Feb 02
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It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong. Samantha got up out of bed and continued with her morning routine like usual. Once she was done with her breakfast, she started to put her dirty dishes into the dishwasher. While putting her dishes away she heard a strange noise. The noise sounded like footsteps. Samantha immediately stopped what she was doing and tried to figure out what was making that sound. She went upstairs where the noise was coming from, to see if she could find the noise. After about fifteen minutes of searching for the noise she gave up because she was going to be late for work.

When Samantha got home from work and started to relax she heard the footstep noise again. She started to get really scared and nervous that there was someone in her house. She didn’t know what to do or who or if she should call someone. Samantha wasn’t sure if the footsteps were real that she heard. She didn’t want to feel embarrassed if it was nothing and she called someone to come help her figure it out. All of the sudden the noise got louder almost like the footsteps were coming closer to her. Samantha quickly decided to hide in the closet. Now she was to scared to make any noise so she couldn’t call anyone. She just stood there in the closet still as can be.

Before she knew it the closet door opened and there was a man standing in front of her. Samantha couldn’t see the man clearly because it was dark and she had her eyes only partially open. When she finally opened her eyes fully she saw her brother. She forgot that he came in late from out of town to spend the weekend with her. Samantha jumped out of the closet and gave him a big hug, she was so glad it was just him.

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