Mar 22
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The Roof

I watch 
As the sunlight dips 
Behind the greenish-gold mountains.
And I try to ignore the
Responsibilities tugging 
In the back of my mind

I am hypnotized by the roof of my garage,
But I am not looking at it.
I am staring at it without a meaning.

I am not looking at the roof
I am just resting my eyes
On a not-too-bright
With a bountiful amount of bumps.

I am thinking.

When I think,
Deep thoughts
Like what happens when I die,
Or what will happen, 
When the sun explodes
It is best no to bother me.

I will not listen.
Because I am drowning in my mind.
Please do not save me.

I watch as the 
Darkness creeps over the garage.
It is not a bad darkness,
But a reminder kind of darkness.
A go-inside-it’s-getting-dark type of darkness.

But I do not listen to the lack of light creeping over the garage.

I am thinking.
Darkness does not bother me.

When I think,
Somewhat lighter thoughts
Like if I could live on Mars,
Or what homework that is due tomorrow 
It is best no to bother me.

For I will not listen to you,
I am thinking 
Let me be free.