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Jan 23
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Unstoppable love

Your sound, so sweet.
It is quite a treat.

The way you make me feel,
When your tires squeal. 

Your body as blue as the sky.
How could I ever say goodbye.

No matter how my day goes,
Our love still shows.

A life without you,
I know I wouldn't get through.

My love is strong,
And a life with you, I long.

But I know you cant stay forever,
For your engine is clever. 

We will be together untill the end of your time,
As if you were still in your prime. 
Jan 22
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"It changed everything..." My dad said to me,
As he tucked me into bed.
I repeat that line in my head,
Until my brain is sore.
I know that it changed everything,
I think to myself, as the tears fall.
I couldn't control it, or change it, 
Although I wished so badly to.
I think back to when it was all okay,
I don't remember much.
He took my memory with him,
How could he do such a thing?
This rollercoaster I'm on,
Is plummeting to the ground.
It's either you or me,
And the saddest part, 
I always knew who you'd choose.
You changed everything,
My only question is.
Jan 22

Cooking pot

Tasty so tasty not
dance around the cooking pot
sprinkle here sprinkle there
gently gently with such care
a little dash everywere
is the key to a perfect flare
hear me now hear me not
come dance around the cooking pot
Jan 21

Today I Walked

Today I walked
with thousands of others,
men, women,
poeple of different backgrounds,

Today I walked,
with a pink hat,
watching the world I knew and loved
appear to be a new
unloving one.

Today I walked for freedom,
for all people
to show the world
how strong we are.

Today I walked for love,
for my siblings,
for friends,
for complete strangers,
and for our future.
Jan 21

How Do You Love Me?

You told me
​you loved me
but I'm not sure
​if I heard you
and even if I did
​what did you mean
​by it?
​Did you mean
you love me
as a friend?
Or as something
Because I
​tell my friends
​I love them,
​but only my
friends that are girls,
same gender as me,
that way I
don't send any
confusing messages.
​But you said this
out of the blue
​and I don't know
what to think
how do you love me?
As a friend?
As something more?
Or am I totaly
every word you said?

Jan 21
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Trumps Hate

Trumps Hate...
Strong to many
None exsistent to many
There is no winning an argument
If you support him, you are a "White Privileged Male"
If you don't, you "Hate America, and are stupid"
Neither of those are true
Its not just Trumps Hate 
That is tearing this country apart
Its the people
That stand behind there favorite canidates
Thats tearing this country apart
Not just trump
Not just the media
Its the regular people of america
American Citizens
Tearing there own country apart
Trumps Hate may be strong
It may be weak
But whats not weak
Is the american populations mind
And if we all work together
Rather than putting eachother down
We could doing something amazing
We could
Create a country
That has no hate
No sexisim
Jan 21

A call from the dead

There's something about the darkness
it's just always there
bringing grief and despair
polluting the pure clean air
the darkness slowly drips into my head
an aching feeling of fear and dread
ringing and ringing a call fom the dead
to answer or to answer not
my desicion requries careful thought
alas I do not answer the
I just turn tail and away I flee
when morning comes with rays of sun far and wide
I will not feel the need to hide
but here and now I cower so 
just waiting for it's light to show

Jan 21


Don't you get it?
​I'm jealous of you!
​And I know I shouldn't be
I should be happy for you
you're my sister,
​but you're beautiful
​with long, straight, blond hair,
bright blue eyes,
​and a small waist.
And it's not only that
​you're smart, and
strong, and independent.
You're the girl
​every other girl
wants to be
​and every guy
wants ​to be with.
​You make friends
​so easily.
​I just wish
I could be more like
Jan 21

Frozen ferriswheels

Round and round the ferris wheel goes,
when it stops nobody knows
Jan 21
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The World

We’re counting down the days to our own annihilation
Livin in a world once green from the plantation
Declaring wars without negotiation
Just for the heck of starting a revolution
Watching the dwindling of this world population
Singing the song of the only standing nation
Learning that the one thing we can’t buy is salvation
Falling slave to the world’s brutal temptations
Finding out that we are this world's cockroaches, it’s infestation
Hating but loving this land of complete desolation
Hoping that someone will save us from this on coming liberation
Praying that tomorrow won’t be our termination

But hey
Outside it’s just a bloodbath
That's what it’s like livin in these wastelands
And yet we’re here to tell you that
We’ve been broken, We’ve been bruised
We’ve been unwanted, and We’ve been used
Jan 21


Broken glass and it was night.
They came marching in and then shot apart.
Jew was wrong and Nazi right.
A heartbreaking act of Satanic might.

Broken glass and it was night.
Only face: must be white.
The Jew that night felt the Nazi bite.
Only light was the fire bright.
That burned in homes and caused Jew flight.

Broken glass and it was night.
Jew cowered from Nazi fight.
Only thing left in sight.
Was smoke and fire and Nazi smite.

Broken glass and it was night.
How Jew wished for the daylight.
World War Two had knocked.
And opened on this night of Kristallnacht.

Jan 21
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A shade is covering their true idenity
Fear spreads like fire
No one speaks for fear of hatred
Walls are built around them to protect themselves
They're in a prison of their own mind
Finally a wall is broken
One wall after another comes down
People step forward together
Someone speaks
Silence falls
Friendships are forming 

Jan 21
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Like Life

Like smoke
mysterious and dark
big and frighhtful

like a blanket
warm and soft
cuddly and smooth

like a book
powerful and indescribable
long and sweet

like life
mystirous and dark
big and frighhtful
warm and soft
cuddly and smooth
powerful and indescibable
long and sweet

Jan 20
in poem 0 Comments challenge: General

The Change

The change, it came like rain.
It flooded the streets and
swept the empty bags and
cigarette butts away.

Some woke up at to the sound.
Opening their eyes, their arms, their mouths.

And others, defeated,
turned there backs on the rain,
bolted their doors against wind,
and latched the blinds tight.

For years and years, they wept.
Staying inside, watching
as the rain dripped from the
roofs and pooled in the walk.

But the others, they danced.
They heard the rhythm of the rain,
and their feet stomped in time

until the day the rains
stopped. And the people looked
up towards the moon and stars,
and they began to sing.

The sleeping people woke.
They heard the singing and came out,
and they, too saw the moon and stars.
Jan 20
in poem 0 Comments challenge: Laughter

El Greco At A Funeral

I knew I shouldn't laugh but I had tripped over the floor.
My arms windmilling rapidly to keep me from falling.
Our best friend was beside me and tried to keep from helpless laughter.
Because you were on the other side of the room, perfectly still and intense with greif.
A beautiful El Greco that made me want to weep.
But instead I laughed.
Because I was too stupidly, selfishly, heartless to stand beside you at your mother's closed casket.