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The Shy Dolphin and the Arrogant Dog

One morning a dolphin woke up from a long night's slumber, he swam his way out of the cove and headed to the shore. It was at the shore that this particular dolphin had met a very arrogant dog. The dog told the dolphin to leave the sandy beach or else. The dolphin being very shy left the beach to let the dog rule the sandy shore. As the dolphin darted off a tear rolled down his face, all he wanted was to enjoy the sun with the sandy shore underneath him. This arrogant dog made that impossible. The shy dolphin came home, immediately his mother noticed he had been crying. She asked him, “What's wrong my wittle baby.” He told her the whole story about the arrogant dog and how he couldn’t return to the sandy shore, “OR ELSE!” She told him to get a good night’s rest and that she would take care of it. Momma dolphin assembled the troops, that night while the shy dolphin was sleeping they would go and take over the land of the sandy shores. Once they arrived the arrogant dog stood on the beach howling at the moon. Momma dolphin signaled for the troops to stay back for a minute and she swam up and asked him, “May the dolphins swim here tomorrow during the day?” The arrogant dog snapped back, “NO! This beach is for dogs only.” Mamma dolphin said, “I didn’t want to do this but…” Mamma dolphin starts calling for the others they come up onto the sandy shore and grab the dog and pull him into the water. They hold him under, Mamma says, “That's enough.” The arrogant dog comes back up gasping for air, “Now will you let the dolphins use this beach?” He replies, “Of course whenever they want to!” Mamma dolphin came back at sunrise, and shy dolphin was just waking up. She said to him, “Go swim to the sandy shores.” He replied, “But mom, the arrogant dog said I can’t!” She said, “I don’t think it will be a problem.”
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