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#YWPSoS: Final Round Prize Winners!

#YWPSoS: Final Round Prize Winners!

The summer was long and productive at YWP. Thanks for all your participation in YWP's Summer of Stories challenge. As mentioned in our Summer of Stories post, we're amazed by the flurry of writing. Such a great way to launch the Fall. Click Read More for the prize winners. Thanks to CABOT CHEESE & NUTTY STEPH'S for prize donations.

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Millennial Writers on Stage! AND New Neighbors Coffeehouse!

Millennial Writers on Stage! AND New Neighbors Coffeehouse!

Two GREAT events happening this Friday and Sunday!

Friday (19th), 7 p.m., at North End Studios in Burlington -- The New Neighbors Coffeehouse, a night of music and poetry by Young Tradition Vermont and Young Writers Project! 

Sunday (21st), 12:30 p.m. at Fletcher Free Library, Burlington -- Millennials on Stage at the Burlington Book Festival! 15 amazing writers will read!

Want more details? Click:. Read more »

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The Calvin Prize -- 2014 DEADLINE IS NEAR!

The Calvin Prize -- 2014 DEADLINE IS NEAR!
Young Writers Project is excited to announce The 2014 Calvin Prize, sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Foundation. YWP partners with the foundation to promote and help curate the entries for best essay writing in Vermont. The winner will receive $1,500 -- and a trip to NYC to be honored. Deadline is September 26, but don't wait until the last moment.

Salt and Pepper

I'm just inches away from the love of my life

She’s filled with iodide, but also sugar and spice

They say that opposites attract, well that’s true

Cause were as different as a nail and a screw

You are spectacular, I try to exalt

For I am the pepper and she is the salt. Read more »

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Psst … pass the word ...

... YWP will have something new and exciting on Tuesday. Can you guess? It will be another way for you to have audience, to share your words and sounds and images.

Stay tuned...

Spread the word ...

-gg, sr, dd, sg


My Treasures

My treasures aren't found in a safe,

or a glass case,

or a chest.

They aren't made of gold,

dripping with diamonds.

They aren't worth much.

(At least to other people)

But to me,

they hold a special place in my heart.


In their pages lay the narratives I know 

(probably too well)

And the memories

of many hours spent

poring over the stories. 


The pages captured

the smiles, 

the laughs,

and even the tears

as ghostly splatters, Read more »


Pink and Orange Hues

On the calm waters of lake Memphremagog, the sun was setting, creating stunning streaks of pink and orange hues across the sky. Ahead, were the massive green mountains that belonged to Canada. A small breeze blowing,  moving the sails beyond my greatest imagination. The day couldn’t be more perfect.  

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Simply Because

Simply Because


Do I enjoy

Koi like rusted spears

Because I was born a Pisces?

Or simply because

I was born to enjoy

Koi like rusted spears

Swimming in the quiet waters

Of a hotel pond 


The Beauty of Your Bones

Things amaze me.

Though I believe some things even have the power to put not just me, but everyone around me in awe as well. For example, it gets to me that we are made up of the same dust as the planets, and breathe the same air as the butterflies circling around our beautiful bodies as we dance in the moonlight, or, as our hearts melt in the rain. Read more »



“Erin, please come down. Honey, you know you can’t stay up there forever.” Mom called, a little helplessness in her tone, which I still detected even though there was a floor level and locked door between us. I turn my face towards the rain splattered window and cuddle deeper into the comfy window seat cushion, trying to ignore the truth. She was right, I could not stay up here forever. But I could stay up here until they came. I play with the glass pendant, moving it up and down on the frayed cord that served as a necklace for Mema. Read more »

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You Wouldn't Know

For Olivia


If I died, you wouldn't know.


go on for

years, Read more »

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Bay Leaves

I dream of boys with hair like bay leaves

of noses jutting out above rows of crooked teeth

I've seen you trudge across the quad amongst the changing trees

your hair piled up like the honey hive of bees

strumming a happy tune in the dark

I’ll try my best to sing like your lark Read more »

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