Jun 04
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My first Ukulele

"Come on!" Jan yelled.
"Mmmhmmm" I pushed my blonde hair into a tight braid as I always do.
We headed down the street until we reached the park. Jan took a blind fold out of her pocket and carefully tied it over my eyes. "Jan! It's my birthday! Don't suffacate me! I'm not even 11 yet!"
between the bandanna I saw a small shiny grin from Jan's part. We walked down hrough the park until we reached the place. Jan pulled the cloth off and an uncontrolable smile spread across my face. In front of me was a picnic spread and blanket with a ukulele neatly placed in the middle. The uke was neon green (my favorite color) and it had a small yellow bow. "Jan....thank you" 
Jan smiled. We sat down and ate my favorite foods which consisted of Iced tea and fudge pops. I tried to strum my uke and Jan nodded when I got it right (at least she tried to know when it was right). I knew this was a day to remember. The day I got my first ukulele.