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YWP Summer of Stories: THANK YOU!

YWP Summer of Stories: THANK YOU!

 What a fantastic thing occurred here this summer. In years past, this site has been near dormant as we all headed to the woods and ocean and lake, to a summer less filled with obligations and, gulp, school. This year not so.

Dozens of you were on this site every day writing, commenting, responding (occasionally) to the daily narrative prompts we presented for you. And what you produced has been downright impressive. (Check out the writing here: S2014

So thank you. For all that you shared.

A few numbers: The site averaged 750+ visits a day this summer. Some of your stories got 2,000 - 3,000 reads -- a lot for ANY site! You wrote a total of 290 stories, some of which, we know, aren't finished, and we look forward to more.

We announced June prize winners, July prize winners and, soon, we'll announce overall winners. YAY!

AND more challenges to come as we begin a new year, so stay tuned. (And if you have any ideas, post them, or drop us a private message or an email!)

And remember ... JUST WRITE IT!

Lets give a hooray for July's Prize Winners. 

Full list of YWPSoS prompts: http://youngwritersproject.org/node/94457

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Haircuts are funny

'cus they change your face.

They give you a 'tude;

"hug me", or "outta my space!"


I find staight cuts boring,

and bangs for age eight,

but shave half your head,

and people get irate.


And dying your hair brown,

is totally cool,

but dye your hair blue,

and everyone's all "is she still in school?"


Haircuts are an expression

of our inner us.

No ma'am, I'm a good student,

I didn't vandalize the school bus.

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Ink made of Gold

I like how the pot of ink in the sky

Charcoals the earth 

Until it is darker than the dye

Percolating through the cracks

In the well in my mind.

I like how it feels

To love being alive.

I like the way sand streams

Between my fingers,

Through the spaces.

And the way familiar eyes meet 

Among strange faces,

How it feels to be 

In new cities,

New places,

And the ink drips on in my mind.

I like how my stomach drops

When I cascade in freefall, Read more »


Duke of the Orphans, Part II

Columnist:  Vol. XXIII, Issue XXVIV, 12 April 1916


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Out of Many

Hello! So I got this idea from the de facto motto for the U.S., "Out of many, one", or also known as E Plurbus Unum. With America's many wide and diverse issues, I took this motto to heart and decided to put it to the test against current America and this is what was created.


Out of Many

Congress is deadlocked
The West is in drought
The race war thrives
Unemloyment is soaring

Out of Many

Extremists vie for control
Compromise is shattered
Powers corruption finally set
The War on Women rages

Out of Many Read more »

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That Lightbulb Moment

People are always talking about having a "lightbulb moment". We see it in our cartoons, that little yellow bulb illuminating the screen, signaling the character's sudden realization. Sometimes this can be called an epiphany. If you've never had an epihany, it is an experience I highly suggest. 

The thing about epiphanies is that they come at strange times. Sometimes during class or during a soccer game, while you're on the toilet or the most famous one: while you're in the shower.  Read more »

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I Couldn't Care Less- Audio Recording

I don't care what your opinions are, not


I simply couldn't care less. Read more »

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Ten Little Minutes

Ten little minutes

Sitting in a line.

One ran off

And ran out of time.

Another little minute

Aptly named.

She was the one

To bring the rain.

Five little minutes

Turned into hours.

Wasting away

The thunder showers.

Two little minutes

Huddled together.


One another.

One little minute

Stands on his own.

Reading the stories

The stars have grown.

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