Jan 15


I wasn't quite sure how to put pictures up. So I'm trying it out and here we are.

Best buddy

Jan 13

When the height starts to hurt


The green stuff is my favorite.

Just havin fun

it's all my photography/digital art, just smushed together, with a variety of different free programs, and screen shots. :) 

if you ask.

Jan 10

Faces 2

Another go at digital art- I was originally going for a fiery look like the second one.

Forgetful. . .

My pets

Well, I guess I forgot about the chickens.......

Proof that I will paint anywhere just for the sake of it.

In order of appearance: 
fried egg, on closet door
squid and floating island on wall trimming
cloudy sky in progress on ceiling 
Jan 06

Presidential Map

My latest project: A Presidential Map which is basically a way of tracking the election.

So the way it works is every state has a date in it which is the day of their caucuses or primaries. The pictures are all of the people running for president in an attempt at alphabetical order with Marianne Wiliamson at the top because she's my favorite.) As the year goes on, I will cross out people who leave the race and write down the date which they dropped out. Every time a state holds its caucuses/primaries, I will write in the state whoever got the most votes for the Republicans and same for the Democrats. (I'm also gonna write down how many Marianne Williamson got if she doesnt get the top score just cause I like her. ;)) Anyway ta da! I'll keep you all update through tiny writes about the election and stuff so look for that! 

Card game


My pine marten friend Cedar, and new character Copper Fox. 

(In case it is confusing, Copper is not an updated version of Cedar,
or a replacement, he is a separate character.)


this wonderful peice, was sketched by one of my best friends, onto my closet door, and I used my love for paint to color it. I hope you all like it as much as i do. 
Jan 01


So... I tried doing origami today. This was my attempt at a crane I believe. This is why I stick to writing.

a frozen moment


A wonderful goose from the annual citizen science bird banding. 

New sketchbook, new art

Rey and BB-8 and the Tintin one are going to hopefully be watercolor, unless I mess them up. 

The second one is marker, and the third is sketches. 

Random and rather ancient

Cave art I still kinda like.
The face on the plate is made of cornbread.