Jun 04

Hello Pavement

I zipped down the hill the wheels of my bike spinning as fast as a chain saw, my friends Ryan and Dylan close behind.  At this point the bike path was bumping up and down as we sped towards home.
    Then my bike flew through the air.  It tumbled and tossed. My friends watched in aw as the bike did tricks by itself.  I hit the pavement the bike was still in the air.




Ting, Ting,Ting the wheel was spinning as the back cog tinged loudly.
Jun 04
Nicole Jasmin's picture

Dream Journal

My Dream Journal:

One time, I had a dream where this group of people was checking my videos via my IPad and 3DS over the internet. Then, they decided to FaceTime me to say how good my videos were. They were doing some weird stuff, so I hung up on them. A few minutes after that, another person FaceTimed me, except this time it was a girl. The girl was there like, "Hi!" in some weird voice. Then, for some reason, it cut to scenes of her kissing her boyfriend. They were kissing in the bed, the bathtub, anywhere. I then hung up on them. The next part of the dream was kind of gross, so if you want to hear it, you can privately e-mail me about it. All I'm telling you about it is that there's poop involved. 
Jun 03

The Talent Show That Went Wrong

Me and my friends had this amazing plan for the talent show. It was going to be really funny and we were going to have a great time.   WERE.   When I got to the talent show I already knew it was going to be a disaster.  I tried to back out but my friend said it was too late.   Then it was our turn.  We sat down at the table o do our act and my friends started laughing.  Then my friend who was the main charactor dropped all her stuff and had a panic attack.  My other friend poured a glass of water on her head.  Then we lost it,  I was thinking get me out of here.  That was months ago,  I'm still scared.
Jun 01

Why I Write

Why I Want to be a Writer

I love books so when I read one of course I come up with a sequel right away.  Sometimes the sequel is good sometimes bad. Writing sequels got me into my own stories.  They are not the best but can be improved. I guess coming up with stories especially if you can relate to the character are a way of escaping the real world.  When something doesn’t go my way or something upsets me I read. When I read I get lost in the book.

So I want to write to make other people feel that way.

Jun 01
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Thank You

Thank you.
Thank you for everything you've done trying to make my life great.
If there was anything I could do to give it back to you, I would just go ahead and do it.
Thank you,
For all the joy you've brought by being my friend. 
Losing you would be like losing my own world.
I would be lost in thoughts and in words. 
Thank you,
For sharing your thoughts about me.
Wether they be good or bad thoughts, I don't care.
I will accept them for the fact of being myself.
Thank you.
May 29


I'm in math
class just simply
writing some poetry.

Who knows where
we'll be five
years from now.

Our eyes locked,
my breath hitched,
I'm in love.

(More to come soon, I really like this).
May 28
Larrylovscats's picture

your Laugh

your chuckle, is made of fun. of happienes. of sun. 
your chordle is never  made of taunting. or teasing. or duanting. 
your laugh, is made of love. of sweet golden sunlight, shining from above.
your giggle, is made of friends. of gossip. of new fashion trends. 
the sunlight. the smiles. the love. and the happienes. of your luagh, of your smile. makes me want, to stay friends, for a long while. 

dedicated to Maaika, a true friend.
May 27


can you pretend to know so much while being so stupid?
can you be so overly confident when every move you make is wrong?
can you judge others so much, while being so unaware of yourself?
can you act like everyone cares; like we exist to fall at your feet in prayer, when really you are only a 
who will most likley nver amount to anything?
May 26

Random thoughts

These are just thoughts that have flowed in and out of my head for the past few days.

I want to feel alive.
But at the same time, I'm terrified of living.
It's like I'm split in half.
And each side is just pulling, 
Trying desperately to get me to commit to it fully.
I can't.
I want to be this great best selling author,
Yet there is this voice in my head,
telling me,
You're never going to make it.
Especially when it comes to money.

Just give up.
Quit already.
You aren't even good.
And some days I believe it,
Some days I don't.
I just think I'm going to have to deal with it,
Until I make it. 

May 25
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Championship Game

           There was this one moment during my soccer season. This moment that hopefully everyone gets to have during their sports career. You feel accomplished, proud, happy. Maybe it never happens, maybe it happens once, twice, maybe even more, but there was this one moment in my career. When the whistle blew, announcing the end of the game, I felt tremendous happiness and excitement. This was the most important game of my career so far. The state championship.
May 25
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The Muslim Women You Haven’t Yet Met

Three years ago, on February 10th, Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha were killed by Craig Stephen Hicks in their North Carolina home. This horrific evening came to be known as the Chapel Hill Shooting, and is one of many hate crimes against Muslims. These acts of prejudicial aggression in our country have spiked following our most recent election year. An online piece called “The Islamic Administration” reports a “67% increase in hate crimes against Muslims in 2016” and that “from the end of January 27 through the end of March, there were approximately 32 anti-Muslim and anti-Arab incidents, or an average of one every other day,” (Brennan Center). The phenomenon is nothing new, we’ve seen it in the years following 9/11, but it has been fuelled more recently under the rhetoric of our new Presidential Administration.  
May 24
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We are, or were, like three peas in a pod.
What happened to those days?
What happened to the fun times? 
Yesterday, the three of us were running around like 2 year olds. 
I want, or need, to point this out, to someone. 

May 23


Put on your mask.
Don’t let them see your face.

Detach, withdraw.
Create your disguise,
So they never know who you are.

Don’t let them see the fear.
Don’t let them see the hate.
Don’t let them know what’s wrong.

They don’t need to know you.
They don’t deserve that trust.
They don’t understand your brain .

But really, neither do you.
You don’t understand why.
Why you? Why that?

Your bubble is safe.
Your bubble is warm.
Your bubble is all you’ve ever known.

No need to escape your world.
No need to contaminate it with others.
No need to alter it with their words.

Words you’ll never grasp.
Words you’ll never use.
Words you’ll never understand.

Phrases twist inside your brain
To what makes sense to you,
And are spat out unintelligible to them.

I’ll tell you a secret.
May 23
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Do or Die

"This is your last chance". 

That's what I thought to myself, as I watched him grab his things to leave for the final time. Words shivered at the back of my throat, constricting me, while I waited with bated breath for them to come out. They never did. They were suffocated before they could even reach the tip of my tongue. I said nothing as he pushed past me without so much as a glance. I said nothing as he opened the front door. I said nothing as he got in his car. Only once he had pulled out of the driveway and disappeared down the street did a single sound escape my lips. A scream. The type of scream that hurts. The type of scream so loud and persistent eventually your ears just tune it out.

"This is your last chance".
May 22
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The colors that I saw last week weren't very outgoing;
I'd only see black and white, everywhere.
That's how it seemed.
I want to see more colors,
I need to see more colors.

I kept repeating those words to myself.
My hero disappeared for a while,
Maybe to go on a vacation.
My hero is the one who keeps me on track,
It helps me be proud of myself,
And everyone else.
No matter what I did, my hero would just be a hallucination.
It needed to stop playing tricks on me.
So what if I'm okay with just my parents here?
What if I'm "too miserable?".
I gotta get out of this colorless-coma before I go blind.
By blind, I myself don't know what I mean,
Saturday, I wake up, and I'm greeted to a surprise.
All the gloomy, dark colors are gone.
Say hello again to the bright and happy colors.

May 21
Nicole Jasmin's picture


Why could I be on the radio?

My writing isn't the best writing,
this isn't possible. 
I can't go on the radio,
Now people are going to talk about me everywhere I go,
"Wow, Nicole! Nice job getting on the radio!"
"Oh my goodness, are you the Nicole Jasmin I was looking for?! Nice job on your project getting on the radio!"
I stare blankly, then say "Oh, thanks."
I walk away with a concerning expression on my face.

A couple of my teachers even played it in some of my classes.
I don't want to believe it;
I don't need to believe it.
It may be a hoax.
It's actually not a hoax.
Maybe I was wrong about the girls in the bathroom thing.
I should hide in there all this week in school.
I don't want to be THAT popular.
What will my parents say?
Will they be proud or angry?
I really hope that they are kinda mad at me,

Another One

“Oh, another one,”
Was the reaction to the news today
It’s become so routine that we’re numbed to the horror
Of all of those lives lost
The hurt and the broken hearts 
And the futures cut short
Imagine the tears and the blood pooling on the ground
And the survivors gagging at the sight of the gory bodies 
Of their friends 
The pain of a community torn apart by the loss
Of children with so much promise
Or maybe not promise but the fact that
They meant something to someone
Death is hard but it’s a hundred times harder
When it comes without warning and 
It is so abrupt and cruel and 
It could have been stopped
But second amendment rights are more important
Than the lives of our children
Am I correct?
Though I still can’t understand why we 
Can’t destroy gun culture when
We have a long history of destroying cultures
Without a second thought 
May 18
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What if the world is just an illusion?
What if these "human beings" are just figures in a very long dream?
Maybe waking up means going into another dream after the next.
I've been wondering this for a week now,
And I at least need to get it out of my brain.
Why do we hear voices talking to us?
Why do we feel emotions?

What if we're some of the illusions?
I don't know right now, 
Can someone please tell me,
Are we even here right now?
Maybe the emotions we feel are just us in our slumber, feeling something when we are sleeping.
Maybe all the insects are feelings on our non-existent bed, or maybe sounds in the night.
Maybe all the friends and family we have are not there in our "real life".

The world, if it even exists, may never know...
May 17
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My Best Friend, Ever

I'm realizing:
Why am I crying over this? 
Do I not, like, understand the concet that people are busy?
After the texts someone sent me, I realize that I might someone who might be doing this for attention.
One person cheers me up when I'm crying, another texts me these things that hint that I'm alone. 
Which path do I choose? 
I decide to take the lonely path, and ignore the good things.
I then panic in my mind and just begin breathing heavily,
Why did I ignore the good things and not listen to my pal?
I break down into tears and cry for what seemed like, forever.
Then I pick up my whole childhood: My stuffed plush Tiny.
What happened to the good times?
Where has Tiny been all my loneliness?
He's my only friend who's here for me as of now.
I put him by my IPad mini. 
I think you've never heard of Tiny:
He's brown, he's cute, he's like a pocket sized hero.
May 17
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Happy Birthday Andrew

*Warning: I wrote this story about my friend Andrew. Who passed away 2 months ago. If you don't like stories involving the mention of death then pleasse stop reading now. If you want this deleted please let me know*

Happy Birthday to Andrew B. L.Hale. He would have been 13 today. But, passed away on 3-12-18. He’s in my thoughts. Always. But it’s not fair. He will never get to see it. Won’t get to see the party were throwing. All the cake and the people swimming. All just for him. All just because we love and miss him. Not because he’s even gonna show up. I miss you roo. Wherever you are, I hope your safe. And happy. You were the kindest boy I had ever met. Please never loose you wonderful personality. Sending you love.