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Jan 16


Opposite. We think a lot about who we are and what we want to be. Now think about what and who you are not – and create a character, your alter-ego. (It could be physical attributes, emotional states, abilities, skills, etc.) 
Jan 16


Erase. You are given the chance to erase something you have done or a memory that haunts you. Do you take the chance? If so, what do you erase and why? If you don't want to take the chance, why not?
Aug 07


Share your best writing of any category (including images, sound, digital stories).

Jan 09

YWP is...

Can you do us a favor?

In seven minutes, can you
  • Tell us what you found here, at Young Writers Project, that was unexpected?
  • Or, describe a YWP moment that changed your perception in some way?
  • Or, tell us what have you gained from getting comments, being published or connecting with other writers in a safe space?
Your stories make the community stronger by helping others understand why they should join or support YWP!

Special Challenge

Jan 16

Fierce Urgency of Now -- Speak out!

What needs action now? In a forceful and eloquent speech on April 4, 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. came out against the Vietnam War. This was an unpopular position at the time, but it opened an intense dialogue on the disparity of African-Americans serving and dying in that war. It was part of what gave impetus to the rising public opposition to the war that resulted, six years later, with its end. In his speech, King called on citizens -- much as President Obama did last week -- to take action; and King said the time for that action is NOW:
We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late.

As you think of his words, as you look around at your own world, what issues do you think require immediate action? Why? Submit original words, images, sound and/or video.​ Deadline: End of day, Tuesday Jan. 17.

This special prompt is timed around both MLK's birthday and the inauguration of a new President. We are also partnering with Dartmouth College to hold an event and workshop -- featuring renown writer Jo Knowles -- on Feb. 3 in Hanover to create and share work. This early deadline -- Jan. 17 -- is so YWP can publish a few of the best submissions -- poems, stories, music, spoken word pieces, digital stories, short narrative essays -- around the theme of civic and community action in the upcoming issue of The Voice.

P.S. This is NOT an academic essay contest. We welcome well-reasoned essays, of course, but any genre will do. 


Daily Read from YWP Academy

Jan 05
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The Corn Maze From Hell

    When I pulled into the huge parking lot of the P&H Truck Stop, I was confused. I was meeting four friends of mine there, but they were nowhere to be found. I circled the building, parked and stepped out to look inside. For whatever reason, I glanced across the rest of the lot, and there they were, parked way past the massive eighteen-wheelers, and about as far away from the truck stop as possible. I drove across the way to Dylan’s car and climbed inside. Dylan sat at the wheel, Brandon beside him in the passenger seat. I sat in the back, next to Tyler and Joseph. Tyler was filming.
Jan 04
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when I am very happy
I squeeze my eyes shut
take in a deep breath
and wish that that moment
could last forever
Jan 05

survival guide for natural disasters

in case of............

most of us assumed that we would be
consumed by passion or perhaps
by love
but all of that begs to be tamed and maybe
in the same house we are burning
we can also find warmth. 

we were born from the water,
before we had legs we had fins,
gills even
so don't hold your breath.
in a sense, this is homecoming.

take your pulse, darling
is your heart racing? is your mind?
remember your childhood tales;
when the big bad wolf came he blew down
two houses before one could stand tall.
turn your bones into bricks; wait.

there's always something under the surface
eventually it will bubble up through the cracks
and tear apart the ground underneath 

It's Giving Time!

Nov 23
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News & Events

Dec 13
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We Bow to You

YWP's  first EVER 12 Days of Commenting Challenge was a huge success -- because of you!

You amassed around 700 comments in 12 days! Wow! And we've been heartened by the depth, specifity, insight, humor, sensitivity that you show in your reactions to others' work. Fantastic. This is what builds this site as a community.

We'll be tabulating the numbers and announcing the prizes later this week. For now, a roll call of uber-commenters:  jbird18, Madiscon C, Adelle_M_Brustead, Worlds.Within.Words, Firegirl, Fiona Ella, Emily Anne, Talia, JulietteD, bailly-I, Hannah Campbell, angelaweasley, BrookT, H20.hollym, JuliaR, gbrouillette, Della, About to Snap  ... whoa, the list goes on and on.

Bring love to those with ZERO comments today. How to find them? Hover your mouse over READ > RECENT and click RECENT-TABLE, or go here: http://youngwritersproject.org/table

So why all this fuss about comments? Comments are the best. They make you feel fuzzy and warm, because someone actually took the time to read your piece and think about it and write a thoughtful response. We writers want them all the time.
And, as you've seen, the best way to receive lots of comments is to give them to others.

Comments have many forms... a "nice going", a "nice going and here's, specifically what I noticed," and a sprout ("I was so moved by your piece that it made me write this ..."), and we encourage you to comment back and thank anyone who commented (or sprouted).

Tune in later this week for prize announcements!

She is Safe

Dec 28