Sep 22

The YWP story

There is no one better to tell YWP's story than the young people who live it:

A little more about YWP ... 

Since Young Writers Project's beginnings in 2006, we have inspired, improved, published and promoted the work of thousands of young writers and artists across Vermont and beyond. We want the YWP magic to continue! YWP is seeking your help to stabilize our funding so we can continue to provide teens this amazing creative space, supportive mentoring, and exciting opportunities for publication and performance.

YWP relies solely on the donations of generous individuals, businesses and foundations. We are not funded by schools and we don't have a long-term benefactor. Our programs are offered at little or no charge. Every dollar that is donated is put in service of our mission. See what we've been doing lately! And... Please donate today! 

YWP is ... a safe space for middle and high school students who are:
Figuring out who they are and where they fit in. Identity development begins in early adolescence and dominates these formative years. Pathways, positive or negative, take shape quickly. YWP offers a way toward a rewarding life, rich in creativity, community and other uplifting values.
Isolated by circumstance. Many of the teens who rely on YWP live in rural areas, are recent immigrants, or are economically disadvantaged. Some are simply left out of the social cliques that can make school such a crucible for introverts, artists, or just people who are "different." At YWP, they find support and validation.
Searching for more. Ordinary school days can fall flat for some kids. They yearn for a place to go to be with people who write, create, and challenge their abilities.
Looking ahead to college and careers. By providing guidance on college essays and strengthening basic writing skills, YWP helps young people prepare for college and their eventual careers.
Soon to become young adults: Many people who "grow up" at YWP stay with our organization as mentors, building their commitment to public service and the arts while helping the next generation of writers and artists.

Thank you for supporting YWP!