Jun 26


I've never posted a vertical image before
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Jun 25

Thought Trails

Where does your mind go when you're quietly alone?
It weaves its way here and there and everywhere.
One glimmer of joy leads to another worry...
Which leads to another drop of happiness, which leads to...
Thoughts and emotions following obscure, vibrant pathways
Of colors and lines and shapes and images
In a twisting and twirling never-ending cycle.
Literally and metaphorically, thoughts have a mind of their own.
Jun 22

Beneath my fingers

Jun 22


Jun 21


Jun 21

Let It Go

Jun 21


This is what my day has looked like
Studying because I know it's right
Or at least trying my hardest to
Yet always falling back here
Into writing

35. piezo- Gk. pressure <hyperpiesis, piezochemistry, piezometer> [Cf. L press-.]

As if I understand what any of that means
Although I suppose I understand the pressure concept quite enough
Jun 21

Happy Place

Jun 21

Into the mushroom forest we go

Jun 18

Rainy Day

Jun 16

Beach Days

(Part 1 of my 2 part photo series) 
Jun 15

Yellow Moon

Jun 06

Moon Girl

Mechanical/colored pencils. 
Jun 06

Sun Boy

Mechanical/colored pencils.
Jun 05
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Jun 03
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In the moment,
the air stilled,
the clouds started to part,
the light started to shine through the thick clouds
like lightning in a storm.

As time ticks by,
a new chilly breeze gently brushed past my fingers,
causing them to slowly turn into icicles. 

My eyes don't leave the sunset, 
not for a second, 
I watch the sun slowly set,
the golden light mixing with the light blue sky. 

In the moment,
the air is still, 
clouds have parted, 
my fingers are icicles, 
and the sunset has gone,
leaving me with the stars.

The stars shine bright and true, 
leading the way for a new adventure,
making way for the unexpected
May 29
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Look Up!

If you look up, look at the sky.
The clouds scatter the sky.
Like a shield from the sun.
The hue of the sky, 
So beautiful 
So vibrant 
If you look up, look at the sky.