Oct 20
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Black is a dark, mysterious color that sucks you in like a great black hole into the dark past of human history. Why is it that a single color, can make us turn chaotic or make us have so much fear? Black is a color that has made me feel many emotions that associate with grief and pain. When I think of black, I feel empty, I feel fearful, I feel sadness, I feel lost, and worst of all I feel blinded. Black awakens my darkest thoughts that my soul tries so hard to forget, it awakens my deepest nightmares and overflows me with scary visions. The color black is so blinding that you forget what shapes are and feel like you are in an endless cycle of…..nothing. Just pitch black.

If I was to get rid of any color, I would get rid of black without any doubt. Although black may stand for things like power, strength, and authority, when it becomes abundant, it conquers you. It takes away one of the most important and unique senses and psychologically overtakes you. That feeling of pain and fear is a feeling that is not worth keeping so with it, I conclude and say:

Goodbye Black
May you find your way through into the world of the netherworld.
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