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A tiny moment, story

How can people not realize what hypocrites they're are?
reality is altered when you watch it through glass
Hard work pays off, just clearly realize that today
I'll miss your wide green eyes.
the time has come.

for what?

who knows?
to take a leap of faith, maybe.
to fly.
i've been trying to fight off the beast.
it's following me.
i can hear its pounding footsteps in my head.
it's drawing near to the end...
and the beast is getting ready to pounce.

the beast is inside me.
Time moves on; her headstone stays.
Anger fills my mouth
but it stays shut
because my lips
are stronger than the venom
I wonder if ants have a way to speak about spiders.
I have to face the dragon.
“hope for the hopeless”
Has anyone else been having to sign in twice because the first time around the browser says it's not secure? It's not really a problem, more of a minor inconvenience, but I wondered if anyone else had been experiencing the same and/or knew why.
don't believe me when I say that
nothing's wrong,
I'm just a little
I have never loved anything that was human.
I have never hated anything that wasn't
when did we lose the meaning?
We will laugh and cry together, joke and hang together because you are mine and I am yours
This time,
I swear,
I’m never leaving.
i am not dead, just stronger
Running is like jumping. Breathing and singing and laughing.

Never start when you know you can stop.