize.
We take your exhales
Oct 09
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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

By Ayden Clark

With a jacket like a heater

And a helmet on my head

I turn

through the


crunch crunch crunch

As the wheels break sticks

and I cautiously drive out

onto the lake

Swish Sposh

says slush on the water

Then I park

put my green and black

rod in the holder

And wait

And wait

And wait

Until the drag starts to

Ring Ring Ring

Like a bell

from the fish


The line

I reel

And reel

And reel

And the dark brown with gold


Flops out of the hole



the ice

Splash splash

Flop Flop




May 21

We Writers

We writers usually come from a pile of wet wood and a single spark.

We writers usually have to rewrite our history, our rules, our families.

We writers usually must leave behind the family we have created with our own two hands, and go out, alone, to find our own destinies.

We writers then start to climb the ladder of success, searching on each rung for something special.

And as we climb we write our lives out on ripped-out notebook paper.

Once we have found the giver of our destiny they hand us a pile of cardboard and a roll of duct tape, and with these materials we run to the hills and tell the world what we think of it.

We writers then wright ourselves a scrub brush and clean the world of all grit and grime, and while we work we sing:

Dear Earth, we shall make you more beautiful than you already are. We shall rid the world of all evil.

We writers shall rewrite the world.


May 20
poem 1 comment challenge: ListenUp

What You've Said, What You've Done

People always tell me
You’re too young, you don’t understand.
You don’t need to hear this.
I’ll explain when you’re older.
Leave it to the adults.

You know what?
I won’t.
I refuse.

I turn eighteen in less than a year.
Do you want me to be uneducated?
Do you want me to be naïve?
Do you want me to make mistakes I could have avoided
If I had only known better?

You throw up the firewalls
But I’m hacking my way through them
Fueled by anger, by determination
To be better
To be smarter
To be more educated

You ask us why we’re addicted to our devices
Tell us they cause depression
Maybe they wouldn’t, you know
If we had anything good to read
In the news
As in, where we read about how you
Are screwing up the world

And we are preparing
For you to hand us this pile of crap
And say, “good luck,
It’s up to you now”
May 20

Storm Drain

The open street smells like a thunderstorm.
I’m not sure where he went
or where I’m going
or why I’m standing here on the damp sidewalk,
watching the sun creep up on us.

It feels good,
like I should’ve done this a long time ago,
like this is what I’ve been missing my whole life.

I want to come back.
And I want it to rain,
even just a little.

I want to see the way it falls
and the way he looks upward
with his mouth wide open. 
May 17

How to talk to teenagers

Look us in the eye
We'll look back if we are worth talking to.
If you just see the top of our heads
And our faces lit up by screens
Walk away.
Don't give up though.
Find another one of us who will engage with you.
Don't treat us like we're children,
listen to us as you would listen to someone you respect.
We know what we're talking about
And how to solve your problems
And we'll tell you
If you stop blaming us for what you did.
You think we're frivolous
But we have ideas to change the world.
We are the next generation
Of leaders and thinkers
But we can't lead if you won't hand over the keys to your castle.
The castle we want to rebuild into our home.
May 16

Got Me

I am as controlled
as two scoops of ice cream
teetering on top of 
their small cone on
a hot summer night
when I am around you.

I am the quick melting of
the ice cream- 
going, going, gone-
when I see those eyes
and hear those slick-like-honey
words as they tumble out
of your mouth.

Love Potion No. 9,
you've got me in
your hand that
reaches out to hold
mine, as natural as the
sun rising.

You are all sugar,
like maple syrup,
coating everything
in your goey-sweet love
that kept me up
tonight and will
leave me with dreams,
dreams that won't
satisfy until you
relent and agree
that I got you,
and you got me,
got me good.

May 15


There is a refuge here
For all who seek it
And for those that don’t.

The sky outside is fading
The room aglow with voices
Sympathizing, comforting
Saying that they know, they understand.

There is life in this place
A glowing candle, an illuminated door
A solace transmitted through melody and harmony.

Voices fill the air like water
Ethereal, ghostly, and beautiful
And though the light will die
The song will not.
May 15

Dreaming of a house in the woods

I want to be surrounded by the woods,
a cool summer breeze flowing through my hair,
caressing my bare cheeks,
a bluejay somewhere in the branches,
a book laying open on the couch
across from the fireplace where I sit
and read and type away at my keyboard,
a rug beneath the coffee table,
a cat curled up beside me,
a dog resting his head by my feet,
my boots by the open door,
the hardwood floor creaking as I step,
candles in the windows,
curtains pulled back to avoid the flame,
a kettle on a hot stove,
a bench beneath the trees
where I sit with my tea
that overlooks the mountains and lake,
and her bare feet walking through grass,
her hair caught in the wind,
and her voice, so sweet and lovely,
calling to me from behind the house.
Our paintings on the walls
drip with passionate warmth
and the butterflies flutter their wings
as the first cricket awakens
May 15
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I count my steps and remind myself to breathe while waiting for you 
I pace back and forth trying to ease my mind 
Then I saw you wearing a red suit and smiling at me
Suddenly pacing didn't seem necessary and the air filled my lungs easily 
You grabbed my hand and started walking then all I could think was 
I felt better with you there 
I felt better because you looked happy 
May 13
poem 3 comments challenge: ListenUp
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93 Cents More

There was a boy at work, 
the keyword: was
He quit on a Monday, mad,
mad that someone earned more
than him. 

He was mad and quit 
over 6 percent, left 
over 93 cents.

He quit because, I, 
a girl, am paid 93 cents
more than him. 

Well, maybe now he 
knows the feeling 
of the female population 
everywhere, except
we don't quit. 
We fight for
what we deserve. 
May 13


May 12

My Last Summer

May 12

You are gone

Tall grass surrounds me
It bends ever so slightly in the wind.
Eastward I face watching the day begin
While stars diminish into the west.
I do not brush the hair away from my face
I do not move.
My hair gets stuck on my lips and waves in front of my vision.
The warm rays hit my face so I close
My eyes to keep the stars protected.
I have nothing to do today
Except wait, for you.
The clock in my head ticks, the sun is now directly above
But I still face east.
I wait longer the ticks keep going.
I realize that you won't come anymore 
So with one final tear and I walk away
Shaky but not afraid.
May 12
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The word encompasses all
Nature caring for her fragile children
A writer carefully crafting words she has written
A gardener nurturing plants she’s been given
Guiding a van down a road constantly driven

She helps flowers grow tall
For sun and cool water they’ve striven
It’s thanks to her for this life they’re living
The plants’ first growth is where we’re beginning
And her job never ends, perpetually trimming

Sometimes trees can fall
But she always replants them, grinning
Roots back in the ground, they’re winning
Drinking in golden water, sun never dimming
Once again in calm air they’re swimming

Vines climb up her wall
To her certain backbone they’re clinging
And they drink in the sun as it’s singing
And these vines grow strong from their pinning
To the wall, the gardener can watch them climbing

May 08

So Blank, So Full

At the blank page.
So stark,
So harsh,
So empty.
The blank piece of paper.
So blank.
And yet,
So full,
At the same time.
Full of thoughts not yet written,
Words not yet said,
Dreams not yet dreamed,
Full of everything,
And nothing,
At the same time.
So blank,
So full,
And so,
May 08

Epistle for my Cat

Dear Kitty,

I think you are part of the glue that
holds my family together. So thank you
for that. Otherwise
we wouldn't have a silly cat
to make us laugh when we all get
mad at each other.

Thank you for sleeping next to me
when I'm sad, and doing funny tricks
when you want a treat.

Thank you for being more of a dog,
and greeting me at the door everyday
when I come home from school (unless
you are asleep in the sunshine. Then you
are being a cat.)

I'll never meet a cat as dumb & clever &
happy & crazy as you. Thank you
for being my cat.

your owner

May 07

How can you hate?

How can you hate when you're lying under the stars?
When you are gazing at hills stretching for miles
Their silvery tips brushed by the copper-colored last light of the sun?
When you are sitting in an empty cathedral 
Sunlight illuminating dust streaming in the air over the alter
Touching your face
As the sounds of a thousand forgotten voices swing through the rafters?
When you wake up to rain streaming down your window
And you reach out
Watching it stream over your hands into puddles below you
That as you lean down
You can see your reflection in them?
When you're sitting on a dock next to your best friend
Watching as the silent sun slowly slips away behind the mountains
And your feet dangle in the cool water?

How can you hate when the most beautiful thing in life is just a heartbeat away?
May 07

sOmeOnE SaId

Someone said she looked pretty today

But she looked in the mirror and asked if they were okay

Someone said his voice sounded beautiful

But he just laughed and asked if they were hard of hearing

Someone said she was a good person

But she felt like living was a sin and asked if she could be forgiven

Someone said I was unable to accept compliments

But I told them that I didn’t accept lies