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PROJECT #digiwrimo -- a world-wide initiative to write something every day (or as many days as you can) is underway with some GREAT participation! Write each day (if you can) during the Month of November and gain FUN! FAME! Fortune! (er, prizes). You can write anything of any length on any topics or genre each day -- and more purpose -- your work will have audience. Doing #nanowrimo? NO PROBLEM! Post some of it here and use the DIGIWRIMO project tag. Prizes! (OMG did he say, prizes? YES, he did!)

Rules (sort of) are:
  1. Begins at 12:01 Nov. 1, 2015 (egads! that's Sunday!)
  2. Each day, share a piece of writing -- a poem, six-word story, piece of prose, a chapter or excerpt of a novel, a haiku, a rant, a response to one of our challenges (CLICK EXPLORE in header), an essay, a sprout ... whatever. Include digital media if you are so moved, OR the story can be all digital media -- visual art, sound ...  Do whatever!
  3. MAKE MISTAKES! Write horrible, dreadful stuff. Don't worry! Take a chance. Try things new! Just try to do something every day.
  4. CHOOSE the DIGIWRIMO PROJECT tag. (You can use the #digiwrimo hashtag, too.)
  5. Share it to the social media world ... we certainly will. And, again, use the #digiwrimo tag.
  6. Complete the month and win many prizes -- some silly, some valuable, some chocolatey.


Daily Read

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Night Lights

It was a dark (but not stormy) night, as most nights tend to be. I was riding in the car armed with nothing but a camera to defend myself from an impending case of boredom. Valiantly, I began pointed the afforementioned camera at various objects, but alas, they were too blurry to suit my taste.
Fear not, dear readers, for I realized that by shaking the camera around as fast as I could (I'm sure there are actual ways to adjust the shutter speed or whatever it's called, but I happen to be technologically disabled) the light smeared into laserlike patterns. As long as one remembers to embrace the blurriness, and accept the dozens of images gone hideously wrong, they too can become a night light ninja!
*Photos may take a long time to load. Please contact Kitkat via commenting with any questions or concerns.

Beaded Old Man- Bottled Hope

Daily Photo

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Special Anthology Edition of The Voice!

Congratulations to those whose Winter Tales will be presented!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WRITERS whose poetry and stories were selected by Vermont Stage Company to be performed at the 11th annual Winter Tales at FlynnSpace in Burlington, Dec. 9-13! For information and tickets, click here.
Thank you to all writers who submitted to this challenge! You can read all submissions here.

CLICK READ MORE to see the winning authors, links to their submissions and the dates of their performances: