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Desegrated But Not Integrated: 60 Years After Little Rock Nine

Sixty years ago, nine black teenagers enrolled in the all-white Little Rock (AK) Central High School, after the Supreme Court decided to strike down racial segregation laws. They went down in history as the Little Rock Nine. Youth Radio’s Zia Tollette is a junior at Central High. She looks back at the Little Rock Nine’s sacrifices, which made her own attendance at Central High possible.  
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Sep 24

before i grew up too much, this was me

Everyone has heard small funny stories about them when they were younger. The one I’ve been told throughout my childhood and the one I’ve heard my mom repeat to her friends had a lot to do with literature. In fact, it had everything to do with it. She says that as soon as she knew she was pregnant, she would read her child a story every night.
Sep 21
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Dogs are Better than Cats

    If there is one thing I know, it is that dogs are better than cats. There are many compelling reasons why you should get a dog and not get a cat to be a pet. Trust me, you will be happier if you have a dog.  
Sep 20
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A Trophy I’d Like To Win

Have you ever wanted to win a trophy and be famous? Or have a big trophy to put in your room and show everyone who walks into your house? I  have. I want to get a trophy for being a famous football player.

I  realize that I am a girl, and almost everybody is male on national football teams. My school, Thetford Academy, does not have a football team, though.
Sep 20
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    The alarm goes off an I am up an at it. Another day, and another question is brought into my mind. But not to my surprise, because it is the same question, just as the day before. Why do we continue to do things that don’t fufill our needs and wants from life? Education is a important thing for modern day adolescents. But, why over educate the youth to the point where it is meaningless.
Sep 18
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Sep 14
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Vermont in Words

    I hold my breath instinctively as I walk down Main Street. The iced coffee from Carol’s Hungry Mind Cafe that I hold in my right hand sloshes as I break into a light jog. I don’t let myself breathe in until I open the door and smell the words, freshly printed onto clean, white paper, filling my senses. I barely have time to smile at Liam, standing behind the counter, before I walk as fast as I can to the back of the store, where they keep the best books.
Sep 13
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     If you don't live in Chittenden County chances are you don't know about the Burlington School District teacher strike starting Thursday. The teacher's union and the school board have been negotiating since August about a contract for the upcoming year. Last year we came uncomfortably close to a strike, and many of us in the community were hoping that that luck would hold through this year, and into the future. 
Sep 03

Maple Sugaring

    When a family friend asked my Mom and me to help her maple sugar one spring, I was overjoyed. Having been born and raised in Vermont, I was well versed in driving around on March weekends for sugar on snow and visiting big facilities set up to make gallons upon gallons of maple syrup. I was expecting an afternoon filled with tasting syrup and staying warm by a fire, sun shining down, on the last remnants of snow.
Aug 29
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In the category of a seemingly ordinary occurrence that made a a much larger impact on me was the time a fitness instructor at a local gym where I was working out said the most profound thing I think I have ever heard.  He is no philosopher but what he said seemed later to be a metaphor to how one might carry oneself if they ever really want to affect change in their lives.
Aug 15
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Response to Question 1:

Having read through the book I have to say, I thought the ending was pretty good. It wasn't exactly a sappy ending, with Ah-Kee leaving, and Sarah almost dying, however it was still interesting, and I think most of that has to do with the ideas of family presented throughout the novel.
Aug 12
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My First Bestseller

My First Bestseller
Cleaning my trash, I ran across my old tales, which I haven’t seen for ages.
Aug 04
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Response to Question 2

This is going to sound like a pretty typical teen response, but just hear me out. The one thing I'd probably search for like Ah-Kee searched for his bird sculpture, is my phone. I know, I know, I sound like a fourteen year old, too attached to technology, and maybe I am. However, there's more to it than just a need for technology or distraction. 
Jul 28
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A Physiological Basket Case

“You want something healthy, yes? How about this amazing salmon? No? Why?! It tastes ‘fishy’?!!! Oh, No! No! Fresh fish is not ‘fishy’ at all!” Here goes the usual exclamation when someone hears I don’t like fish. First things first, fish, no matter how fresh it is, is fish. I don’t care if it was fried still in convulsions. Fish is…. fishy.
Jul 06

"Back In Time"


Visit a historical sight of any kind and find an item that interests you. Once you have done so, make up a new story that reflects & revolves around the  item that you have chosen. 
Jul 03

Movie Quote Challenge


Use famous iconic movie quotes and create a diffrent story around it! 
Jun 29


Every nation has met war face-to-face. Every nation has suffered in the time of war, lost so many lives, fallen and risen. Every nation has conquered and every nation has lost. Every nation has been in a place that they can't escape, locked in their own home. Every nation has been at war.
Jun 27


Jun 26
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H20.hollym, (affirmation here!) My one suggestion for you would be to read through your poem again, if you got the chance, and explore using different possible words to improve the flow of the poem. In a few lines, a word seems to not totally fit, like in the fifth to last line, when you use the word "eats." But overall, I really loved your poem, keep up the good work!