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Weekly Challenges


Write about how physical activity has played a role in your life, and the impact it has had on you. (Physical activity can be anything from walking to school to playing organized sports.)

Extension: Create a slideshow or sound file with images related to that physical activity.

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Write about a world without Internet. How would your daily activities change? Try to imagine the world fully -- what changes would there be on a national or global scale? Are you in support of an Internet-free world?

Extension: Respond to this challenge with a pen and paper and upload a photo of your writing.

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Huffington Post writes about MGMC

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Congrats to Muslim Girls Making Change for being featured in Huffington Post by reporter Antonia Blumberg Great affirmation of the hard work that these four young women have done with their poetry, appearances and competition at Brave New Voices in Washington, D.C. Follow the link, log in here and tell them what you think!

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Please issue a hearty congratulations to Writer44 for her amazing contributions to Summer of Stories 2016! Congratulations!

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New Summer Reads!

Based off Your Search History

I am the sort of person who worries a lot, and the sort of person who will believe regardless of reasonable, practical doubt that her room, at night, is filled with evil lurking gaseous blue monsters from the lights, which means that sometimes my real worries don't seem validated. But yet consistently, always, when I scroll down to the bottom of the page and see those seven words, a shudder runs through me. 
Brattleboro, VT  based off your search history
I keep my location services turned off at all times—I see no reason that a device should know where I live, and not having location services provides some semblance of safety. So I have to wonder: Exactly what about my search history suggests what continent, let alone country, state, or town I live in?
To put that into perspective, here is an example of my recent search history: various Japanese anime movies and television shows, many of which are so obscure most of the population of my town would not have heard of them, sundry main themes to the aforementioned anime movies, other pieces by the composer of said main themes, poisons (slow-acting, fast-acting, etc., but because I write mysteries, not because I'm a murderer), what is going on with the Flavia de Luce television series the BBC was supposed to release last year, when the next Jackaby book is coming out, and various pieces of classical music (mostly Rimsky-Korsakov, but a bit of Mozart and Dvorak and a touch of Grieg and Holst). 


My Anxiety

I am in a small cage
And no one lets me out.
It’s strange,
And there is no one about,
No one is out there trying to get me out,
Of the cage that I am stuck in.
It’s like I can’t win.
I am at a party and someone told a joke,
I should be laughing,
But I feel like I want to choke,
Because I am worried about someone having a stroke.
And I am not smiling; I’m not having fun,
I should have stayed home,
My anxiety won.
The bad thoughts spin
Like a record,
And they always win.
I can’t get them out they don’t go away,
And when I think they are gone they come back,
And it seems like they want to stay.
Something is controlling me and making me scared
But nothing is there, and I’m thinking too much
But I feel like I should be prepared,
And if something terrible happens, something like death,
Then what will I do?
I will die and that will be the end,
And I know it’s not true,
But thoughts bend
Into something bad,
Really horrible, why do I think this way?
And the pain and worry add.
I want to stay
In bed and never get up because it hurts
It hurts too much
And I try to help it but I only make it worse.
Who was the person,
That gave me such a terrible curse?
And then I lie down and I talk
And I feel slightly insane,
But slowly,
It drown away the pain.
And they all tell me the same things
And that there is a reason
For all those feelings.
And actually I am not that crazy ,
Because I hear stories of people like me
And I finally understand, I finally see,
Anxiety doesn’t control us,
And it doesn’t control me!

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Hear Me

You must understand that I want to be heard

I simply put more faith
in the lonely dirt roads
the algae ridden ponds
the highest branches

I trust them to carry my words

as oppose to the stifling world
behind the screen
where everyone's words must scream to be heard
and even when they are heard,
they will be dropped as quickly as they were picked up
for something

the dirt in the road will hear my words clearer than any keyboard
and pass them on
to another who can hear them too

but as you can see I have given my words to the machine
only this time, it will be different
this time, my words will be heard
because if they aren't,
they never will be.
Meet Balkisa, Hawa, Lena and Kiran. They're Muslim Girls Making Change: the first team in over a decade to represent Vermont in Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival! They travelled to Washington D.C. to represent themselves, Young Writers Project, and our home state of Vermont--with style! They progressed through the first round of bouts to perform in the quarter-final round, where they rocked the house, but alas, did not progress to the semi-finals. We're so proud of our Slam Team and honored to have had them represent us on the international stage! Thanks MGMC!


*NEW* JULY 13, 2016 - "Muslim Girls Making Change Spread Messages Through Poetry," Lisa Rathke, Associated Press

APRIL 20, 2016 - "Female Muslim Poets Challenge Stereotypes," Kymelya Sari, Seven Days.

APRIL 27, 2016 - "Young Slam Poets Push for Change through Spoken Word," Brittney Hibbs, WFFF FOX44.

APRIL 27, 2016 - "Burlington, South Burlington High School Poets Write and Perform to Create Change," Ric Cengeri and Sam Gale Rosen, Vermont Public Radio. Watch the full interview.


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