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THE VOICE: October issue RELEASED!

The October issue of The Voice, YWP's monthly digital magazine, is ready for you to enjoy! Read and hear the voices of YWP's amazing writers! See a gallery of gorgeous photos! Listen to the podcasts! SUBSCRIBE! It's FREE!

We've gotten some great feedback from you after the first issue (14,200 views, 6 minutes on avg visit!) and we think you'll like what we've done! AND what this community has produced!

What do you think? The link to share: http://joom.ag/sBqb (or the longer version: thevoice.youngwritersproject.org) PLEASE SHARE THE LINK!

If you are in the mag, CONGRATS. If you're not, keep on writing! AND record yourself giving a dramatic reading of your work! Or add photos! Questions? Email us. COMMENT below. OR comment on page 38 of the October issue of The Voice!

S P R E A D  THE  W O R D, share the link!

> Read more »

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The NaNoWriMo git down...

Planning on NaNoWriMo but haven't thought much about your story? Join the NaNoWriMo on YWP workshop and let's git talking about ideas.

Join the conversation on conflict right now... 

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Celebration of Writing 2014! NOVEMBER 8

Celebration of Writing 2014
Free workshops with:
Geof Hewitt, Jo Knowles, Sarah Stewart Taylor, Barbara Ganley, GG, Reuben Jackson, Darcie Abbene, Leland Kinsey
Thomas Christopher Greene, author and president of VCFA
Release of Anthology 6!
(Dedicated to the Fab Five - Five individuals you've never heard of who've made YWP possible.)
Millennials on Stage -- 8-10 peers read their work!
Food, surprises, podcasting, gabbing, book signings
All made possible by:
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FULL workshop descriptions/final schedule  COMING SOON ... More info, click 'Read more'
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oceans - a poem on stigma.

this is the silence of your lover’s waning back,

and moonlight on nail and bone. Read more »

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Complicated Life

Some days my life is complicated. It is filled with lost dreams but the dreams make a point. I think about the people and the fancy rich government office workers and “Obama’s play dolls”. They sit and watch as the wars rage on. People scared and afraid not knowing if their wife or husband are ever going to come home or if there will be something like 9-11 again. People are afraid of their government, but the government should be afraid of its people and what its people can do. They can protest and make the streets as unsafe as the war that is going on right now as you read this. Some people hide hoping the war Read more »


Thank You

Dear Mom, Read more »

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The Calvin Prize -- Finalists Announced

The Calvin Prize -- Finalists Announced

We want to thank all of you who participated in the 2014 Calvin Prize essay contest sponsored and run by the Calvin Coolidge Foundation. Many, many fine submissions we are told competing for the top prize of $1,500.

The two finalists (the winner will be announced at a dinner in NYC on Nov. 6):

  • Sydney Benjamin, Peacham, VT
  • Jay Tilden, St. Johnsbury, VT

The semifinalists:

  • Kathryn Bassette, Hartland, VT
  • Sydney Benjamin, Peacham, VT
  • Mina Bozeman, Lower Waterford, VT
  • Antonio Carlisle, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • Izzy Dodge, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • Peter Eckhardt, St. Johnsbury, VT
  • Angela Kubicke, Peacham, VT
  • Aster O’Leary, South Burlington, VT
  • Hector Steyn, Lyme, NH (St. Johnsbury Academy pupil)
  • Jay Tilden, St. Johnsbury, VT
Click for more if you want to see the essay instructions. YWP will be publishing the finalists' later this year. CONGRATS! And for those of you not selected, try again next year!
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Society Kills.

Sit up straight. 

Eyes forward. 

Don't stare. 

Keep that smile! 

Always be happy. 

Show kindness to everyone. 

Always listen to your parents. 

Be perfect. 

School will help you in life. 

Only a man and a woman!

This type of music puts bad thoughts in your head. 

Never talk back. 


Just stay calm and everything will be alright. 


Use your manners. 

If you do this, you'll get in trouble.  Read more »

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Déjà Vu 1.2 (PoTD Re-purposed)

(Ceds go to Camille of Wizard101 Central [ http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?385854-Dese-s-Designs ])

So there are times when writing that you find an amazing way to connect several ideas. This is one and I am extremely excited to continue my SW piece (when school permits). Thanks to such amazing help and support from users on this site! I have also decided to try entering this new edition as a Short Story entry in a region contest in December, so fingers crossed! Anyways for all of you interested in group interactions/writings or like superpowers check out the Dynacaries Shared World! New members always welcomed! Read more »

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Remembering a Stone

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Millennial Writers on Stage! Brattleboro!

Opal Robinson reads at the Brattleboro Literary Festival 2014

Millennial Writers on Stage at the Brattleboro Literary Festival were fantastic!

YWP has amazing writers from southern Vermont! Thank you all!

Hear Opal Robinson, in 8th grade at Brattleboro Area Middle School, read "I Stopped Writing My Poems," and see the attached text of each writer's piece. Also watch for more photos, audio, etc. of this event in the October issue of The Voice!



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BLF.14.Program.A.pdf90.57 KB

Aggressor, Victim and Decider

"You don't have to lie; I know it was you"

Said victim in the blood stained khakis.  Read more »

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