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    One day me and Eleanor were climbing down from our home in the great tree. We were on a mission to gather food. We were walking slowly. Timmy the youngest was pointing to his mouth and going awm nom. I shushed him about 27 times but he would not be quiet.

We snuck onto the bird feeder nearby. I made a leap and boom I was on the ground again.  Timmy and eleanor were on the ground next to me in a whirl of blackness. I opened my eyes enough to see stars circling my head like monsters. I got up and said what happened. You fainted said Eleanor.

Then suddenly we heard a rumbling noise like a lawn mower. Run for the tree I said. But I’m not gonna leave you here said Eleanor. Just go I said I’m your father and I want to keep you safe. Okay shouted Eleanor. Run Tim I shouted. No he protested. But you have to I shouted. Then Eleanor swooped in grabbed Timmy and ran towards the tree.

I caught up to them just in time to see a boy talking to himself with a gun in his hand and a chainsaw in the other he was loaded and ready. Mama where’s mama said Timmy. Up here I’m up here in the tree. You need to jump now I shouted. I can’t do that. At that exact moment the boy was creeping closer and closer to the tree, his eyes the color of an old cold gray, his nose crooked and bent, his heart imploded and swallowed up, ready to kill. On the other hand the squirrels were flushed and panicked. Jump Leila just jump. Ya mama said Timmy. Oh oh ok. Here I go. I moved my position just in time to catch Leila and jump back to save Eleanor and timmy, for the tree was going timber and the gun was going boom boom. Th there goes our habitat cried Leila. Where are we gonna go said Eleanor? B bye tree blabbered Timmy. Calm down I have a plannn I said. No you don’t said Eleanor. Ya ok maybe not I said. What do you think that kid’s gonna do with our tree said Lelia. I don’t know maybe leave it out in his yard with his 5 million other trees said Eleanor.

Duhb mumbled Timmy for exactly no reason and then he ran he ran and ran right into the Canadian Wilderness. We caught up to him as soon as he stopped. Calm down Timinator. No daddy wook were home. Oh my god Timmy you actually did find us a new home said Eleanor in a faceful of joy. What should we name it said Leila. Timmy UNIVERSE! Timmy blurted out. Maybe we should have a name that involves me said Eleanor. We think that’s wonderful Timmy mom and I said together. And from that day on the family of squirrels lived happily ever after.

Another bedtime story daddy said Emma. Oh we can’t do that it’s time to go to bed said Mommy. Wait before we go to bed I think the story should end something like this: the family of squirrels lived happily ever after or so they thought said Crista. You can end it anyway you want but for now it’s time to go to bed said mommy. Ok mommy you can turn the light off now said Crista. Wait said Emma look outside there’s a squirrel and he fell down do you think he’s from the story?
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