Aug 24

Wolf in Blossoms

Aug 24

Shadow Lion

Aug 24
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The Good Thoughts Story

1. Good Thoughts started as an idea for my senior project. It was quite a bit ambitious and very unconventional but exciting nonetheless. YWP support of the project made it a reality!

2. Thank you to all of you incredible writers for sharing your stories. Your unique voices were the inspiration behind this project. This square was created during a workshop Susan and I led at King Street. 

3. I had the goal of 100 squares. We far surpassed that... with over 150 including the King Street squares! This square I tied at the top of Camel's Hump at sunrise. The 2am wakeup was worth it. 

4. A few of the squares I reserved for the place that inspired the words. The past two summers, I've worked in a biomedical research lab. Each morning, I go to the ice room to get an ice bucket for my samples. This square is taped to the ice machine as an everyday reminder to be curious. 
Aug 22

summer blooms

Aug 19

Shades of Orange

Aug 15

Out on the dock

Aug 14

In progress page, workspace

My mostly organized desk.
the wolf’s name is Marshmellow.
The rooster in the last picture is my buddy White Falcon.<3
Aug 14

Photo essay: Rutland

This collection of photos demonstrates the variety of art and artistic displays in Rutland.

The first few photos were taken along West and Center Streets and showcase the murals and sculptures present there. The photos following those were taken at the local Farmers’ Market which is located in a plaza.

The next slides highlight some of the architecture of Rutland. Included in those photos are shots of the Center Street Alley, the Library, and the Court House.

Finally, the last few photos show the Chaffee Art Center exhibit. Recently, the Chaffee has put together an exhibition of local artists, such as Spaulding Dunbar, whose closeups and portraits are present in this collection of images, and Jen Rondinone, who painted the large upright image of rope against the side of a house.

Create a photo essay of your community!
Aug 12

A reminder that we care

Aug 12

Photoshop art

Aug 07


Very happy human.
And my very first not small furry creature!
Aug 07
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This is my courage

Aug 06


On my way to the YWP offices today, and what do I see...
(Love it, sophie.d - thanks for the morning smile!)
Aug 05

Out of the Darkness

Jul 29

The Painter

Jul 29

P.S. I Didn’t Dance

Jul 27

Photo essay: Enosburg Falls

Over the years, Enosburg Falls has been like a ball of yarn that just keeps unraveling despite its deceptively small size and surprising me with different colors and textures. Its unique stories, fascinating people and beautiful views knit together to create a quintessential image of a Vermont home-town.

1) View of the falls from the Bridge of Flowers of Light
2) The Enosburg Historical Museum and the Orange Caboose 
3) The Enosburg Opera House
4) A section of Main Street
5) The Enosburg Community Center sign
6) The historic Diesel Electric Plant
7) Enosburg Public Library
8) A beautiful farm just outside of town
Jul 26


Jul 25

Nature Shapes

Jul 25

Tree Of Wonder