Oct 12
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A Different Soul

“You’re a different soul, aren’t you?”....

I wouldn’t say different,

I’ve got two arms, two legs, a face, two feet and two hands just like everyone else.

At least that’s what I used to think.

I’ve realized that everyone is different in their own way.

I don’t just have a face,

I have a face that holds a smile and dimples that show when I see the people I love,

I don’t just have another pair of eyes,

I have my hazel eyes that sparkle in the sun, or when I see food, either one,

I don’t just have two arms,

I have the arms that I use to hold the ball in the sport I dearly love,

I don’t just have hands,

I have the hands that holds the heart of the love of my life.

I don’t just have legs,

I have long legs that I use to chase my dreams

I don’t have just have feet,
Oct 12
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The Man Who Changes

Have you heard,

About the man,

The man that changes every autumn?

Did you know,

Know that his personality changes?

That he looks different,

Looks brighter,


After winter passes by.

In autumn though,

He looks brown and old.

His hair falls out,

The energy drains from his eyes, and it’s hard for him to move.

He’s like the trees,

Young and healthy in spring and summer,

Old and dying in autumn and winter.

He never gets a break from changing.

And if you ever wonder,

What it’s like to be old or young again,

Just find him in the state you want to know,

And he’ll tell you the best he can.
Oct 12

The wide awake Dreamer

This was a summative I did in 10th grade, it is a poetic reflection of the book “Kaffir Boy” By Mark Mathabane 
Oct 12

The wide awake Dreamer

This was a summative I did in 10th grade, it is a poetic reflection of the book “Kaffir Boy” By Mark Mathabane 
Oct 12

The wide awake Dreamer

This was a summative I did in 10th grade, it is a poetic reflection of the book “Kaffir Boy” By Mark Mathabane 
Oct 12

The wide awake Dreamer

This was a summative I did in 10th grade, it is a poetic reflection of the book “Kaffir Boy” By Mark Mathabane 
Oct 12

My Name

My name is my name,
but also not at the same time.
I have removed myself
from the Re- it does
not suit me anymore.
Rebekkah was afraid.
Bekkah is empowered
And even if you can’t say it,
At least spell it right.
I don’t care if it’s a habit-
it is not who I am.

Oct 12
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As the leaves start to color the trees,
her hair falls long with rays of burnt orange, golden yellow, and bright red.
The crisp air blows across her face,
changing her sunkissed to fair. 
Leaving the apples of her cheeks blush, and tip of her nose rosy. 
Her light brown freckles covering her nose,
upper cheeks, and polka-dotted on her forehead;
turn burnt orange, reflecting the golden sparkle
in her emerald eyes. 

Her plump soft pink lips, set warm on her ashy face.
Like stepping into a warm house,
with smells of vanilla and cinnamon,
while the fire cracks in the background. 
The fingertips of her pale hands,
turn light red as she catches a falling leaf 
in her palms. 

He stands in awe as he looks at her
through the breach in the trees.
He steps through the breach and calls out, "What's your name?" 
Her glossy eyes meet his through the crisp wind, 
Oct 12
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A Different Soul Indeed

"You're a different soul, aren't you?"
This vagabond says to me.
"The way you do the things you do
and see what folks don't see."

I stand about just five foot six
with a curly kinky mane.
But living among these rocks and sticks
can drive someone insane.

I have a touch of OCD.
And to go with that some ADD
When something's set up differently,
that something's all that I can see.

Show tunes are my only joy,
my one true dream and passion.
I'm not the type who'd chase some boy,
or care for the latest fashion.

That's just the tip of the iceberg though,
there's more than what you see.
You're different to those who, to you, are unknown.
A different soul indeed.
Oct 12
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School Shooting

Shooting and shouting,
crying and running.
Screams echo throughout the
hallways and classrooms 
where dead bodies
lie amid the chaos.
The chaos of a School Shooting.

Students see their classmates,
friends and teachers mudered
before their eyes.
A sight that can never be erased.
A memory and loss never forgotten.

Forced to make a choice:
sacrifice your life and safe another,
or run, hide and hope to survive.

The horrors of that day
will forever be burnined in their minds.
A wound that no amount of time
can completely heal.

They go to school,
never knowing if today is going
to normal,
or if today, 
their school is going to make
the news headlines
because they were victim to 
a school shooting.

Kindergarteners, and first graders.
Second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.
Their innocence 
Oct 12


You Have To Be A Writer!
Emma said to me
finishing my letter
perfect painted fingernails
sliding creases closed.
She said this and
I remembered 
other things I thought I had to do;
call my mother,
go to sleep before
finish my article;
but I found
I preferred
eating cereal
in a hostel kitchen at 
one am
perched on the 
counter top
spoons delicate to bowls
like cotton on cotton
tears falling
for the home
we were soon to leave behind. 
Oct 12
poem 0 comments challenge: Reality

When Fall Goes Away

In autumn a young child opened their eyes
 They saw the world and all its colors
They saw the crisp fall leaves, all the bright reds, and yellows 
 They smiled at the sky
Then They cried
They cried because no matter how beautiful  the world was right now
It wouldn't last
It would go away in a few months 
Then the grass would turn to sludge
The warm fall breeze would be a chilling screaming wind
The pretty leaves would fall off leaving the trees bare and empty 
The world would all be empty
The child thought of this as he cried 
Then he got up and walked back to his home to wait out winter
Oct 11

i fell in love with your hair

i fell in love with your hair, 

the way it smelled on Sunday morning,

just before your coffee and right after your shower. 

But now i realize that it wasn’t you I loved, 

at least not at the end. 

At the end, i fell in love with your shampoo, and the memories the smell held. 

But just not....

Oct 11
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There is a Girl

There is a girl.
​Her eyes are dark blue
framed by blonde-tipped
eyelashes that are short and straight.
She has dark blonde hair
that used to reach the
top of her hip bones,
​but now brushes the tops of her shoulders.
​She is not tall,
​about 5'1,
with narrow shoulders.

Oct 11
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My life's turning point

I stared up at the starry sky,
listened to the creek.
My life may be changed forever,
in just one short week.

I appreciated the peace of midnight,
as I dreamed of glory.
Would I be famous next week,
or would my efforts be a dull story?

I fell asleep,
thinking of greats of the past.
Thinking I could be one of them
far from the normal amassed.

Next week it would be over
would I no longer experience critique?
Or, wouldn't it be a shame I thought,
if my future wanted to be bleak.
Oct 11
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The Shiver Will Run Through Your Bones

The shiver will run through your bones,

Past your skin,

And grab your lungs.
Down the hatch, the cold wind blows

Pulling open its rusted maw

And biting into your bloated gut.
Don’t cry for help young sailor boy,

You climbed the ladder to its cave,

Each step digging your grave.
Your tears salt the monsters meat,

Your bones add texture to the meal,

It never kills or cooks its food, I want you to feel.
Feel the crunching of your ribs,

Feel the blood drain from your heart,

Cause broken bodies do not heal.
At least, mine did not.
Cause when you, sailor boy, ate my tender heart,

And ripped my guts to shreds,

I did not choke or weep,
I only bowed my head,

I let you walk away, and now I have come back,

And you can’t stop what’s coming,
And now you can’t turn back.

Oct 11
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Autumn Wind

Autumn is here,
My least favorite season.

I feel the autumn wind,
It almost seems to share a dark feeling with me.

I see the leaves changing color,
I roll my eyes in frustration.

My mom is so joyful for the first day of fall opening up the windows,
I start to feel chills going up my spine.

I sit outside and wait for the bus to pick me up,
The chills are spreading throughout my back into my chest.

As I ride the bus to school I watch the trees sway in the wind and lose leaves,
My chest feels like ice as my arms and legs start to shake and shiver.

My teacher explains what we will be doing in class,
I can’t move my fingers.

When I get home I stay under a blanket with my hot chocolate,
My skin turns into a rough texture.

I need my mother I don’t feel good,
My body gets stiff as I attempt to crawl to the phone.
Oct 11
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I wish to exhale 
my soul 
like cigarette smoke 

pulling everything in,
to the very bottom 

letting it go 
opening up, letting,
the bird from the cage 

free, finally 

Oct 11
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My feel curls at the edges 
of the earth 
oblivion holds my back 

breezes tickles my hair 
swaying me in a waltz.
distances apart are 
familiar faces 

laughter travels in whispers 
towards me, tears 
wetting my cardboard heart 

the words leave me 
in a whisper
letting oblivion catch me  
uncurling my feet 
goodbye   Travels out,  distances 

Oct 11
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Make it simple 
for me please 
all I know is extreme 

about me 
is simple 

I don't see
I feel the leaves falling 

I don't notice
the water. I am the water 

so please make it 
simple for me 

my mind is pulling
towards insanity