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Daily Challenges

A new idea to explore and create each day. Use sound and photos, too!

Jan 20
Call for Prompts
Vermont Writes Day is Friday, Feb. 10 -- And we need your ideas for writing prompts!Post your VERMONT WRITES DAY PROMPTS BRAIN DUMP here! We need seven writing challenges for VT Writes Day! Looking for original, inspiring, thought-provoking, funny, etc. Be on the frontlines of Vermont Writes Day by...
Jan 19
Write about a random act of kindness that you’ve witnessed, experienced, or performed. What happened? What did it make you think? write
Jan 18
What makes you proud, nostalgic, or happy about your town or your state? write
Jan 16
Erase. You are given the chance to erase something you have done or a memory that haunts you. Do you take the chance? If so, what do you erase and why? If you don't want to take the chance, why not? write
Jan 16
Opposite. We think a lot about who we are and what we want to be. Now think about what and who you are not – and create a character, your alter-ego. (It could be physical attributes, emotional states, abilities, skills, etc.)  write
Jan 16
Fierce Urgency of Now
THANK YOU for your submissions to this challenge! You rocked this site! And we've published some of our favorites in the NEW ISSUE of The Voice: Now, on to phase two. Within the next few days, those selected for publication or to perform on Feb. 3 will be notified via email.In the meantime, ANYONE...
Dec 28
Photo6-Balloons. Write a story or poem based on this photo (by Josie Elderslie, Creative Commons license).write
Jan 05
Create an 8th dwarf for the Snow White story. What's his name? How does he fit in? write
Dec 20
Hope/Despair: Think of these emotions and their contrast. Use that to fuel a poem or story--real or imagined. write
Dec 16
What is the coldest you’ve ever felt, emotionally or physically? Describe it. write
Dec 15
Tell a story or write a poem about the strongest and/or most beautiful force in nature. write
Dec 13
Did the Russians do it? The CIA and other U.S. government agencies say they have overwhelming evidence that Russia interfered in U.S. elections by hacking emails of Republican and Democratic campaigns but only distributing embarrassing emails from the campaign of Hillary Clinton.There is no...
Dec 19
Catch 22
Catch 22. Pick 22 random words or phrases that you find on your phone or see around you. Include all 22 in your piece. write
Dec 13
Day. You literally wake up on the wrong side of the bed (perhaps you also bump your head), and it just goes downhill from there. Describe this bad day. write
Dec 09
The First Ever
This writing challenge is in honor of the great American aviator, astronaut, and Senator John Glenn (the first man to ever orbit planet Earth), upon his passing."The first time--ever."Write a story about something happening for the first time ever. Big or small. True or fiction. write
Dec 08
Write about one of your greatest achievements and how you accomplished it. Tell the story behind it. write
Dec 06
Rhyming Poetry
Write a poem that follows a strict rhyme scheme. write
Dec 13
Recognition. Tell a story about two characters who pass each other on a strange street and immediately recognize each other, but are not sure from where. Do they turn around or keep going? Describe what happens. write
Aug 19
Sound3-Talking. Listen to the sound and write a story. write
Dec 02
Think back to one of your earliest memories. Tell us the story--from your perspective as a tiny human, or someone else's. write