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Oct 17


You (or your character) are actually stranded on a desert island. How'd you get there? Who else is with you? What's your plan!?
Oct 19

Spirit Animal

A spirit animal can be defined as the animal that best represents you. In a poem or a story, tell us about your spirit animal, and/or how you came to understand what your spirit animal is.
Aug 19


Beauty: What is beauty to you? Do you have a unique idea of beauty, one that might not be shared by others? Describe someone or something that is beautiful to you.
Oct 04

Winter Tales

Tell a winter story in short descriptive or narrative poetry or prose. Go for original! Avoid "seasonal" cliches (hot chocolate, mistletoe). The best will be selected for presentation by the Vermont Stage Company at its annual Winter Tales production at FlynnSpace in Burlington in December.
Oct 14

Secret Life

Not all is what it seems... You have a second life, that none of your regular friends know about. What's the story?
Sep 20

YWP Stories

Everyone has a YWP story. We want to hear yours! How has this site helped you? How have you grown? What did you find here that was unexpected? Can you describe a YWP moment that changed your perception of yourself, or gave you a new lease on life? What have you gained from getting comments or being published or connecting with other writers and artists?

In addition to making us feel warm and fuzzy, your stories will help us grow this site! We plan to publish your tales all over (anonymously, if you wish) as videos, sound bites and text stories. They'll let other kids know what they can gain by joining and help funders understand what YWP is and why it matters. 

Thanks to all who have responded to earlier versions of this challenge and to those who plan to respond with a new story.  We're standing by, ready to comment!



Sep 19

Nov 5 - Fall Conference

YWP's Fall Conference is back and better than ever! Create work using words, photos, sound, poetry, humor and performance... all in one whirlwind day! You'll get to try out ALL of the workshops in the morning and then choose two to dive into in the afternoon. We'll have an open mic at lunch where you can present some of you newest work. Oh, and don't forget the prize drawings! We'll give away books, chocolate and a super-secret, extra-special grand prize! Read on for schedule and other important details.
Oct 19
H Swett's picture

To Our Future President (and I’m praying her name will be Hillary)

Dear Future President,
            For some reason, there is a prevalent idea in our country that politics and emotions should be separate. I do not understand this way of thinking. If we separate our emotions from the changes we make in the world, I believe that we run the risk of making decisions that are not fully informed (even if we have all the “facts”). Our initial desire to change something is usually fueled by an emotion, whether it’s hope, anger, fear or love. So why would we argue that you should stop feeling all of a sudden, when you become president? I hope you will be the leader in this revolution and, as president, do what your heart tells you to do.
Oct 18
in fiction 2 Comments challenge: Stranded

The Changing Island

The Changing Island

 How will I get back home? I don't even know how I ended up here in the first place.
One day I will be back in cozy, warm, home. For now, I'm stuck on this deserted desert in the middle of nowhere.
But here's the thing, The desert, Is an island. And here's the other thing, The sand is wet when water washes up across the shore, right?
No. When you run your fingers through the sand, It's dry. As dry as a bone. I mean, there's got to be a reason for this.
Maybe this place is fake. I doubt it though, I tried to swim out there, and ended up passing out (started drowning). Then I end up right here 
again. Perfectly dry.
My watch just says 12:00 and never changes. Plus, the sun won't move. Never. It just stays there. Even during the night.
Oct 16
eulusivepurplepanda's picture

A Flame in Snow (inspired by the fariytales of Hans Christian Anderson)

                                                                                                 Act 1
​                                                                                The child born of winter

The great storm had raged on for days with no sign of ending as if summer would never come. Cold, whispering wind moaned through the trees like ghosts in the night. Making it hard for anyone to stay outside for long for fear of catching ill or frostbite. Many had already fallen victim to its merciless grip. The land was left desolate and barren to all who passed. It was almost as if fire itself had given up. In truth, it had become hard to keep a steady fire going for long. The storm had come to claim all warmth. This twas a storm so vile no peasant or royal was safe from it. The weather was especially hard on those who relied on the season for food like a local fisherman. He had gone hungry for much a time now. The fisherman lived on the edge of town in a small cabin near one of the biggest lake in all the kingdom. He lived alone. Most of his family had passed away long ago when he was but a boy. Well, that is until on one peculiar night.
At almost midnight, there was a knock at his door. Not used to visitors, he reluctantly answered the door to find a woman standing in the doorway. She stood there like an apparition almost as white as the snow itself. Her cheeks redder than blood as if a life force clung desperately to her. Her lips were blue. She wore a thin cape and snow covered clothes that seemed to provide no warmth at all. In a sickly voice she said, "Please sir, if -if you could be so kind as to invite me into your home."

Apply Today!

Sep 15

YWP Academy -- Apply Now!

YWP Academy: a new area designed to help users learn specific writing and digital media skills, and explore specific topics -- now accepting applications for our pilot phase!

YWP seeks 75 enthusiastic folks aged 12-18 to explore YWP Academy and provide feedback. The application process is easy - just tell us who you are, why you're interested and what you want to learn. You'll be asked to participate in and review at least two "Playlists" between November 1 and December 31.

In exchange, we'll give you FREE year-long access to YWP Academy in 2017 (memberships are valued at $120 each). Questions? Send them to [email protected].

Aug 11

How This Community Works

This site is a community that provides peer, mentor and professional support through reactions to individual posts, projects (youth-led, artist-supported initiatives) and, formal learning Playlists--offered for a small fee (or free if you can't afford.) This community has only one rule--RESPECT--which creates one of the most civil spaces on the Internet. We value that; if you know that your ideas will be supported, it's easy to try something new, to take a risk.

This site is open to all youths from anywhere. To ensure that youths -- and approved adults -- are the primary participants we:
  • Check the information you provide on your application to verify that you are who you say you are; THAT MEANS THERE WILL BE A DELAY BEFORE APPROVAL. Please be patient with us. 
  • IF information you provide is false, your application will not be approved. So please be accurate and truthful.
  • We do not share personal information with anyone; the information is only viewable by YWP staff.
YWP retains the initial copyrights of submitted work; we do so to facilitate easy publication/presentation of your best work with our partners. HOWEVER, you are automatically granted full commercial rights to your work and may do whatever you wish with your own material, without acknowledging YWP or seeking our permission. If any youth needs to be granted back the full copyright, we are happy to do so; simply email Geoffrey Gevalt, call him at 802-324-9537 or write him c/o Young Writers Project, 47 Maple St., Suite 106, Burlington, VT 05401

Aug 03

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