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Call for Prompts

Jan 20

Vermont Writes Day is Friday, Feb. 10 -- And we need your ideas for writing prompts!


Jan 16


Opposite. We think a lot about who we are and what we want to be. Now think about what and who you are not – and create a character, your alter-ego. (It could be physical attributes, emotional states, abilities, skills, etc.) 
Jan 16


Erase. You are given the chance to erase something you have done or a memory that haunts you. Do you take the chance? If so, what do you erase and why? If you don't want to take the chance, why not?
Jan 18


What makes you proud, nostalgic, or happy about your town or your state?
Jan 19


Write about a random act of kindness that you’ve witnessed, experienced, or performed. What happened? What did it make you think?
Aug 07


Share your best writing of any category (including images, sound, digital stories).

Jan 09

YWP is...

Can you do us a favor?

In seven minutes, can you
  • Tell us what you found here, at Young Writers Project, that was unexpected?
  • Or, describe a YWP moment that changed your perception in some way?
  • Or, tell us what have you gained from getting comments, being published or connecting with other writers in a safe space?
Your stories make the community stronger by helping others understand why they should join or support YWP!

Heard by thousands!

Nov 10

Don't Tell Me I Can't Cry

EDITOR'S NOTE: This writer presented this poem Saturday Jan. 21, 2017 at the Womens March on Montpelier. An act of courage and power. By all accounts, she rocked it before thousands of people. Way to go! And thanks for the shine to YWP and VPR (where it was featured!) -gg

Don't tell me I can't cry
Because I care.

Don't tell me I can't cry
Because America has told the world,
Has told our children,
That a hardworking, courageous, brilliant woman
Can be beaten by the lazy class bully
Who doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself.

The Voice -- January

Jan 20

Each month, and with YWP community members' help, YWP assembles the very best writing, images, audio and video for display in The Voice, our monthly digital magazine. This magazine celebrates the very best that this community produces. This month a special focus on responses to the special Dartmouth College/YWP challenge: The Urgency of Now.

If you would like to help edit and create this magazine -- a monthly --  please contact Susan Reid, Publications Coordinator and editor of the magazine.

Please help build the audience for this magazine, by posting a link on your social media channels or on other Web communities.

Jan 17


I forget to breathe sometimes.
The air is there, I just can't seem to remember how to suck it into my lungs.

I forget how the world is a bad place sometimes,
but when I am standing there, air whistling in my throat, I remember.

I remember the second of air before he couldn't breathe,
the second before his hands raised,
the second before the first bullet hit.

In those breathless moments I can see so clearly what I am blind to.

And then I can breathe again,
but somewhere else,
another person can not.


I sit in school five days a week,
listening, to what I am supposed to learn.

I sit for an hour and a half,
and I learn about the 
brave, white men who founded America.

I learn how America is great,
I learn how America is free,

Special Challenge

Jan 16

Fierce Urgency of Now

THANK YOU for your submissions to this challenge! You rocked this site! And we've published some of our favorites in the NEW ISSUE of The Voice: 

Now, on to phase two. Within the next few days, those selected for publication or to perform on Feb. 3 will be notified via email.

In the meantime, ANYONE can SIGN UP to attend the brilliant workshop led by author JO KNOWLES on Feb. 3 in Hanover, NH. You can also SIGN UP to read any piece you have written that fits into the challenge theme at the open mic on Feb. 3. Check out our EVENT PAGE for more details.

It's Giving Time!

Nov 23
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News & Events

Dec 13
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We Bow to You

YWP's  first EVER 12 Days of Commenting Challenge was a huge success -- because of you!

You amassed around 700 comments in 12 days! Wow! And we've been heartened by the depth, specifity, insight, humor, sensitivity that you show in your reactions to others' work. Fantastic. This is what builds this site as a community.

We'll be tabulating the numbers and announcing the prizes later this week. For now, a roll call of uber-commenters:  jbird18, Madiscon C, Adelle_M_Brustead, Worlds.Within.Words, Firegirl, Fiona Ella, Emily Anne, Talia, JulietteD, bailly-I, Hannah Campbell, angelaweasley, BrookT, H20.hollym, JuliaR, gbrouillette, Della, About to Snap  ... whoa, the list goes on and on.

Bring love to those with ZERO comments today. How to find them? Hover your mouse over READ > RECENT and click RECENT-TABLE.

So why all this fuss about comments? Comments are the best. They make you feel fuzzy and warm, because someone actually took the time to read your piece and think about it and write a thoughtful response. We writers want them all the time.
And, as you've seen, the best way to receive lots of comments is to give them to others.

Comments have many forms... a "nice going", a "nice going and here's, specifically what I noticed," and a sprout ("I was so moved by your piece that it made me write this ..."), and we encourage you to comment back and thank anyone who commented (or sprouted).

Tune in later this week for prize announcements!

She is Safe

Dec 28