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Sony Pulls The Interview Movie

A Blow to Freedom of Expression?

Should an anonymous threat, an act of "cyber-terrorism," be enough to silence an American industry? How do you feel about this? What precedent does it set?

Select Prompt: The Interview

After being targeted by a cyber-attack, thought to have originated from North Korea, Sony Pictures has cancelled their movie theater release of The Interview, with no future release plans. The movie is said to have angered the North Korean hackers with its content and plot. In the movie, the two stars are on a mission to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The hackers attacked Sony Corp. and leaked many protected files and documents. They also threatened violent action against any theater chain that chose to show the movie. Sony first told theater chains that it would not be a breach of contract for them to decide against showing the movie. When it became clear that theaters were not interested in showing the movie under these conditions, Sony decided to pull the movie completely.

Many people are concerned with the precedent this sets, and unhappy with the decision made by Sony. So far, it is unclear who the hackers are, and the threats have been categorized as anonymous.


What are your thoughts on the situation? Should the movie have been pulled? Should the theaters have the choice to show it? What does this mean in the grander scheme of cyber-warfare and politics?

Select prompt: The Interview Read more »

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And while you're at it....

And while you're at it....

ESSAY CONTEST. Get famous with Bernie!

The esteemed U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, wants your view of the State of the Union, a.k.a. the United States. How is the country doing? Are we in good shape? What issues are on the top of your mind?  Do you think Congress/the president/the government is doing a good job? Why or why not? NOW is your chance!

Sen. Sanders is seeking 250-500 word essays. Make them crisp and to the point. Justify your position. Think the rich are getting too rich? Think we made a mistake pulling out of Iraq? Think Congress bickers too much? Think there is a racial divide in this country? Think we should do more about global warming, homelessness, schools? Or do you think we're doing a good job, all in all? Have at it!

Deadline: January 9, 2015

SUBMIT HERE: sanders.senate.gov/stateoftheunion (and post a copy here, too!)

Call 800-339-9834 for more info.

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YWP's Third Thursday Series! TONIGHT!

imageYoung Writers Project Third Thursday series is back! Monthly storytelling, poetry and even music.


TONIGHT, December 18

5 p.m. workshop: SLAM POETRY with Geof Hewitt!

6 p.m. PIZZA, 6:30 SLAM.

WHERE: Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, VT.

FREE! Donations always welcome.

RSVP in the comments or here!


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It's HERE! NEW issue of The Voice!

NEW: December Issue of The Voice of Young Writers Project!

Congratulations to all who have been selected, and thank you for your contributions. Enjoy! Make sure to read all the way to the last page, you'll be glad you did.



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Challenging Changes

My family is not from here. I came from Kenya, Africa. My parents walked for months just to get my family somewhere safe from war. My parents were originally from Somalia, but with all the war they had to leave. They walked from Somalia all the way to Kenya. It wasn't an easy journey.

Black Box Man

Black Box Man

My morning work was interrupted by the strangest man I’d ever seen.  In appearance, he was nothing exceptional—looked a little more beaten-down than the Overseer, dressed sharply in a suit and tie, had this funny little quirk about his lips like he could know all your confessions before you even spoke but he was fine with them, even the ones you thought would be best to keep private—but he held this…this object, the likes of which I’d never seen. Read more »

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Porcelain Sugar (From the Leland Kinsey Workshop)


This is a poem about my grandma, it is in Mexico and it is the first time I ever tasted sugar, when I was 5.


My abuela was weathered by the time she shut the door,

Her hands were dry and her eyes were drooping.

We went to the same restaurant every month,

and every time I begged her to put on her porcelain blue dress,

for I longed to smooth it under my fingers.

Today she smiled gently before patting my hair back.

We walked on the dirt road to to the bus stop. Read more »

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Where Can We Find You?

Hey writers,

As you may know, one of our goals is to put your work out in front of a wide audience. Making you famous, if you would. We do a slew of things to make this happen... as you can see here. You are in newspapers, radio programs, storytelling websites, online magazines, on stage, in book stores, all across social media... but what else can we do?

Where would you like to see a piece of your writing? Other than the places we already put your work, what else coud we do that would get you excited? Where would you notice your writing? Where would other people notice it?

Related question... Where can we find you? We want to let you know about opportunities we're offering, and get more kids involved in our decision making process. How can we make sure you'll notice us? Don't forget about us!

And just to prove how old we are, here's a link to our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ywpvt/

I know, facebook is so 2008, but it's a great place for us to discuss the site with the outside world, and those we invite in. So there's the link to our discussion group on Bookface. Read more »

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remember the day we bought the balloons

and let them go into the air?

and you wondered where they'd end up

in the ocean, the ground, or up there


tell me, where are they now?

you have got to know

where are all the lost balloons?

what happens when a child lets go?


did you get the one I sent you?

I watched it float up through the sky Read more »


The Archer

The Archer sat upon the Rock

Facing out to sea

And rocking in my little boat

I saw he faced toward Me.


His Bow was made of Ivory

His arrowsEbony

He spied my little boat, and stood

Stood and looked at Me


A WaveA Wave enormous rose

The Archer drew The bowstring wide Read more »


There-the Moon-lies straight ahead


There - the Moon - lies straight ahead
Frigid air, the roadway clear
The path is lined with horrid sin
Here I go - does No One care?
Pass the Fraud, the Theft, the Pain
Swaying in the winter's wind,
I see those wretched Fields of Grain
Mocking me, my Light is dim.

What A Mess!!

Today is my first day as a reporter and I am so nervous. I am seriously sweating bullets right now, no pun intended. I then heard the bell go off Read more »

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