Nov 25
fiction 0 comments challenge: Fable
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The Elephant and the Donkey

There was once an elephant and a donkey. The elephant was a very kind and generous creature, while the donkey was very greedy and wanted everything for himself.  One day, the elephant was walking with a cake he had just bought for his friend, rabbit. The donkey was a greedy animal so he automatically wanted that cake for himself. He set a tripwire so that when the elephant walked by, he would trip. When the elephant tripped, the donkey ran up and grabbed the cake. The next day the donkey was in the woods. A wolf was lurking in the dark. All of a sudden the wolf leaped out to attack the donkey. Then the Elephant walked by. The donkey yelled for help from the elephant, but the elephant ignored him because the donkey had stolen his cake. The donkey then was eaten by the wolf. The moral of the story is what goes around comes around. So always be kind and do good things.