Mar 09


Acrylic paint on canvas ~6" x 4"

Forest of light

Feb 25

Barred owl 2

These are some edited versions of the original post(:
Feb 25

Barred owl

Feb 25

Chilled/Snowflakes #4

Snowflakes #4, ice, mountains, and various bokeh experiments 

Golden memories

Acrylic paint on canvas,
11" x 14"
Feb 14

Another abstract

Could be used? not for anything in specific, idk 
Feb 14

Vertical for Tiny Writes

Unfortunately you can't see the whole thing, but there is more that is hidden.
Feb 14

For Line Break

Feb 13

Songbird community

I don't know if this would be any good for a page, just some digital art I did today:)
The second one's modified for Recent comments specifically 
Feb 13

Updated My Blog

Feb 13

The Daily Read

I expanded it so that it can be cropped - I don't know if this would be something good for the Daily Read...
Feb 07

For My Blog

Jan 24