Sep 19

A glimpse of that other place

Sep 19


great hike, though a little cloudy at the top
i was so scared the bees were going to come out of the nest and chase me so i wasn't able to get a great pic (i ran so fast when i saw a bee come out of it haha) 
Sep 19

Vermilion Lights

Sep 19
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Sep 17

Dark sunset

Sep 16

Coloring experiment!

Here is a couple drawings I did in low light so I couldn't see the colors of the markers very well, It was a fun experiment and resulted in a drawing I'm actually pretty proud of. 
Sep 16

A watching eye?

No matter where I go I feel like I'm being watched
I try to run, I try to hide but nothing is working,
no matter where I am it's always watching,
I don't know how to get it to leave me alone,
I don't think I'll be alone again...
Sep 15

Tomato Vine

Sep 15


Sep 14


Sep 13

flowers (:

im officially obsessed with taking photos of flowers 
Sep 12

Self-portrait… of foot

Mechanical pencil.
Sep 12

Paths of Light

Sep 10
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Sep 10


A variety of mediums. :)
Sep 10

Pocket Treasures

Believe it or not, that object on the far left is a rock. {:|