Jul 01

My New Friend

Jul 01

Flowers And Harpies

Jun 29

Fresh Produce

Apr 29


Are you okay?
Are you lying?
                                        Of course.
Mar 07
poem challenge: Dreaming


A strange school,
reaching up to the sky.

Long staircases winding 
toward the clouds,
never ending.

Something is wrong
with that place,
it's halls
haunt my memories.

It has appeared
in my dreams
more than once.

What does it mean?

Something is wrong
with this place,
I cannot escape.

The hallways are white,
much too clean.

Is this a hospital?

I cannot escape,
please help me get out.

I need to get out of my mind...
Feb 12


How hard do I push myself?

How much energy can I give
before I fall apart?

A muscle in my leg
protests the movement
as I hit the floor

The bruise on my knee
grows bigger each day

Each day I break even more
Jan 28


Sometimes I don't want to talk about how I feel.

Sometimes I just want to be left alone.

Sometimes I don't want your help.

Sometimes I want to push through all on my own.
Jan 28


my restless knee bounces
up and down
up and down

trying to control the adrenaline
pumping through my veins

my natural instincts telling me
that this is scary
I need to fight or run away

but I'm in class
I can't attack the teacher
or run out of the room

so instead
my knee goes up and down
my fingers play invisible piano keys

just trying to release
this unneeded energy

the boy on my right
and the girl
on the other side of the room

their knees bounce too
up and down
up and down

adrenaline in our veins
coming out through our feet
​in a blur of movement

the syncopated rhythm
of our three tapping feet

a symphony of anxiety
Jan 26

Wide Awake

I lay in my bed each night,
just staring at the ceiling.

Something doesn't feel right,
I just can't stop thinking
about all the things I've ever done.

I can't stop watching 
the dominoes falling.

Is it all in my head?

My world spins around me
as I lay wide awake
in my bed.
Jan 25

Strip Mall Harpies

Idk if these would be good for the new design, but here are some pics I took today!
Jan 21
poem challenge: America

America, Calm Down

why do you 
always shout?

Why are you
always fighting
against yourself?

everything isn't
black and white.

would it kill you
to meet in the middle?

Try to see
the other side
of the spectrum.

Try to understand
those you 
don't agree with.

don't jump
to conclusions.

please calm down
for once.
Jan 17

Winter Wonderland

Jan 15

Dancing In The Rain

Her face is round
and full of joy,
as the rain falls down
and the sun shines bright.

Her eyes are bright,
her smile is wide,
as she dances in the rain.

The rain falls,
but the sun still shines
and a rainbow
arches overhead.

She wears a tutu
and colorful rain boots
and a crown of flowers
in her hair.

She raises her arms to the sky,
laughing and twirling,

In this moment
the world is smiling,
reflecting the joy of a child
dancing in the rain.
Jan 13

Broken Glass Still Glitters

(This was an assignment for English. It was supposed to be an ode to myself, celebrating the ways in which I am amazing and praiseworthy. I had some trouble, but this is what I came up with.)

I can’t do this.

I can’t celebrate
this mess that I’ve become.

What can I say?

I was young,
I was ignorant.

I thought the world
would smile back.

Now I’m shattered,
rocking back and forth
on the floor 
of this cage that I built.

It’s all in my mind
all the time,
I’m not perfect.

If I’m not perfect
then I’ve failed.

I’m failing now,
this wasn’t the assignment,
but this is who I am.

I am broken glass
on the floor,
be careful where you step,
I don’t want you
to get hurt.

At least broken glass
still glitters.

Before you toss me out
hold me to the light,
Jan 11


my eyes are being eaten
by this screen.

i sit in front of it
every single day,
it hurts.

my eyes,
my head,
everything hurts.

blue light
eating away
at my corneas.

it invades my mind.

i want to throw it
out a window.

i want to throw it
at a wall.

i want to let it die,
never charge it again,
and hide it.

i don't want to see it
and yet,
i can't look away.

i can't look away,
i've been sucked in.