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The 5-Photo Story

First, some acknowledgments to De Controleon (not a real name) at https://www.flickr.com/photos/tekstbazaar/  for creating the "Bag Lady" 5-photo story. 

This workshop is for play. And...

Storytelling - 101

This workshop is aimed at getting you to tell a tall tale. Not so tall that no one believes it, but a story that has some basis for truth. 

Two things about storytelling:
  1. Some of the best, most memorable, most powerful stories are about a small, seemingly mundane event or exchange...
Name: Completion Time: 3 hours


So Vermont youths (and guests), gather around, lend an ear.

This week -- March 15 -- 18, our little Island of Awesomeness, our Galaxy of Stupendous, our Oasis of Niceness will get some visitors. Aboard the S.S. Vermontish of the fabled Royal Carribbean line (...
Name: Completion Time: 8-10 hours total

Middlebury Playwrights Workshop -- COMPLETED


Welcome to the Middlebury Playwrights Workshop – a progression of mentored writing activities designed to help you write and develop your own 10-minute play. 

This workshop was designed by Middlebury students taught by award-winning playwright Dana Yeaton. His advanced playwriting...