Mar 10
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Emerald Ash Borer

The ash tree is a very important tree in Vermont’s landscape.  Ash have beautiful diamond-shaped bark patterns and they stand out in a forest due to their tall and straight lines. 

To me, ash trees are iconic. They make the Green Mountains green in the spring and summer, and turn to vivid orange hues in the fall. My dad and I find morel mushrooms growing in the nitrogen-rich soil at the base of our ash trees. They are known for having great, full tops, and bring good value in the timber market. Birds love ash trees because they are high enough to keep away predators, and deer rely on ash trees as they eat the buds off the young tops in the winter. 
Oct 13

College Essay Workshop -- Online Version

For those who couldn't make the YWP-VSAC College Essay workshop Oct. 14 (it was pretty awesome -- thanks to the seniors who attended), you can go to our online version. From now until Oct. 31, access resources, help & feedback. 


May 17
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What I've Learned from Coronavirus

Even the bells at my high school seem to long for normalcy. I thought I imagined the familiar chime when I walked past the other day, and strangely enough, the sounds of a lost year persist. They ring announcing to no one when each class would have ended. They eerily echo through an empty school. Marking the things we’ve lost and the time we will never get back.

For the past two months, it’s felt like I’ve been missing out on my own life…
May 15
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Go On and Be You

Hey there friend,
So you’re in middle school now, and I’m so happy you found my hidden note stashed between the dusty dictionaries. Middle school can be a tough and scary experience, but I have some good advice that will help you get through these challenging years.

I am an Asian student in a large school full of white children. I am fortunate enough to be blessed with a small community of friends. But, being a tiger in a herd of lions has taught me something important: I need to be myself.
May 10
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Note from the Editor

By Lily Kim Besaw

It has been twenty-one years since the Edmunds Literary Magazine, or ELM, was first born within the walls of our school, and from then on it has gathered countless pieces of writing and art from students every year. Our magazine is a reflection of not only our school and the students that attend it, but the time we live in. This year, our unique circumstances have played an especially prominent role in shaping the ELM and the writing submitted. Our staff has worked remotely to complete the magazine and preserve its tradition. We could not have done so without the collaboration with the Young Writers Project. This special edition of The Voice is our first online edition for The ELM.
May 10
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By Cassidy Palmer

Tomorrow, I hope they tell me I’m too young. I hope they whisk me away from the darkness that is our world's people. I hope that a change happens, one that further advances our society in terms of our manners and moral fiber. Because between you and me, I am sick of the loud bangs that echo throughout the corridors and sear into the sorrow-filled night of the weeping family, torn apart by the machine operated by man. Somebody who was treated wrong could have been treated right. And I hope the sun as if it were the souls of those gone, rises over the graves of the weak, the scared, the strong, and the heroes, and we finally declare justice on the shadows of the bad. 
May 10
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By Liam Conboy

During summer when I want to go swimming at North Beach I usually take a longer way by going down Depot Street onto the bike path or going down a road near Burlington High School, but when I need to get there in a hurry I take a shortcut through a forest behind Cambrian Rise. It is quicker but more dangerous.

Sometimes there are people and cults camping and living hidden off the trail. You never know if they are going to chase after you. The trail is not maintained so you have to be careful of roots sticking out of the ground, loose rocks and bloody glass shards that cover the ground.
May 10
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By Henry Gentchos

Music has the ability to capture you like a fish. As it draws you in it will also push you away. “Wham,” just like that the song has lured you in as if you were a fish and it was a fisherman. Sometimes you don’t know or understand the music but it hits like a rock on a personal level. When the song ends it leaves you with a sense of completion and satisfaction. It gives you that feeling of being in a kitchen when someone is cooking. As you yearn for more music to fill the voids in your body, you end up leaving behind old songs that you have moved on from, like the view of an old house in the rearview mirror as you drive away in your dad’s car. As your quest for songs continues, you end up feeling like a small fish in a big sea of music with millions of species of artists and genres, constantly changing, recreating, or renewing.    
May 10
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A Strong Woman

By Miranda Stilwell

I revere Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato is a pop song artist, who has released many hit songs. Aside from her fame, she has faced many inner conflicts and struggled with many things, such as drug abuse. She had a very rocky upbringing with an alcoholic father and with her career starting/developing so young. Having to be someone everyone else wants you to be, a role model, perfect, and displaying all the right things was too much for her. Especially when she felt she had to be someone she wasn’t just for society. She struggled with this for many years then ended up leaning to drugs, starting at a very young age. 
May 10
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By Levon Perras

I have a feeling of reverence for janitors. When I was little, about first grade, I was goofing off in lunch when I spilled milk on the ground. I was nervous; I felt like I was going to blow up with emotions, but then out of nowhere a janitor came up to my area.

Clank!, Splash!, Dip! The mess was cleaned, and with a wink and a smile, the janitor walked away.

My friends and I were confused. Our views of teachers were not positive. After all, they wanted us to walk in lines and raise our hands to speak. It felt like I was in prison.

But here in the cafeteria, it felt like I was special. The janitor showed kindness to a bunch of rowdy kids making a mess, making their job harder.
May 09
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Musical Path

By Rory Jones

As you walk down the path your steps slowly turn into a beat. The birds’ tweets are like the sound of flutes. The wind is a quiet saxophone whispering in your ear, there’s a soft snap, snap, snap, as the violins pluck their strings when you step on a stick. You move to the side as you hear a bass come running by at its own, very fast beat. But you still walk to your own pace keeping the beat of your own song. You get drowned out by all the trumpets and tubas trying to run the world, but if you listen closely you can hear the continuous thump, thump, thumping, of yourself, walking down the musical path.
May 09
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First Day of Spring

By Sam Reilly

As the sun rises on March 25th, I awake. For so long, I have been awaiting the first real day of spring. I know it is finally here when I feel that first touch of a warm breeze brush across my face. It is the day when the rays of the sun warm my skin, I see the birds return from their winter migration and when for the first time in months, I do not hear the crunch of snow under my feet. This day warms my insides and I imagine all the sunny days, weeks, and months of running, hiking, and playing, until the dreaded winter returns. These days are the best days. Days when I can’t help but smile. I can almost feel myself warming; thawing out after enduring the bitter winter. Everything feels better as I walk to school. The end of the school year feels near. I can nearly taste my freedom as I look forward to the three-month break that is summer.
May 03
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By Gretchen Fitzgerald
May 02
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Tomorrow I Hope

By Julia Neubelt

Tomorrow I hope to wake up and see the rising sun. Tomorrow I hope to find motivation, to find a light. Tomorrow I hope to see, instead of waking up in the darkness, all alone. Searching for a piece of hope. A speck of happiness, yet neither are anywhere to be found. Lost, alone, and confused in the dark. Nobody even noticing that I'm gone. I've always been afraid of losing people I love, but it makes me wonder- is there anyone afraid of losing me? I'm shouting- screaming for help. But the sounds of silence are drowning my wails of despair.
May 01


A Sleepless 

The Night
Apr 30
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Griffin's Life Story

 My name is Griffin Schneider, I’m from Vermont and appreciate the opportunity to speak here today.  I’m excited to be at my first PWS Conference and to get to spend time with all the other kids and adults impacted by this condition.  As I live in a small town in Vermont, I haven’t had many chances to spend time with others in the PWS community. I will be here, throughout the conference, to share my story and speak to all the kids and parents who are interested. 
Everyone here knows the feeling of learning that your child will encounter struggles related to this diagnosis and I’m here to let you know your child is unique in many ways and like me, your child’s challenges and strengths will be his or her own.
Apr 29
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Bravery and courage

 Her parents are both dead and her sister was all she had. In Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson an eleven year old girl Isabel who is later known as Sal and her little sister Ruth get sold by her dead owner's nephew after being promised freedom. They are black slaves in the  1700’s and are fighting to find the missing will that allowed their freedom. After being sold to their new owners the locktons  move to a different state.  As she works for her new owners the Locktons, she is still deciding what side of the revolutionary war she is loyal too.  Mrs. Lockton is a cruel woman and took Ruth away from Isabel. These changes had a big impact on her life and made her braver than she has ever been. She stood up to Madam Lockton, exchanged messages with the patriots and ran away to find her sister, even though she might get killed for it.
Apr 29
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The Theatre Kid

Im that theatre kid
the acting one
who sings and dances
laughs with the 6th grade ensemble 
the 7th grade leads
the choreographers
when I walk up those stairs
center of down stage
lights off
thats when I come alive
for however long I would have to stand their
I would enjoy every last minute of it
cause I am a theatre kid
I sing hamilton at the top of my lungs
Dance steps in my sleep
Knows how to scream at someone 
to make the crowd

Apr 27

We Will Be Heard

I live. I love. I learn. I have friends and family, loved ones and lost ones. And so do you. And so does every single person on earth, and yet our eyes slide from one car to the next as we drive down the highway, passing a police cruiser sitting beside the wreckage of a car crash. We don't ever pause to think, "What's going on in their life, in their head?" No one is 'just another person'. No one lives a life that you shouldn't care about.

Apr 21
essay 0 comments challenge: Belong
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Imagine having a place where everyone is accepted. Where skin isn’t defined by its color--somewhere where what you look like and who you love doesn’t matter. Regardless, you would still be welcome to the town. You might wonder if there are actually any places where everyone is accepted. Just think though, what if you were the one who created a place like that?
    If this were to happen, it would be a dream come true.  Everyone would be able to afford a house, pay bills, have enough room for everyone, and afford food and clothes. This is not a “one person” task, though. You will need thousands of people to build a place for everyone, it’ll take a whole community. You might tell yourself, “This is never going to happen.” If you tell yourself that, you’re right! It will never happen. Although, if you do believe, then it will become easier to construct somewhere everyone fits in. And YOU can be that start.