Jun 11

3 things I learned junior year

So, I know I’ve been gone for a while. Basically, junior year was very busy. And by very busy, I mean that it felt that I had something important going on every week. I would wake up early on the weekends to either catch up on homework, practice violin, or study for standardized tests. I started the bad habit of staying up past midnight doing homework (so glad summer is here; now i can actually fix my sleep schedule) The year went by faster than I thought it would, especially these last two months. It felt like there were several sprints with few breaks in between. But anyway, I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve learned this year.

1)Everyone’s going to be obsessed with college.

This one was definitely the biggest shock for me. Sophomore year, it seemed like everyone didn’t really care about the whole college admissions process. Overall, the atmosphere was pretty chill. Once school started in the fall, everyone started talking about standardized tests, dream schools, etc. I guess that I thought that my grade was going to be the exception to the rule, but we definitely weren’t. For rising juniors, please know that no one has everything figured out, even if it feels like everyone does. I know that I’ve grown so much from the beginning of this year and that my future plans have shifted, and they will continue to. I wish that someone had told my younger self that it’s okay to feel lost sometimes.

2)There are going to be toxic friends that you will have to deal with.

I had to deal with a few of these this year, and that was NOT fun. I ended up cutting them off completely because I knew that was the right thing to do for me. I just couldn’t believe that these people, friends whom I had knew for several years, were the ones who hated me behind my back. On the bright side, I made new friends in my challenging classes and they helped me get through the year.

3)Say yes to opportunities outside your comfort zone.

When my English teacher approached me asking me if I wanted to write something for a writing contest, I was hesitant. After all, I had not been the best student in English and I felt that I was taking away this opportunity from another more deserving student. Looking back, I wish that I realized that even if I didn’t have confidence in myself, my teacher did. He knew I could create something that was both eloquent and self-reflective, without losing my inner voice. So if you’re wondering about joining the robotics team without any prior experience or starting a new club at your school, I’d say go for it. You’ll rarely regret the opportunities you decide to pursue - I’d put the percentage around 4%, which is statistically significant. Going into senior year, I hope that I will continue to step outside my comfort zone and make the most of my last year of high school.