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Feb 26
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    Literally all you’re doing is sitting in the chair next to me. It’s not even exactly next to me because I’m at the end of the table and you’re on the side, which gives me a perfect view of everything you do. I can’t help but stare. I do it stealthily, though. I look down at the top corner of my computer screen every few seconds to make sure nobody catches on.

    I swear you purposefully wear t-shirts just to tantalize me with your muscles who palpitate in sync with your adroit fingers that dance so elegantly across the keyboard. Your opulent eyes fixate so exactly, so straight, on the screen in front of you, it makes me wish you weren’t.
Feb 26
in essay 2 Comments challenge: Inspiration
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A very young girl fighting for equality

Someone who I feel is over looked as just an inspiration for transpeople, when in fact her fight for equality at such a young age is something everyone can admire. (I recognize that the work she's doing is centered around transgender youth, but any fight for equality is pretty inspiring.)
Feb 25
in non-fiction, essay 0 Comments challenge: Art
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What kind of art are you? Tag yourself.

We may flatter ourselves that we are any one of many intriguing, individual styles of art: landscape, splatter-paint, tessellation, pointilism, and fundamentally self-portraiture. But none of us are freshly created, independent works, and to think we are is the highest vanity we, a superlatively vain species, can indulge. None of us would exist without other people, and we have all been influenced by thousands of people. We derive from our culture, piecing together pieces of other people and peoples to form ourselves, something "new."
We are all collages.
Feb 24
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A very small woman who's made a enormous difference in the lives of many

I'm a complete legal nerd so this pick isn't too suprising. Still I feel this woman deserves all the praise she gets. A piece surrounding RBG.
Feb 23
in essay 1 Comment challenge: 7.84 minutes

Internet Stethoscope

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a response to our intriguing challenge, 7.84 minutesTry it out. A very different kind of experience. This author is, er, an older young writer and a friend of GG's: Alan Levine, who is an internationally known innovator and artist in the digital realm. 

I feel self conscious when my doctor listens to my heart through his stethoscope. Is my thinking about it affecting what he hears? Is my worrying changing my heart beat? And what the heck is he hearing, is it really just that soft thump-thump ?
Feb 22

TV back in the day

I am compelled to write this sprout off this piece. You have awakened memories.

As many of you know, I grew up in the Early Jurassic Period, back when TV was first invented. When I grew up I did NOT have a TV. In fact, only a small percentage of the kids in my school had TVs -- some of the families by choice, some because they knew they couldn't get much reception where we lived and the rest because they couldn't afford them. Back in the early days, TV sets were very expensive.
Feb 20
in essay 0 Comments challenge: Protest II

To get you going...

NOTE: I write this with some trepidation. I was a writer, editor and newsroom leader for 33 years. I was a juror for the Pulitzer Prizes. My work -- as a writer and editor -- won lots of regional and national awards. BUT, I don't want my opinion to discourage yours. I am a single individual. My viewpoint has no greater weight than yours. My hope is that you will argue with me, state your own point of view, or write about how you support these two students' point of view. What do you think? -- gg
Feb 19
in essay 1 Comment challenge: Bully
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Feb 13
in essay 0 Comments challenge: General
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Rant For Valentines Day

        Right now I'm sitting on my bed at exactly 11:14 pm and I start thinking. I think about my day and how I had to go to my Abuela's funeral. I think about how it's really snowy and I can't believe the weather. I think about my sister and how she annoys me so much. and then I think about how it's Valentine's Day tommorow and how maybe not everyone in this world will get something or someone. Days like this get me thinking about how I am very fortunate to live with my parents. I have a beautiful house with heating and a bed. I have all the food I could need including more. And most won't get that. Ever.
Feb 11
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Call It Love

There wasn't a specific person who made me realize it
There was no "This girl is the love of my life, but I like guys too."
But ever since I was younger I didn't understand
I didn't understand why girls could only like boys
As I grew up I learned about girls who liked girls, boys who liked boys, and people born in the wrong bodies
I never labeled myself as one of those people
I assumed I just didn't fit in any of those categories
I had seen people who chose to disrespect them and then blame their own behavior on acting for God
I didn't understand, I still don't understand why they cared
Didn't people want others to be happy?
Apparently not everybody
I've only had silly little crushes on boys, but thats because
I thought I wasn't supposed to like girls too
Although there was always that thought in the back of my head
Feb 10

A VT Writes Day Gem

So this is GG. And I have to say Vermont Writes Day is a blast; many of the posts just strike our funny bone. This was posted at our special Web site: vermontwritesday.org (only open for posting on the one day). This post, from one boy is priceless, mis-spellings and all. (The author got in touch with us to say part of his spelling issue is that he is dyslexic. But y'all know that I'm not a stickler for spelling, particularly not on the draft stage!) I thought I would add to the post by giving it a dramatic reading. And yes, I altered my voice for added effect. Enjoy. 

I do nopt wont to right butt my teacher is making me do it and i hate it a lot so the the story is that it is to cold to go to recess so the school will have inside recess butt we have gim right now but the school is useing the gim so are techer is like howbout we right something on the vermont right website i am stuck riting this i hope recess is done soon so we can play in the gim we will play bombardment in the gim it is a relly fun game but this is takeing for ever and we are stuck here riting this relly dumb thing when we go play in the gim i will take my anger out on my classmates by hiting them in the face hard relly hard relly relly hard like bam hard they will cry hard there is like 2 mintes ontill we go the gim i just askd my teecher so ya this has ben relly boring butt it is omost over thankfully i bet nowon will read this so this is poantlis and i probly spelt this roungh like all the werds butt there is no oto cerect now oi can go0 to the gim. bye

Feb 10
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Vermont writes day

Prompt: Letter. A baby was born today. Write a letter to introduce this child to the world as you see it. 

Feb 10
in essay 0 Comments challenge: General

Poker-face and the queen

Authors note: This piece recalls true events and thoughts that occured in the form of a memoir. It may contain content not suitable for all readers. Not all stories have a happy ending, especially stories that deal with lives that are still in process. But I consider this piece a reflection of who I am, what I have done, what I have become and I do not wish to weaken the integrity of that reflection by giving this memoir a happy ending. If you are made uncomfortable by mental illnesses I reccomend that you find something else to read.

Feb 10

To a Future Leader

Dear future leader,

Congratulations! You have been born into a beautiful world…yes, a very beautiful world…full of trees and birds singing, with snowy mountaintops, where the wolves howl to the moon, and the crickets chirp lullabies to make babies, like you, fall asleep. A beautiful world, indeed…A world with beautiful people…people who are kind, generous, loving…

But this world and these people, they have many faults, too. They may have physical beauties, internal beauties…but they also have deep, deep, deep internal faults…faults that can be devastating for the future, for babies, like you… Faults so big that they can shake the earth off its' axis. Faults that will harm babies, like you.
Feb 10
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Vermont writes day

                                                                                                                           Vermont right day

All of the people in the world should get to have a ridht. So we all should get it we should have everybody make a letter and say the rights. My right is that every cat should get a toy because people love them but would obout the cats on the streets the dont have a home we should give them a toy at least. Also you could have more then one right and I do. All animals should get what they need so we should get them food and stuff to play with