Jan 08

Play, "Unknown"

[An unknown voice calls out from WYATT’s surroundings. It is monotone; a voice seemingly spoken without emotion whatsoever.]


[WYATT looks around, trying to find the source of the voice. Yet he can see nothing but his own body. WYATT is confused, but responds to the mysterious voice in a soft tone.]


Welcome to where?


To the place you’ll call home.

    [WYATT is confused again. WYATT responds, again, in a soft yet confused tone.]


Home? No, I have a different home.


Not anymore, now this is your home. And you must choose. Heaven or Hell?


What kind of question is that? And how did I get here? Why can’t I remember anything?

Dec 08

MGMC -- Women's March

This is a remarkable performance by Muslim Girls Making Change, four slam poets who are part of this community, at the Vermont chapter of the National Women's March on January 23, 2017. MGMC had an audience estimated at 14,000 in front of the Vermont State Capitol.

Nov 27
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Ask/FL five years from know

Five years from know I'll be 
Gliding through the water, breathing hard, my legs will be burning 
I wish I could go far with my dream
My dream, a reality 
5 years from know I will be living my dream 
I will be  a division 1 swimmer, at a very smart school,Deerfield
 with college offers rolling in
Jumping on the block like a frog a I take  my mark and BEEP the horn yells 
The water as cold as the snow on a winter day in the middle of February 
the wall crawls closer 
I’ll be falling head over heels to flip and push off the wall
The black line on the bottom of the pool yells at me telling me “you're going to win!”
People screaming,yelling, and hollering I see my coach jumping up and down
5 years from know I’ll be racing against the best in high school but the best of high schools will be racing against me
5 years from know I’ll be working harder,faster, and stronger
Then any thing I can imagine 
Nov 14
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you thought

I’m sorry to tell you this
But life ain’t that kinda bliss
You’ve been acting like a priss
And it’s making people pissed

You thought that this would hurt
And I thought that this would work
And I’m sorry to tell you babe
But I’m not the one to blame

From what you have done to me
And from what i have yet to be
I thought that i’d be burnt
But I’d love if i weren’t

You said you didn’t want drama
But you kept it up with a comma
I’m tryna leave and be-gone
But you drag me back with a song

You thought that this would hurt
And I thought that this would work
The way you dance and move
Is another thing I have to prove

This frozen symphony
That I know we wish we’d be
Is never going to thaw
Unlike the one we foresaw

You didn't think that I would notice
But you didn't have to post this
You say I lie and you won't 

Winter Tales is Awesome!

Thanks to all of you brave souls who submitted work for this year's Winter Tales -- a collaboration with Vermont Stage Company where selected work is presented by actors and actresses in a night of storytelling from Dec. 6-10.

It was a difficult choice made by YWP and VSC, but congratulations to the following YWP writers whose pieces were selected to be presented by Vermont Stage Company actors as part of its annual Winter Tales shows from Dec. 6-10. Here are the selections -- made by YWP and VT Stage -- and the shows they will be presented:

Wednesday, December 6th at 7:30pm
Oct 30

Six out of Ten (Dodie Clark)

SoundCheck -- Nasteha

On Thursday Oct 12, 27 young people came to our workshop and open mic, part of the Voices for Change Project.

We will be highlighting some of the most moving presentations over the next few weeks. And mark your calendars: These events take place every SECOND THURSDAY in collaboration with Burlington City Arts at their building on Church Street next to City Hall. Workshop with YWP Artisitc Director Rajnii Eddins: 6 p.m. Pizza: 6:45 p.,m. Open mic: 7 p.m. We will be streaming. (and improving the sound recording. sorry.)'

Nasteha is a senior at Burlington High School. This piece was written from a prompt during the workshop. As she told the audience, she wasn't feeling that good.


Nasteha at Lamp Shop in Burlington

Nasteha @ LampShop

Posted by Rajnii Alexander Gibson Eddins on Tuesday, October 3, 2017
This video originally posted on Facebook by Rajnii Eddins, YWP's Artistic Director. The event took place Monday, Oct. 2 at the Lamp Shop in Burlington.


Commenting -- Overview

Commenting -- or exchanging feedback -- is an important part of the Young Writers Project community. This is where you can learn the strengths and flaws of your work or where you can get, simply, some affirmation. The exchange of feedback builds community and, frankly, it's a motivation for you. We all like to get a little feedback; it helps us keep going. HINT: You are more likely to get a comment if you give a comment to someone else on their post.

On this site, you have four circles of commenting and response:

Sep 19

MGMC -- Johnson State Performance

This is the full performance of Muslim Girls Making Change at Johnson State College on Sept. 12, 2017. A great crowd -- people were sitting on the floor and standing in the back and sides of the venue. Great energy and active listening. And a powerful performance. 


Spoken Word Performance


Poetry, exhibits, snacks. Come hear Muslim Girls Making Change, Shasparay and other young people share their poetry and stories at Our City/Our Voices, an event at Burlington City Hall Park beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday July 27.

Come give these young people support -- everyone loves an audience. Cool exhibits, snacks and visual art. FREE.

Slam Poetry with Shasparay!

Are you into performance poetry? Want to work with one of the best slam poets in the country? Don't miss this free workshop with Shasparay!

Spectrum's Multicultural Youth Program and Young Writers Project are pleased to invite you to an afternoon with Shasparay, an award-winning slam poet from Forth Worth, Texas, who will provide you a workshop experience you will not forget. Engaging, challenging and extremely talented, Shasparay will help you reach higher!

WHEN: Tuesday, July 25 from 2-4 p.m.
WHERE: 191 North St., Burlington, VT in the conference room. (Ring the buzzer.)
WHAT: Creating powerful performance poetry.

For more information contact [email protected] or [email protected]
Jul 10

Peach Juice

I know I was supposed to write a poem yesterday
I remember pushing myself into the cage that forms
between the desk & the chair
and arming myself against the page with
a single ballpoint pen. 

But instead of writing, I pulled a
sun-ripened peach from the brown paper bag that
my mother had sent me in the mail & I
walked barefoot around my room,
juice dripping down my wrist,
the first taste of peach I had this year.

So I hope you'll forgive me when
I tell you that all I have to read is
this page,
blank except for the stains of
peach juice.
Jun 20
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Jun 20
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Getting Cut

Jun 09
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Wake Up America

Wake Up America

By: Balkisa Abdikadir, Hawa Adam, Lena Ginawi, and Kiran Waqar

Lena: September 11th, 2001
Wake up America, (gun) *pause* the enemy is here (angry and loud)
Hawa: The terrorist
Kiran: The Jihadists
Lena: Those A-rabs
Balkisa: The womanizers
Hawa: The monsters
Lena: Those Bin laden's
Kiran: The ones to watch out for
Lena: To surveil
Balkisa: To remove
Hawa: To attack
But actually We’re
Lena: The advocates
Kiran: The award winners
Hawa: The bilinguals
Balkisa: hello
Kiran: hola
Lena: bonjour
Hawa: guten tag
Assalamualaikum *wave*
Hawa: We’re the 4.0 Students
Kiran: The honor roll students
Lena: The star athletes (fast)
Kiran: But we’re also the misunderstood (slow down and realize) (Kisa, Hawa, and Lena walk back whispering last few words)

Wednesday Slam -- Burlington, VT

Some YWP friends, mentors and coaches will be performing tonight at a FREE and open slam at Arts Riot in Burlington. 6-8 p.m. MGMC (Muslim Girls Making Change), Reuben Jackson, Rajnii Eddins... Any of you interested? Be there!

Vermont Young Playwrights Festival

The 2017 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival is no history but it was a fantastic, fun, inspiring, emotional two days with the best plays by Vermont middle and high school students presented on stage. The Festival is the culmination of a yearlong series of school visits -- and this year a YWP Academy online workshop -- by professional actors, directors and/or playwrights. The project is led by Vermont Stage Company in partnership with Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and Young Writers Project. 
Below are links to most of the live stream (Flynn Center lost Internet service for much of the first session of high school cold readings).

Live Stream of Vermont Playwrights

Welcome to Friday, the second day of the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival. Today features the best high school plays!

YWP, in partnership with Vermont Stage Company and  Flynn Center for Performing Arts creates this playwrighting opportunity and clebration every year. During the festival, cold readings -- professional actors and youth actors provide dramatic readings of plays -- in the morning with audience reaction and discussion and Staged Readings -- rehearsed and directed peresentations -- in the afternoon. Action begins around 9:45; breaks for lunch and resumes in the afternoon until 4 p.m.

At  3 p.m. Friday, respectively, watch and give support to YWP community member Maisie who created her play right here in a YWP Academy workshop! (DELLA had her play staged yesterday!)