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The Daily Read

Sep 24
dogpoet's picture

Dear America (people and place)

Dear America
It's not your birthday
But I just want to say
We're doing our best
Out here, behind our screens
Behind our hate and misery
We who are not seen
We're doing our best
To fill you up
With the things that make life meaningful
If we don't get credit for trying
We should still try
Because it's worth it
Whether it seems like it or not.
Let's not point fingers
Let's rise up instead
Try to forget the past
And not wish we hadn't done those things
But do good ones 
Make up for it
Dear America,
Liberty, Justice, and Love 
Are trying to grow,
You're trying to flourish
So we'll try to help you
Along the way
What do you say?
Let's rise up together
Let's rise up today.
Aug 02

Today's Tiny Write

Not every story has a happy ending written into it for you. So get up and write your own damn ending, nobody is going to do it for you. But before you write the ending, you have to write the rest of your story, and hopefully, you write some friends in to help you along the way.
- Rubber Soul

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Recent Daily Reads

Sep 22

Hello Autumn

I won't write about
sunsets painted on tree canopies
or how the horizon is aglow with flames,
I won't write about the spiced apple cidar
and the cinnamon of my childhood.
Autumn is not those sensations,
not those memories,
not to me at least.

Autumn was the start of a school year,
eagerly awaiting my friends
and the joy they brought me daily.
It was the community
and the unity
that made it my favorite time.
It was morning walks
with my nose turning red
and the sky still dark,
but everything was still bright and fun
with laughter and conversation.
It was leaving school late after rehearsals,
throats raw
and knees red.

It was squishing into the same booth
at the same restauraunt
and debating about what appetizers to get.
It was not having enough money in my bank account,
but not caring
because spending time with friends was priceless.
Sep 20
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An ode to the perfect poem

Oh velvet black keyboard
you span my mind for miles,
rolling up and down waves
of imagination, you ride that
perfect endless sea.
Oh not quite good enough
half crumpled paper you have
the inner cogs laid out ready to 
click click, and assemble.
Don't bother with that pink 

pencil end you, are immaculate.
Slip on that sonnet and dance
under a sky I made for you,
maybe tomorrow you will 
pull on your best rondeau just
for me. Finally let your wild
spider spun hair flow free and
tear off your iron shoes nobody
really liked that much anyway. 
Those headphones,

Confidently they tell you the
story of The Cure and XTC as
your fingers skate their way across
letters, making magic like
a pianist makes magic, like a 
magician makes magic. 
No one can dare say that
moonlit pond no one
even understands how it
got there, was anything less
Sep 18

Just a Little Upstream

Oh, how I hate saying goodbye.
Maybe I should lie and say,

“See you soon.”

And with a sigh I send the rosebud down the river.

It floats downstream and disappears.

I remember you staring out the window,

summer, autumn, winter, spring, repeat.

You sat faithfully beside me, on the bank above the stream,

your ears perked,

your nose twitching,

your hazel brown eyes tracking the rustle of leaves.

Tonight I lie out under the stars like we used to.

Do you remember?

You always fell asleep as I told you stories of the constellations,

my fingers running through your long, soft fur.

Bliss and happiness. I thought it would last forever -

until the day you ran away, upstream from where we would stay.

I remember the pain,

Today's Challenge

Sep 25


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Sep 25

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Jul 30

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Aug 03


Write a description of yourself or someone you love. Include as many details of appearance, personality, habits and behavior as you can. If you like, use figurative or metaphorical language along with more concrete details.
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Aug 03


Don’t ignore me! Write from the perspective of a character that you wish you would see more often or more accurately in the media, TV and movies.
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