Name: Completion Time: 4 hrs or 50 minutes

Story Starter

This workshop is a revival. We started it, by accident, earlier, but now we begin in earnest. Bring your storytelling chops to this fun session that will help you find and explore story ideas BUT but but maybe not finish anything.

Name: Completion Time: 2 hours

Record It!



Well here's a secret, that we at YWP try not to make a secret: We love audio. So do a lot of our media partners. So if you can create a nice, high quality audio recording of yourself narrating/telling/speaking your piece (and it's a...
Name: Completion Time: 10-12 hours


This workshop is aimed at helping you create a 10-minute play that you like. As an added bonus, YWP will be selecting several plays for special presentation in the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival in May 2018. ANY young person from ANYWHERE can participate; and you can see how your play is...