Dec 15
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Fidget Spinners And Water Bottle Flipping

Fidget Spinners And Water Bottle Flips

    The weirdest fad of 2017 would have to be fidget toys. Not just fidget spinners but every fidget type toy. Mainly fidget spinners and fidget cubes. Companies looked at the fidget spinners as a way to make money. They mass produced them. Making them cheap and ugly. Soon every store carried them. From gas stations to grocery stores,everyone had them. All fidget spinners were cheap and very low quality. To get a decent spinner you had to go online and buy one.

    Another fad was water bottle flipping. Water bottle flipping was cool but also a huge waste of time. The tricks were cool. The time wasted on trying to get impossible shots could have been spent doing something more productive. Sometimes flipping could make a mess like if the cap isn’t completely  on and the water spills everywhere. Flipping also got people into trouble. For example at my school a kid got a detention for water bottle flipping.
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