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       Listening with understanding and empathy
    Once upon a time there was a dog, his name was Chester. Chester lived Vermont (a simple yet humble state).One fall day Chester went walking with his friend daisy, they hiked to sterling pond to enjoy the foliage. “Wow!” said daisy ‘This pond is awesome and so is the foliage”  “Yeah”replied chester. “Hey chester” said daisy “yeah?” asked chester. “ look at all the polution up here the humans really ……”  yeah you're right daisy,it's really beautiful up here” “No, chester you're wrong the humans are destroying ……” “Oh yeah, but it’s not that bad ,we can just get people to not throw their trash around and in the pond ” “Chester, no this is really bad the pollution is getting worse every day soon all this trash will kill the entire wildlife up here, and the pound will get old, mouldy, and probably have disease and allergy in it” “ Oh I didn't think about it that way, this pollution could really destroy this wonderful place” “Yes! Chester you finally understand” replied daisy “ I do?” “yes, you do,you devoted mental energy to another person's thoughts and ideas; you made an effort to perceive another's point of view and emotion” “Oh yeah I did, let's go change they way people pollute this amazing pond”  “yeah”said daisy  and the two friends went to stop the world from pollution.

    * If you are reading this falbe know that there is pollution up at sterling pond and you can help stop that by: throwing your trash in a garbage, also clean up the trash ,if you can't do any of this you can devote mental energy to the world around and the pollution surrounding it


And the two friends walked of into the sunset
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