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YWP Book Club


The YWP Book Club will start reading Some Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart on July 24th. Each month, we all vote on a book to read together as a community, and this is what you picked for July/August! There will be discussions,...


This workshop will show you how to comment and give feedback on the work of your fellow YWP writers.

Commenting on someone's piece is not just saying "Great job!" or "I LOVED it!" Giving someone a productive, informative, and useful comment goes far beyond a simple "Nice poem" one-liner...
Name: Completion Time: 4 hrs or 50 minutes

Story Starter

This workshop is designed to help you find and explore story ideas BUT but but maybe not finish anything.

We know that's contrarian, but we want you to find an idea you're excited about. So, if in doing this workshop, you find that idea, well, that's...
Name: Name: Completion Time: 1-2 hrs.

Sound Story

This workshop will help you make strong recordings of yourself narrating your favorite posts. YWP loves to have you use audio for two reasons:
  1. When you say your piece out loud you'll discover some changes that need to be made.
  2. We have several publication outlets that ...

The 5-Photo Story

First, some acknowledgments to De Controleon (not a real name) at https://www.flickr.com/photos/tekstbazaar/  for creating the "Bag Lady" 5-photo story. 

This workshop is for play. And...
Name: Completion Time: 6-8 hours

Storytelling101 -- SOS2017

This workshop is aimed at getting you to tell a tale. And this workshop will show how a story can come from the seemingly commonplace and how it can come from some small thing that happens to you, or that you see, or that comes out of your brain (by accident.) We'll  emphasize prose, but if you...