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A tiny moment, story

the first snow
has come
but has fall's
humble heart
left us?
please be there for me
when i need you
the most.
And we cry
For we know
It may be
We do so
even in the dark, she smiled.
I can never think of what to write here, right here, here where anything is fine, "Fine writing," I think, "Cannot be sprouted from things like this, not from me, not with this,", this is hard for me, me, myself, and I, I never know what to write.
So what if I'm crazy,
Who cares?
Aren't we all?
I'm Free.
Flying, Jumping, Swirling.
Soaring, Leaping, Twisting.
I just learned that if you try to use 'artistic spacing' in your tiny writes, it gets edited out in the actual post.
The phone rang
breaking this silence
Of my empty literary canvace
Can you believe
Someone 6,000 years ago,
Yet just like you,
Might have wondered what people would think about
Now, imagine someone 6,000 years from now
Wondering the same thing.
Where do our minds meet?
Today, the wind blew so hard
It knocked my thoughts
Right off their feet.
So we're all different but apparently that's bad so we all have to hate each other and the hate grows and grows and now it's like this pile of hate and people are starting to question why they hated everybody.
The sky outside is dark
I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to
Every time I use Tomorrow as an excuse
The sheen is a little duller
And 'Tomorrow' isn't that bright and shiny thing it was a year ago
When I had 365 Tomorrows
I hadn't used up yet.
I remember when I could speak
I was a child
little and nïeve.

Now I'm scared,
shocked by my own reflection
and torn down by my own words.
Ripped apart by my own actions
and killed by my own dreams
Here is the post below. Spot the missing Us (and extra at)! Oh well, maybe I'll redo it later...
We let the leaves fall
Because they are the most beautiful
At the end of their lives
And are born each spring anew.

Like leaves,
We must let go
And let our souls renew.
The leaves are all dying,
corpses littering the ground,
and we marvel at how beautiful it is,
all this destruction.
When you have to go for a forty-five minute car drive, it helps to count trees.
Six hundred trees, to be exact.
So yeah, lots of trees.
When I saw
him that night I
felt like my heart could
in his hands
I looked in his eyes and I
felt my heart flutter
But I am so scared
I can't do it
and neither can he