MGMC at Maglianero's Tonight!



AUG.13 6:30-8:30 PM

Join Hawa Adam, Lena Ginawi, Kiran Waqar and Balkisa Omar for their final performance as MGMC before they leave for college. Suggested donation: $5 to support the Peace & Justice Center

Aug 06

Summer of Stories: Thank you!

Thanks to all participants in YWP's annual Summer of Stories writing challenges! And some of you are continuing on with the Short Story online workshop with YWP mentor Eliza -- keep going! If you have stories to tell, we want to read them! YWP goody bags are being prepared right now by the YWP elves to thank our most active SoSers! (Winners: We'll give you a heads up to watch for YWP chocolate bars and other good stuff arriving at your door soon!)
Aug 05

Weekly Writing Challenges 2018-19

These weekly challenges are created by YWP's young writers, summer interns and staff to inspire you to write! We hope you have fun with them! Two new challenges are scheduled each week with a Friday deadline and are sent to schools as part of our regular publication process in a dozen VT newspapers, on However, ANYONE from ANYWHERE can respond to these challenges and will be considered for publication, particularly in our digital magazines, The Voice, and The Crow on, as well as in our anthology of best work where there are no geographic restrictions. YWP also has a bank of daily writing challenges here and on the home page of this website.
Aug 02

YWP goes hiking

YWP is everywhere! A Young Writers Project board member was hiking on the John Muir Trail in California's Sierra Nevada mountains this summer when he spotted this YWP decal stuck on a bear barrel along the trail. Oh, and "before you ask," he said, "I have no idea what that fairy-like item is on the left side of the frame."
Aug 02

Can you help?

Young Writers Project depends on generosity and donations to keep our work going. WE NEED YOUR HELP!  
Jul 30

This week's Newsletter

Jul 29

YWP & Clemmons Farm

Clemmons Family Farm & Young Writers Project present "To Sing of Common Things: The Voices of Young People in 2018"
Next event in the series: Sept. 8, 3-4:30 pm
Featured artists: Rivan Calderin & Asha Ganguly-Hickok
Location: Clemmons Family Farm, 2122 Greenbush Road, Charlotte, VT
Our partner, RETN (Regional Educational Television Network), filmed the first two events in the series featuring Muslim Girls Making Change. See them here: Hawa Adam & Balkisa Abdikadir; and Lena Ginawi & Kiran Waqar.
Jul 27

Poetry at the Flynn

Jul 22

YWP's new address!

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that Young Writers Project has moved upstairs at the Karma Birdhouse! We're on the second floor: 47 Maple Street, Suite 216, Burlington, VT! Come visit us! - The YWP crew
(Photo credit: aharkness02)
Jul 19

MGMC Accept NEA Award

Congratulations, Muslim Girls Making Change, recipients of the National Education Association's SuAnne Big Crow Memorial Award for promoting human and civil rights! MGMC -- Hawa Adam, Lena Ginawi, Balkisa Omar and Kiran Waqar -- travelled to Minneapolis this month to receive the award and to perform one of their most compelling pieces. MGMC got their start at a Young Writers Project slam two years ago and have been mentored by YWP coaches Rajnii Eddins and Denise Casey. Big, big congratulations to Hawa, Lena, Balkisa and Kiran from all of us at Young Writers Project!
[Video produced by Christine Cosenze, National Education Association]
Jul 02

A summer project

Here's a fun idea for the summer: Seven Days invites all Vermont youth to take the Good Citizen Challenge! Learn all about the rights and duties of citizenship and win prizes and recognition! Find out more at #goodcitizenvt

Jun 25

Summer of Stories 2018 is just one week away!

Each year, YWP engages in some storytelling, poetry and frivolity over the summer to keep your writing chops going. We have lots of prizes, fame, support and companionship! TELL FRIENDS.

We'll have two things for you this summer, SOS18:
  • SUMMER OF STORIES DAILY CHALLENGES. Whoa. These have been thought up by some of your compadres. Some are thorny. Some are wacky. Make all of them fun!
  • AND, drumroll please  A special, in-depth short-story Workshop that'll last as long or as short as you want.
This Summer of Stories Extravaganza kicks off June 25! Don't miss it. Write til you drop! Chocolate to best commenters, most prolific writers, zaniest pieces, and other categories we'll think up as we go along. (Suggestions, recommendations ALWAYS welcome.) Other prizes, too.

Does the SHORT STORY WORKSHOP led by YWP Mentor Eliza Mager appeal? (A six-part online course in short story writing that will lead a piece of writing that will amaze your friends, impress your elders and most certainly set you on the road to stardom!) Well get this: Spaces for Eliza's course are limited! Don't Dawdle. (And don't worry; no grades -- though you could possibly do enough to get credit in high school -- and while challenging, fun, too!) More info and signup here!

And remember, whether you choose the workshop, respond to challenges or follow your own muse, use a hashtag on everything you create: #SOS18

Your pals,

SR, SR (SO confusing, first one is  YWP Director SUSAN REID; second one is Intern Extraordinaire SHANNON RIPP) and AF (Anna Forsythe our Jill of All Trades.)

[Photo credit: Kevin Huang]

GG & SR featured in Seven Days article

Editor's Note: Many thanks to Kymelya Sari of Seven Days for a wonderful article on YWP's leadership transition. Link to article here.

Geoff Gevalt Hands Young Writers Project Reins to Susan Reid

Seven Days staff writer

When Geoffrey Gevalt created the Young Writers Project in 2003 as a monthly feature in the Burlington Free Press, he had two goals: to teach kids to write and to showcase their work. "A lot of teachers weren't teaching writing correctly," said Gevalt, who was then the paper's managing editor.
Jun 07

Spring Photo Contest

After receiving many beautiful submissions and a particularly difficult decision, we're ready to announce our three winners of the Spring Photo Contest!

nean_bean's "Dock" (first photo of album)
- semacdonald's "A Delicate Thing"
- NGB777's "Barn Swallow"

These students will receive some tasty Young Writers Project chocolate bars and guaranteed publication in the upcoming weeks. But have no doubt - we fell in love with a lot of these photographs, and are excited to find uses or avenues of publication for many of them.

Stay busy, friends! You're always welcome to send us photographs, no matter the time of year. A sincere thank you from YWP headquarters for your participation and enthusiasm.

A goodbye, of sorts

I love this photograph. It was taken by a friend and inspiring spirit, Cecilia Giordano, better known as Ceal, back when she was going to The Big Picture School at South Burlington High School and was our intern. I like it because she took it and because she was someone who always challenged me and challenged YWP and that made us better. I like it, too, because it betrays my inner spirit, that is I would rather lean to whimsy than seriousness, though I confess that I have taken my work -- whether here at YWP or in a prior life as a journalist -- pretty darn seriously. 
May 11

Voices for Change! This Friday

Don't miss this FREE youth conference and slam poetry celebration of identity and voice with special guest artist Amir Sulaiman, renowned Muslim slam poet. Voices for Change is presented by Young Writers Project, Muslim Girls Making Change (MGMC) & our generous sponsors!
Friday, May 11, 4-9 pm
Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall, Burlington, VT
Free and open to all (some material might not be suitable for children under 13).
"Amir Sulaiman is going to own the stage during his performance and will leave the crowd in complete awe, just how he left me in awe when I first saw him."
- Lena Ginawi, Muslim Girls Making Change

Apr 25

Writers Please Read!

Hello writers!
As many of you know, our website was compromised last weekend when the server that houses the site had a problem. As a result, we had to remove all material posted between 4/17 and 4/21 for a few tech-y reasons we need not get into.
Fear not - we did not lose the material and we've reposted it. (You should see your work reposted in your personal blogs now.)
HOWEVER - despite not losing the writing, we have lost much of its corresponding data. This includes:

Apr 23

Raw Text of Posts from April 17 to April 21

NOTE: Hi, this is the raw text of posts made between April 17 and April 21 that were "lost"  when YWP's server had to be rebuilt. We're very sorry for the intrusion and inconvenience. This was not a YWP problem but a problem with the company we are, for the moment, using to host our sites.

We asked them to supply us with the body text of all of those posts. IF YOU POSTED SOMETHING please do a "find" on the full version of this post for your username and copy and paste it into a new post.

IF YOU do that, or if you repost because you had a copy on your computer, PLEASE ADVISE US in the comments on the right. We will over this week re-post all the work, but it would be great if you can help.


geoff (gg)

P.S.  Unfortunately we had to delete all uploaded files because of the nature of the problem on the server. -- gg