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Apr 22

Dry Ice

Apr 22

Rhode Island

Apr 21


Apr 20

Polygon Portrait

Apr 20
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Vermont Spring

Apr 19

Fight Fire With Fire

Apr 19
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Rainy Road

Apr 18

The Difference Between

One side is what we have been doing to our Earth and it's plants.
The other side is what the world should be, happiness and color.
Apr 18

"Jumpsuit" by Twenty-One Pilots

Apr 17

Yogurt Lord: Origins

This was a comic I did for a class, and I wanted to share it!
Apr 16

Purple Polygon Portrait

Apr 14

happiness is...

Happiness is the ocean.
Salt and seaweed breeze.
Pulling you in,
So cold and fresh.
Stinging sharp when you emerge.
Running down the beach,
Leaving footprints in your wake.
Marking that you were there,
Until they disappear when the tide comes in.
Apr 13

The Warped Snag

Apr 12

synesthetic art #4

1. "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals
2. "emo girl" by Machine Gun Kelly ft. WILLOW