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Apr 24

What is Art?

   What is art? It can be a lot of things, depending on who you are, and how you  look at it. Art and music can be a way to bring yourself back into the current world, motivated by it. But it can also be an escape from life, not to mention it can also change people's outlook on the world quite drastically.
    Art is a part of culture, of life. It's part of what makes us human. The world would be a whole lot different without that painting you love by that guy who's been dead for hundreds of years, or your favorite song that you've listened to over and over again that drives your parents crazy. (And yes, even that old George Michael song you don't give a crud about is part of culture).
Apr 13

Is This Religious Freedom For Everyone?

   In the Vermont Constitution, it is said that all citizens are promised religious freedom. But if you take a closer look at the wording, you may notice that this is not really the case.
   Article Three, Chapter One states that, “All persons have a natural and unalienable right, to worship Almighty God, according to the dictates of their own consciences and understandings. But what if you're like me, and have Pagan beliefs? Does that mean we don't have the same rights? It is said that the Vermont Constitution was written in such a way that Native American, Pagan, Buddhist, and other such religious practices weren’t under protection of the Constitution. Does that sound fair? And what if you’re Humanist? That isn’t mentioned in the Constitution, iether. 
Apr 13

Religious Freedom in Vermont

   In Chapter 1, Article 3 of the Vermont Constitution, religious freedom is promised to all the citizens of Vermont. However, if you look closer, there are many people for whom this is not the case.
   Religious freedom for all, as defined by the Vermont Constitution, is not all-inclusive. Note how it only protects the right to worship "Almighty God". What if your religious practices don't involve one all-powerful god? What if you don't practice a religion at all?
Apr 07
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The Mystery Of Number Four

The Mystery Of Number Four

I sat down on the couch and pulled out the Sudoku puzzle book. “Same thing in level three…”: I noticed a repetitious pattern I figure out the number FOUR. “That should be my lucky number!”

I wanted to get evidence to support my hypothesis; is my special connection to this number the reason I figure out all the fours immediately?  My plan included several steps:

1. Find the connection of the number to my name, zodiac sign, etc.

2. Research all the symbols associated with the number

3. Study the different cultural opinions and beliefs 

4. And finally, decide how it can help me in solving the Sudoku “no sweat”.

In my opinion, the plan was very scientific and foolproof.
Mar 29

The Bike ( All Parts )

There was a kid who would come past my house every day riding his bike. Every day he would ride by, heading somewhere, but I never knew where. One day, the kid passed by, I didn't think anything of it. He usually came back from riding his bike after a few hours, but not that day. I lived on a quiet road, so I would know if he came past. He never did. I was wondering after a while why he wasn't coming back. I didn't really know him, but I wanted to make sure he was okay. I started to think back....was there anything else there that was different? Then I remembered......I never heard the bike. When he came past, I would hear the bike squeaking and rattling everytime. ( he never took care of it ) I didn't hear the bike coming by like usual. "Maybe he just fixed it..." I thought. I tried to forget about it, but it was just nagging at me for the rest of the day.
Mar 24
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My feet are resting on the ground, heels dug into the dry dirt, with my toes slightly angled up. Face down resting on my knees. I was looking straight between my thighs on my faded black jeans, gazing into the ground. The wind is blowing hard biting my face with its cold teeth, so I keep my head buried and continue to wait. Dried leaves wrestle with the ground and the wind. The wind is trying so hard to win the battle but in the ultimately my body does. The side of my leg forms a barrier for the leaf and ends the match pinning the leaf against my leg. The ground I was focusing off in a gaze on between my legs could only be so interesting for so long. The stones are randomly scattered across the ground in no pattern. My imagination can not even take the random spurts of pebbles, light and dark, and form them into something. I could only wait so long.
Mar 21

Representation and Education on LGBTQIA+

In our current society, we tend to think of ourselves as inclusive and accepting of all people. But if you take a closer look, you’ll realise that this is not true. For instance, many news sources only include diverse people because they are required to, or because of the clapback they would get if they didn’t. The same goes for movies, television shows, and books. And while I do think that there should be appreciation for such an effort, even if it isn’t necessarily out of goodness, I also believe that a bigger overall effort should be made. We should show all kinds of diversity, certainly, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll choose one that directly affects me: the equal representation of the LGBTQIA+ community in the media, particularly the representation of bisexuals. So why not represent a community that makes up such a large part of our global community?
Mar 17
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The Silly Mouse Inside Us

     “I know it’s illegal, but it’s the weekend. The ticket ladies don’t usually come out on Sundays, so I’ll be fine,” I kept telling myself as I parked my car next to a hydrant after finding no legal parking space close enough to my destination.  Obviously, when my car was towed I was beyond myself with anger, but not remorse.
     When we do illegal things, covering them up with excuses, don’t we harm anyone except ourselves? And isn’t it strange that our wrong doings always backfire on us? For example, in my case, the fire department was not be able to reach the hydrant and called the tow truck.
Mar 17
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Vengeance Cometh

Random compilation through the audio file given.
Mar 09

Should Chewing Gum Be Banned at School?

   A few years ago at Cornish Elementary school, chewing gum was banned. Kids were chewing it and not disposing of it properly. This doesn't mean it should be banned, though. Chewing gum can help kids do better in school, and sometimes in life. So should it really be banned?
 Recently, researchers did a study to see if gum helps the brain. The tests consisted of visual memory tasks for people who chew gum and people who didn't chew gum. Results showed that people who chewed gum during the test did better in some areas of cognition than people who didn't chew gum during the test. In schools nowadays, kids have to do many tests. If they chew gum during the tests they have a high chance that they will do better in the visual parts. If the schools, want this to happen they should let the kids chew gum.
Mar 06
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I pull on my coat and twist the doorknob to step outside.
It's four o'clock when I descend the porch steps onto my untidy lawn, and see the sun falling behind the trees, lamposts, and rooftops.
I decide to walk up the road and then down, but it doesn't really matter since either way I'll find myself looking back at the highway. My neighborhood is a tiny loop right off of the busy road, and my house is in the center of the loop.
But that's okay because I like my house, and my neighborhood, and my loop.
The way up the road is colder and shady because they just built two fancy houses that block the sun of the field I used to play in. Once my dog ran away and I found him running around there, and I remember that I used to think that the uprooted tree they removed during construction was a bear cave.
Mar 06
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Beauty is compassion, the true meaning of life. Beauty is bravery,
the strength to protect others, to fight your way through sadness and
grief and still stand strong. Beauty is the ability to trust at even the worst of
times, to believe in yourself and not surrender to your feelings,
to trust the impossible and listen to your heart. Beauty is not giving
up even when it seems the last chance has blown away.
Mar 03
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The Emergency Room

          My mom always tells this story about when I was a baby. I was born in New York City and lived there until I was four and then I moved to Vermont. I was in the park one day with my mom and dad I was probably about 2 and a half my dad was swinging me around by my arms, after a couple of times I said ouch and then went and sat down in my stroller. This was very unlike me, I was the kid who always wanted someone to swing them around one more time. My mom and dad were concerned, it turns out I had dislocated my shoulder. They called the doctor, the doctor's office was closed and the doctor was just leaving for vacation. He gave them a few options, one was to pop the shoulder in by themselves and the other to go to the ER. Now, my parents would have done it themselves without a second thought.
Mar 03
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 My most memorable experience in a gym class was my first day. This actually happened very recently despite me being in 9th grade. I had been homeschooled for middle school, and for elementary I went to a waldorf school. Neither of these had gym class. This meant that I managed to make it all the way to 9th grade without ever taking a gym class. Being alternatively schooled for most of my life and then jumping into high school is sort of weird. Sometimes I have what my mom and I call an “alien experience.” An alien experience is when someone mentions something that you know you should know say like a GPA (grade point average) but you just have know idea what they are talking about. When this happens you sort of feel like an alien from another planet thus the fraz an alien experience. Well gym class has been sort of like a huge alien experience.