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Special Challenge

Nov 14

Student Voice

(OK, OK, the pic is a cheap stunt; this is NOT about Hogwarts)

Do you wish you had more say in your school? More control in what you did in school? Didn't have grades?


Dec 02


Think back to one of your earliest memories. Tell us the story--from your perspective as a tiny human, or someone else's.
Dec 01


Tell a story about a special holiday tradition that your family has.
Nov 26


Home. Where do you feel most at home, most confident, most strong, most you? A room, a park, a workshop, a sports field? Why?
Include a photo if you can.

Nov 26


Photo5-Woman. Write a story or poem based on this photo.
(Photo by Mario Mancuso, Creative Commons license)
Nov 26


Fear. Write about a fear you have that others might think is irrational. Why does it have a hold on you?
(Photo by Sarah Gliech)

DigiWriMo Challenge

Nov 28

My Hopes -- Digiwrimo

MY HOPES: It is 2041. You are alive. The world has changed. What does it look like? Create a few characters and a story around the world in 2041. Do it as a reasoned essay, a poem, digital art, fiction. Imagine the best. If you can't do that, go the other way -- paint us a darker story.

Please use the hashtag: #digiwrimo as this is part of the Digital Writing Month 2016 challenge.

The Voice!

Nov 18

The Voice

Each month, and with YWP community members' help, YWP assembles the very best writing, images, audio and video for display in The Voice, our monthly digital magazine. This magazine celebrates the very best that this community produces. This month a special focus on the Election 2016. If you would like to help out on this project, please contact Susan Reid, Publications Coordinator and editor of the magazine. Please help build the audience for this magazine, by posting a link on your social media channels or on other Web communities. Thanks!

Daily Read

Nov 29

All the Good Things

The tree had always been there, but that was the way of trees. It was older than any of them,older than their parents probably, and maybe even their grandparents. It was tall and prickly, but still good for climbing. It invaded the personal space of Olive’s house, and it scratched incessantly on her window while she was trying to sleep. The trunk had more sap pockets than bark and Olive and Chloe would constantly poke and stab at them.They would run inside with sticky hands, or chase Luke around with outstretched arms. Sometimes the kids from the labyrinth of city streets and neighborhoods and suburbs that sprawled around Olive’s house would join in. Olive never said it outloud, maybe because Chloe and Luke never did, but she never liked it when anybody else was there. To her it was their tree, and no one else's.
Nov 04
in humor 2 Comments challenge: Ridiculous

The Scivelous Rump

    Wittlers, Ruler-Benders, My Toeish Friends, I gather you here on this fraglescrup of a day to discuss a very pressing issue in our community: The Scivelous Rump!! Now, many of you have been aware of the recent Birder Winkle Eye Watch, which wilks with its woes to keep our community goody. Alas! It be not enough scramblin to keep our thrab, pee-wee chillins in safe! Thus! You do hear my gigifrumpous voice a-calling all my toeish friends! We thare must be huphulumping and scramin all together now, for that’s how we’ll manage to calm The Scivelous Rump!

    Not only will we calm The Scivelous Rump, we will cage it an let our littery light shimmer on in this humledy place! For don’t you, my toeish friends and famidibly, don’t you wish to live your goyflumping lives here with goodschnidel and not some fearsome badschnidel? I certainly do!
Nov 18

Detective Gumshoe

A child's imagination can go anywhere. A child's imagination can think up anything. A child's imagination is rich and precious. A child can imagine a noir detective and a case for this detective to solve. This child did exactly that.

Winter Tales Winners!

Nov 28

Winter Tales!

Congratulations to the winners of the Winter Tales Challenge!
Eliza Goodell, Sophie Usherwood, Chloe Gagnon, Julia Remillard, Shannon MacDonald, Sophia Nistico, Saia Patel, Landon Smith, Finn Verdonk, Sophie Dauerman, Remy Schulz, Abby Simmons, Anna Phelps, Devon DeMarse!

The Vermont Stage Company will present two Young Writers Project pieces at each performance at FlynnSpace,153 Main St, Burlington, VT, Dec. 7-11!
All winners receive two complimentary tickets to their performance.
For more information and for tickets, click here!



Only ONE WEEK until SOUND CHECK, Young Writers Project and Burlington City Arts' open mic event for 13-19-year-old wordsmiths and performers on Friday, December 9, 7:00 p.m. at the BCA Center on Church Street in Burlington, VT.

SIGN UP in advance to perform or show up the night-of to hang out and support your fellow poets and storytellers. Performers will receive mentor advice on their words before the show and be invited to take part in a performance workshop and pizza session before the event. Snacks and fun for all once doors open at 7:00 p.m. READ MORE for details!

Give Anytime

Nov 23
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Oct 08

Comment Challenge

COMMENTS: This community now has more than 2,700 digital writers. Wow. Imagine if each of you reached out to another and gave them some feedback. Wouldn't that be a kick? Think how important comments are to you when you get them. Now it is time to return the favor. Here's how:
  • Post a COMMENT on someone else's post. Tell the author what you noticed, what moved you and, specifically, what you wondered about. Offer a suggestion if you can. Don't talk about spelling, grammar or punctuation unless you really really think it harms the content. NOTE: They will get an email saying you posted a comment.
  • RECIPROCATE by replying to a comment you received. Go one step further by commenting on a piece they wrote!
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