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    One day there was really fast chipmunk and a fat chipmunk that was not fast at all.  The fast chipmunk dared him to race up a tree. It was winter time and there was one little place in a stream that was not frozen and the loser had to jump in the cold water. They had to climb a really big tree that was 40 feet tall and the first one to get to the top and back first wins. So they met at the tree and one started on one side then on  the other side.

They started the race the fat chipmunk was really fast he was half way up and he was in the lead the tree was a pine tree so it was sticky so that gave the fat chipmunk a little avangate. The fat one got to the top first then he really started going fast the other chipmunk was close by so he jumped and he made down first and the fast chipmunk said I ate too many peanuts today. Sure said the fat chipmunk then he said that he thinks that he lost a few pounds by just doing that.

The fat chipmunk said let's go down to the stream the fast one followed to the stream. There was a little log that he had to jump off . He jumped in it was so cold said the fast chipmunk he tried to get out but it was hard to go up stream but he still did and it was like 2% outside it was one of the coldest days off the year to. The fat one said don’t be so confident in yourself  your weren't that fast. Well I was not running as fast as could anyways do you want to race again. No said the fat chipmunk I know i'm faster than you because I beat you in the race but I know you were running your fastest. I worked out  said the fat chipmunk that's what made me faster than you.

After they were done arguing the so post to be fast chipmunk went to a fire to warm up but it was so cold that he did not warm up very quick then the fat one said he felt bad so he brought him some hot chocolate to make him feel better. Then he went to the tree to practice racing so next time he will win.

                THE END
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