Daily Challenges: A new idea to explore and create each day. Use sound and photos, too!

This was a Twitter-based challenge created by Youth Radio, a very cool organization in Oakland, CA.

People from around the world joined in on MONDAY Sept. 25 for a discussion on twitter.com about the nine courageous African American high school students who challenged Little Rock, Ark., citizens and officials by entering the all-white Central High School back in 1957. View the video to get more information. And, go to #LR9Live 
to see some of what was posted by students from Little Rock Central High School who made believe it was 60 years ago and "live tweeted" events as they unfolded.

RE-TWEET the @youthradio tweets that you like that have the hash tag: #LR9Live 

You can still tweet your own responses. 

One of the underlying questions, of course, is to talk about how schools are today. Is your school diverse? Is there good openness, sharing, dialogue between youths who are different?
WRITE, below, your responses to those questions and others that might emerge in your thinking, experiences. And maybe, too, post a response to this video. 

Write fast. Write for 7 minutes. This is not a school assignment. 

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