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Sep 30


Design a comic strip superhero. Think about alter-egos, back-stories, secret lairs, super-powers...
Submit an image (illustration or comic strip), a story, or both!
Sep 28


What makes you really, REALLY angry? Write about it in the most colorful way you can think of.
Sep 27


You encounter one or both of your parents when they’re your age; what happens?
Sep 26

Debate One

Last night marked an important milestone in the 2016 presidential election--the first debate between the Democratic and Republican nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

We want your reactions. We're open to all views and opinions, as long as they abide by the one and only Young Writers Project rule: Be Respectful.

Aug 19


Brainstorm. Create a single blog post on youngwritersproject.org where you list all your story ideas. Start with a few from your own life, and keep adding as more come to mind. Use this blog to spark your creativity through the year. Click here for inspiration.
Sep 20

YWP Stories

Everyone has a YWP story. We want to hear yours! How has this site helped you? How have you grown? What did you find here that was unexpected? Can you describe a YWP moment that changed your perception of yourself, or gave you a new lease on life? What have you gained from getting comments or being published or connecting with other writers and artists?

In addition to making us feel warm and fuzzy, your stories will help us grow this site! We plan to publish your tales all over (anonymously, if you wish) as videos, sound bites and text stories. They'll let other kids know what they can gain by joining and help funders understand what YWP is and why it matters. 

Thanks to all who have responded to earlier versions of this challenge and to those who plan to respond with a new story.  We're standing by, ready to comment!



School's Back

Aug 29

School. It's back. Share your worries, excitement, apprehension, preparations, rituals... if you're feeling it, we want to hear about it! What do you expect this year to be like? Do you have good luck charms to help you usher in a successful new year?

BONUS PHOTO CHALLENGE:  Take photos on your camera or phone to document a day in the life of your school. (Remember to get the OK from your principal and/or teachers and the subjects of your photos.) Upload your photos under Add Media. We'll publish the best in an upcoming issue of The Voice!


Sep 19

Nov 5 - Young Writers Project 2016 Fall Conference

YWP's 2016 Fall Conference is back and better than ever! Create work using words, photos, sound, poetry, humor and performance... all in one whirlwind day! You'll get to try out ALL of the workshops in the morning and then choose two to dive into in the afternoon. We'll have open mics throughout the day where you can present your best work. Oh, and don't forget the prize drawings! We'll give away books, chocolate and a super-secret, extra-special grand prize! Read on for schedule and other important details.

Daily Read

Sep 29
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joseph.deffner's picture

Never Saw it Coming

Headed into Regionals, and checking my equipment, I saw that my favorite bat had a dent in the barrel.  Two dents.  Many dents.  Lots of great hits and now, it would be disqualified because of them.  

Minutes before Regionals, my parents gave me the COMBAT.  When I held the composite, it felt perfect, like it was meant for me.  I was sure it would make me a better athlete, make me a home run hitter every time I swung.  Boy, was I in for a surprise.  

I entered the Home Run Derby, confident that the COMBAT would do the job.  I got up to the plate, waiting for the pitch, practicing my swing.   The pitch came in straight and perfect.  I swung hard and that ball flew.  Up, up it went - as if gravity had stopped - then it came back down, and hit the ground with a thunk.

in memoriam

Sep 16

Poet Leland Kinsey dies

I learned this morning a great sadness: Leland Kinsey died of lymphoma at the age of 66. Leland was, I think, one of the greatest poets to live and work in Vermont. And that's saying something. There have been, there are, so many. Let's just leave the list at Robert Frost.

But I think Leland's poetry had far more substance, far more depth, far more intricacy than Frost's. I should change the tense. Because Leland's poetry lives on. His poetry will continue to make you feel, make you think, make you see. His legacy.

Leland Kinsey's poems are almost always about Vermont but they are more than that. They capture the texture, the soul, the humanity of Vermont, and the parts you can't see, the details you miss. Which, I guess, is the definition of a great writer -- someone who helps you see what you hadn't seen.


Sep 15

YWP Digital Learning Center -- Apply Now!

The YWP Digital Learning Center is now accepting applications for its pilot phase.

YWP seeks 75 enthusiastic youths aged 12-18 to explore the Digital Learning Center and provide honest feedback. The application process takes three minutes - just tell us who you are and why you're interested. You'll be asked to participate in and review at least two writing and/or digital media Playlists between November 1 and December 31.

In exchange, we'll give you FREE year-long access to the Digital Learning Center in 2017 (memberships are valued at $120 each). Questions? Send them to [email protected].


Aug 03

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