Mar 08
wondering about rain's picture

Electric Galaxy

City floating in the black, inky sky,
I see you as I fly by. 
Each light adds to the galaxy 
of stories and lives. 
I imagine jumping into
the darkness, forever falling up
into the night sky reflected below. 
Maybe it's an ocean with 
strange creatures busy flowing
with the undertow. 
I'm a space traveler observing without
really seeing,
but I can still feel each being, 
pockets of life shown by lights. 
Teeming night, do you see me add
to your sky as you add to mine?
Awe inspiring, spread out
like beautiful coral,
or a crack in the earth 
with shining stardust showing through. 
I want to reach out and dip my
fingers into the land, 
touching each light. 
We cannot be only a blight. 
There is a peace to the chaos as you
watch from afar. 
It used to be a miracle to see the world
from the sky. 
Beauty tends to be lost on us after
the miracle has ended.
Sky, inky black, 
floating city.