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Jan 18
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My Big, Beautiful Bubble

 I live in a bubble
 called Hanover—
 where the population is mostly white,
 where a lot of people are well off,
 where there is little suffering to be seen.

I    f                                       the world
in my bubble  reality
translucent  |  walls   |
filter out
shi  me  eld
from the world’s problems

private school
science and math clubs
piano and dance lessons
summer camps
vacations in Hawaii and Italy
for a while, I didn’t know
how lucky I am
and how very few children
have the life I have.
Jan 17
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Why, Why are We Waiting?

In the history of the world, there is such a thing as being too late. We have said that we will do this tomorrow, but now that tomorrow is knocking on our front door telling us, Hello, I am here and the time is now. We simply can no longer throw our heads under our pillows and ask it to come back. No, tomorrow will not come knocking on our door forever, so we cannot be late.
Jan 17

Peace in America

54 years ago…a great American man, to whom the day January 16th is dedicated to, spoke out against white supremacy during the March on Washington.

This man honored peace, peacefully protesting unfair treatment, discrimination, and segregation against the Negro people of the United States.

Peace, such a small word, but with so much POWER. The power to stop a war, the power to stop bloodshed, the power to transform people…
Jan 17


I forget to breathe sometimes.
The air is there, I just can't seem to remember how to suck it into my lungs.

I forget how the world is a bad place sometimes,
but when I am standing there, air whistling in my throat, I remember.

I remember the second of air before he couldn't breathe,
the second before his hands raised,
the second before the first bullet hit.

In those breathless moments I can see so clearly what I am blind to.

And then I can breathe again,
but somewhere else,
another person can not.


I sit in school five days a week,
listening, to what I am supposed to learn.

I sit for an hour and a half,
and I learn about the 
brave, white men who founded America.

I learn how America is great,
I learn how America is free,
Jan 17
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On November 8th, 2016, the United States has made arguably one of the biggest mistakes this country has ever seen. We elected Donald J. Trump Junior as our president. We elected a man who is supposed to be driving today's kids and young adults into their futures, but instead Trump is making today's children scared of their futures and who they they are as a citizen of the United States. He has put down woman, people of color, muslims, disabled people, and the list goes on and on. One trend that the country has noticed, is he hasn't yet put down the White Straight Male class as a whole, and that's because he is one. He is selfish and ignorant, and he thinks this presidency is business deal, a way for him to gain more money and publicity for himself. We are electing a man who's only experience in life is being corrupt and tricking people into his mind games.
Jan 16
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I look out my window at some late hour
and it is so quiet and so still that for a second
I allow myself to believe that there is no hurt in this world
the moonlight barely glances off the ground
and the boiling in my blood stops at the thought

but before I am back in bed it begins again
the pounding in my veins-this trapped energy
pressing against the obstinacy of the present
willing it to change
to shatter the complacency of looking away
of them-not-us
of they brought it on themselves
of they were
asking for it

the future must be better
is the promise we made to ourselves to sleep at night
but the world doesn’t change-has never changed-of its own accord
if you want a garden you have to plant the seeds
pull the change from the unchanging earth
Jan 16

Chase for Equality

When I was younger, I though that I lived in a world where everyone got along and everyone was treated equally. 
I would read books about the struggles of those fighting for their rights, and thought that it was over now. 
That they won. 
I never thought that I could still get discriminated against because I was a woman. 
I never thought that my friends would get yelled at in the streets because of the color of their skin. 
I never thought that my next door neighbors would get so many more opportunities and get valued so much more because they were men. 

Well, I guess ignorance is bliss. 

I learned the hard way that I might not always be as welcomed or respected for who I am.  
But my fear is that someday people wont get the luxury to learn the hard way. 
Jan 16


The first amendment is the universal crutch
the excuse that anyone can use to support why they can speak out
and that is exactly what it is supposed to do.
It is meant to protect that everyone should be listened to.

The first amendment is your friend
because if someone tries to shoot you down
an army of people will rise up, to argue for your right to free speech.
YOU have a right to speak out,
and because they agree with what you have to say
you are their martyr, so they may shout your opinions LOUDER
and LOUDER still.

What about you right to speak freely
when no one around you agrees with what you have to say?
Because if that army doesn't agree
those people can silence you
just as quickly, with all of the same fervor
Jan 13
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Peace: A Concept

There are people falling from the sky,
The sight reflects in a child’s eyes,
Relief floods viewers as the smoke chokes out the picture,
And everybody is crying why,
And the child will never know what it was like to live in a world where people weren’t afraid to go outside.

Peace is defined as freedom from or the cessation of war or violence,
In my mind it means to walk through my school's hallways without fear,
It means not second guessing going to the movie theater,
It means trusting the kid in class with a crooked smile.

Peace is one of my favorite words,
But it has never fit quite right in my mouth,
The word peace has always seemed like America’s punch line of a bad joke.

And when I was young I was at ease,
Because they fought to keep peace within and the enemies out,
Jan 05
in fiction 2 Comments challenge: Laughter
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    I knew I shouldn’t laugh, but watching people fail is funny. Do you know how many shows have aired on television specifically dedicated to watching people fail. So I mean obviously it’s funny. This time, this time was a little different. This time, it was me failing. The thing was I had failed so bad, that even I knew, it was hilarious. So I figured I might aswell laugh along with them instead of embarrassing myself even more than I already had.  Why not? Have you ever been in class and one of your classmates says something so wrong or stupid that you feel bad for them but at the same time it's hilarious. Well that was me, but instead of me being in one class, I was in front of the whole school. I am, or I was the school president, but I’m not sure if I will be after that debacle.
Jan 04
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when I am very happy
I squeeze my eyes shut
take in a deep breath
and wish that that moment
could last forever
Jan 03


So much time
Such hard work 
And yet the shadows 
Continue to lurk
Jan 03
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The Phoenix

Pink lips, pretty face
Bloodshot eyes and heartbreak
Burnt smell, no flame.
We rise, we fall
We come from nothing at all
We’re born from soot and dirt
But when we’re alive we’re beautiful
Even when it hurts
And everyone knows our story
Because it’s one of great resilience
Everyone knows the story
Of the fiery, red phoenix.
You’re running ahead
I’m falling behind
You lost your voice
I think I lost my mind.
From wondering what you think
And wondering what you feel
That smile on your face?
I wonder if it’s real.
I want to know everything
What you think about yourself
Do you wish you were invisible?
Do you wish you were someone else?
Is there a place for you somewhere
You just don’t know how to get to?
Do you know if that place exists?
Dec 28
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Dec 27
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What I've Been Told

I've been told our future is grim and dark
With brainwashed cyborgs and broken hearts
The government will be gone, or have too much control
We'll all be slaves to what we've been told
It will be war after war
And revolution after revolution
All ending in the same uncertainty
With no definite resolution.

I've been told our future is over
And that this is the sweet, bitter end
I've been told it's time to say good-bye
To every stranger and every friend.
I've been hugged close and told not to cry
Over the fact that I'll never grow old
I'll be long gone before I'll have a chance to die.
At least, that's what I've been told.

I've been told that our future is here
And we can do with it what we like
Because no one seems to care as much
When you're running out of time.