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Community Building Challenge

REACTIONS: This site now has nearly 1,000 users. Wow. But here's how we build this into a community: Post a REACTION to someone else's post. And repeat. In your reaction, offer the author some insight as to what moved you, what you liked AND, specifically, what distracted or confused you. Offer a suggestion if you can. Don't talk about spelling, grammar or punctuation unless you really really think it harms the content. #livechallenge

Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge

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Have you ever been reading through the the missed connections page in the newspaper and found one that seems like the first line of a story-- or the last? Have you ever read this Craigslist missed connection? Write a story featuring a missed connection, literal or printed. If you're looking for a prompt, check out the online iSpies at sevendaysvt.com. #livechallenge

Daily Challenge

ONE-SIDED. Your character can hear only one side of a phone conversation, but it sounds important; tell the story using one-sided dialogue. (If you are having trouble with this, EAVESDROP on a conversation and create the other side. Also, check out the Lab on creating dialogue). #livechallenge

Life as a Teen

What’s it like to be a teenager in Vermont? In words, images and/or sound, describe your life in this rural state. Share your best and worst stories. Do you want to stay or flee?

(This is part of an ongoing project with Medium.com. No deadline. And those of you outside of 802 -- write about your life as a teen as well, and tell the community where you are from.)

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Take a lab

COMING SOON: LABS! These short, live exercises -- with examples and resources and led by a YWP selected artist -- will help you develop your ideas and build specific skills in writing, digital media and finding audience. New labs will be rolling out on a regular basis and will be highlighted in the YWP Events calendar.

Can't make the live lab? Don't worry.These will be set up so that you can take advantage of them anytime.

Daily Read

He's tired, he tells me,
His eyes half closed, his manner slow
and slouched.
I nod, feeling my mind slogging
through the tar and primordial soup
of exhaustion, stress, and life.
Bogged down,
as it,

Auto-pilot is engaged, limbs
dragging themselves along,
the hangover of work, and work,
and more work,
giving us both,

He's tired, he tells me.
Just another hour of tireless sleep;
we all need it.


Daily Read

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dreams are the wild stallions of our lives

             flying between
                                             and unreliability
                   hard to find
   hard to tame
                   hard to let go
every walker who stays clinging
               to the earth
needs to
              taste the wind
grab hold of
           adventure’s mane
and see where he takes you
    stop trudging
through endless streams
               when you could be
galloping free

                             yet only fools
             refuse to choose a steed c a r  e  f  u   l      l          y
          for hope may take you                                               beyond                                                                           where you wish to go
       or throw you into the mud
and grow bruises beneath your skin
                  we mustn’t pack our hearts away
where they can be
                                          carried off
in a split second of

           a foal
 fed faith
                     will grow strong
even through everyone’s
          a yearling
who longs to be elsewhere
              can’t ever be
fully broken in

               an old mare
                  who can’t hold any more
or pull your uncertainties
                        any further

deserves to rest.


REGISTER NOW: Celebration of Writing 2015 -- Nov. 7

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Community members (and friends),

Registration is open for the Celebration of Writing 2015 ( #COW2015 ) being held in partnership with Vermont College of Fine Arts and with support from National Life Group:
  • WHEN: Saturday, November 7 -- 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • WHERE: Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, VT
  • WHAT: Amazing workshops, lunch, reception (more food) & special keynote (and chocolate), readings AND AND AND ... we're releasing the latest Anthology! Free copy of Anthology 7 to all participants!
  • WHO: Among others, the new Vermont Poet Laureate, the winner of the Vermont Book Award, fabulous authors, photographers and digital artists galore.  Experts.
  • WHY: Because we love writing, photography, sound, visual art and parties
  • HOW: Sign up by clicking HERE. We are asking for a $25 contribution to YWP to reserve your spot. Contributions can be made by check or online via PayPal or JustGive.org. Scholarships available (contact Sarah: sgliech@youngwritersproject.org). LIMITED OPENINGS.

SCHEDULE (workshop descriptions and workshop leader bios to come)

8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Madcap Writing (may be joined late)
10:00 am Poetry with Vermont Poet Laureate, Chard deNiord
11:00 am (choose one) Finding the Story Idea with Tamara Smith and Cindy Faughnan OR More Poetry with Sharon Darrow
12:00 pm LUNCH, announcements, Madcap Writing II and Open-Mic
1:00 pm (choose one) Playwriting with Robin Fawcett OR Short Stories with Jensen Beach
2:00 pm (choose one) Poetry Again with Kerrin McCadden OR Magic Sound Stories with Jeff Baron
3:00 pm (choose one) Performance Writing with Alex Charalambides OR Photography with Jean Luc Dushime
4:00 pm Reception (food, chatting, taking a break)
4:30 pm Anthology 7 readers and keynote by Vermont Book Award winner Kerrin McCadden
5:15 pm Anthology release and tearful goodbyes