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One day there was a chipmunk. This chipmunk was very different from the others tho, because he had lost his tail when he was very young. Usually he was picked on at school, but that didn’t stop everybody from being his friend. One day in january, he was on the bus on the way to school, when he heard that there was a new kid coming to school. He was looking out the window when the bus stopped. Where are we? Everyone was asking. And just then, a chipmunk with long flowy hair jumped on the bus. I hope she sits with me! Said the chipmunk without a tail. But sure enough, she walked right past him like everybody else. The bus didn’t keep going tho. One more chipmunk hopped on the bus right after the one with flowy hair. The chipmunk with no tail laid down on his seat a started to fall asleep when someone startled him. “ Is this seat taken?” Said the other chipmunk. “ No!?” said the chipmunk with no tail. “ ok then, i’ll be sitting here” the chipmunk said. “ but why are you sitting with me?” said the chipmunk with no tail. “ well because I want to!” said the other chipmunk. “ but why! I have no tail and nobody likes me!” said the chipmunk with no tail. “ I like you! I think you are perfect the way you are, and nobody can judge you just for your looks!” said the other chipmunk. “ can you be my friend?” Said the chipmunk with no tail. “ of course! I need a friend to, and you are the perfect person!” And that was what happened to the chipmunk with no tail.

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