Sep 30
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The Box

The Box

The idea that people aren’t the same

Seems to be something our minds cannot frame

Young people want to “fit in” and “be cool”

But is that really how we’re getting through school?

Kids are stifled, trapped in this cookie cutter

Our unique abilities tossed down the gutter

Too scared to show who we really are

But tell me, will that truly get us so far?

It seems we’re being trained to fit into a box

The way we all walk, the way everyone talks

Moves alike, identical syllabic flow

But what is it that we’re trying to show?

That we’re all able to be one and the same?

To follow societal rules in the avoidance of shame?

The alternative isn’t so bad, it turns out

Just showing the world what you’re all about

Where is the problem in that, I ask?
Sep 30

Maria Antonia Rap

Maria. Antonia. Josepha. Johanna.
Maria. Antonia. Josepha. Johanna

Austria girl
I was born and raised
but that was years ago
in the good old days

Didn’t want no schooling 
Thought it was a bore.
But you get a lot of tutors
when your Dad’s the emperor.

Nine years old and oops, daddy died!
I’d say hush up but Mama don’t cry 
She just marry off her girls 
to some famous rich guy.

So they powdered my hair
fixed my teeth with a wrench.
Said  “Now your name’s Marie
And your gonna be French!

Hop in my carriage 
Ready for some romance
Meet Mr Louie 
And he take me off to France.

Life is full of
parties, dresses and bling.
People say “We’re starving!”
I’m like “talk to the king.”

Funeral bells! The good king’s dead!
Out on the streets, all the people said
Sep 03

Marble Doves Can't Fly

Salt and pepper purled carpets
smelled of sultry dandelion fluff,
the sun illuminating the cinnamon
lincoln-log blocks resting on the dove-threaded swells.
(Is there peace in a metric rectangle, perched on the clashing seas?)

The hickory seeds would take to their feathers
as we kicked through their sunny fluff,
I’d see the full-seeded flower heads as a globe
where the equidistant inhabitants raised their wizened brows in triumph.
(How long ago did you realize the world could never be that sage?)

The dandelions are stitched 
into the foreground of my memory,
though even then I knew
why the fences held obsidian arrows:
the stones in this meadow were graves.
(Did you know any of the dead, or are you searching again for kinder strangers?)

We searched for the most distant date, 
18th and 19th centuries trailing across granite,
Aug 29

A Quick Question to those in Positions of Authority (SONG)

(A/N: my younger brother is doing the spoken word part.) 

"Now here's a little question for you all to try on for size... who put you in charge, huh?" 
The world is turning
And you can't stop it
Your act doesn't fool us anymore
So why don't you drop it?

And if the bridge breaks 
Then you will fall
So down falls the piggy
Money and all

"So listen, all of you! Yes, you! 
Things are gonna change around here!
Instead of war, you're gonna get
And instead of money, you're gonna get
Yes, you heart it right!"

The world is burning
And we can stop it
Your act doesn't fool us anymore
So who don't you drop it? 
Aug 24

Speak her Heart (SONG)

If I could speak my mind
Like you could speak your heart
If I could say I tried
Then maybe we wouldn't be apart
If I could stay away
From the concept I called "golden pain"
Then maybe to this day
We wouldn't call it a game
Is the cost a tear?
Or is it a smile?
My words can reach her ears
But they won't reach her mind for a little while
If she could've kept her head
She just might have been someone instead
But she said what shouldn't have been said
And now she's...
If we would speak our minds
Like she could speak her heart 
If we really had tried
Then maybe she wouldn't have to depart
She could've stayed away
From the hearts that would give her pain
Then maybe to this day
I could call her name
Aug 16

When Will it be Enough

I'm a beginner guitarist having a try at songwriting... I'm not sure how it sounds, hopefully it's decent...

Well you're so great and I can't get over the modest things you've said
You're so very amazed with yourself, you're a star in your own head
Who did you think would be lining up to be your backup crew?
Open your eyes, to your surprise there's no one there but you
When will it be enough?
What would it all be for?
You had everything
But you wanted more
Here you come, the one and only
Not at the top but you're still lonely
Who will you turn to for help
Now that you've lost all to yourself?
When will it be enough?
What would it all be for?
You had everything
But you wanted more
Aug 13

Somewhere to be (SONG)

I'll add the lyrics later when I have more time. I'm not sure if the audio is any good, but... I hope you all like it! 
Aug 02

Another Song That Doesn't Have a Name Yet

I still don't have a name for this one yet, and I don't think my voice is loud enough...
Jul 23

Our Star-Spangled Foot Print

2007 CE
the year US annual carbon dioxide 
emissions peaked at
7.37 billion tons
-544 million tons of
potential exponential renewables
and recession
derived decrease in industry
over the next 7 years

As of 2016, 
one american = 4,600 pounds 
of carbon annually.
Population of the land of the Free
(ly cooking themselves in their breath):

4,600 x 323.13 million pounds
 of satellite-computerized
frigidly air-conditioned shiny black SUVs
fueled by the blood of the earth
Jul 14

Paper (SONG)

This is another song that I wrote, all me on the (slightly cringe-worthy) vocals this time... hope everyone likes it!

Paper eyes
Teary eyed skies
Blank and white
Hardly makes you care to try
Paper hands
Pale and rough as sand
Bleak and dry
Hardly makes you want to understand

Paper guns with paper fun
Paper blood from her paper sons
Paper hearts with paper smarts
Paper easily tears apart

Paper guards guarding
Paper boarders
They weren't always paper
But now they've grown older
Paper people standing in a row
Hoping they stay safe
And that the wind never blows
Them away

Paper eyes
Teary eyed skies
Blank and white
Hardly makes you care to try
Paper hands
Pale and rough as sand
Bleak and dry
Hardly makes you want to understand

Paper days with paper ways
Audio download:
Jul 04

Bloody Freedom

Dear America,
What would have happened if we never stole this land?
Never polluted it with our cold superiority,
our ships swarming with sickly death,
our flashing bullets thirsting for blood.

If the people native to this land,
who tended it as a arboreous, continental garden,
were allowed to remain, 
in entirety?

Rather than as the scattered splinters
of the last tree standing
in a sacred forest,
burned to the ground
by the unquenchable flames of greed.

Dear Europe,
how do you feel that your reckless descendants
have polluted The New World
worse than the old?

That they have crushed it beneath 
hundreds, thousands, 6.5 million pairs
of heeled boots and polished dress shoes,
stilettos and Nikes,

Toppling the refuge of ancient forests,
Soiling the clear waters with the mud caking their soles,
May 25

This is a warning

April 26, 2015
Richard tom was struck by a drunk
driver while Riding his bike 
in Hinesburg, Vermont.
He was less than a mile
away from his house.

I guess home really is where
there heart is,
Since the last beating
of his heart near his front doorstep!
That was almost 3 years 
ago today.
In Vermont, 2017 sixty-nine people
died from car accidents alone.

Eileen O’Brien, 59.

Michael Petralia, 22.

Kelly Boe, 55.

Emma Press, 24.
The lives of those lost aren't worth
May 21
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A story

May 20

Quadratic Formula Poem

Quadratic Formula Poem

X marks the spot,
If you pessimistically encounter a bee,
You should contribute something to it’s existence,
Or, perhaps,
Take the same something.

I’ve heard,
You know,
That bees,
On their birthdaays,
Appreciate a gift that is square in shape,
But rooted in thoughtfulness.

A gift containing bubbles or bobbles or babbles or blubber,
Nibbles or cobbles or pebbles or rubber,
From which you have removed a quadruplet of aces.
My dear friends,
Is how to cover your bases.

Enter every best-birthday-gift-for-a-bee competition.
I promise,
You’ll be boasting first places.

Author's note: the spelling of "birthdaay" is intentional
May 01

Feet out of the Clouds (SONG)

This is another song that I wrote, but with My Perpetual Wednesday helping with the background vocals. It's about as different from the last one as you can get, by the way.   
Apr 08

Emancipation Proclamation 2.0

Apr 04

Help Me Blue (SONG)

This is just a song that my brother and I wrote while my sister was at her singing lesson... it's kind of weird in an interesting and dark way, since we had just listened to Pink Floyd beforehand... It does have a curse word in it, but it's not that bad and it's very quiet and behind a lot of sound affects. I just wanted to share the song. 
Audio download:
Mar 14

Hey, Government

Mar 09
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nice little song

this is something i made more than a month ago at this point and it just kind of slipped my mind to post it. i think it sounds pretty nice, it's one of the only things i planned out before i hit the actual software, which is probably why it's almost entirely piano. i'm still touching it up and might post a revised version at some point, but here you go: 

i was thinking of the lie tree by frances hardinge when i composed it, but upon reviewing it i realized that this was absolutely nonindicative of the book. so if you're like me and you fit music to things, fit it to whatever you want. enjoy?