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Six Strings

Dec 07

The Most Important Thing About Writing

The most important thing about writing (in my opinion) is the motivation behind your writing.
Dec 06

I'm on Youtube!

I'm starting a youtube vlog about writing!
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Fall Walks

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Art Is

Nov 28
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I cant find my nuts!!!!

“I know I buried them somewhere,” I said to myself.
Nov 24
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Nov 22

Respected Perspective Differences

She was a ghost of a girl,
She lives her life to the fullest. 
She learned to live on her own,
She's never, ever alone. 
She knew she could never do it,
She always had faith she would. 
Her tears ran constantly while her head stayed down. 
Her smile brightened millions and her head was held high. 
She was but a ghost of a girl,
But she was but the silhouette of a ghost. 

Nov 21


[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Grace Safford] Taken from Challenge

I wonder why there is a fence here. Is it to keep me out? To keep something else in? To keep me in and them out? Why must we be separated? What is the point, the purpose of this barrier? Is it a necessity?
Nov 21

Details (MadCap: Non-Magnetic Poetry)

Sticking talent where stories might embrace details.
Fighting Words
A moment in the sun.
The story of Dandruff.

Nov 21
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Perched on a Thought