Jun 20
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Secrets to be told that are meant to keep

There are certain 
that you can't keep
you are forced to
Because every lock
does not meet the key
and those secrets
cannot be locked away
and they are told
and spread
like a forest fire
burning feircly
It seems like
it is laughing at you
Your secrets 
are never safe
from me

Jun 19

Drone Strike

Drones swarm through the pieces of a shattered city
like mechanical vultures feasting on a rotting animal’s corpse
stripping off flesh until only bones remain.
Their beady red eyes scan the rubble
searching for new victims 
guns locked and loaded
ready to spray cold hard death.
Victims of war worm their way through the ruins
ducking under rusty cars
crawling through slimy pipes
hiding in abandoned stores
avoiding the watchful eyes
of the deadly drones circling above
growing bored by the lack of action
the shiny devils decide to spice things up with a strike
Letting a blood curdling metallic roar  
they let missiles rain down
that grind the earth down into dust.
panicking people stream out of destroyed shelters
only to be met with bullet hurricanes.
The drones watch bodies shred apart into pulp
as they kill indiscriminately without mercy.  

In a far away land
Jun 19
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Rain Dance

The heartbeat I hear booms like thunder.
The thunder I hear precedes the brilliant flash of your electric words.
The flash signals to hundreds of bullets of water that it's time to plummet from the eye of the sky, to explode all over me.

You're soaked from head to toe in those raindrops your lightning brought down.
Now I'm alone with these thoughts of blinding lights and frozen teardrops.
And you'll be alone too, y'know.

You'll be as alone as me,
With that thunderous heart,
And your lightning lies,
And the truth they impart.

Since you, pal, you don't know how to quit or stay quiet,
To take a cue and go by it,
To make an oath to die by it.

Instead, you jitterbug and prance and waltz your way through life.
Your lightning lies and thunder heart, just a part of the chorus in your rain dance.
The sky's eyes water with every step and lyric, but you couldn't care if you tried.
Jun 19

Political Poetry

They tell us not to be angry,
to our feelings down and away
where they cannot be seen. 
Because in order to survive in this world,
you should not express yourself.
And I hate to break it to them,
but maybe anger is all we are capable of feeling,
or all we should be able to feel.
There is so much to be angry about!
So do not sit there and tell me my feelings are invalid,
It will give me more of a reason to shout.

Jun 19

Dear Harvard - rap

i'll be adding a recording of me rapping this soon, i promise

Dear Harvard

Cat’s out the bag and we act like everything is cool?
Act like there hasn’t been in place some secret unwritten rule?
You hold us up like a token - the Hope Diamond of jewels
Token model minority, you put us up on the stool, but ...

When they said America’s the land of the free, I believed them - truly
Well dear Dean Fitzsimmons, where’s my long-earned equality?
To quote MLK “I have a dream” - here, can’t you see?
Now it’s been crushed by so-called claims of “diversity”

Don’t you try to hide it, don’t you try to disguise it
We do better on your tests, don’t you try to deny it
But you’re more likely to write us off as “standard strong” (1)
Guess you think we’re all the same - well guess who’s wrong

You think we’re all piano prodigies, busy tickling the ivories
Jun 19

One Last Time

The moon is a home that I can live in,
a place of refuge, 
rescue from heartache, 
a bed of feathers carved into a smile. 

The moon is my mother who cradles me, 
my lover in white, 
my distant sister, 
my friend who waves when I see them. 

The moon shines in my dreams, 
brilliantly glowing, 
lighting my sky, 
and never leaving me in the dark. 

She's somewhere up there, 
behind a white cloud, 
and I want to find her, 
just to see her, 

one last time.
Jun 19
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Flower crown

I have 17 flowers on my head
For each of the 16 years I've lived
and one for the year that is to be.

Some are shriveled up by now,
or may I say preserved 
In their barest, waterless state.
Rosy pigmentation wiped away
a quilt of black and white photographs.

Those middle years have retained
structure, color, and a bit of spring
One can dive in and still imagine
the fullness of the year.

As for the most recent
Bees still dip in and out collecting
sweet, dripping nectar
Tails brushing bright pollen memories. 

The tail end is adorned with a little button
of a peach pink bud
Which has only begun to peek
out of it's promising leathery shell.

All these flowers are
gently studded among a twisting vine
Woven into a graceful, but sturdy flower crown
Which can be found perched upon the tip of my head
at any time or place.

Jun 19

Lost in Time

My mind is blank...
unsure of what to think.

There is so much to think about,
but so little
I want to consider.

My mind ponders...
aching with a tired pulse,
almost as if it were

The calm room around me,
dark and shadowy,
too quiet
for my liking.

The sheets are cool,
almost damp.
I feel cold.
So empty,
staring at the shadows.

The silence
is chaos in my ears.
A warm buzz
like ten thousand screams,
begging and crying from
a whole world away.

I can do nothing,
but lay and stare.
Watching the grainy shadow
disintegrate into the light
in the door’s key lock.

The clock burns out
with a searing white light.
The hands freeze on four AM.

I sigh,
not tired,
but exhausted.
Exhausted to an extent
Jun 18


YWP is a diary that will always listen,
will hear my screaming and my frustration,
my confusion and my introspection.

A mask I can hide behind
when I just need to disappear,
where nobody has to know the backstory,
who I really am,
they're willing to listen anyways.
I guess it isn't a mask-
it's the place where I can show my face

YWP is a place where nobody needs context to find meaning.
Nobody needs to know what I was thinking
or where I'm coming from
to find some form of connection,
of solidarity,
of community.
Jun 18

echo chamber

we debate in circles
yelling louder and louder
drowning out everyone but ourselves
hoping to come to a conclusion,
a consensus, a solution
that does not exist

over and over,
the same argument,
the same logic
that isn’t even our own,
we just spit what we hear,
louder and louder
until there’s nothing else,
turning violent and malevolent
until we don't even remember
why we're arguing

we think we’re being productive,
it’s for the greater good,
we’re making progress,
making the world a better place,
changing history
but really
all we’re doing
is destroying our relationships,
isolating ourselves
until there’s nothing left.
Jun 18

A Hiding Place For The Mind

Afraid of the light...
Afraid of the dark...
where else can I go
but the grey?

Where time trips over emotions
and the soul dissipates
into air.

Where fire is nonexistent
and the only warmth
you can find,
is rain...

I can hide in my
newspaper cave.
And chew slowly on
my solidifying hopes.

Watching my dreams fly
and taunt me from the
harsh light, and mysterious dark

I refuse to try.
I sit and regret.
‘Why did I give up?’


Jun 18
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Discovery of Strength

How to get home safely in a thunderstorm?
You're 3 miles away- clutching the slick metal frame of your bike as the thunderclouds collide sending tremors worming their way into the small spaces where the worry lies.

Burn it all in the pumping of your legs; feet pressed to the bike pedals.

When the car you don't see speeds out from the garage opening to your side, know later the non-magic of your nerves that drove you to clutch your brakes in a quick-instant; all blinding and fast like the strike of lightning above your head. Y
ou found a difference between your and the lightnings' moment of action.
You discovered the scale of consistency; reliability:
your taught muscles vs. the thin puddle gathered on the concrete; you launch the water droplets into the air.
The human force is a controlled cycle-
and you
are where yours begins
and ends.
Jun 18

therapy session in my mind (pt.1)

(Why can't you 
loosen up a little, 
let go?)

said the boy, 
his eyes quizically turning
and twisting in the light.

I laughed, 
my hollow voice not 
the only noise creeping
loud and dark 
within my mind.

(maybe if i was you,)
i replied, looking out
at the twisted expanses 
that lay stretched before me.

His eyebrows furrowed and
i could almost see the 
questions knitting themselves
in between them.

(Let me clarify.)
i said, my features clearing out.

(when you make a 
mistake, when you lose control
when you mess up, 
the headline will be)

Teenage Boy Makes Mistake

(When i mess up, which i
hope will never happen,
when i lose control,
swerving in and out,
the headline will be,)

Iranian-American Muslim Immigrant Loses Control.
Jun 18

I can't keep fighting

This is the year that will make me snap,
I just can't keep going, 
I can't put up with their bs anymore,
I can't keep crying in my room after a fight,
I just can't. 

Everything is wrong,
There is not a single solitary thing that I get right, 
I can't speak right, 
I can't deal with my pain right, 
I just can't. 

I can't trust them anymore,
I used to tell them everything,
No matter what it was,
But now, I hide everything,
I just can't. 

I can't even tell them I am meeting a friend,
They kill me with everything,
No matter what I say or do,
I just can't get it right,
I just can't.

I just can't and I don't know what to do anymore.
Jun 17


my secrets fall from your tongue 

like blood bouncing on snow

staining my hands red 

with the need for your 

Jun 17

Forever And Always

You make me smile
and my heart skip a beat
despite my world
collapsing at my feet

You keep me from breaking
and tearing myself apart
with just a few words
that you speak from your heart

You help me get through
everything that scares me
by always being here
wherever here may be

I love you so much
in so many ways
together, you and me
forever and always
Jun 17

The Perfect Night

The cool wind blows
as I sit by the fire
looking up at the sky
thinking about all I desire

The night is dark
but the moon shines bright
illuminating the world
with its precious light

I listen in silence
to little critters around
wishing the moon
would never go down

This feeling is perfect
if only it would stay
but sadly I must watch
it all go away 
Jun 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Three


I listen hypnotically
​to the harmony
​pondering it happily 
Jun 17

You Don't Belong To Anyone

she's mine —
she's not anyone's
she belongs to her goddamn self.
Jun 16

To The One I Lost

Every night I dream of you,
After I cry myself to sleep,
I dream, hoping for a glimpse of you,
Until the moment I wake up.

Everything is a reminder of you,
Eating toast at breakfast,
Sitting by the fire,
Or, having a cup of tea.

Everytime I smile, or cry, I think of how you would be there,
Of how you would already know,
That I was sad before I began to cry,
Or that I was angry before you heard me.

Everyday I make myself remember the times you were here,
To remember your smile,
Everytime you sneezed with that weary, old face, 
Of how happy you were when you sat in the sun and relaxed. 

Now and again, I catch myself thinking of you,
Of how happy you were when you met anyone,
Of how relaxed you were, even in pain,
When no matter how hurt you were, you always showed up for me.

My boy.