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fiction 0 comments challenge: Fable
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Once upon a time on a planet galaxies and galaxies away. There is a planet almost exactly like earth. Just some of the animals don’t look right. But on that planet there lived a bear. He was purple like all bears on that planet. This particular bear loved to eat. He would eat everything in sight. He would eat entire honey bee hives and eat all of the strawberry’s in the fields. But bear didn’t have any friends. No one liked him because when he was invited to there house he would eat all of their food. So now he just roams the forest looking for food. One day bear was invited to rabbit’s house for dinner. He was so excited to go eat at his house that he forgot to knock on the door and broke it down. Rabbit was in the bathroom and was startled by the racket. He ran into the living room and gave bear a taste of his own medicine. He made bear fix his door and also made him sit in the corner and eat carrots. This made bear very angry and bear got up, marched over to rabbit and threw him out the window. Bear thought that he killed Rabbit so he bolted outside and carried Rabbit back in. He apologized to Rabbit and made Rabbit his favorite meal and cared for him for the rest of the night. The next day bear went back to his cave and sat there depressed. Then he thought of something that he hadn’t ever thought before. He was going to go on a diet. After a couple of weeks he was as skinny as a rail. When he went over to someone's for dinner he wouldn’t eat them out of house and home. He would eat his meal, say thank you and go on his way. The moral of this story if to not be greedy and to be kind.

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