What's Your Story?

At Young Writers Project, we're all about storytelling. We live and breathe tight dialogue, suspenseful cliffhangers, and the kind of writing that elicits a good belly laugh. We see it every day on youngwritersproject.org. With more than 4,000 users participating in this incredibly civil, respectful online writing community since its inception in 2006, the variety, scope, depth and breadth of storytelling is remarkable. With this many distinct and fresh voices, many people and organizations reach out to Young Writers Project. You want to meet these writers. You want to work with them. And we couldn't be happier.

We encourage partnerships of all kinds -- with schools and after-schools, with nonprofits and businesses, with media partners, web sites and more. We love our mentors, our volunteers and our sponsors. 

Want to be a partner? Tell us your story! Here's ours:

Young Writers Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping youths build the confidence and communication skills needed to succeed in school, college, the workplace and beyond. Our work is rooted in a diverse online community -- youngwritersproject.org -- an environment defined by respect, quality and innovation where young people learn from their differences and gain skills from peers, mentors and experts.
Diversity and Inclusion

Young Writers Project seeks to make its organization and all its programs welcoming and safe to all youths. Through a diverse staff and intentional partnerships, YWP builds a vibrant diversity within its online community -- youngwritersproject.org -- to allow its members to learn from their differences in ethnicity, geography, economics and opportunity. Our forum provides a practical way for youths to gain cultural literacy, build confidence in communication, find voice and develop aspirations.

Young Writers Project offers programs that build community, promote learning and develop authentic audience.

The members-only, unmoderated community at youngwritersproject.org is free and accessible to any youth, anywhere with an internet connection. It is a forum where we strive to provide young writers of all ability and interest levels writing tools and ideas that are motivational and instructive. The accounts are verified by hand to ensure that applicants are genuinely youths or vetted adults. We have only one rule: Be respectful. Members respect and reciprocate the rule because they care about having a space where it is safe to take creative risk.

Young Writers Project provides formally structured and informal learning opportunities for youths. Informal learning is process-oriented: youths learn through participation in the free community how to discover and develop an idea, draft a piece, exchange constructive feedback with peers and revise their work. Our tools include a blog-style platform where youths can post freely, unmoderated commenting, challenges to prompt new ideas, a fleet of college and adult mentors and curatorial staff. Our formal learning platform, YWP Academy, offers synchronous and asynchronous online workshops taught by the best talent we can find. Workshops cover aspects of craft, different forms and genres, issue and research-based writing and multimedia creation. They are organized into action-oriented steps where participants learn by doing and by commenting on each other's work. Occasional live workshops and camps provide opportunities for youths in our geographic region to meet and learn in person.

Young Writers Project's community and academy offer youths a trusted audience of peers and mentors at every step of the writing process. Our publications and media partnerships provide youths authentic, external audience for their work. And a calendar of live-streamed events gives youths an opportunity to present to live and remote audiences in real-time, as well as to connect with live performers elsewhere.

How to Get Involved

Young Writers Project seeks partners who have something to give and something to gain by collaborating with our organization. Opportunities for partnership are manifold. We've highlighted a few of those opportunities in this section, but we're open to suggestions. If you have something to contribute or an idea for a project, we want to hear about it! Contact: Geoffrey Gevalt, YWP Executive Director.

Young Writers Project's online platform is a safe place for youths to connect on a deeper level with their existing peer-groups and to meet new people with shared interests. On our site, youths bond quickly over similiarities and learn deeply from differences. Young Writers Project strives to create an environment where all young people feel safe to participate in creative dialogue, and we believe that a greater diversity of voices makes for a richer learning environment and a more meaningful exchange of ideas. We invite partners who share this belief to invite the youths with whom they work to add their voices to the community at youngwritersproject.org.

Our platform enables us to do specific work with such partners to design learning opportunities that engage their students and other site members. This includes the creation of special writing challenges, online workshops, feature publications and live-streamed events.

Teachers and organizations who desire a private website based on the Young Writers Project platform should visit the Teacher Services section of our Educators page.
Instructors and Mentors

Young Writers Project seeks qualified, passionate and creative partners to assist with developing and delivering in-person and digital instruction. Our platform enables us to host groups of youths safely, to design single or multi-part learning experiences and to control which users can participate in learning experiences.

We also work with higher-education partners who seek to give their Education, Writing and English majors an opportunity to develop their skills as mentors and instructors. Students are offered guidance, feedback and an assessment of their performance by YWP staff. It's an experience that translates easily into an independent study or university classroom assignment.

To learn more about being a Young Writers Project mentor, visit our Mentors page.

Sponsors typically provide financial support for existing programs, or help Young Writers Project expand and deepen its programming. Sponsors receive recognition on Young Writers Project's website, in promotional materials, in The Voice digital magazine and in other publications as space allows. There are many levels of sponsorship, and sponsors can decide which programs they wish to fund. Options include: publications, the YWP Academy scholarship fund, events and workshops. More information about sponsorship is available on our Support page.

Young Writers Project seeks academic and other institutional partners to develop studies of youth behaviors in digital environments, best practices for writing instruction and other topics. We want to translate our ten years of experience into resources that can help others.

Young Writers Project is a small, dynamic organization in a tiny, rural state. Our capacity is only as great as the time and abilities of our small number of staff members, our volunteers and our partners. We seek partners who can help boost our operations so that we can focus on the point of our project: helping youths write better. We offer varied means of recognition and recompense. We welcome capacity-builders to assist with all manner of operational areas: web design and development, marketing and strategic development.

Young Writers Project strives to provide opportunities for authentic, external audience to all of its participants. Media partners are essential to realizing this goal. In exchange, we offer media outlets high-quality youth voices and perspectives to include in their publications. Frequency of publication, wordcounts and types of media are determined based on the needs and requirements set forth by Young Writers Project and media partners. See a list of our media partners on our Publications page.