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angela weasley's picture

Feedback Friday

OMG, gg has hijacked this post (sort of). FOLKS this is a great idea. Let's do it (every Friday?). 

The idea: On Friday everyone goes and finds a piece that they think they could be great. It doesn't have to be a big piece -- a little one that catches your eye -- and heart -- will do. Read more »

pianolady's picture

Pine Forest

Pine trees reach up,

Their softly rustling branches

Barely audible

Over the brass band

Floating up on the breeze.

They seem to be whispering

Amongst themselves,

Laying claim to a certain

Ray of sunshine


More noticable sounds

Are those made

As the trees


Their pinecones

Onto the ground, which is

Covered with orange needles


The blackbirds fly over my head.

As they swirl around the sky,

The scents of almost finished

Rye bread

And garlic Read more »

jacketbundock's picture

Living on Ink

I wrote 

"I love you,"

on the calloused sole of my foot,

walked around,

left stamps behind me.

But I didn't dare look. 

It's the affliction that I try to press

to the ground.

I hope it'll leave me,

but it's always at the tips of my toes.


I wrote


on my wrist.

I wrote it in a list that started at my palm.

The slashed promise at the top

is the one I couldn’t keep.

A pain shot up my arm 

as I slice the new one; Read more »



To keep me locked up safe 

From all outer misconceptions

From traps I cant escape


I build in place of guards

To serve as my protection

From those who mean to harm


That keep me here in place

From mistaking lies for truths

From enemies within my own fate

All these things known to keep us braced

But the outward hand has been replaced

By anything known to silently and secretly block others out

Not for our good because they keep filled with doubt Read more »


Civil War Rhyme

Segregation was the base of the nation

when Abraham Lincoln gave the the Emancipation Proclamation

which was a speculation that he thought would save the nation

this gave the South great consternation

to the lives of the slaves this was a justification Read more »

onelonelyoddsock's picture

A Poem to the starvation (my battle with anorexia)

My father cried

he held in his arms 

a crumpled pile

of skin and bones

skin and bones

was all she was...

was all I was

exhausted, exhausted from the hurt that ate me from the inside out

you see I had given my body nothing to feed on

but my light, my joy, the smile in my eyes

and now it was gone

I had no more 

my heart beat like thunder booming

in a hollow shell

i spat hatred on to the floor in black oozing globs

they burned but i had nothing else to give Read more »


Asphalt Stars

Editor's note: this piece is now being featured on vtdigger.org!

  Read more »


A Poem

A poem is a place where wildness and words are united, 
Words are written or sung, and recited,

Creativity as you can see, is a common popularity

Tornadoes of swirls and craziness

Meet new words and phrases,

And sentences are freed from their cages

All of them are released unto paper,  Read more »



Waiting for the wave
For the wreckage
For the hit
Crashing against
Unstable ground
Raucous eternity
The starboard railing
Dips into the blue
Casts everything
All of me
The sky is illuminated
In roaring thunder
But a feeble
When emotions
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