Mar 26
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It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong. I look out the window and see my dog wagging his tail, gnawing on his bone, and smelling the flowers of spring. I walk outside where my mom is serving pancakes on the patio. She holds out a plate.
“Want some?”
 My dad is is sitting on the couch inside and reading the paper. I see the headline, violent threat of murder. Dad’s had a lot of extra time on his hands with his new job.
“Morning honey”
My little sister is skipping around the room singing “ring around the rosy”. I sit down on my favorite pink stool and take a bite of pancakes. Delicious. Reaching for the maple syrup I ask, “so, what’s everyone going to do today?”  


I hop out of bed, glance at my alarm clock, and grab my phone off the dresser. I creep down the hallway and slide down the staircase railing. Can’t wake the kids up. After all it’s 3:00 A.M. on a Saturday morning. Sure I’ve got a new job, or you could say that anyway. I’m a spy.

The Mother
I slip on my fuzzy pink slippers and pull my fuzzy pink bathrobe around me. I quickly whip up a batch of pancakes. The kids would be getting up in about 45 minutes. I let the dog out, sit down on the couch, and turn on the TV. I scroll through Channels searching for my favorite show, “Murder at Midnight”. It’s a total thriller and I always watch it in the morning. I could swear right at that moment the door opened and closed. It was probable the kids getting up, but you never know.

                                                    Little sister
I hop out of bed and prance down the stairs pulling my hiar back into a ponytail. I bounce outside and hop in the car. This is just my every morning routine. I’m only 8 but I can drive just as well as any adult. I want to be a spy to when I get older, just like dad. I’m the only one who knows his job. Spy’s have to stick together. I turn the keys and the car bursts to life sending a ripple up my spine. I love a good mission. I back the car out into the road but just then I see the giant sears truck coming at me. I hadn’t paid much attention to if there were cars on the street. It’s 2:00 AM and we live on a dead end. But there is the occasional mail truck or someone who mistakes our street as a cut through. I quickly press my foot down and send the car screeching along the pavement just avoiding getting a side collision from the giant semi. Relief floods through me. As I pull out into the highway. I open the the glove compartment I look inside. Money, gun, hair pin. Perfect. 

I walk outside and feel the warm sun on the back of my neck. My friend is picking me up in 5 minutes. Were going to the pool until lunch. 
        I sit down on the porch steps and take out my drawing pad to wait. I draw a picture of a cute little puppy sitting in the middle of a flower garden. It reminds me of my own puppy.

This has been quite the day I just got a call from my boss asking if I could make it to march avenue in 15 minutes apparently there have been threats of a murder in this area and were sending spies to see what happens. It would be better to arrive early than late so I hop in the car and drive over.
           When I arrive I see a group of spies on the corner and I hop out of the car and join them. There are several police cars parked on the sid of the road. We quickly hide ourselves behind trees and bushes surrounding the area. After a lot of waiting, a guy shows up holding a gun. One of the policemen charges at him.
       “You're under arrest!” He says taking his gun away and strapping a pair of handcuffs on him. 
       Then, the other policemen help to get him in the car. 
The next thing I know I’m pressing the off button on my tape recorder and telling the other spies goodbye.

I reach for my coffee cup. My friend beth is meeting me here at starbucks by 9:30. It’s 9:25 now so I know she'll be here any minute. I sit there and read an article in time magazine while I wait. 
       I look up and see Beth walking in the door.
       “Why, hello Rosa, long time no see!”
       “Hi Beth!” I say getting up to give her a hug. Beth’s daughter Sara and my older daughter Cara have been friends for years, but I haven’t seen Beth in quite some time so we planned to meet up here while the girls are at the pool.
       We sit there for 30 minutes drinking coffee and having a pleasant conversation before Beth leaves to pick the girls up from the pool.

Little sister
I pull into the parking lot o building 107B this is about to be great! In a flash I’m out of the car and over the fence. Then I get into the building, find the missing diamond and return it to the police station all within 20 minutes. I told I want to be a spy.