Aug 31
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My Unexpected Ride

I usually walk to school. Walking helps me think. But today, a church is being rebuilt due to a recent fire. My route is interrupted by the team of workers standing in the road telling everyone the route is closed off. I look at my watch. Tic-tic-tic. The amount of time left before school is running out. I choose the other, longer way, but the road is closed off in that direction too! I call my school and explain that I will be late because I have a "last minute doctor's appointment". The person on the other end of the line must believe my ruse because he lets my go immediately, and hangs up. I call my mom at work, but she is busy, so I call my dad. He works at a helicopter company. I'm not saying I want a helicopter to come pick me up, but it WOULD be cool. A helicopter flies overhead. I sigh. My dad said he would be right there, and it is starting to rain, so I am starting to get really annoyed. The helicopter circles. The wind and rain are picking up now. Tic-tic-tic. I am astounded when the helicopter drifts out of the sky, down toward me, and when it lands, I see that my own DAD is in the front seat. I thank my dad repeatedly as I climb into the machine. A whirring sound startles me as we lift from the ground, being tossed in the wind. As we approach my small school, I see a few of my classmates staring at us in awe. We land, and I start school daydreaming about the wonderful ride I'd had.