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Weekly Challenges!

Find someone else's fictitious complaint or question from Advice Day 1 and write a response to it as if you were writing an advice column. Post your response as a new post and add a link to it in the comment section of the original complaint/question.

#twosaparty #summerofstories16 #livechallenge

Check this out for inspiration:


Now, respond to this challenge with a fictitious complaint or question (you can even post under a creative pseudonym), as if you were submitting it to an advice column in a newspaper.

#twosaparty #summerofstories16 #livechallenge

Lie Detector

You know the game, Two Truths and a Lie? Post two strange but true facts and a fake one. The facts do not have to be about you -- they can just be interesting facts you know!

Comments, please: Read other writers' posts and comment on which ones you think are lies.

Extension: Find an interesting fact someone else has posted (can be true or a lie) and use it as a prompt.

#twosaparty #summerofstories16 #livechallenge

Seeking... Day 2

Respond to someone's want ad from Day 1, offering your skills and partnership.

Extension: Collaborate on a project, then post the results!

#twosaparty #summerofstories16 #livechallenge

Seeking... Day 1

Post a want ad for a collaborative artist. What kind of collaboration are you looking for? Be specific.

#twosaparty #summerofstories16 #livechallenge

Jul 27
gg's picture

A note to the YWP Community

We are sorry the site was down so long yesterday, but you now see what we were up to:
  • A new look -- A different style, fonts and design
  • New functionality -- Easier ways to load digital media through the "ADD MEDIA" fields in your blog form:  audio (upload or record directly onto your blog); images (drag and drop multiple images at once that will automatically turn into a slideshow); video (embed from anywhere or upload from your phone or your desktop). We've also changed the comment system for a variety of reasons but you'll begin to see why soon.
  • A new layer of content -- We soon will be populating an entire network of content -- Playlists, collections of project-based exercises to build your skills and/or to dig deep into important topics -- that will be launched in early September.
And much more.

We have some fixes to do AND we will be finishing up with new, better ways to find the content that interests you most. We also will be adding some HOW TO and ABOUT pages, installing a way you can receive notificaitons when someone comments on something you have done or replies to your own comment or updates something you commented upon.

Because we know that you depend on this site as a working, vibrant, respectful community of ideas. And you want to get to it.

So post away. Give each other comments and support. And let us know what you think.


Jul 25
Maisie N's picture

Who Will You Be?

Let's sit down on a mountaintop
And take in all the people
Let's look down and smile
Upon our fantastic equals
Going about their everyday lives
Through pain that's unimaginable.
Yet we refuse to open our eyes.

See in this wonderful, wonderful life
It's hard to know if we matter at all
If being a good person is really important
We all get stuck thinking we're small
And that we're much too insignificant.
We think that our very existence
Is much too tiny to make a difference.

But that's where we're wrong

Jul 25
sophie.d's picture

Some Advice Would Suffice

I have a huge problem,
I hope you can see. 
I got smacked in the head 
By an elephantee.
Now, oh dear, 
I fear for my mind,
As my thoughts are all scrambled,
And not at all kind.
As I try to type this
A man with a bat,
Smacks my small frontal lobe
With a metal baseball bat.
The man picks up the words,
And jumbles them fast,
Into great long columns,
With carefully placed lasts.
Please, please help me,
I'm afraid it is true.
I can't stop rhyming
Oh what do I do?

Jul 24
Tardis_Girl's picture

Misted Waters

Dancing fog over misted waters,
Finding shade as the sun grows hotter,
Swift hot breeze carries the scent of daisies,
Slowly sleeping and growing lazy,
Ducks and ducklings single file,
Swiftly swimming all the while,
Busy traffic up ahead,
Yet again lights switch to red,
Summertime is hard to beat,
Just relax and put up your feet.


Jul 20
Fiona Ella's picture

Based off Your Search History

I am the sort of person who worries a lot, and the sort of person who will believe regardless of reasonable, practical doubt that her room, at night, is filled with evil lurking gaseous blue monsters from the lights, which means that sometimes my real worries don't seem validated. But yet consistently, always, when I scroll down to the bottom of the page and see those seven words, a shudder runs through me. 
Brattleboro, VT  based off your search history
I keep my location services turned off at all times—I see no reason that a device should know where I live, and not having location services provides some semblance of safety. So I have to wonder: Exactly what about my search history suggests what continent, let alone country, state, or town I live in?
To put that into perspective, here is an example of my recent search history: various Japanese anime movies and television shows, many of which are so obscure most of the population of my town would not have heard of them, sundry main themes to the aforementioned anime movies, other pieces by the composer of said main themes, poisons (slow-acting, fast-acting, etc., but because I write mysteries, not because I'm a murderer), what is going on with the Flavia de Luce television series the BBC was supposed to release last year, when the next Jackaby book is coming out, and various pieces of classical music (mostly Rimsky-Korsakov, but a bit of Mozart and Dvorak and a touch of Grieg and Holst). 

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