Jul 31

Tiny Highlights

Editor's Note: Here are some of the highlighted Tiny Writes published on the front page:

I am here to guide you,
to help you,
to be one more person who
will speak for you
when you feel like you no
longer have a voice.
Anne with an 'e'

I wished upon a perfect star.
And away my wish flew.
I wished upon a broken star
And all my dreams came true.


I think it's taken four long years for me to discover that confidence is key; 
that the true love for myself comes inside of me.
I've cut out the toxic "friends"
and found ones that show me love isn't pretend.
I can finally look in the mirror and not look for flaws
but finally, see something beautiful and the cause
isn't makeup or hair 
but it's just me, and I don't care
what others will think or say
because I love myself and I like it that way.
- nataliecartwright

Isn't it nice sometimes to know that you are not alone?
To realize that you are not fighting your battles single-handedly?
To be certain that when you fall, someone will help you back up?

But sometimes, things just happen
and wherever you look, walls are collapsing, people are leaving
and that is when times are the hardest

Part of me was prepared for this.
Part of me still hasn't accepted it.
My Perpetual We...

When the world is lost
we find comfort in things that are found.
Love to write

This is a character in the story I'm writing. His name is Percy Anthony Planthony.
- Rubber Soul

​There are these moments in life when you just feel lucky to be alive. It's hard to explain.

music! Music!
sweet notes, playing the same thing!
the low notes of the basses
the highs of the violins
the meddling notes of the violas!

how pretty it all is!

Let no one leave without feeling loved.

Feels heavy on my tongue
But in a good way
Like maple syrup
- futurefemalepitcher

No one on here
Has hate in their heart.
No one is unkind.
People are genuine 
And respect others.
I am so thankful for being able to express myself and being encouraged.
Picked up off the ground and brought back into the light.
I am thankful for each and every one of you for being kind loving caring brave individuals and never being afraid to be who you are.

with every new user,
another soul added to this beloved home
it gets merrier, more words spoken
more art created
more lives brightened
and so, YWP, and all your users,
I thank you
for giving me a home
for giving me a family
for giving me a pen and paper
for encouraging me to be the best I can be.

There once was a tiny write that had no idea what a tiny write was... and they didn't realize they were tiny. Then one day someone said "Oh my gosh, you're such a tiny story" and the tiny write didn't know what to say. They decided they would be the biggest tiny write they could be and use up all the characters they could. So now the tiny write is trying to use up characters. But the tiny write doesn't know if they're going to be able to use all the characters, but they are trying. Yay they did
- futurefemalepitcher

this world
is blind.
we don't see 
what is right 
in front of our noses.

My brother dared me to eat a spoonful of really spicy Tabasco sauce. 
I think I saw stars, and I couldn't taste a thing all day...
But still...
Rubber Soul

Sometimes I wonder
If we're here for a reason
If I could be the one to do something big
or will I be
just another 
unimportant speck on the map 
of history
without a name
or a claim to fame
just me
nothing special
raw and true
nothing close to perfect
but someone
even if you can't see
i'm there
- IsabelleYWP8

Questions I have:
If something is short and sweet, does something long automatically have to sour?
If the universe is everything in the space around earth, how can it be expanding?
What is it expanding into?
What is outside the universe?
What existed before time?
If there was a time before time, that would be a time, meaning that time existed already, meaning that time has existed forever. 
So does that mean that stars have been exploding and imploding for 
millions of years? I can't even .....
- dogpoet

I met a girl the other day 
And I froze
Because she looked like you
Not in her face
But in her smile
And her words 
I think you would like her 
But to me
She was just another reminder 
Of things that could never become reality
Rubber Soul

Stan Lee, you were truly a visionary.

Maybe, in order to change the world... 
First you have to learn not to change yourself.
Rubber Soul

Are little surprises
they come 
when they are most needed
-  ​_Eliza_Be_Ghostly_13

Ideas are not something handed out like Halloween candy, 
you have to harvest them from the places that are least expecting it.
Love to write

Growing up makes me feel like a shoe that's too big for a foot.
It also makes me feel like a foot that's too small for a shoe. It also makes me feel like laces that are too short to be tied twice and too long to be tied once. 
It makes me feel like the shoe that's missing a sock or the sock that's missing a shoe. 
I guess you could say that growing up makes me feel like a shoe.

the world is here for us
it's time for us to be here for the world
for its people
for each other
protect this earth
because it protects you

I make promises to myself
Almost every day
And then they disappear
'Cause I broke them
- dogpoet

I don't usually do homework in a furry Russian hat that's been butchered by scissors, a gold lamé dress, black lipstick and sparkly bronze eyeshadow. Halloween makes everything so strange.
Fiona Ella

This year I am especially proud of my costume.
This year I am being Andy Warhol.
I love it when no one knows what I'm supposed to be.
- My Perpetual We...

Daniel Stein, 71, Joyce Fienberg, 75, Richard Gottfried, 65, Rose Mallinger, 97, Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, Cecil and David Rosenthal, 59 and 54, Bernice Simon and Sylvan Simon, 84 and 86, Melvin Wax, 88, Irving Younger, 69.
He used an AR-15.
- Icestorm

i can see you
you're there. 
you matter.
- Nightheart

Even as our planet dies,
trees falling,
little girl cries,
The Robin
still sings
- _Eliza_Be_Ghostly_13

It's raining dreams 
I wonder who they belong to
And why they dreamed the things they did.
I let the dreams fall onto my face 
And know that I shall be a second-hand dreamer tonight.
- Rubber Soul

even in the dark, she smiled.
wondering about rain

- LadyMidnight

My heart beat faster, faster, faster,
My mind grew dumb, I
couldn't speak. 
Yet I didn't need to.
For in your eyes, I saw
All the words I longed to say.

If you start each day with the thought, "this might be the day I die," then you might be prepared for when it IS the day you die. But if you start each day with the thought, "today I am going to live," then you will be prepared for all of the days leading up to your last moments. You will have so many more days that will consist of you living than of you dying. So start you morning with a thought of life that will be the seed to the flower of your day.
-  Rubber Soul

You took the sun with you when you left. 
The day is lighter at night than at noon.
I thought you took my heart in your theft
but now I love the stars and the moon.
- k.daigle

I went to bed fifteen, and woke up sixteen. I think I expected my heart to beat differently; to my disappointment, it was just as quiet as it had always been.
- irishjayne

The old woman trudged up the sandy hill, 
her fingers worn 
and permanently bent
from being crossed so many times
only to be disappointed like in a slow-motion movie scene
- dogpoet

There's a voice in my head that narrates everything I see. In the depths of emotion, the voice still tries to put a narrative spin on everything. I've always condemned it as a sign of egotism, of pretentious, that it meant what I was feeling was fake. Maybe I should try and accept that it's just there because I can't turn off being a storyteller.
- Fiona Ella

the recipe says it has to sit for three hours before i cut into it 
so i wait here
trying not to pay attention to the waft of apple cinnamon from the kitchen

The sun has gone, the sun has gone, it feels so cold out here. The leaves has fallen and the trees are bare. Why has the the sun left yet again?
- Cyb3r

Pay attention to the little details,
read the small signs.
They will determine your future.

Give love,
it will come back to you,
and you will live happier.

Make change.
If you want something, 
the only way you can make it happen quickly
is by doing it yourself.
- BloodMoon825

What if,
Someday we all look the same, act the same, walk the same, talk the same.
Will that be equality or will that just be uniformity.
- It's the cat

It is hard to see the truth behind the farce,
which is why most don't try it. 

It is hard to speak the truth when the truth is so harsh,
which is why I'm so quiet.
- Adelle M. Brunstad

The only thing more painful than not being able to speak,
is not being able to say what you mean.
- nean_bean

Beware, beware. The sun has left us. We walk through bitter winters and let the dogs bite our fingers. We breathe the smoke and let it choke us. We hear the gunfire and let it ring. We are in a war, but there are no sides. It just feels that way. And so the sun is gone. It is dark. We've had so many chances and we let them go. What have we done? Beware, beware.
- Rovva

I swallow my words, letting my anger be quenched by the downpour of guilt.
- colly-wobbles

They shut down the school. No one leaves their classroom, no one gets in the way as the police come through. And no one knows what's going on.
It could be anything. Shooter? Sure. Bomb threat? Why not? Stabbing? I mean, it's happened before.
I've grown fairly numb over time to these things, but this was the first time I was well and truly scared. Because this time my sister was in the building.
- Dramatic456

Bear with me, but what if we never really sleep, and every time we wake up we're waking up in another life; with our previous one what we remember as a dream? And we have false memories during the day of the past before, so we're never really conscious of living in such a skewed reality. 
just a thought.

why do i need to worry about a school shooter instead of my childhood?
- Abriatis

Not every story has a happy ending written into it for you. So get up and write your own damn ending, nobody is going to do it for you. But before you write the ending, you have to write the rest of your story, and hopefully, you write some friends in to help you along the way.
- Rubber Soul

I am not exactly who I would want to be, but I have never wished to be anyone but myself.
- My Perpetual We...

the hardest transition from high school to college will be, “i should do that because it will look good on my application” to, “i should do that because i want to”
- semacdonald

I love the way you have no idea how much I love you.
Rubber Soul

Writing prompt (I honestly have no idea where this would lead but I thought of it in science class and thought it was funny in a situational way): aliens arrive in our solar system. For one reason or another, they mistake Mars for the planet containing life... and the Mars Rovers for the species native to Mars.
- Fiona Ella

If we are all equal, why do some languages have multiple ways of addressing people? shouldn't everyone be treated as a friend AND with respect?
- dogpoet

I Rise Up.
But no one is there to see me.
So why rise up at all?
I Rise Up.
For Me.
- SodaPop

I'd like to know if you remember how much fun we had. I'd like to know if you remember the first thing you said to me. I'd like to know if you remember us being ping-pong doubles champions. I'd like YOU to know how much it meant to me when you said you loved me.

Today feels like August, today feels like the day I fell in love with you.
Today smells like coffee and makeup. It feels like maybe I love myself again, and I'm clear headed.
Scents and sounds of Flume and good perfume and candles. I smiled at myself today like I met someone new in the mirror. And
she was kind and pretty.
- Jay.marie

Once I put on the Clash, and my little brother ran in and said, "Is this the Clash?" And then we danced to the Clash for like an hour. 
It was one of the best moments in my life.
- My Perpetual We...

I like dogs better than cats. Cats are independent. I admire them. Dogs are loyal. Dogs need friendship. Dogs depend, and expect you to depend right back. Dogs are friends.

I'm sorry, but did you think you could just barge in here?
We have a structure...
...you know where you should be.
- Anouk_VB

For once, I don't feel obligated to the old friends and the old me. I'm free and independent, and I'm not suffocating.

The dust on my computer screen makes the black 'tiny writes' box look like it's sprinkled with stars.
Fiona Ella

Sometimes I drive badly on the way to school. Not because I'm tired, or lost in thought, but because when the trees clear out to reveal a cloud coated, sun dusted valley, how am I supposed to keep my eyes on the road?
- sophie.d

There is nothing quite like
Standing in the middle of a storm
Letting the rain cascade over me
- Marina2020

i have fur on my pants
left over from
when i sang
a lullaby
to my best friend
as he limped away
from me.
- lila woodard

You can't put someone else back together with broken hands.
- Icestorm

Every year we put on a play in Autumn, and this year we're doing Oliver Twist!!!
Am I the only one who reads the script before the parts are cast and reads all of the lines of the part you want?
- Rubber Soul

i regret a lot of things i’ve said
but none of them were lies
- lila woodard

Almost all of the writing I do is inside my head. That's the real challenge of writers, not thinking up plots storylines or rhythmic lines that can convey what emotions mean to the soul, no. It's rereading what you spent hours on and realizing that it's missing half the details you made in your mind and that adding them would make it lose all structure and comprehension. I wonder how much better my writing would be if everything I felt and thought didn't get lost in translation between my mind and the paper. It makes me wonder how many thoughts go unsaid, or edited out in the writing process.
- lwood

Rest in peace, Aretha Franklin
- My Perpetual We...

you like to test the waters,
i like to dive right in.

you tread softly,
and i am heard from a mile away.

you are earth,
and i am fire.

but we need each other.

that's why i love you.
- BloodMoon825

I worry so much about becoming an adult that I'm wasting my childhood.

I found my family this week,
and I never want to let them go.
- Anna P.

I went to the ocean and wrote "Long live Ziggy Stardust" in the sand to commemorate one of the greatest artists of our time. I chose only the finest stones to surround it, decorating it with a trademark lightning bolt. The tide washed it away, but that's okay because it was made to celebrate his temporary time in this world and as it was swept away I couldn't help but think that wherever he is now, he received it as a gift from one who was (And continues to be) inspired by him. Or maybe not. Maybe I just especially missed him today.
David Bowie didn't die- he just went back to his own planet.
- My Perpetual We...

the hermit thrush sings
her song dancing through the leaves
you can choose, you know
-to be gifted

(a haiku)
- H20.hollym

Writing is my way of screaming,
and making sure that finally,
i get heard.
- Nightheart

It's not my story to tell
is one of the most common phrases
that run through my head.
I hear it even when the story
is part of my story.
- SilverGoose

And with each scrap of hair that fell, she felt herself become lighter.
- nean_bean

If I didn’t, this story would have had a different ending.
- Drift

Perhaps it is fitting
That on the night of my birthday,
The biggest lunar eclipse 
Of the century occurred
- Nightheart

I love tiny writes...
And whether they like it or not, everyone who looks at it is getting treated to my stream of consciousness!
- My Perpetual We...

 the universe is endlessly indifferent
- adalet

My fingers, devoid of skill on the neck of a guitar, are like a cage trapping my songs so that no one will ever hear them. My voice alone is not good enough, I have been told. But how long until the songs are set free and not held back by these mangled chords? They flutter like birds in a cage.
- My Perpetual We...

favorite things about rainy days:

going out and getting soaked just so you can come back and counteract it with hot, bitter tea
watching the rain in the garden turning everything green against the grey
turning on all the lights even though it’s not dark yet because it makes everything cozier
popcorn and midsomer murders
walking around town getting soaked just because you can’t usually do that, as a civilized person
the sound of rain
- Fiona Ella

Even if you're only a few moments late, you miss the boat. A small mistake, yet the boat sails on without you, and you are helpless, with no way of catching it. And suddenly, you're left behind.​
- Harper the Lee

underneath everything, what if you're just like me?
- adalet

Sometimes the most beautiful things aren't even real, like the glimmer on the mermaid's tale I saw when the glittering emerald waves crested.
- Hannah Campbell

i think maybe i should have...
- lila woodard

it was as though the sun had been caught by a dark blue net and was being held captive under waves of shimmering sea
- Icestorm

Don't you ever get that feeling that someone you love just isn't there anymore?
Yeah, me too...
- Nicole Jasmin

If you extend your head to the sky
and whisper thank you,
The sun will light up your face
with grace
- sophie.d

i love you
maybe if i say it enough
you’ll feel it
and you’ll
- lila woodard

When I came back from berrypicking,
I had blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and memories of thorns.
I had bugs, blood, juice, and a smile on my face.
- Abriatis

if i fell for you
you would take my heart
and say "you never had a chance."
- Rubber Soul

the present is often disappointing, dreary, and dead
but the future has brought me joys i never would have dreamed of
- glu.gun

This planet 
needs humans 
as much as
humans need
- Marina2020

The future never quite feels real. Usually it's mundane enough it doesn't have to. 
Not today.
- Fiona Ella

After a rain
A sky is never just blue
It can be yellow
As the sun sets.
- Abriatis

Last night was lit, and I wrote a poem about it.The moon was blood red, and there was heat lightning overhead. The fireflies flashed. The birds dashed. This is a true story. The night was full of glory.
- You know who

I don't think other families
keep their green cards in the car
just in case they're pulled over
by ICE.
- Nightheart

Your opinion is the water that washes all of the things that make me different away.
- Rubber Soul

sure, i have grown, but have i really changed?
- adalet

We cleaned up the kitchen, the floor, and the dining room table, only to prepare dinner, wear our shoes inside, and spread out our homework once more.
- jbird18

a swing in the sun is the best place to read the letter you find in the mailbox.

-- H20.hollym

If you want to make something of yourself in this world, you can't break yourself.
You need to know how to build yourself up again after you break.

-- Brigit Carrigan

..She said: No.
Understand that this word
Means nothing but what it's always meant:
-- Rubber Soul

The time has come.
For what? Who knows?
To take a leap of faith, maybe.
To fly.
-- BloodMoon825

I wonder if ants have a way to speak about spiders.
-- Jbird
I have to face the dragon.
when did we lose the meaning?
-- adalet
someday, when i figure out how to fly, i'll tell this story of mine
-- H20.hollym
Are we still ourselves if we restrict our every behavior to make us like ourselves better? And which is us, the one held back or the one doing the holding back?
-- Fiona Ella

Wipe your smile from my lips.
- Drift

this i must carry alone
- adalet
He laughs
with mouthfuls
of rain water
- Love to write
Santa Fe has stopped being a beautiful, out of reach location in a musical, but instead is another statistic. And that's what they are now - not tragedies anymore, not something met with shock, but statistics, a quiet sigh in the back of a classroom, the whisper of "there's been another".
-- Sherlock's Nobody
My bus hurries past flags at half mast,
And I can't help but wonder,
If they're there for,
Santa Fe,
Or Indiana
- Icarus Blackmore
I can't morph into a cloud
If I'm just a rock,
Just like I can't dream
If I don't have a destiny.
- Anna P.
 I look too much at the night sky, explore the stars in my mind, meet people and see things beyond my imagination. I'm not grounded enough - I should be doing homework, not lying on the roof, staring at the stars. Even in class, my mind's not there; I'm floating among those balls of light which seem so small from here. In my mind, they're not tiny pinpricks in the blanket of space, but giants, giving life to the worlds surrounding them.
- SherlocksNobody
I shudder - ten more dead kids.
- SilverGoose
a school shooting; the killing of ten student's lives and hundreds of others' safety and security is NOT a tool to wield over another school's loudspeaker to get another set of a couple hundred students to behave as decent high-minded citizens. The act of being decent citizens should NOT be associated with the 17-year-old that used all the wrong outlets of power and control to navigate the world; who failed in that regard. The sickening and horrendous act of the bullets shot to kill Aaron, Angelique, Kimberly, Cynthia, Sabika, Chris, Jared, Shana, Glenda, and Christian should NOT be used as an example; a motivation to more students to be better people. Period.
- H20.hollym
I walked down the sidewalk, the slip of paper a folded opportunity in my back pocket.
- H20.hollym
It's a shame to be any less free than you're supposed to be.
--Love to Write

In their world, I am too quiet
In my world, I am too loud
What am I in this world?
Whose world is this world?
- g_rob02

In America, I
am too Iranian.
In Iran, I
am too American.
I can't
decide what
to do.
- Nightheart
My hand quivers as I lower it to the strings
I draw the bow across them
a golden wave of sound
my fingers twitch
my arms tremble
the violin cries out with joy
judges look on
nailed it
- sumneri
i've gone from wanting to own a cupcake shop to wanting to be an fbi agent.
is this growing up?
- Piper
Like speaking to a butterfly,
or shouting at a moth,
all you can do
is make sounds I don't understand,
and all I can do
is listen.
- Michmich
i have been ignored, shushed, and shut out about my problems and my feelings so many times
by the time someone finally cared to listen
i had already pushed it aside
by the time you asked, i was already done with it
- sasha

I hate
you hate
we all hate
and the country
comes tumbling down
- Nightheart
Don't we all love the little hunks of metal that claim to rearrange our teeth?
- nean_bean
Ticks and fleas are the bouncers of the woods.
- sburnse
It's that time of the year. I get increasingly anxious as I watch those select few seniors, those ones I allowed myself to get close to, even if they don't know me. They're graduating in not even two months, disappearing, forever out of reach. And next year, I already know whose graduation I'm dreading. The year after that? It's me, flung out into the unknown, left to fend for myself, clueless and lost. I know that as much as I want to keep in touch with all my friends, I'll lose them as soon as any one of us leaves this hell of a school. And I'm terrified.
- SherlocksNobody
Had tears been drawn
from dry canals,
had hands been soft and warm.
Had cribs been polished and gentle,
creaking in a natural rhythm,
just loud enough to fill the silence in eerie corners.
Just quiet enough to know
you're not alone.
- Michmich
This world would a better place if everyone smiled a little more.
- Laura hi101
Spring is my favorite time of year. I can wear my socks and sandals.
- Harper the Lee

I had such a clever idea an hour ago. I wanted to write it on the inside of my binder so I wouldn't forget. I figured it was interesting enough I'd probably remember.
I forgot.
- Fiona Ella
Spring is a cat,
curled before the hearth,
stretching awake at long last,
flicking raindrops in its mirth.
It scratches at the door--
here, and then away.
But all is well and good
when Spring comes out to play.
- Noruinin
Kissed by yellow petals saying hello.
- AliciaMarie7
The guitar is making me vulnerable, as are the words I sing.
- Rubber Soul
My storm has never stopped.
- Love to write
He, him, his.
She, her, hers.
Me, she, he.
-Rubber Soul
Frustration seeps
through the crack
in my window when I think
about what our world has come too.
--Love to Write

It's that chair again - that one that squeaks each time you move. Nobody knows whose it is, except for the person sitting in it. Each person wriggles slightly in their own seat, listening for that awful sound. Confident that they're not the source of that painful screeching, they now look around, listening, wondering who it is. Some find out, but most will never know. At least, not until it's them sitting in that one chair.
another moment floats away
on wisps of wings
--Mossy Oak
We're not the kind of ghosts you think we are.
-- Love to Write
Someone yells at someone else. Someone yells back. I yell to stop yelling. Someone yells at me. Someone else yells for no particular reason other than for the sake of yelling. Someone starts singing. Someone yells at them. Three people yell at that person. Someone throws a shoe. Someone squishes a spider. Someone yells at them for squishing the spider. A teacher yells for everyone to stop yelling and get to class.
I feel like I am constantly running towards a goal that someone else set.
--lila woodard
Skiing Haiku
Top of the mountain
Icy fire fills my lungs
I breathe out and soar
-- Icestorm
Life is but a tiny moment, a short story in a long history. My great grandmother died last week. Hers was but a short story in this world but a big start to many others. I am proud to be her great granddaughter and that she was a big part of my story. I will always remember her cooking in her tiny kitchen asking me "did you eat yet hita?" and her lovely laugh. She would light a candle whenever something was going on in my family and pray for them no matter what. one of the kids had a cold and she would hear about it she would light a candle. My mom who has been long separated from her grandson (my dad) and was having twins and she lit a candle for them. No matter what she prayed and held space for every one in the family, she was like a beacon that brought everyone together. I will always love her.
-- wondering about rain

I stood in the lunch line, waiting. My friend stood behind me, loading up her tray. "Where are we sitting today?" I asked cheerfully. I always looked forward to this time of the school day.
"I don't know..." she trailed off as she looked at a table across the room. At that table sat her girlfriend, plus our other two friends who are together. There was no extra seat for me.
"Oh.." I said as the realization hit. "It's ok... I'll just sit somewhere else." I tried to sound optimistic, but even I heard the undertones of hurt in my voice. I walked away quickly, before she could see my face. It has always been the five of us, together through everything. But now... I'm a fifth wheel. I sat down at a different table, trying not to feel pathetic. A minute later though, I heard someone sit down next to me. It was my friend. She smiled at me. I then realized, that it didn't matter if I was an extra person. I smiled back.
-- Ink Sparks