Dec 03

Winter snowman

Escher Cat

Dec 02

Fat cat grafix

Physical pen and marker.

These were inspired by my cat Dip who always ends up in some hilarious positions XD
I've been working on my form of the cats and turned them into little cards.
Dec 02

Sunset in Shaximiao (Revised)

Sichuan, China

170,000,000 mya


Dec 01


Dec 01

Life Goes On

Nov 30


Nov 30

Snowy Trees

Pastel Sky

Fading Daylight

Nov 29


Nov 28

Christmas Sunset

Nov 28

Christmas Trees


Watercolor inspired by the game The Last Campfire.
Nov 27

Little Brook

Nov 26

Christmas Puppy

Nov 25

Clouds and Sun

Nov 25

Orange Sunset

Nov 25


Baby yoda stamp

Umm, stamp carving I guess??