Oct 20

Inktober, nice sunset

Hey peeps, just wanna say I’m reeally behind on alla my inktober stuff, so I’ll try my best to post a few every once an’ a while.  If there’s any I missed at the end a’ October, I’ll finish ‘em  up then post ‘em  all at once.
’Pologies ‘bout th’ lack a’ consistency, bin a bit busy... anyway, thanks everybody, I really enjoy young writer’s project, so here’s to everyone who made it so welcoming, Thanks!!

(If you’re confused about all the abbreviations, I decided to write the way I talk, for fun... Dunno why.
pleaz tell me if it’s annoying.)
Oct 19

Attempt at a Still Life No. 1

Red globs= beets, mis-shapen objects= well, objects. And yes, the glass thing with oil (that was supposed to be oil....) is falling over.
Oct 18

Winter Wonderful

Winter is a fabulous season, it brings us the tidings of Christmas and the joy of a new year. It brings the biting cold that you can only love. The white snow that makes you smile every time you see it. The frost on your window that shows that Jack Frost came to visit. The season of skiing, sledding, and snowball fights. The best time of the year to drink hot chocolate. The time to play with your siblings and act like a young child again. The time to make snow angels and bundle up for the cold. The time to turn on the heat in your house and appreciate the warmth it brings. If you believe, winter is the most magical season of the year.

Oct 16

fall drive

Oct 15

AO Glass

My homeschool group and myself went to AO Glass in Burlington VT today, to see people blow and shape glass. I got some pretty cool pictures and wanted to share with anybody who was interested. 
Oct 15
Leviahthan's picture

Maine view

Oct 13

Apple Orchard Adventure

Oct 12

making a film: props part two

went to the dollar store and managed to purchase literally all but two of the props i need. more costume shopping awaits (although i have run out of money). things are either coming together or about to fall apart. 

but seriously, does anyone know how to make the photos not sideways? is there a specific set of dimensions they have to have? 
Oct 12


Oct 12


Oct 11

making a film: props (part one)

hazel's house is almost fully cast, but for one ghost and a few people who haven't confirmed. costumes for all but a few of the characters have been purchased. shooting locations are starting to become a concern, order of filming is on my mind, and we have met with one of our actors and have a plan ot meet with another already. i've made a few minor changes to the script so it can be shot with the cast we have. so in the meantime there's only one thing to do that i take care of: props.
Oct 11

Watercolor and Gouache on paper (I, unfortunately, could not think of a title)

(For some reason most of the picture would get chopped off if I tried to upload it in portrait mode, so of course it is not meant to be on its side.... Is there a way to upload it in vertical orientation so cranning one's head to the side is not required?)
Oct 10

Newspaper Boy

Oct 10

Haunted Kitty

Black cats have always been looked at as bad luck around Halloween time. Children notice one strolling down the street and are slightly more afraid of the cat than if it was a different color because of the stories made. Children's books sumarize black cats as witches' friends and evil, but in truth they are very loving if taken care of. When I first saw my cat I thought to myself, Do I really want a black cat? It could give me bad luck... Turns out I did because I got her. She was the smallest, fastest kitten in the room; always hiding and never wanting to be touched. After I got her, I spent many hours keeping her company and attempting to build a relationship with this cat. Now, 3 years later, she and I have an unseperable bond. Shadow gives good luck around Halloween instead of unluckiness that most black cats are seen to give. Whenever you see a black cat, I hope you now think about good luck instead of bad luck. 
Oct 08

Anthology 10 Book Launch!

Anthology 10 Reading, Sunday, October 6th
Congratulations to all the YWP writers and artists published in Anthology 10! The work read on Sunday was all-around powerful, moving, and beautiful. I feel incredibly fortunate to photograph these amazing events! Congrats everyone! (You can download Anthology 10 here.)
Oct 07

some drawings of green gender-less aliens

Oct 07

Last Winter - WOW

Just wanted to share this photo I took while skiing at Bolton Valley with my friends on February 1st, 2019. It was a beautiful day.

Oct 06

Summer Fading

Oct 05

the morning's wonders

went on a walk this morning, got some ok shots, anybody got any ideas on filters or croping?