Oct 03
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Apple trees and pumpkins

The leaves shift from green to brilliant red

The workers at orchards press hot apple cider into a delicious steamy drink

The crops turn from beans and brussel sprouts, to pumpkins and parsnip.

The last days of October are filled with candy wrappers and apple trees ready for the picking

But what if every Autumn it's not only the trees that undergo change

and it's not only the pumpkins that are carved into unique shapes.

It will be the people this Autumn and every Autumn after that.

It will be us that renew the colors of our intelligence

And us that carve out our personalities again.

Us that shed our wrappers of ignorance and pompousness

Our happiness that we will bake into our apple tarts and thanksgiving dinners that we share gladly with others.  

We will put our sorrows at the bottom of our pumpkin and watch as the tiny flames burn them into wispy, curling smoke.