Nov 01
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The Definition of a Crush

CRUSH: noun. Possibly THE most attractive, funny, smart, athletic, talented, best dressed guy to ever walk into your life. He's the reason you get a little dressed up and starts caring about what you wear. He's the reason you look forward to going to school and the reason you dread coming home. Him just saying, "Hi" has the power to to make you feel like you're walking on a bridge made of rainbows, flowers, butterflies, sunshine, glitter, happiness, and everything else good in the world. You feel special when he talks to you. You feel wanted when he smiles at you.
Oct 31
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About Me

I am 5ft 10 1/2in tall I also have curly black hair that’s black and I’m 13 years old. I have a mustache and a little bit of a beard. I really enjoy playing sports, my favorite is football and i play the positions defensive end and i also play guard. I like baseball and basketball, in basketball i play small forward nothing else really. In baseball i play the positions outfielders, and sometimes 3rd. I can be calm most of the time, i can get angry sometimes though like if i get mad at a video game i might throw something or if a friend gets annoying and won’t stop bugging me i might yell. I also like to play video games like call of duty or fortnite. Some of my favorite foods are sandwiches like turkey and cheese and i like miracle whip on it, or i like cheese burgers with ketchup my favorite two things to do is play football and video games, football lets me take my anger out and it’s really fun and video games relieve stress and its fun. I am Xavian.
Oct 30
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The best dog ever

She is small but has the mind set like shes a giant. She is brown furry and adorable. She acts like she is the queen of the house whatever she wants happens. But she also can be a sneaky thief, if something is missing we know who took it. At times she has a peaceful, calm, loveable look in her eyes. Then with a swift move of the hand she has an intense look in her eyes, ready to quickly overpower you.

Oct 30
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My Definition Of Love

Love is the bond between two or more people. It keeps them together when times are tough. When someone loves someone, they except and like them for who they are. They would do anything for them. When someone loves a person they put their needs after their loved ones.

    When I think of love I think of my family and all the happy times we have. Like times where we all laugh really hard at something or going swimming on a sunny day. I wouldn’t doubt that we love each other. We’ve been through a lot of rough times and so far it seems like there are no ends, but so far through all of it we’ve found joy and stuck together.
Oct 30
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Casey's Hill

We approached Casey’s hill in my dad’s bright red pickup truck sliding on the iced road. When we pulled in and got out of the truck I was already dreading going up the big hill. It was hard for me to get out of the warm truck and head into the freezing cold.  Once I finally got up there I waited for my dad to come up with the big toboggan. The hill was full of children of all sizes layered in warm clothing. I noticed that most kids were falling back down the hill on their way up. I couldn’t help but laugh a little. My dad had eventually got up the what felt like to be an  enormous mountain and set the huge sled down. I went and sat down on the sled to indicate to my dad I was ready to go. He then came and plopped down as well while he was saying “scooch forward.” He told me to hold on real tight, so I did. We then both started screaming with joy even though I had a little bit of fear in my voice.  Before I knew it, we had stopped.
Oct 30
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Basketball Means

Basketball means long, grueling days of playing in the hot sun, watching game tape and trying new moves from your favorite players you’ve just seen on TV. Basketball means fun pickup games with your best friends until the sun goes down. Basketball means focusing on yourself and pushing aside what other people say about you and instead working until you’re better than them. Basketball means teamwork and building character. Basketball means helping people instead of putting them down. Basketball means getting through the tough workout so you can get to the exciting scrimmage at the end of the practice. Basketball means finishing your school work and getting good grades so you can play, because when your a student athlete, STUDENT comes before the athlete part. Basketball means hanging on your pull-up bar for hours in the hope that it somehow makes you taller when your a grown up.
Oct 30
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I had just came home from a long day of work when I received terrible (awful) news. My head was so foggy (fuzzy), I felt tears roll down my face. I wanted to try to get away from all of it. So I got in my car and drove far away from home. I finally stopped when I saw a lake that I used to swim in  when I was five. I got out of my car walked beach for a while until I had noticed a dock. I sat down on the dock and watched the sunset. Then I remembered the bad(awful) news and started to cry and thought (wondered) why it happened and if I could have stopped it from happening. After an hour had past I looked at my phone to check the time when I noticed that I had a bunch of texts from my mom that asked where I was and to come home. When I had got home my mother hugged(squeezed) me. We both just stood their hugging(holding) each other.

Oct 30
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Ladies man

There is this guy named Abdullahi and this kid is such a ladies man he can get any girl.
Abdullahi is a very social guy if someone talks to him he has to talk back he can even go 20 seconds without talking Abdullahi is the type of person when he goes to sleep he is talking in his dream. But he is a animal person he loves cats and ferrets.
Abdullahi can make acquaintance easy.

Oct 30
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The Winter is Gnarly

Winter is the best in Vermont.  Snowfall outside, white as can be.  Skiing the powder dude, it was pretty gnarly.  Snowball fights and football in the snow. It’s amazing fun always with something to do.  Snowshoeing, and frisbee with my dog as he leaps through the air catching that thing like the snow ain’t their.  After fun is done, get real warm, have some cocoa and cookies and have more fun.
Oct 29
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I go to Ireland every year, and since I’ve gone there so many times, I think of specific things when I hear Ireland. To me, Ireland means long kayaking trips around the big island in front of our house, joyful encounters with our grandparents and cousins, and huge, country wide tennis tournaments. It also means yummy Irish chocolate, long rainy days, and long painful drives in smelly cars to our grandparents house. We have two kayaks that we go around the island in. It is normally just me and parents because my younger siblings can't paddle as well. Sometimes we will go on the island and have a picnic there. My grandparents and cousins are so happy to see us every time, and we are also. We will frequently sleep at our cousins house for a few nights, and sometimes they sleep at our house. The tennis tournaments are really fun there. They are huge and also very popular. The chocolate their is the best. There is all new kinds from what there is in America.
Oct 29
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Sunset on The Vermont Dock

The water was glistening above my feet as they glided through the water. My head had a whirlwind of thoughts that seemed to gradually go away with each alteration of my feet. I was trying to let the air fill my nose, into my lungs, and out my mouth. The smooth air rolled into my body without hesitation. The sleek flutter of my hair through the wind was calming to my mind and now no thoughts were present. I was solo with nothing on my mind, trying to let myself feel my surroundings and let my senses wander. This area was public, but this moment was mine.
Oct 29
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I lie in the snow

It surrounds me

Thousands and thousands    
Of tiny little flakes all around me

Each is unique

Each one has a pattern

I gaze up at the sky

But I feel connected to the ground

The flakes are floating down and swirling around me

They are all different

As the flakes drift down I stick out my tongue

They land there and sit slowly dissolving

Icy drops of snow

I calmly sit up

Still in wonder about the world around me

I walk towards my house

I walk in to the smell of hot chocolate

Bubbling on the stove

I wait for the hot chocolate to cool

Thinking about my experience

The wonderful, awesome experience I had

While lying in the snow

Oct 29
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Friendship Defenition

To me friendship means, going downtown after school to get milkshakes, hanging out at the park on the weekends, and watching movies while eating food, until midnight. Getting milkshakes is one of my favorite things to do after school because 5 Guys is so close to our school so my friends and I go get creamy chocolate milkshakes and eat peanuts. In the spring a lot of my friends play baseball, so on saturdays they are all at the park and we are there all day watching baseball and playing gaga. We also have sleepovers a lot and we watch funny movies like Talladega Nights and Central Intelligence and we eat burgers, oreos and milkshakes. That is what friendship is to me.

Oct 29
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What I love about winter

I love the winter because of the pure white landscapes. I love the metallic taste of the snow crystals on my tongue.The hot, sweat, creamy taste of the hot apple cider as it enters my mouth. I love going fast down the side of the mountain as the wind rips at my face. But most importantly, I love the fresh smell of the pine needles and the hot cocoa on Christmas morning as my family opens their presents.

Oct 28

A short, not-nearly-as-complete-as-I'd-like-it-to-be tribute to Mick Ronson

Today I randomly feel like shedding some light on an underrated musician: Mick Ronson
David Bowie fans will know Ronson as the petite, delicate-featured, glammed-out blond guitarist standing next to Bowie onstage, singing backup and shredding guitar. Despite playing several instruments and working with several notable musicians such as Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, he's not quite as well-known as he should be. 
Besides being a multi-instrumentalist, was also a songwriter, producer, and arranger. Mostly working as a studio session man and playing behind frontmen, his brilliance was revealed to the world as the lead guitarist of David Bowie's band, the Spiders from Mars. 
Oct 26
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Music to me is a language

Not a language spoken with words

A language spoken through emotion

With each note played

Something is expressed

Maybe anger



Or something in between

Music has to be interpreted

There is no concrete explanation

For each musical phrase

There is an emotion

Expressed without words


Oct 25


MOM:  It's almost tomorrow, and we have to leave tomorrow. You three should go to bed. 

SISTER: Okay. I'm tired. 'Night. 

BROTHER: I'm watching Spongebob before I'm going to bed. 

ME: I'm watching... um... *tries to come up with something clever and funny to say but is too tired.*

UNCLE: The inside of you eyelids? 

ME: That's such an old person thing to say! 

UNCLE: Ouch... that wouldn't have been as offensive if I said it ironically... but I actually thought it was funny... (Pretending to be angry:) Well, anyway, now I know what you're watching. Season three of Stranger Things! Oh, wait! You can't! You have to wait until 2019! HA!


UNCLE: (Still pretending to be angry:) Serves you right for calling me old! 

ME: (Pretending to be hurt:) You're cruel! *Five minutes later goes to bed and laughs for like an hour and keeps siblings awake.*

First Snow

There's a moment in Vermont where fall bleeds into winter, more like a gash than a slow wound, a time when the leaves have shed, the perpetual gray sky has moved in and the chill really means it. I have difficulty adjusting. Looking out the window shortly after dawn, I see, to my horror, that it is snowing. My horror centers on the uncovered lettuce and chard and parsley and basil. Old sheets collected, I fly out of the house to cover them and realize, oh silly me, I am barefoot.

Oct 21

When I was young

When I was young,
Snow didn't fall,
And I fell down when the wind blew.
When I was young,
Nothing was complicated,
It was a world of yes or no,
No in between answers that make people frustrated or confused,
It was all simple.
And then even if we were mad,
We couldn't stay mad for long.
It was a blocked and censored life in the best way.
But then drama insued and we moved and moved.
And moved and moved and moved.
And then everything was fine agian. 
But things were changing,
And I started to realize how much trouble existed in the world.
And things were sad.
But it was still okay because I was young and so everything was fine.
Oct 21

Be Kind Challenge

Young Writers across the world
Please listen.
I can't do this alone.
We need to bring love back into this place.
All I ask of you is
Hold the door open for someone
Compliment someone.
Or like a piece of writing
Then leave a comment about why you like it.
Tell everyone you care about them.
We are a force to be reckoned with.
Our words can change the world.