Jul 09

Adventures of a Small Knight

Pen and watercolor.
Jul 08

Clay Edibles III- The Cake

Materials: sculpey clay, glaze.
Jul 07

The Small Knight IRL

Pen and watercolor.
Jul 03

A Small Knight

Fixed! :D Thanks The Lone Cat!
Pen and watercolor.
Jun 28

Clay Edibles II- The Bread

Jun 25

Clay Edibles I -The Cheez-It

Jun 25

The Evening Field

Digital oil experiment in Adobe Fresco.

Jun 16

Strawberry Lady

Watercolor gel crayon.        ...bit of a mouthful {:[ maybe I should use an acronym.
                                                                              WGC? ....I dunno. 

Jun 09


Jun 03


Jun 01

Harvest soup WIP

May 31