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Haunted House

One day I was hanging out with my friends Anna and Zoe. Anna started talking about the haunted house in our neighborhood, and then Zoe said that it is not scary and she does not even believe in haunted houses.
We decided to go to the haunted house at 9:00 pm because Zoe wanted us to see that she was brave. We went to the house, and I thought even the outside was so scary. Zoe was trying to act like nothing was bothering her, but I could tell deep down she was scared. We’ve been friends for a long time and I could see in her eyes that she was scared.
We walked inside the house because we wanted to see what was going on. The first thing we saw was a ouija board game. I was so scared to play it but Anna said, “Let's play it,” and then we started playing.
I said, “What is my name?” The board answered Emma. This really freaked me out, but Zoe and Anna still said they were not scared.  I turned back and I saw my name written with blood. I screamed and cried. Then I saw Anna was bleeding on her hand. Now Anna was scared too, and couldn’t stop crying. Zoe screamed, “Let’s get out of here!” but she could not open the door.

Then I saw a mirror and in the mirror was a creepy man with a bloody knife.
Anna needed a bandage for her hand but we didn’t have anything so I ripped my sweatshirt and wrapped it around the cut. “Why is your hand bleeding?” I screamed.
“I don’t know. Someone cut me!” she said.
Before I knew it, the man I had seen in the mirror grabbed Zoe. Anna screamed, and I couldn’t do anything because I froze. Anna grabbed me and pulled me out the back door. I said, “We have to go back and help Zoe.” We ran back inside but no one was there. We could hear lots of scary whispering voices, but we didn’t see Zoe anywhere.
Anna and I decided to go to the police station and tell them what happened to us. They helped us put up missing person posters for Zoe and said they would investigate. They put crime tape around the haunted house and a lot of police searched the property. A week later they called Zoe’s family, Anna, and me and asked us to come to the haunted house. When we got there, they told us they found a corpse of a girl in the woods behind the house, and they wanted to know if it was Zoe. It was our friend. We cried so much it felt like our tears would never stop.
Ten years later, Anna and I went to visit Zoe’s grave. We were still so sad that we couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I took out my mirror to wipe off runny mascara and I saw the same man with the bloody knife.
                                                 The end
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