Jul 31

Tiny Highlights

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BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YELLOW SWEATER, who shared this news on Tiny Writes:

Ok, so I know bragging is bad form, but I just had to share some exciting news! My college essay was chosen as a finalist in The New York Times Personal Narrative Contest!
- Yellow Sweater

Just finished my bio final, and I feel like this whole year is just dragging down my grades, like next year I start really thinking about my future, and all I've learned this year is how far six feet really feels.I just wish there was an easy answer to helping out all the students struggling the same way I am...
or maybe just an answer in general.
- New Leaf

One of the issues I'm pondering recently is about America's young people during quarantine. I have half a dozen of once-close friends (they all used to be amazing straight A students) currently addicted to either RPG games or webcomics and it all started after the pandemic. I just can't help but wonder whether or not unemployment and dropout rates among Gen Z's are gonna skyrocket in a couple years, when all these tragically misguided teens end up falling behind in high school / college.
- Mysticat

Cold – A Tiny Writes Collaborative Poem
Compiled and posted by NiñaEstrella
These awesome YWP writers describe what being cold is like: Roses, Mysticat, dogpoet, Treblemaker, LadyMidnight, laurenm, Moonsand, Yellow Sweater, Ice Blink, infinitelyinfinite3, amaryllis, and Crescent_Moon.


My New Year’s resolution: make more online friends. YWP users, this one’s for you. You guys are literally the nicest people on the internet.
- infinitelyinfinite3
Agreed. YWP users are amazing. i’ve already made a handful of friends on here ;) and i’ve never seen a place on the internet with so many supporting, kind, and respectful people! love you all~
- Moonsand
Thank you!!! This site is amazing! I love you all!!
- Roses

I just wanted to thank our community! I'm fairly new here, and don't know many of you irl, but I think we have such a special, creative environment, so I wanted to say thanks!
- ZoeBee

TIGF 11.5
I'm grateful for my back porch. A great way to clear my head, be cold and warm, but without the bugs. I was out there today just looking at nature and appreciating how unstressed and so very beautiful everything is. In that case – I am also extremely grateful for nature :)

life might push you down
punch you hard
and drown you out
but you will come back stronger
your voice will be louder
and your heart all the warmer
- Inkpaw

Starting today I am going to write a little bit about something I am grateful for every day up until Thanksgiving! Anyone can join in, I just thought it would be nice to think about the things that make me happy during this crazy time.
11/03/20 Today I am grateful for my little sister. It snowed last night and I was not thrilled at all, but her excitement when she saw the fluffy, white powder covering the ground made me happy nonetheless. Also, yesterday was her 7th birthday!!!
- Crescent_Moon

A quick thank you:
Dear YWP,
Thank you:
For being a place where i can let my creativity flow,
For being a place where people support you no matter where you are or who you are,
For being a place i was unafraid to speak out and write,
For being a place that inspired me,
For being a place that gathered us writers and artists together,
For being a place that I can call home.
To Creators on YWP:
Thank you,
For supporting me,
For inspiring me,
For accepting me,
For encouraging me,
Love you all ❤️
- moonsand

wow. that presidential debate...
- amaryllis

for those of us who didn’t watch the debate, here’s a quick recap:
wallace: for this topic mr president you go first followed by mr vice president
trump: blah blah blah...
biden: so here’s the deal—
biden: what? i—
wallace: mr president—
wallace: mr president let him finish please—
biden: that is simply not true
wallace: mr president please take this seriously—
wallace: mr president—
wallace: ok, let’s move on to the next topic...
wallace: wELL that was interesting, mr president and mr vice president, thank you for participating, thank you for watching and good night everyone.
- Moonsand

Are any other athletes having struggles playing soccer/track/insert sport here in masks? I feel like I am going to pass out.
- LadyMidnight

Our teachers said that no matter how cold it is, the windows have to be open. Anyone else? ;-;
- EverlastingWaves
Yup, my school was basically just like, ‘It’s Vermont! Bundle up!’
- dogpoet

Can I just say how amazed I am that YWP is so much like a community of artists, readers, writers, and creators. There are people all over the world here and yet we gather together under the title of “creators”. I also love how I can look at the sidebar and see who is currently on YWP, it just makes me smile. :) And a quick callout to those who are new:
Aidan. B
Kenna Lund
Mary Bosco
Kellin Martin
Welcome to the YWP community!
- Moonsand

To anyone who reads this:
You're amazing. There is no one else like you.
You deserve to smile today.
Connect with someone today who will make you smile.
- EverlastingWaves

I have a challenge for everyone this week: At some point this week just stop, take a minute to connect to your surroundings. Note the little details and let your senses consume you. Once you have done this, comment (in tiny writes) on this post what you observed and how it made you feel.
- Whitney

SD summer 6.20.20
- might have gone to bed at 4 in the morning the other night
- in my defense reading strangles time in every way
-was for once, not blindsided by fathers day and actually thought up a cool idea with my sis
- my computer is still in German.
- maybe I'll go to bed earlier tonight, or I'll shoot for 5 am, who knows
- is anyone else's internal clock completely upside down and sideways?? XD- it's too hot to even sleep
- Treblemaker

Today a little brown and white bird kept hopping back and forth on my windowsill and it made me think "Is he actively trying to tell me that everything is ok?" I hope so.
- EllietheGecko

SDJ 6.12.2020
- the amount of assignments I had that were due this week should be illegal
- last day of school for me
- somehow hitting the 'leave meeting' button for the very last zoom meeting made me very emotional
- had celebratory mac and cheese
- Fell asleep on the floor
- wondered how the summer can possibly be interesting
- the dumbest thing I bought was a 2020 planner
- Treblemaker

School's out, but I feel like summer has been canceled.
- EverlastingWaves

Hey guys. If you are feeling overwhelmed with just all the major events like the Black Lives Matter protests and the election and the Coronavirus, you aren't alone. There's a lot happening that's really big right now and it's ok not to be ok. Just a friendly reminder to take care of your mental health and feel free to reach out to me if you need to talk. *hugs*
- LadyMidnight

I'm almost done with 9th grade, next year I'll be a sophomore!!! It has been a wacky school year. First I moved to Vermont three days before school started, started my first year of public school at the biggest high school in Vermont, got used to going to public school, the pandemic started and sent me home again (the irony), and now I'm almost done with this year. Hopefully next year will be less eventful.
- Crescent_Moon

Hey! I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during these tough times in our society!
A couple days ago, some friends and I went down town to put up flyers that said "Justice for George Floyd, #BlackLivesMatter". The next day, we found that many of them had been ripped down. We even found one that had been partly burned. So, we continued to put them up. It made me feel more alive than I ever have before.
Okay, thats it! have I nice day, I love you all.
- Forever young

happy pride month peoples!
- Inkpaw

So for me, March was 67 days. April was around 4 days. May was maybe 9 hours and now it's June.
- Treblemaker

There was a dragonfly stuck in between our window frames. It was a good metaphor for what's going on right now.
- EverlastingWaves

SDJ 5.20.2020
- heard the term 'zoom students' today
- will this virus be the end of one generation and the beginning of the next?
- somehow have a lot of homework (procrastination? I think not...)
- Made really good mac and cheese (a true accomplishment)
- almost got a hula-hoop stuck on the roof (yes, again. No badminton this time though, just horrible aim)
- Drove in a CAR and really appreciated the parkway because of the beautiful trees
- Saw a huge body of water (the beach?! what?!)
- Treblemaker

The best friends are the ones who understand your silence.
- EverlastingWaves

YWP isn't just a website, it's a community! It feels so good to be part of something with so many others who, no matter their age, love writing, and to have your writing be read by other young writers. I have to say that I judge people by their age too much--but YWP taught me that you don't have to be old to be an amazing writer! Thanks, everyone for making YWP awesome!!
- TreePupWriter

SDJ *looks at calendar because who knows the date anymore?* 5.17.2020
- Its so nice out. yay.
- after hearing many good things from my fellow ywp I watched 'Onwards'
- Played badminton with my sister outside
- Cried over the movie 'Onwards'
- Almost got a hula-hoop stuck on the roof (long story. involves badminton)
- still sniffling over 'Onwards' and why no one told me it would be that beautiful and heartfelt
- It was a good day
- Treblemaker

Today, was supposed to be my day of freedom. Finally the stay at home order removed. Yet of course like many dreams it still dangles out of my reach. Finally when I can just barely wrap my hand around it, it's ripped from my grasp. Now another month of staying at home:(
- Whitney

SDJ 5/15/20
- the overwhelming love i got at like 12 AM was amazing- my family, and then my phone buzzing like crazy
- i miss my friends so, so much
- amaryllis

At this point I feel ywp is an actual place that I go to everyday. Like a comfy lounge or quiet nook where I talk to you guys and write whatever comes to mind.
The weirdest part?
the imaginary space is located in Vermont and I've literally talked about Vermont weather and maple syrup to my friends as if that's where I was that morning. We were talking about the weather and I actually said 'yea the Vermont weather is weird too' as if I just got back from a little walk near a creek over there XD
- Treblemaker

if you always looked before you leaped...
where would you go?
- fire girl

Social Distancing Journal ~ 05/02/2020
- I think last month was the weirdest month of my life
- another month until school ends
- I got new sneakers
- went on a 3.5-mile walk w/ my mom
- there's sunshine
- I should be at a theatre waiting to see the Broadway National Tour of Cats
- Crescent_Moon

SDJ 5.1.20
-it's may
-HoW iS tHiS PoSsIbLe
-i've been inside for the entire month of april
-i miss broadway
-really sad bc i just found out that my camp is cancelled
-this sucks
- hannah.banana23

One day, I was eating my lunch when I had a thought; This is it. This is my only life that I am given. My life is not a Book or a Movie or Video Game. I get (hopefully) 101 years to live my life! Most likely less! And that was the thought that shook me to my core.
- TheSilentPoet

Okay, monumental question people. How do you fly in your dreams? I kinda leap and then start swimming very slowly in the air or just hover and it takes effort, but some people do this effortlessly? Thoughts?
- Treblemaker

SDJ 4.idek.20
-woke up
-realized it was the weekend
-realized i didn't have online school next week
-now i'm in a good mood
-going to go walk around the track for exercise
-then do some crafts
-overall gonna be a good quaran-day
- hannah.banana23

SDJ 4.16.20
-I am not okay with this
-It’s April
-what should I do today?
-hmm... “nothing” sounds good.
- NiñaEstrella

Social Distancing Journal ~ 04/idk 30?/2020
- I have no clue what day it is
- pretty sure it's Wednesday ...
- Crescent_Moon

if anybody is looking for a good song to just chill to for a moment, babylon by david gray is a wonderful thing to just take a breath to, and let go of any negative emotions
- Inkpaw

SDJ -so far in April I've
-Cried during a FaceBook ad
-Typed my phone password into the microwave by accident
-got all the way through Duolingo once
-went to drop off a gift at my friend's house and wanted to hug her whole amazing family so much since I love them and miss them
-Set up a new router which went fairly well
-made it to Season 3 of 30 Rock
- LadyMidnight

SDJ 4/11: Realization
It's impossible
to sew together my heart
when we must stand
six feet apart.
- Anna P.

Some questions to brighten up your day if it’s as dark and snowy/rainy as mine is:
1. Would you rather swim in the ocean or float on a floaty in the ocean?
2. What’s the most amazing memory you have of summer?
3. Lakes, oceans, or rivers?
4. What is the perfect temperature/weather to you?
5. Would you rather kayak or canoe?
6. What’s the perfect summer food?
- NiñaEstrella

Social Distancing Journal - 04/09/2020
Things that are keeping me from going insane:
- my exercise app
- audiobooks
- granola bars
- my dogs
- my friends
- Youtube
- Skype/Zoom/Hangouts Meet/Go To Meeting
- Young Writers Project
- Pinterest
- the marimba
- NOT my siblings
- Crescent_Moon

(Stolen from Treblemaker, looked like fun) :)
Random questionnaire:
1) How are you doing?
2) What is the strangest thing on your bucket list?
3) What made you you smile today?
4) What's the most rebellious thing you have ever done?
5) Do you speak any foreign languages? (even if it's a little bit)
6) If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?
7) Did you notice what happened in question 3?
- LadyMidnight

Random questionnaire
1. what's ur favorite color?
2. Favorite place to be
3. one super power you would love to have
3. thoughts on maple sugar
4. funnies thing that's happened recently
5. did you realize I repeated number 3
- Treblemaker

Social Distancing Journal 03/03/2020
- just realized how awful my pixie cut (which requires a monthly trim to keep it short) is going to look by the end of this
- Crescent_Moon

SDJ March, no, April 2.
--this week has blurred together . I can no longer remember which day it is, or how many days ago something was.
--Also took to trying to plan out a schedule for the day. I'm usually a spontaneous person, but surprisingly I'm getting sick of
all the free time
-- have started multiple writing/video projects as well as baking to keep busy.
--made blueberry quarantine mcmuffins for the fam. they were thoroughly enjoyable
- Treblemaker

Would you rather have coronavirus or climate change?
- EverlastingWaves

i feel like coronavirus is something we're much more willing to fight in a way--like sure things really suck right now and it feels a little bit like the end of the world but that's because we're actually taking steps to do something about the danger and trying to make things better. whereas as far as climate change is concerned we're just not doing anything because it doesn't directly impact us yet. so i agree--i would rather the coronavirus still be around and climate change be gone. coronavirus is wreaking havoc on our present, but with climate change we run the risk of not having a future.
- Fiona Ella

I miss my friends so much it hurts.
- LadyMidnight

life can be harsh. that is why there is laughter.
- Inkpaw

SDJ (Social Distancing Journal) -
why did it take an hour for my orchestra to figure out 50 people can't play all at the same time via online? It just doesn't work people
- Treblemaker

YWP is so, so, so amazing. When I write a poem I almost always receive an encouraging comment on it. If someone is going through a hard time, another writer is always there to give a few words of encouragement and help. Thanks to everyone to making YWP the place it is now.
- NiñaEstrella

I love YWP! It has really helped me cope with the anxiety that comes with social distancing and cancelations. I feel like I can write anything on here. And it's nice to have a place to talk to people. :D
- Crescent_Moon

It's crazy to think that this is my life until June at least...
- LadyMidnight

Social Distancing journal 3/26/2020
Tried to write, but failed and started playing video games.
Feeling like I'm losing grasp of the few things I knew I had a tight hold on in life.
The virus is closing in, and it makes me feel further away from my friends than ever.
Sat outside just watching people pass by, and it made me feel a little bit better knowing that there are some people left.
Isolation was never really a problem until now.
Life is feeling kinda crummy.
- EverlastingWaves

I used to think I was an introvert... until this happened.
Now I know I love people.
- fire girl

We should do a 'social distancing journal' where every day or so we'll just continue a thread of comments about
what we've discovered... such as talking to inanimate objects - can't wait until they answer... including the cat.
- Treblemaker

social distancing log, 2/24/20
-- its 2am so there's no one to avoid
-- do ghosts count as people i need to avoid?
-- my stomach has started to talk, his name is jared and he hates my diet
- Abriatis

Day 8 of social distancing:
I have begun talking to inanimate objects. They do not talk back. Yet.
- New Leaf

I had a conversation with a lamp for half an hour. Similar results.
- LadyMidnight

Guys I love these social distancing journals. Imagine people in fifty years finding them somehow and reading about what our lives were really like during the quarantine.
- NiñaEstrella

yeah! But they would probably be really confused as to why we're all talking to inanimate objects XD
- PeachesMalone

I want my future self to tell me it'll be all right.
- kira_collins88

Complete the sentence:
You WILL NOT believe the day I just had, I mean...
- Treblemaker

Sometimes, at heart, I just want to fly.
- Rovva

I am turning 15 tomorrow. I'm not sure I am ready. I mean, I am currently wearing a sea-green scarf and a unicorn headband on my head.
I feel fabulous, just not mature.
- Crescent_Moon

Does it make anyone else feel better to think that, though we feel isolated and alone, almost everyone around the world is feeling the exact same way? We are all in this together. Our families, friends, neighbors, teachers, supermarket clerks, politicians, celebrities, royalty. We are all in this together.
- flowersinherhair

Yet why is it this way?
- Graceful

oh chocolate. . . i love u so much
- Inkpaw

Happy New Year everyone!
I'm so glad that I found YWP.
It has been an amazing community,
and I've really felt like me here.
Thank you all so much!
New Leaf

at midnight tomorrow, I'm going to write a poem. It might be the first poem of 2020... unless someone else does the exact same thing. :)
- fire girl

I’m starting to get real tired of social media. There are definitely perks to it but it makes me feel crappy too often I think. So starting in January I’m gonna do a social media cleanse and if anyone wants to join me that would be great! ... I’m gonna start off 2020 with some self care.

Look up and smile
- Graceful

I am writing a letter to every single sitting US senator asking them to vote against Trump right now.

Happy holidays!
Whatever you celebrate
wherever you're from
may this season bring you
and family.

Heart filling with friends
Heart bursting with fun
Heart bubbling with shaky laughter
Heart beating
Flying with happiness
- dogpoet

I wonder how many words I think a day—
how many pages I could fill
with my random thoughts,
and daydreams,
and questions?

12 years ago Sandy Hook happened.
Let’s never let anything like that occur ever again.

A Tiny Writes Conversation:
think about the world you see when you close your eyes, and tell me, what scares you?
- Inkpaw
What scares me is that many people with the highest power can't seem to use it properly and eventually our world will all come falling down.
everyone who knows that climate change is real... but don't care. That don't get that we will all die, rich, poor, white, black, rainbow. If we don't educate and spread the word there will be nothing left to fear.
-​fire girl

Good thoughts spread!

(Editor's Note: LadyMidnight follows up on Sophie Dauerman's invitation at the Anthology 10 Celebration on Oct. 6 to take one of her Good Thoughts squares and put it in a place that is meaningful to them. LadyMidnight placed hers at her school.)

Wow, it's great to be back! I've been gone for quite a while, getting my thoughts together. But YWP has drawn me back faster than I thought I'd be ready. It really is a fantastic place, and I'm so glad I found it.

​a message to all teenagers growing up in a confusing world

I know it can feel sad and hard and confusing sometimes, we all feel it once in awhile, but please know, you can always find something to hold on to, an anchor as you may call it, something or someone to keep you grounded while your head is in the clouds and hey, growing up is hard!!! Take your time, be kind with yourself, and please, find joy in being alive... it will help, I've been there before. Remember you are wonderful! Peace out
fire girl

Writers are important.
It is important that we change the world.
Therefore writers are changing the world.

I had so much fun yesterday, standing with a large group of people,
all chanting together, knowing you're not alone...
it's hands down one of the best feelings in the world.
whoever you are, wherever you are, know that you deserve to be heard,
because in spite of a world full of people that may not want to listen to us,
we will refuse to be silenced.
fire girl

Some people scroll through social media but I’m scrolling through all our writing :)
- LadyMidnight

I sit here on the cold roof, watching the moon
rise and the stars come out
my toes are bare and
tiny looking against the cold shingles of my roof
my breath creates small clouds,
that are barely visible
fall is in the air
it's not quite here yet
but it's coming
and you know it
soon enough, there will be snow on this roof
and no longer will I come to sit here when night falls
and watch the sky come to life.

god, it feels so good to write again.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”
- Malala Yousafzai
fire girl

My brain feels like a whirl pool right now. It's spinning so fast that if you try to put any more information into it that same information will come spiraling right back out and hit you in the face.

Curse you, high school

All the streets are filled with gentleman-thieves
And the working class heroes are rolling up their sleeves
The elder's motives are all opaque
No one's joy is for your sake
Here I stand and here I give
Dreading all the years I have left to live
If we want a place, we'll have to make it
This is our world, you know we'll take it
My Perpetual We...

My middle school advisor has been showing up to haunt my dreams. I haven't seen or thought about her in years. 
I guess it must be almost time for school to start.
Fiona Ella

Cantaloupe. Socks. Raccoons. Adjectives. Aliens. Kangaroos. Toothpaste.

can i make a quick story using these awesome string of words? I have cantaloupe on my socks which were then stolen by the raccoons. The adjectives i used to try and describe this alien beast was like a small fierce kangaroo who used two times its daily dose of toothpaste.

Just a reminder that dogs are awesome and deserve all the love you can give them in their lifetime.
My Perpetual We...

I read something that said children are not interested in politics until age 16. They obviously haven't met us.

maybe one day America will change and realize that we're trapping the white terrorists inside while we let innocent people die in border concentration camps
- little elephants

today i went to salem to visit the witch museums. 
i got dressed without thinking about stereotypes of witches, because it's not something i think about--i ended up looking like i usually do. which, granted, isn't exactly conventional: lace tights, boots, black lipstick, the sides of my head are shaved.
somehow i still wasn't prepared when a little boy passed me on the street, took one look, and whispered to his father, 'that girl's a witch!' 
i'm not sure if i should be flattered or concerned.
Fiona Ella

donuts and fries
by the beach
dropping dimes
and reading the quotes
on benches
for people we've never met

I love how we all share one common interest
- lilnoreault

I write so that someday WE can right OUR social system.
fire girl

I'm glad we met
Regardless of how briefly
My Perpetual We...

every river has stones. yet it continues.

you'll be okay.

"Time is precious. Waste it wisely." -K. Bromberg

The more you've changed, the longer ago it feels.

One of my poems was read for my grandparents for their anniversary and it made them cry because it was so beautiful. In all I was just so glad that I made them happy.

" to choose to write is to reject silence" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
- fire girl

i got the job!
- Abriatis

Remember to tell your friends you love them.

beauty is the same in all languages

I saw
A little girl
Eager to grow little sprouts in the earth
Eager to reach up and open the wooden gate
but she's still
Too short
To do it herself
So the older man
Unlocks the sanctuary for her.

I need to show someone my thoughts, but not humans-
or at least the ones around me.

there are 501 days, 6 hours, and 47 minutes until the 2020 presidential election, and i already feel sick to my stomach.
- Icestorm

She never said goodbye 
But I guess that’s what happens 
When you close the door.

Someone once told me that being Black or Hispanic or Asian or whoever you were, wasn't considered a minority. I had grown up thinking that my race was considered a minority. But he said, the only minority was the amount of successful people in this world.
It made me smile, hearing those words. Because I knew I was going to be one of those successful people.

We are all snowflakes. Every snowflake has its very own special pattern.
Wouldn't have MYSELF any other way.
Neither should YOU.
- gigikelly1005

She dreamed, while I did.
- Dana1357

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my future.
It makes me sad that it doesn't involve 
the places, the people, the ideas
that it once did.

The letter "J" is pronounced like "Y" in the Swedish language. 
One time, my grandmother was driving a distant cousin visiting from Sweden around upstate New York.
They passed a large stone building surrounded by fences, and when asked, my grandmother said what it was. The cousin got very excited because she thought it was Yale University.
Grandma: No, it's a JAIL.
My Perpetual We...

Write a poem or a story to someone you know who needs some encouragement in their life. In the challenge box, put "Got your back" Share it with that person!

Here's an idea for a movie: A playwright decides to swear off of auditions forever and instead gathers a group of all who want to join the play and just hangs out with them until he knows them well, then writes all their parts into their play. The events of the play end up proceeding as highly, HIGHLY dramatised versions of the actual drama occurring when all these actors are trapped in one place for so long.
Fiona Ella

"Here comes the sun"
The melody washes over me like a sweet, hot, bubbly bath. 
"Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter"
Something inside me, like a little pink flower, starts to bloom.
"I say, it's all right."
It's all right.

asleep we stay 
under the awning
of rotten boughs
and dying leaves

we're killing the planet
why aren't we doing anything?
we are
is it too late?

Some days I just read as many pieces on YWP as I can and the conclusion that I have come to is:
We are all pretty damn good at writing and photography.
Yay us!!

First she was there,
Then she was gone.
But I still remember the flicker,
After the fire was done.

(This is the only Ted Talk that has ever made me cry)

Shower Thought #1:
No one has ever been inside an empty room before.

Off to school. Again. I'm trying to imagine this isn't as everyday and mundane as I know it is.
- futurefemalepitcher

If the whole world was blind, 
what would the word "beautiful" mean? 
Could you find it in the sound of someone's laugh,
or in the feel of running your hands through tall grass?
Would you find the meaning in the smell of flowers,
or in the warmth of the sun on your face?
I think we should all have our own definition of beauty
that isn't based off the color of irises 
or the curves of a body. 

When it feels like the dark is everywhere and coming closer
Remember that the moon and stars are surrounded by blackness
Yet they still shine with as much love as possible.

A random kid on my baseball team, who I have literally never spoken to, told me I made a good catch. (by the way it wasn't that great of a catch.) It made my heart glow golden, and I was on top of the world for the rest of the day. Thanks to that kid.

Bare apple branches give way to buds as they cast brilliant white blossoms, 
replacing the starch iciness of winter,
Begining the rebirth of spring, and spreading 
the unfailing joy of new life over the land.
Ice Blink

Everything here seems so familiar. Like I can relate to it. But most of you are older than me, you live in Vermont and seem so different. Then it clicked: we are all writers here, we all support each other. This is a safe place.
Roses and Summe...

I constantly seek a sense of stability in my life and how I perceive the world.
Sometimes I think that it's that desperate searching that makes me feel so keenly when it's gone. And it's often gone.
If I accept that the world and humans are unstable and ever-changing, and the consistency I expect will never exist, will it stop that creeping feeling of existential panic? Should I even expect it to stop?
Fiona Ella

I hate it how
I have the best idea for a story or poem
but as I scramble to get a piece of paper or pencil, to write it down before it gets away from me,
But then just as I touch the tip of the pencil to my blank sheet of paper,
it floats away, and I wonder what I was ever doing in the first place.

We never really realize how important it is to be a kid until we're not kids anymore.
- Rovva

Do you ever hear a sentence spoken out of context and you literally cannot think of any situation where this sentence would make sense and then you spend the rest of the day trying to put the sentence into context?
- My Perpetual We...

Whenever you get discouraged about your writing and wonder if you'll ever improve just remember that David Bowie went from "The Laughing Gnome" to "Space Oddity" in the space of two years.
Never heard "The Laughing Gnome"?
I guarantee that you've already written many things far, far better than that awkward little piece of history, so technically you're already one step ahead of David Bowie.
You're one step ahead of David Bowie.
Guys... you've got this.
- My Perpetual We...

Find a playlist of music, ideally instrumental. Set yourself up to do some mundane task--a walk, cleaning, packing bags, washing dishes, and listen to the playlist as you do. Picture it as the background music to a scene in a movie. Your activity will have a different feeling to it with each song. Pick one song which inspired you and write a scene beginning with the activity you were doing and that song. What kind of a character is it? What are they doing, feeling? What happens next?
- Fiona Ella

Write an inspiring quote or dedication or a "this belongs to" in the front of every book you own. That way, when it falls into someone else's hands, they can read it and have a little piece of your mind.
- futurefemalepitcher

Where does the Sun go on a rainy day? Does it run and hide, finding somewhere else to play? Maybe it goes to hang out with the moon. Or maybe it sleeps, waiting till noon. When the clouds part and the shower ceases. And back is our wonderful warm playful sun.

I wouldn't mind having a rusty pick-up truck.
I could spread blankets in the back
and lay down to watch a movie at the drive-in.
I could look at stars
and it wouldn't matter if I'm alone or not
because I'd be happy there.
Even if the doors are a little squeaky
and the tires need changing,
it'd be good enough for me.
- Rovva

What if our lives are a television show, and there is a different species watching us?

Last week someone made a threat to our school. My mother tells me I should know from every one of my classes how I could escape quickly. She works at the same school I attend. She tells me that if something does happen, she's doomed by virtue of where she works but I can still escape. 
I just can't get over how horrifically messed up it is that I have to seriously consider how I would survive if someone tried to shoot up the school. I should be worrying about grades. Instead, this.
Fiona Ella

I saw a bird yesterday and thought of you.
I wonder if you were flying away with it,
in its fragile heart and hollow bones.
Maybe you were flying beside it,
invisible to me,
but with a different kind of wings.

How can I miss something I've never had?
How can I miss something I haven't lost yet?
How can I make plans if I don't even know who I'm going to be tomorrow?
What if I don't want a plan?
What if that is my plan?
What if I'm not human?
What if that's something I don't want to be anymore?
Why should I care about that?
Why should you care about me?
Why does it all happen so fast?
Why does time still crawl?
Where am I going?
I don't know what's happening.
I kind of like it.
My Perpetual We...

The world kind of sucks, but at least we have books and chocolate chip muffins.

Are our dreams our future?
That tugging feeling of déjà vu,
when you meet a new person for the first time?
Our minds
are more powerful
asleep than when we are awake

everyone who wished me luck last night
I think made me really lucky
because school is canceled today!
no midterms for me!

when you hate a people
you rip their roots out of the ground 
quickly, quickly,
make their language a crime
quickly, quickly
tell them they are worthless,
tell them they are ugly,
and the people will begin 
to hate themselves

Today on my walk to school I decided I need to take a shortcut. There had previously been a HUGE snowstorm, but who cares right? Righ-WRONG. So I walk over to the shortcut (which is just a fence leading to our school) and think, should I do it? There  was a WALL OF SNOW blocking the gate. So then I see some footprints and think, why not? I carefully walk in the footprints, and so far, so good. I should have noticed that the footprints stopped. So I take my final step and SINK INTO THE SNOW. Arg.

​Listen to your heart, 
It holds your dreams.
Trust yourself
You know better than anyone else.
Let go of that cliff and fly
Be free above the ground.
Live in the moment,
Spend each second like it is the last.
And remember that 
Love is all around you.

i'm home alone.
now i can eat tuna sandwiches and watch netflix.

what an odd word. 
an odd word to match 
an odd ceremony 
to match
the very odd feeling inside.

I told you it would be January. I was right.
- Drift

Skating rink
Tight skates
Frosty ice
Scrapes and laughs and music 
Skating rink
- futurefemalepitcher

Fear is like a triangle. 
You reach one corner, think you've 
got the angle all figured out 
and fall down the other side.
Love to write

sometimes life's hard
sometimes you will think that you are not worthy
sometimes you will think that you will never be able to make it through
but life's hardships are what make the good moments so special, they shape you
no matter what others say you are worthy, worthy of love, appreciation, forgiveness, and attention
and you will make it through because you are strong, strong enough to get back up
so when you feel like giving up, just remember this

Over the water
I will watch
And wait
For that one star to shine again.

i am an outsider 
peering through
a glass window
that is fogged up by 
someone else’s breath.
Anne with an 'e'

I'd like to say that I write for myself
To express myself
But the truth is I write for others
to see their faces light up
It's what I live for.
- cassidywood

This week's challenge is about superpowers.
You may wish you could do something magical
But honestly?
Every one of you already has a superpower
The power to write.

When I'm introducing a particularly challenging and complicated character into my book, before I do anything with the character that I'm going to put into a final draft, I write the character into different situations that will test their emotions. How does this character react in a tough situation? How do they show happiness? Is this character an innocent person? Do they work well under stress? What kind of people do they like or dislike?
Rubber Soul

A bit of knowledge is the best gift you could possibly give someone, because you're giving them:
1: Something they will use, time and again
2: Something they can give to as many other people as they want
3: Something they will keep with them for the rest of their life
My Perpetual We...

the only way to get rid of your fears
- _Eliza_Be_Ghostly_13

I am here to guide you,
to help you,
to be one more person who
will speak for you
when you feel like you no
longer have a voice.
Anne with an 'e'

I wished upon a perfect star.
And away my wish flew.
I wished upon a broken star
And all my dreams came true.


I think it's taken four long years for me to discover that confidence is key; 
that the true love for myself comes inside of me.
I've cut out the toxic "friends"
and found ones that show me love isn't pretend.
I can finally look in the mirror and not look for flaws
but finally, see something beautiful and the cause
isn't makeup or hair 
but it's just me, and I don't care
what others will think or say
because I love myself and I like it that way.
- nataliecartwright

Isn't it nice sometimes to know that you are not alone?
To realize that you are not fighting your battles single-handedly?
To be certain that when you fall, someone will help you back up?

But sometimes, things just happen
and wherever you look, walls are collapsing, people are leaving
and that is when times are the hardest

Part of me was prepared for this.
Part of me still hasn't accepted it.
My Perpetual We...

When the world is lost
we find comfort in things that are found.
Love to write

This is a character in the story I'm writing. His name is Percy Anthony Planthony.
- Rubber Soul

​There are these moments in life when you just feel lucky to be alive. It's hard to explain.

music! Music!
sweet notes, playing the same thing!
the low notes of the basses
the highs of the violins
the meddling notes of the violas!

how pretty it all is!

Let no one leave without feeling loved.

Feels heavy on my tongue
But in a good way
Like maple syrup
- futurefemalepitcher

No one on here
Has hate in their heart.
No one is unkind.
People are genuine 
And respect others.
I am so thankful for being able to express myself and being encouraged.
Picked up off the ground and brought back into the light.
I am thankful for each and every one of you for being kind loving caring brave individuals and never being afraid to be who you are.

with every new user,
another soul added to this beloved home
it gets merrier, more words spoken
more art created
more lives brightened
and so, YWP, and all your users,
I thank you
for giving me a home
for giving me a family
for giving me a pen and paper
for encouraging me to be the best I can be.

There once was a tiny write that had no idea what a tiny write was... and they didn't realize they were tiny. Then one day someone said "Oh my gosh, you're such a tiny story" and the tiny write didn't know what to say. They decided they would be the biggest tiny write they could be and use up all the characters they could. So now the tiny write is trying to use up characters. But the tiny write doesn't know if they're going to be able to use all the characters, but they are trying. Yay they did
- futurefemalepitcher

this world
is blind.
we don't see 
what is right 
in front of our noses.

My brother dared me to eat a spoonful of really spicy Tabasco sauce. 
I think I saw stars, and I couldn't taste a thing all day...
But still...
Rubber Soul

Sometimes I wonder
If we're here for a reason
If I could be the one to do something big
or will I be
just another 
unimportant speck on the map 
of history
without a name
or a claim to fame
just me
nothing special
raw and true
nothing close to perfect
but someone
even if you can't see
i'm there
- IsabelleYWP8

Questions I have:
If something is short and sweet, does something long automatically have to sour?
If the universe is everything in the space around earth, how can it be expanding?
What is it expanding into?
What is outside the universe?
What existed before time?
If there was a time before time, that would be a time, meaning that time existed already, meaning that time has existed forever. 
So does that mean that stars have been exploding and imploding for 
millions of years? I can't even .....
- dogpoet

I met a girl the other day 
And I froze
Because she looked like you
Not in her face
But in her smile
And her words 
I think you would like her 
But to me
She was just another reminder 
Of things that could never become reality
Rubber Soul

Stan Lee, you were truly a visionary.

Maybe, in order to change the world... 
First you have to learn not to change yourself.
Rubber Soul

Are little surprises
they come 
when they are most needed
-  ​_Eliza_Be_Ghostly_13

Ideas are not something handed out like Halloween candy, 
you have to harvest them from the places that are least expecting it.
Love to write

Growing up makes me feel like a shoe that's too big for a foot.
It also makes me feel like a foot that's too small for a shoe. It also makes me feel like laces that are too short to be tied twice and too long to be tied once. 
It makes me feel like the shoe that's missing a sock or the sock that's missing a shoe. 
I guess you could say that growing up makes me feel like a shoe.

the world is here for us
it's time for us to be here for the world
for its people
for each other
protect this earth
because it protects you

I make promises to myself
Almost every day
And then they disappear
'Cause I broke them
- dogpoet

I don't usually do homework in a furry Russian hat that's been butchered by scissors, a gold lamé dress, black lipstick and sparkly bronze eyeshadow. Halloween makes everything so strange.
Fiona Ella

This year I am especially proud of my costume.
This year I am being Andy Warhol.
I love it when no one knows what I'm supposed to be.
- My Perpetual We...

Daniel Stein, 71, Joyce Fienberg, 75, Richard Gottfried, 65, Rose Mallinger, 97, Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, Cecil and David Rosenthal, 59 and 54, Bernice Simon and Sylvan Simon, 84 and 86, Melvin Wax, 88, Irving Younger, 69.
He used an AR-15.
- Icestorm

i can see you
you're there. 
you matter.
- Nightheart

Even as our planet dies,
trees falling,
little girl cries,
The Robin
still sings
- _Eliza_Be_Ghostly_13

It's raining dreams 
I wonder who they belong to
And why they dreamed the things they did.
I let the dreams fall onto my face 
And know that I shall be a second-hand dreamer tonight.
- Rubber Soul

even in the dark, she smiled.
wondering about rain

- LadyMidnight

My heart beat faster, faster, faster,
My mind grew dumb, I
couldn't speak. 
Yet I didn't need to.
For in your eyes, I saw
All the words I longed to say.

If you start each day with the thought, "this might be the day I die," then you might be prepared for when it IS the day you die. But if you start each day with the thought, "today I am going to live," then you will be prepared for all of the days leading up to your last moments. You will have so many more days that will consist of you living than of you dying. So start you morning with a thought of life that will be the seed to the flower of your day.
-  Rubber Soul

You took the sun with you when you left. 
The day is lighter at night than at noon.
I thought you took my heart in your theft
but now I love the stars and the moon.
- k.daigle

I went to bed fifteen, and woke up sixteen. I think I expected my heart to beat differently; to my disappointment, it was just as quiet as it had always been.
- irishjayne

The old woman trudged up the sandy hill, 
her fingers worn 
and permanently bent
from being crossed so many times
only to be disappointed like in a slow-motion movie scene
- dogpoet

There's a voice in my head that narrates everything I see. In the depths of emotion, the voice still tries to put a narrative spin on everything. I've always condemned it as a sign of egotism, of pretentious, that it meant what I was feeling was fake. Maybe I should try and accept that it's just there because I can't turn off being a storyteller.
- Fiona Ella

the recipe says it has to sit for three hours before i cut into it 
so i wait here
trying not to pay attention to the waft of apple cinnamon from the kitchen

The sun has gone, the sun has gone, it feels so cold out here. The leaves has fallen and the trees are bare. Why has the the sun left yet again?
- Cyb3r

Pay attention to the little details,
read the small signs.
They will determine your future.

Give love,
it will come back to you,
and you will live happier.

Make change.
If you want something, 
the only way you can make it happen quickly
is by doing it yourself.
- BloodMoon825

What if,
Someday we all look the same, act the same, walk the same, talk the same.
Will that be equality or will that just be uniformity.
- It's the cat

It is hard to see the truth behind the farce,
which is why most don't try it. 

It is hard to speak the truth when the truth is so harsh,
which is why I'm so quiet.
- Adelle M. Brunstad

The only thing more painful than not being able to speak,
is not being able to say what you mean.
- nean_bean

Beware, beware. The sun has left us. We walk through bitter winters and let the dogs bite our fingers. We breathe the smoke and let it choke us. We hear the gunfire and let it ring. We are in a war, but there are no sides. It just feels that way. And so the sun is gone. It is dark. We've had so many chances and we let them go. What have we done? Beware, beware.
- Rovva

I swallow my words, letting my anger be quenched by the downpour of guilt.
- colly-wobbles

They shut down the school. No one leaves their classroom, no one gets in the way as the police come through. And no one knows what's going on.
It could be anything. Shooter? Sure. Bomb threat? Why not? Stabbing? I mean, it's happened before.
I've grown fairly numb over time to these things, but this was the first time I was well and truly scared. Because this time my sister was in the building.
- Dramatic456

Bear with me, but what if we never really sleep, and every time we wake up we're waking up in another life; with our previous one what we remember as a dream? And we have false memories during the day of the past before, so we're never really conscious of living in such a skewed reality. 
just a thought.

why do i need to worry about a school shooter instead of my childhood?
- Abriatis

Not every story has a happy ending written into it for you. So get up and write your own damn ending, nobody is going to do it for you. But before you write the ending, you have to write the rest of your story, and hopefully, you write some friends in to help you along the way.
- Rubber Soul

I am not exactly who I would want to be, but I have never wished to be anyone but myself.
- My Perpetual We...

the hardest transition from high school to college will be, “i should do that because it will look good on my application” to, “i should do that because i want to”
- semacdonald

I love the way you have no idea how much I love you.
Rubber Soul

Writing prompt (I honestly have no idea where this would lead but I thought of it in science class and thought it was funny in a situational way): aliens arrive in our solar system. For one reason or another, they mistake Mars for the planet containing life... and the Mars Rovers for the species native to Mars.
- Fiona Ella

If we are all equal, why do some languages have multiple ways of addressing people? shouldn't everyone be treated as a friend AND with respect?
- dogpoet

I Rise Up.
But no one is there to see me.
So why rise up at all?
I Rise Up.
For Me.
- SodaPop

I'd like to know if you remember how much fun we had. I'd like to know if you remember the first thing you said to me. I'd like to know if you remember us being ping-pong doubles champions. I'd like YOU to know how much it meant to me when you said you loved me.

Today feels like August, today feels like the day I fell in love with you.
Today smells like coffee and makeup. It feels like maybe I love myself again, and I'm clear headed.
Scents and sounds of Flume and good perfume and candles. I smiled at myself today like I met someone new in the mirror. And
she was kind and pretty.
- Jay.marie

Once I put on the Clash, and my little brother ran in and said, "Is this the Clash?" And then we danced to the Clash for like an hour. 
It was one of the best moments in my life.
- My Perpetual We...

I like dogs better than cats. Cats are independent. I admire them. Dogs are loyal. Dogs need friendship. Dogs depend, and expect you to depend right back. Dogs are friends.

I'm sorry, but did you think you could just barge in here?
We have a structure...
...you know where you should be.
- Anouk_VB

For once, I don't feel obligated to the old friends and the old me. I'm free and independent, and I'm not suffocating.

The dust on my computer screen makes the black 'tiny writes' box look like it's sprinkled with stars.
Fiona Ella

Sometimes I drive badly on the way to school. Not because I'm tired, or lost in thought, but because when the trees clear out to reveal a cloud coated, sun dusted valley, how am I supposed to keep my eyes on the road?
- sophie.d

There is nothing quite like
Standing in the middle of a storm
Letting the rain cascade over me
- Marina2020

i have fur on my pants
left over from
when i sang
a lullaby
to my best friend
as he limped away
from me.
- lila woodard

You can't put someone else back together with broken hands.
- Icestorm

Every year we put on a play in Autumn, and this year we're doing Oliver Twist!!!
Am I the only one who reads the script before the parts are cast and reads all of the lines of the part you want?
- Rubber Soul

i regret a lot of things i’ve said
but none of them were lies
- lila woodard

Almost all of the writing I do is inside my head. That's the real challenge of writers, not thinking up plots storylines or rhythmic lines that can convey what emotions mean to the soul, no. It's rereading what you spent hours on and realizing that it's missing half the details you made in your mind and that adding them would make it lose all structure and comprehension. I wonder how much better my writing would be if everything I felt and thought didn't get lost in translation between my mind and the paper. It makes me wonder how many thoughts go unsaid, or edited out in the writing process.
- lwood

Rest in peace, Aretha Franklin
- My Perpetual We...

you like to test the waters,
i like to dive right in.

you tread softly,
and i am heard from a mile away.

you are earth,
and i am fire.

but we need each other.

that's why i love you.
- BloodMoon825

I worry so much about becoming an adult that I'm wasting my childhood.

I found my family this week,
and I never want to let them go.
- Anna P.

I went to the ocean and wrote "Long live Ziggy Stardust" in the sand to commemorate one of the greatest artists of our time. I chose only the finest stones to surround it, decorating it with a trademark lightning bolt. The tide washed it away, but that's okay because it was made to celebrate his temporary time in this world and as it was swept away I couldn't help but think that wherever he is now, he received it as a gift from one who was (And continues to be) inspired by him. Or maybe not. Maybe I just especially missed him today.
David Bowie didn't die- he just went back to his own planet.
- My Perpetual We...

the hermit thrush sings
her song dancing through the leaves
you can choose, you know
-to be gifted

(a haiku)
- H20.hollym

Writing is my way of screaming,
and making sure that finally,
i get heard.
- Nightheart

It's not my story to tell
is one of the most common phrases
that run through my head.
I hear it even when the story
is part of my story.
- SilverGoose

And with each scrap of hair that fell, she felt herself become lighter.
- nean_bean

If I didn’t, this story would have had a different ending.
- Drift

Perhaps it is fitting
That on the night of my birthday,
The biggest lunar eclipse 
Of the century occurred
- Nightheart

I love tiny writes...
And whether they like it or not, everyone who looks at it is getting treated to my stream of consciousness!
- My Perpetual We...

 the universe is endlessly indifferent
- adalet

My fingers, devoid of skill on the neck of a guitar, are like a cage trapping my songs so that no one will ever hear them. My voice alone is not good enough, I have been told. But how long until the songs are set free and not held back by these mangled chords? They flutter like birds in a cage.
- My Perpetual We...

favorite things about rainy days:

going out and getting soaked just so you can come back and counteract it with hot, bitter tea
watching the rain in the garden turning everything green against the grey
turning on all the lights even though it’s not dark yet because it makes everything cozier
popcorn and midsomer murders
walking around town getting soaked just because you can’t usually do that, as a civilized person
the sound of rain
- Fiona Ella

Even if you're only a few moments late, you miss the boat. A small mistake, yet the boat sails on without you, and you are helpless, with no way of catching it. And suddenly, you're left behind.​
- Harper the Lee

underneath everything, what if you're just like me?
- adalet

Sometimes the most beautiful things aren't even real, like the glimmer on the mermaid's tale I saw when the glittering emerald waves crested.
- Hannah Campbell

i think maybe i should have...
- lila woodard

it was as though the sun had been caught by a dark blue net and was being held captive under waves of shimmering sea
- Icestorm

Don't you ever get that feeling that someone you love just isn't there anymore?
Yeah, me too...
- Nicole Jasmin

If you extend your head to the sky
and whisper thank you,
The sun will light up your face
with grace
- sophie.d

i love you
maybe if i say it enough
you’ll feel it
and you’ll
- lila woodard

When I came back from berrypicking,
I had blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and memories of thorns.
I had bugs, blood, juice, and a smile on my face.
- Abriatis

if i fell for you
you would take my heart
and say "you never had a chance."
- Rubber Soul

the present is often disappointing, dreary, and dead
but the future has brought me joys i never would have dreamed of
- glu.gun

This planet 
needs humans 
as much as
humans need
- Marina2020

The future never quite feels real. Usually it's mundane enough it doesn't have to. 
Not today.
- Fiona Ella

After a rain
A sky is never just blue
It can be yellow
As the sun sets.
- Abriatis

Last night was lit, and I wrote a poem about it.The moon was blood red, and there was heat lightning overhead. The fireflies flashed. The birds dashed. This is a true story. The night was full of glory.
- You know who

I don't think other families
keep their green cards in the car
just in case they're pulled over
by ICE.
- Nightheart

Your opinion is the water that washes all of the things that make me different away.
- Rubber Soul

sure, i have grown, but have i really changed?
- adalet

We cleaned up the kitchen, the floor, and the dining room table, only to prepare dinner, wear our shoes inside, and spread out our homework once more.
- jbird18

a swing in the sun is the best place to read the letter you find in the mailbox.

-- H20.hollym

If you want to make something of yourself in this world, you can't break yourself.
You need to know how to build yourself up again after you break.

-- Brigit Carrigan

..She said: No.
Understand that this word
Means nothing but what it's always meant:
-- Rubber Soul

The time has come.
For what? Who knows?
To take a leap of faith, maybe.
To fly.
-- BloodMoon825

I wonder if ants have a way to speak about spiders.
-- Jbird
I have to face the dragon.
when did we lose the meaning?
-- adalet
someday, when i figure out how to fly, i'll tell this story of mine
-- H20.hollym
Are we still ourselves if we restrict our every behavior to make us like ourselves better? And which is us, the one held back or the one doing the holding back?
-- Fiona Ella

Wipe your smile from my lips.
- Drift

this i must carry alone
- adalet
He laughs
with mouthfuls
of rain water
- Love to write
Santa Fe has stopped being a beautiful, out of reach location in a musical, but instead is another statistic. And that's what they are now - not tragedies anymore, not something met with shock, but statistics, a quiet sigh in the back of a classroom, the whisper of "there's been another".
-- Sherlock's Nobody
My bus hurries past flags at half mast,
And I can't help but wonder,
If they're there for,
Santa Fe,
Or Indiana
- Icarus Blackmore
I can't morph into a cloud
If I'm just a rock,
Just like I can't dream
If I don't have a destiny.
- Anna P.
 I look too much at the night sky, explore the stars in my mind, meet people and see things beyond my imagination. I'm not grounded enough - I should be doing homework, not lying on the roof, staring at the stars. Even in class, my mind's not there; I'm floating among those balls of light which seem so small from here. In my mind, they're not tiny pinpricks in the blanket of space, but giants, giving life to the worlds surrounding them.
- SherlocksNobody
I shudder - ten more dead kids.
- SilverGoose
a school shooting; the killing of ten student's lives and hundreds of others' safety and security is NOT a tool to wield over another school's loudspeaker to get another set of a couple hundred students to behave as decent high-minded citizens. The act of being decent citizens should NOT be associated with the 17-year-old that used all the wrong outlets of power and control to navigate the world; who failed in that regard. The sickening and horrendous act of the bullets shot to kill Aaron, Angelique, Kimberly, Cynthia, Sabika, Chris, Jared, Shana, Glenda, and Christian should NOT be used as an example; a motivation to more students to be better people. Period.
- H20.hollym
I walked down the sidewalk, the slip of paper a folded opportunity in my back pocket.
- H20.hollym
It's a shame to be any less free than you're supposed to be.
--Love to Write

In their world, I am too quiet
In my world, I am too loud
What am I in this world?
Whose world is this world?
- g_rob02

In America, I
am too Iranian.
In Iran, I
am too American.
I can't
decide what
to do.
- Nightheart
My hand quivers as I lower it to the strings
I draw the bow across them
a golden wave of sound
my fingers twitch
my arms tremble
the violin cries out with joy
judges look on
nailed it
- sumneri
i've gone from wanting to own a cupcake shop to wanting to be an fbi agent.
is this growing up?
- Piper
Like speaking to a butterfly,
or shouting at a moth,
all you can do
is make sounds I don't understand,
and all I can do
is listen.
- Michmich
i have been ignored, shushed, and shut out about my problems and my feelings so many times
by the time someone finally cared to listen
i had already pushed it aside
by the time you asked, i was already done with it
- sasha

I hate
you hate
we all hate
and the country
comes tumbling down
- Nightheart
Don't we all love the little hunks of metal that claim to rearrange our teeth?
- nean_bean
Ticks and fleas are the bouncers of the woods.
- sburnse
It's that time of the year. I get increasingly anxious as I watch those select few seniors, those ones I allowed myself to get close to, even if they don't know me. They're graduating in not even two months, disappearing, forever out of reach. And next year, I already know whose graduation I'm dreading. The year after that? It's me, flung out into the unknown, left to fend for myself, clueless and lost. I know that as much as I want to keep in touch with all my friends, I'll lose them as soon as any one of us leaves this hell of a school. And I'm terrified.
- SherlocksNobody
Had tears been drawn
from dry canals,
had hands been soft and warm.
Had cribs been polished and gentle,
creaking in a natural rhythm,
just loud enough to fill the silence in eerie corners.
Just quiet enough to know
you're not alone.
- Michmich
This world would a better place if everyone smiled a little more.
- Laura hi101
Spring is my favorite time of year. I can wear my socks and sandals.
- Harper the Lee

I had such a clever idea an hour ago. I wanted to write it on the inside of my binder so I wouldn't forget. I figured it was interesting enough I'd probably remember.
I forgot.
- Fiona Ella
Spring is a cat,
curled before the hearth,
stretching awake at long last,
flicking raindrops in its mirth.
It scratches at the door--
here, and then away.
But all is well and good
when Spring comes out to play.
- Noruinin
Kissed by yellow petals saying hello.
- AliciaMarie7
The guitar is making me vulnerable, as are the words I sing.
- Rubber Soul
My storm has never stopped.
- Love to write
He, him, his.
She, her, hers.
Me, she, he.
-Rubber Soul
Frustration seeps
through the crack
in my window when I think
about what our world has come too.
--Love to Write

It's that chair again - that one that squeaks each time you move. Nobody knows whose it is, except for the person sitting in it. Each person wriggles slightly in their own seat, listening for that awful sound. Confident that they're not the source of that painful screeching, they now look around, listening, wondering who it is. Some find out, but most will never know. At least, not until it's them sitting in that one chair.
another moment floats away
on wisps of wings
--Mossy Oak
We're not the kind of ghosts you think we are.
-- Love to Write
Someone yells at someone else. Someone yells back. I yell to stop yelling. Someone yells at me. Someone else yells for no particular reason other than for the sake of yelling. Someone starts singing. Someone yells at them. Three people yell at that person. Someone throws a shoe. Someone squishes a spider. Someone yells at them for squishing the spider. A teacher yells for everyone to stop yelling and get to class.
I feel like I am constantly running towards a goal that someone else set.
--lila woodard
Skiing Haiku
Top of the mountain
Icy fire fills my lungs
I breathe out and soar
-- Icestorm
Life is but a tiny moment, a short story in a long history. My great grandmother died last week. Hers was but a short story in this world but a big start to many others. I am proud to be her great granddaughter and that she was a big part of my story. I will always remember her cooking in her tiny kitchen asking me "did you eat yet hita?" and her lovely laugh. She would light a candle whenever something was going on in my family and pray for them no matter what. one of the kids had a cold and she would hear about it she would light a candle. My mom who has been long separated from her grandson (my dad) and was having twins and she lit a candle for them. No matter what she prayed and held space for every one in the family, she was like a beacon that brought everyone together. I will always love her.
-- wondering about rain

I stood in the lunch line, waiting. My friend stood behind me, loading up her tray. "Where are we sitting today?" I asked cheerfully. I always looked forward to this time of the school day.
"I don't know..." she trailed off as she looked at a table across the room. At that table sat her girlfriend, plus our other two friends who are together. There was no extra seat for me.
"Oh.." I said as the realization hit. "It's ok... I'll just sit somewhere else." I tried to sound optimistic, but even I heard the undertones of hurt in my voice. I walked away quickly, before she could see my face. It has always been the five of us, together through everything. But now... I'm a fifth wheel. I sat down at a different table, trying not to feel pathetic. A minute later though, I heard someone sit down next to me. It was my friend. She smiled at me. I then realized, that it didn't matter if I was an extra person. I smiled back.
-- Ink Sparks
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