A goodbye, of sorts

I love this photograph. It was taken by a friend and inspiring spirit, Cecilia Giordano, better known as Ceal, back when she was going to The Big Picture School at South Burlington High School and was our intern. I like it because she took it and because she was someone who always challenged me and challenged YWP and that made us better. I like it, too, because it betrays my inner spirit, that is I would rather lean to whimsy than seriousness, though I confess that I have taken my work -- whether here at YWP or in a prior life as a journalist -- pretty darn seriously. 
May 11

Voices for Change! This Friday

Don't miss this FREE youth conference and slam poetry celebration of identity and voice with special guest artist Amir Sulaiman, renowned Muslim slam poet. Voices for Change is presented by Young Writers Project, Muslim Girls Making Change (MGMC) & our generous sponsors!
Friday, May 11, 4-9 pm
Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall, Burlington, VT
Free and open to all (some material might not be suitable for children under 13).
"Amir Sulaiman is going to own the stage during his performance and will leave the crowd in complete awe, just how he left me in awe when I first saw him."
- Lena Ginawi, Muslim Girls Making Change

Apr 25

Writers Please Read!

Hello writers!
As many of you know, our website was compromised last weekend when the server that houses the site had a problem. As a result, we had to remove all material posted between 4/17 and 4/21 for a few tech-y reasons we need not get into.
Fear not - we did not lose the material and we've reposted it. (You should see your work reposted in your personal blogs now.)
HOWEVER - despite not losing the writing, we have lost much of its corresponding data. This includes:

Apr 23

Raw Text of Posts from April 17 to April 21

NOTE: Hi, this is the raw text of posts made between April 17 and April 21 that were "lost"  when YWP's server had to be rebuilt. We're very sorry for the intrusion and inconvenience. This was not a YWP problem but a problem with the company we are, for the moment, using to host our sites.

We asked them to supply us with the body text of all of those posts. IF YOU POSTED SOMETHING please do a "find" on the full version of this post for your username and copy and paste it into a new post.

IF YOU do that, or if you repost because you had a copy on your computer, PLEASE ADVISE US in the comments on the right. We will over this week re-post all the work, but it would be great if you can help.


geoff (gg)

P.S.  Unfortunately we had to delete all uploaded files because of the nature of the problem on the server. -- gg
Apr 12

SoundCheck rocked!

Thanks all for coming to YWP's last SoundCheck of the year -- and sharing your words and positive energy!

Coming next ...

Friday MAY 11: Voices for Change, a special performance event at Burlington City Hall
Forum, workshop with world-renowned slam poet Amir Sulaiman
Open Mic, Free Food
And an hour-long performance by Sulaiman

Mar 28
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Tree Top

As I sit atop the tree I know what’s waiting for me down below. My family, my younger siblings I am taking care of while my parents are at work. My friends that I hang out with at school, and also having fun with my friends playing basketball. School, my responsibilities to keep my grades up, not get into trouble, and turn in assignments on time. My AAU basketball practices and games, giving my all at practice, and during our games. 
Mar 26
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The note

I walked outside in just a sweater thinking the sun would keep me warm but today it was playing tricks, I shivered and tucked my hand into my pockets then kept walking. As I walked I started to warm up and began thinking, but before a real thought come into my head I was stopped by a tiny brick wall, I got my hand out of my pockets and climbed of the wall easily, as I was setting myself onto the ground on the other side of the wall my foot slipped and I hit a brick. To my surprise it popped right out of the wall and a brown, dingy piece of paper fluttered to the leafy floor beside the brick. I picked up the paper and started to unfold it, but then I stopped suddenly, the hairs in the back of my neck were standing I sensed someone was watching me and I whipped my head around fast. No one was there so I slowly turned back around and opened the note the rest of the way, on the note it read “To whoever found this, your city is in grave danger.
Mar 26
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I am the one who likes to play outside
I am the one who likes to play games
I am the one who likes to play soccer
I am the one who likes to play basketball
I am the one who likes to watch news (sometimes)
I am the one who likes music
I am the one who stands up against bully 
I am the one who likes summer
I am the one who likes to ride my bike
I am the one who likes to finish homework
I am the one who is myself
I am the one who never gives up 
I am the one who is confident 
I am the one who is friendly 
I am myself
Mar 26
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Hole in the wall

 Hole in the wall

I’m walking through an alleyway, when pulled a loose brick. A note falls out. I picked it up, it looked like it had been there for years. 
Written in pencil it said, I’m kidnapped by John the 3rd.  I’m in the basement, get the police and come to 139 Strawberry St.  I’m being tortured. 
I brought the note to the police station. They asked where I found the note, I said “I was walking through an Alley and pulled on a loose brick.”
Mar 26
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Hole in the wall

 Hole in the wall

I’m walking through an alleyway, when pulled a loose brick. A note falls out. I picked it up, it looked like it had been there for years. 
Written in pencil it said, I’m kidnapped by John the 3rd.  I’m in the basement, get the police and come to 139 Strawberry St.  I’m being tortured. 
I brought the note to the police station. They asked where I found the note, I said “I was walking through an Alley and pulled on a loose brick.”
Mar 16

SoundCheck on Friday, March 16 -- You Spoke Out

Photos by aesythe, YWP Publications Coordinator.

Thanks to all who presented and all those who came out to cheer on the folks who presented Friday night at Burlington City Arts. Great crowd. Powerful presentations. 

pI (gg) was so entranced by the presentations of Alex and Firegirl, he totally did not notice that the camera had lost power, thus zapping the stream and recording. He's mortified really.)

Mark your Calendars:

April 12, 2018 -- 6 p.m. workshop and pizza, 7 p.m. Open Mic at Burlington City Arts.
Feb 27

Recent School Gun Incidents

In an effort to provide you with factual information about the recent school shooting events, YWP is compiling links to professional news accounts. Here is a listing. If you know of other important stories to include here, please add links to the comment section. Thanks. GG

St. Albans high school evacuated after shooting threat
vtdigger.org, Feb. 21, 2018
For the second day in a row a Franklin County high school closed early and sent students home in response to a threat of a school shooting.

Students were released just after noon on Wednesday from Bellows Free Academy in St. Albans, after the school received a note threatening a shooting at the school later in the afternoon, according to the St. Albans Police Department. ...

Feb 23

Teen Voices at the Flynn Center

The Flynn and Young Writers Project present
Teen Voices: Music & Words Mash-up

Free for teens 13-19
Fridays, 4:00 – 5:00
March 16 – April 20
 Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
Feb 22

Voices for Change

Ongoing: What Can You Do? Write, of course. A challenge set up for the rising activism by high school students against the gun violence happening in schools. What's your take?
March 14: Enough: National School Walkout: Across the U.S., a walkout for 17 minutes at 10 a.m. to honor the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Fla., school shooting and to demand action on gun violence. 
March 24: March For Our Lives will march in Washington DC -- and in communities across the US -- to end gun violence and mass shootings in schools. Are you marching?
April 20: Change.org is organizing a national high school student walkout against gun violence on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting.
Feb 15

Recent 6-word stories

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Feb 15

Power of Commenting

Here's a piece we liked on Vermont Writes Day, and the encouraging comment one writer gave:

Seen, Not Heard.

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:52
Feb 15
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Social media

Social media

   If all social media was shut down it would be a bad thing because that's has people communicate with their Friends and family.My reaction if all social media got shut down especially Snapchat and instagram i would super mad because that how it talk to me friends some even make new ones.For teenagers that probably the worst thing for them.Social media is fun and you get to communicate with lots of other people if that was taken away that we would the worst they could ever do cause social media is life.❤️
Feb 11

Refugee Stories

USCRI/Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program are sponsoring a writing competition about the refugee experience in Vermont.

Vermont writers, ages 14-22, are invited to write a short story or poem in response to one of these prompts:
  1. What does it mean to be a refugee?
  2. What is your experience in VT?
Due: March 19, 2018
Email submissions to: [email protected]

Winning submissions will be performed at "The Journey and the Destination," at the Burlington International Airport on April 13, 2018.