Nov 02
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What A Game

I walked down the street into the sketchy house. What was a friendly game of truth or dare turned into a life or death situation as we walked closer to the door, I would start listening to the door, turning when I hear the door screeching, and screaming as we walk through the sketchy double doors. Voices in my head constantly telling me don't enter the house but I decide to continue with the dare. We enter into a place the was pitch black nothing in sight except the one tv that was going static which made it ten times worst. Five minutes in we start to walk around the place and I start to hear footsteps my first instinct was to run but something told me to turn around and see if my friends were still behind me I turn around and I see nothing but darkness. So now I'm getting even more scared so I turn back around and look for the nearest exit I see a light began to run towards it my fastest then something grabs my foot i try to break free and I begin hear voices and footsteps. I'm moving way too quick for my own good I don't even know what I'm doing the voices are getting louder the footsteps getting closer i start to panic and pass out I wake up in some place i've seen before but can't quite make a picture out of it so I slowly start to get up onto my feet. I take a deep breath and look around and I see a teacher and my whole class staring deep into my sole I blurt out, 
“what happened” I get a response of “you were sleeping in class”.
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