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OMG #YWPSoS. Summer of Stories! Revision Week!

OMG #YWPSoS. Summer of Stories! Revision Week!

Summer of Stories Challenge: The weather makes us think of fall, the calendar tells us that (gulp) summer is winding down, but DO NOT LOSE HEART! What you have created here this summer is AMAZING! (Check out the writing here: S2014And the challenge continues, with more, bigger prizes awaiting. 

The challenge is simple: Write for 10 minutes as many days as you can. Use one of our writing ideas, today's is below or click here for others, or follow your imagination. Just write something. Storylike. Ten little minutes. Use the S2014 tag. 

Our prompts cover every day of the summer and cover the major elements of good narrative storytelling. They help you practice, improve, gain confidence and discover new ideas. Promise. And there's more: PRIZES (Fortune), PUBLICATION (Fame), FEEDBACK (Friendship). What could be better? Start whenever!

Lets give a hooray for July's Prize Winners. 

updated 8.20 TODAY'S PROMPT: #49 REVISION: Go to http://youngwritersproject.org/node/94685 to realize that sometimes writing with peers can give you the best ideas for improvement. As always, remember to tag the post S2014!

Full list of YWPSoS prompts: http://youngwritersproject.org/node/94457

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Welcome to Dynacaries

Editor's note: We are so excited that another effort is being undertaken to revive and create a shared world writing experience on this site. For this to work, there needs to be consistent posting -- people lose heart if nothing moves forward -- and a core group of leaders. Sepheria and Sherlock Holmes are two who've jumped in. This Welcome gives you a link to some background and sets up the new world. For more, go to the Shared World space. Read more »

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and now it is too late
for bedtime stories
and laughs on the beach.
there is no more time
for birthday cards
or kiddie rides at amusement parks.

you and I started running out
years ago
when you couldn't live on
your own anymore
and the next time I saw you
you didn't remember
my name.

all you talked about
for years and years
was how much you wanted
to just go home
and it broke my heart because
I knew
that your house had already 
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A wooden lift drums the shore as sun-filled waters lap at its flaking flank, and the oars wiggle in anticipation. The day was well spent, and memories warm the hunched shoulders of the boat’s sole occupant. Breezes cause shivering as the sun sinks under the waves and leaves a pale pink glow on the surface. Then the stars appear as though a toddler with a cookie cutter has stamped the sky. Read more »

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The Calvin Prize -- 2014

The Calvin Prize -- 2014
Young Writers Project is excited to announce The 2014 Calvin Prize, sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Foundation. YWP partners with the foundation to promote and help curate the entries for best essay writing in Vermont. The winner will receive $1,500 -- and a trip to NYC to be honored. Deadline is September 26, but don't wait until the last moment.
This year's theme: To Stay or To Leave? Are you likely to stay in Vermont or to relocate elsewhere when the time comes? What factors will influence your decision? If you think you will stay, how do you plan to be a part of the future Vermont? If you think you will leave, what change(s) in Vermont would cause you to stay? Use Coolidge’s Autobiography and other sources to address the issues you face and compare and contrast your own situation and decision-making process with that faced by Calvin Coolidge in his years as a Vermont youth. You may submit writing in any genre — policy brief, essay, fiction, prose or poetry. Your writing must address this prompt and must be fewer than 1,000 words.
This writing challenge is worth the effort! More information below or at: coolidgeprize@gmail.com
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Last Days (also probably the last thing I'll put on YWP)

(Little disclaimer here— well, more of a little note. I am all graduated now, and leaving home to adultify in a week or so. This is probably my last upload to YWP. It's a goodbye to Vermont, to my life here, to my youth and to all the people who have shaped me. Also to this Shakespeare camp that happens to be the center of the universe. Read more »

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Grist for the Gossip Mill

Grist for the Gossip Mill

We come out of Wilson’s Dry Goods as Charles goes in. I pray that Susan hasn’t seen him pass, but my prayers fall on deaf ears. She looks over at me, that all-knowing look on her face. I do my best to ignore her, but she doesn’t stop trying to make eye contact over a clueless Catherine, who looks over in my direction to determine what Susan is staring at. Read more »



I was pulling the hair out of the bathtub drain

It was soft and white and long

like a single breath


The light buzzed in my ear and the birds

chirped effigies of the past night 

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Jack and Jill's Escape (Prompt 41)

     Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.  Well, calling it a hill was inaccurate.  It was more like a sheer cliff face.  Neither of the two knew exactly why somebody thought it would be a good idea to put a well up on top of a cliff, but it was their job to put on their rock climbing gear every morning in order to get water for the town.  It was a dangerous job, but somebody had to do it.  Plus they needed the money to survive. Read more »

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Introduction (10 Minute Write): Continuation

  After years of support group, acne, and friends who eventually decided they would rather have a girlfriend than hang out with me, my mother promptly decided I was depressed. Read more »

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And Scene

"Have you seen this boy? Look, isn't he like the CUTEST thing?"


"No seriously! Like, look right here at this picture. See? He's literally like the hottest thing I've seen in like, a long time!"

"Sure. Do remove thy bottom from my desk, please."

"Why are you like being such a boor? C'mon, look at him!"

"Hey, even better, remove thyself from my ROOM. This math isn't going to do itself"

"UUUUGH! You're like ALWAYS doing your stupid homework. Live a little, you only-"

"If you say yolo, so help me God I will smack you." Read more »

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