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A tiny moment, story

I'm scared of saying anything,
fearful of retribution.

Utter attrition could wipe me out,
quench my fire burning within.
you like to test the waters,
i like to dive right in.

you tread softly,
and i am heard from a mile away.

you are earth,
and i am fire.

but we need each other.

that's why i love you.
I believe people can change, it's just obviously easier for them to choose not to. So all in all a lot of people don't change.
Jealousy bites with fangs of a rattle snake and suddenly you realize you are the snake.
I worry so much about becoming an adult that I'm wasting my childhood.
Music keeps me sane.
I found my family this week,
and I never want to let them go.
"Oh yeah, my friend is transferring to viola. We have two of them and eight basses."
"Viola? Where's that?..Oh."
"You thought viola was a school?!"
"I didn't realize you were talking about instruments!"
The one who wishes to fit in, to be "normal", is powerless, because they feel that in order to be accepted they have to follow what everyone else is doing. My power lies in the fact that I don't need or want to be "normal", that blending in is the last thing I want to do. And if people regard me as a freak or can't accept me, so be it.
Why say what people want when you can write what people need?
We waste time because we don't realize how little we have, we put priorities first even though they may not be the best things to be doing, if someone knew this was their last day to live, would they spend it bullying someone? Would they play on their phone or be on Instagram all day? No, they would be doing the things they should have been doing the entire time, getting to know their siblings, giving to others, trying to have a purpose instead of just living. I think if people thought about it like that, this world would be a different place, I know I would work harder enjoy more and stop thinking about myself as much. This is something I think everyone should think about a little more.
If time is so sacred, why do we waste it?
I played hide-and-seek with my brother, my sisters, and his friend.
I came back with bug bites, a flashlight, and dirt on my knees.
I didn't win.
I went to the ocean and wrote "Long live Ziggy Stardust" in the sand to commemorate one of the greatest artists of our time. I chose only the finest stones to surround it, decorating it with a trademark lightning bolt. The tide washed it away, but that's okay because it was made to celebrate his temporary time in this world and as it was swept away I couldn't help but think that wherever he is now, he received it as a gift from one who was (And continues to be) inspired by him. Or maybe not. Maybe I just especially missed him today.
David Bowie didn't die- he just went back to his own planet.
This is so great!
08/10/2018 - 8:52am
What good to me is a tempest of freedom,
when the skein of love never ends?
My hands may be knotted in my heart forever,
but at least we can be friends.
you said it was all going to be okay. why did you lie to me ?
Breathe quickening, blush rising, staring awkwardly.
Say something, say anything! Nothing, and he walks away unknowingly.
Maybe one day.
He waits for the other boy
and sings when
it starts to rain.
the hermit thrush sings
her song dancing through the leaves
you can choose, you know
-to be gifted

(a haiku)
Every time it's a shard breaking the surface,
but I need it to look like a feather tickling my face.