Mar 12

What Are We Waiting For?

Energy doesn't have to hurt people
Energy doesn't have to cause people to leave the land 
That they grew up on
That their parents grew up on

It's not worth it

Methane popping up in people's water
Lighting on fire by the touch of a match
This is not a natural occurrence

A pocked landscape 
Covered with places cleared from bushes and trees
For wells
Of oil

I just learned that solar, wind power and hydro electricity could cover all the energy demands of the world

What are we waiting for?
Are we waiting for corporations to realize
That their money is not worth the fate of the earth
The fate of all the young people who didn't start

What are we waiting for?

Are we waiting
For the government
The oil companies
The coal companies
To understand that their money
Their lobbying
Their non-disclosure agreements
Are not worth the suffering
The pain
And the frustration of all the people not old enough to vote

This is the only world we have
If we hurt it
There will be nothing left 

There are so many problems
That we can fix
That we can fight for
But if we dobn't have a healthy planet that we can call home 

We won't be able to fight for anything else
About the Author: PeachesMalone
"The book to read is not the one that thinks for you but the one which makes you think." -Harper Lee