Oct 12


Procreate drawing.
Oct 12

Another Uber-Chicken

Procreate drawing. 
Oct 08

A penguin.

Procreate drawing.
Oct 06


Here is a ridiculous doodle. I've been playing too much Oregon Trail*. :)

*video game
P.S. 'Uber' as in super, extra, not the taxi service. However, I suppose there is a parallel. :)


Sep 19

A glimpse of that other place

Sep 12

Self-portrait… of foot

Mechanical pencil.
Sep 10


A variety of mediums. :)
Sep 10

Pocket Treasures

Believe it or not, that object on the far left is a rock. {:|
Sep 06

What was that?!

Another digital doodle.
Sep 03

Balancing act

Digital doodles.
Sep 01


Using a photograph I took for reference, I sat down and painted for four hours and this was the result. :)
I felt kind of undead afterwards. 
Aug 28


Most of my friends eat it... It looks good... Smells good... I like similar foods.... 
Maybe I should try some {:|


Aug 26


Aug 25

Festive egg and horse toys

Aug 25

The disguises of the dog

(It's a long story....)